Tale of Kenji Chapter One
Book 1 Chapter 1, Tale of Kenji Nara
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You're a Cheater So You're Tahno


  • Kenji - Ken-jee
  • Datte - Dot-tay
  • Azumi - Ah-zoo-mee
  • Izumi - Ee-zoo-mee
  • Ichigo - Ee-chee-goh
  • Roronoa - Roh-roh-noh-ah
  • Mika - Mee-kah
  • Kazuhiro - Kah-zoo-hee-roh
  • Tahno - Tah-noh

  • Nara - Nah-rah


ToK: Book One Chapter One, Tale of Kenji Nara

Today is supposed to be a happy day for Kenji Nara and his younger brother, Datte. They would be moving to Republic City today to learn from Avatar Korra. They have always wanted to bend the hurricanes at the deadly Avatar-level. The Avatar level of taking and saving the lives of good and bad; Yin and Yang as the black and white Koi spiral the Oasis in the Tribe of the Nara. Datte was always the Avatar level threatening waterebending he is today. The blood lying on his fists is from the little control of his tsunami powers.

Kenji, a 17-year-old cocky and spiritual mafia waterbender. He was a peculiar teen for he had a bright long blonde hair with black highlights. When he was 12, he learned the way of the sword from former Fire Lord Zuko. He never traeted the edge of a dagger differently from the blade of the sword. Piandao trained the Fire Lord, training the current generation of the bending and non-bending. His level was so threatening that if he held out his ice dagger erect, the opponents knew their death was near. Water is the Earth rising at the control of the moon and the bender, steadily thrusting its power into the heart, forcin their powers to collide. The ridgid blade of ice is lethal, but the flaccid wave and pressure of liquid is tjreatening. Kenji Nara lives by one quote; "It is possible to bend anything if you keep an open mind.

Datte, a 16 year-old violent character relief who can create gigantic tsunami that can easily thrust its push to take someone's life. Blood spills to his waterbending, though he has many troubles with controlling these monsoons. He is a waterbender with the personality of a firebender. The fire would breath with little control drowning the innocent lives of the Avatar World. It is not to regret killing, but to kill your regret. His scar was caused by his brother, making him regret his fate protecting him until the hopefully long 'til death of his brother. Those words would truly sting the hope he still obtains one day, the day of Fire Nation History.

"Well, today we journey to Republic City. We become master waterbenders today. In 5 months we must be careful. The Agni Kai are planning an attack on the day of Sozin's comet." Kenji had a very serious tone in his voice. The sun set below the horizon and the sky grew orange and pink. A fire far off millions of miles away from the ice cold pole with a dimming light rest a burning ball of hell to move the people of the planet. They move to not move as they revolve around themselves, their sorce ignoring the Earth's Revolution.

A few months ago, Kenji moved back the North Pole in hope of protecting his little brother from the Triads. He decided to move back but take Datte with him. He knew Tahno was the new Northern Water Tribe's councilman, so he would take him to train with Tahno.

Tahno was once the cheater at Pro-Bending and would nearrly take the lives of the innocent benders that were brutally burned by the cheating flames of hell, icy heaven, and Earth itself by the brutal Whitefalls Wolf Bats.. The time has changed where Tahno is now a councilman of high waterebending power to not touch the water under the metal of his frightening past of losing his life; his bending. Amon bloodbent his life away from him. He was grateful of Avatar Korra.

In the mean time, he hoped to train in the master art of healing from Kya of the Air Nomads and Southern Water Tribe. He would master all styles of waterbending before he went for the training from Iroh that his childhood sweetheart, Azumi obtained. He knew Iroh was a firebender, though he also knew that he had the infinite wisdom of all the elements that he needed. Iroh has passed of unknown causes saving the spirit animals traveling in and out of the library reading the Professor of Ba Seng Se. The elements all form together in piece to form energy, flowing the power in the human. Iroh proves anyone can bend their own energy, as well as their future.

