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Chapter 1: The Avatar, Part 1: The Ceremony
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Avatar: Tales of Aang



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August 16th, 2012

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Chapter 2: The Avatar, Part 2: Companion for Life

The Ceremony

It was a cool, airy, sun-filled day at the Southern Air Temple, but Muquin and Chichi felt anything but airy today. Today, they would lose their newborn son. They had barely had time to pick out a name before the monks told them their deadline- two days. That was the time that they could spend with their bundle of joy. Two days. And soon their beloved child would start his training as a monk. And all because he was likely to be a powerful bender. Chichi felt this was greatly unfair. His child should not be forced to follow a lifestyle he may not wish to follow. But he could not question the Council of Elders. Oh the sorrow it would bring the two to lose their little baby Aang.

"Do you think he is the one?" This particular member of the Council of Elders had been pestering Pasang all day. "Silence! Enough of your questions! Meditate, read, do something! I've had enough from you today!" Pasang had had it. He was sick of the "Oh is he the one" questions. Who cares? It is not like it is all important- the world was supposedly at peace anyhow. Why were these ceremonies always held so late in the day anyway? He should be dealing with more important matters right now. But before he could dwell on these thoughts any longer, two young Air Nomads walked in, carrying the little bundle that had caused him so many headaches.

"Bring him forth!" Monk Pasang exclaimed in a booming voice. Chichi took his son in his arms, kissed him on the forehead, and walked towards the Council. Chichi watched as his beloved son was passed from monk to monk until his child had reached Monk Tashi. He knew he would not hold his little bundle again. Monk Tashi held the child up. It giggled and burped, and spit up on his fingers. Baby Aang laughed and gurgled as Tashi grimaced with disgust. It was good, Chichi thought, that his child had such a sense of humor.

"Bring out the cart!" Pasang ordered a servant to his right. The servant disappeared behind the Council's chairs and reappeared a few seconds later carrying an old, oak-wood cart. The cart was a deep brown, with the Air Nomad symbol carved into the back. The servant pulled the cart in and set it in front of Tashi and Pasang. This is the moment everyone has come to see. A moment that may change the course of history and the future. This is what Muquin thought as Tashi lowered her child into arms reach of the cart. The boy's eyes widened and he started pulling at various toys. He picked up first a small, stuffed turtle. It was old and torn in some places. Another servant went up to Aang, took the turtle from him, and gave it to Pasang. "The first choice is made!" He exclaimed. He placed the turtle on a board a third servant held in front of him. Aang reached for another toy, a stick-like object with yellow-and-red stripes. A cord was pulled to activate a little fan that made the toy fly. As before, the servant handed the toy to Pasang. "The second choice is made!" Pasang said this with increasing interest in his voice. Muquin's little boy reached in and pulled out another toy. This one she thought was strange. It was a small toy in the shape of a monkey-like creature. When the monkey's tail was pulled, it made the creature's arms move up and down. Aang giggled as he played with this one, than reluctantly let go of it as the servant presented it to Pasang, who said, astonishment in his voice. "The third choice is made!" The next toy was a small circle on a stick, with two ropes dangling from the sides. When these were pulled it made the circle spin. For the fourth and last time, Pasang spoke. Muquin leaned forward to hear what he had to say.

Monk Tashi set the child on the floor. Chichi watched in amazement as Monk Pasang exclaimed his proclamation.

"The choices have been made! This child, Aang, born to Chichi and Muquin, chose four toys: one from the Water Tribe, one from the Air Nomads, one from the Earth Kingdom, and one from the Fire Nation. These four toys were chosen by the past four lives of the Avatar- Avatars Roku, Kuruk, Kyoshi, and our own Yangchen. The fact this child chose these toys in a clear indicator that we are in the presence of the new Avatar!" And as Pasang said this, he and the rest of the Council knelt, as well as everyone in the room, including Aang's dumbfounded parents. Then, the child's eyes began to glow. The room filled with light and the wind began to spin around the group at great speed. The form that was once Aang morphed before everyone's eyes. The Council of Elders, Chichi, and Muquin looked up in such astonishment, Chichi would not be able to describe it accurately for the remainder of his life. Aang first turned into Avatar Yangchen, then Avatar Kuruk, then Avatar Kyoshi, and finally Avatar Roku, before the wind died down and the child returned to normal. Pasang stood and yelled:

"All hail Avatar Aang!"

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