He has an ability for healing and only knows the basics from his minor experience in the Southern Tribe. He wants to learn plantbending by moving to the Foggy Swamp Tribe. He already knows Northern, Southern, and Pro-bending styles. He even one day hopes to legalize bloodbending to become history. Southern Style, the once endangered species of the flow and balance in the world. Foggy Swamp Style, the style most uncomfortable to Nara.

Kenji, Azumi, Mika, and Roronoa are some of the very few people to know the secret and be observed by the last known dragons, Ran and Shaw. The wisdom given to Azumi was that she was a person to protect and that she will guard anyone in danger. To Kenji, someone who would make a great ruler if given the chance. To Mika, that she will be able to succeed through life using her looks, lust, and scent as well as true power. And to Roronoa, that he will grow up to be a strong warrior and that he will become Chief of Police and later, Earth King. Of course, he did not believe the dragons and thought all of their wisdom was garbage.

"Hey, Kenji!" Datte shouted with a 'hey moron' tone.

"What?" Kenji said in an annoyed voice, preparing himself to go back to Republic City. "Can I fly there instead?"

"Yes, you can fly to Republic City, dumbass."

"But, what if I'm an airbender?" Datte sounded serious. Kenji sighed. "Yes, you're an airbender."

"But waterbenders can't airbenders, idiot." Datte was utterly frustrating Kenji. "Don't be a moron."

"Oh my god," Datte said in a surprised tone. "What? Are we being ambushed?!" Kenji takes out his dagger. "No, I'm the Avatar!"

"Um, for one, wouldn't Korra have to be dead for you to be the Avatar? Two, wouldn't you have to be born an earthbender? And, three, wouldn't you be ABLE to bend the other elements?!"

"Oh, silly Kenji-san. How dare you defy your Avatar," he said in a cocky tone.

That night, they hugged their aunt Izumi. The moon was waxing throughout the night as they would have frequently increasing waterebending powers. They walked across the sleet, snow and ice, feeling as they were in hell with the warm exciting feeling of training as well as Kenji's dearest; his girlfriend waiting for him in the City.

Fire burns, Water streams, Wind blows, Earth moves; the wisdom Kenji hoped to learn from the Grand Lotus would be interasting and imbarable to await. Datte was flabergasted at his excitement being so bursting. He had only had seen Kenji for 2 months before the changed plans. Before that, he hadn't seen him in 3 years. Flowing the water with himself began to grow lonely for the younger Nara, being born shortly befor his parents arrest. There are moons on planets everywhere, Kenji only uses one for his power is massive but none have bent from a moon on the planets surrounding the life-possible planet.

About 30 minutes after the ferry began towards the republic, they ate dinner. Kenji had some ramen with chicken in it and seasoning. Datte had tomato soup, playing with his food. In real-life, kids play with food as toys; In Avatar, kids play with food by waterbending it.

They head off to their wood bunks of slember at 1pm to retire for the night. Kenji hopped on the bottom bunk. Datte climbed the short ladder to the top bunk. They were both sound asleep drifting into their peaceful dreams by 1:30. The excitement halted Kenji from sleeping for a while, hearing his little brothers snoring.

They then slept for about 3 hours, peacefully under the roof covering their blankets from the shining moonlight. The only sight of the brothers was their own eyelids.


Datte awaking first, ignorantly awakes his brother as he punches his angered fist on his early awakening brother's face, spilling blood on the floor. Dude! I can see city ights, it's faint though." Datte was crawling his way off of the floor with the blood dripping down his brused nose. "Um," Nara started glancing at the grandfather clock in the near empty room in the corner. "why did you have do be a douche-," he began to continue. "Well, you ALWAYS a douche bag!"

"Hey, that's a dumb response." Kenji stared with an eye raised, removing his torn T-shirt off exposing his undershirt. "Everybody already knows I'm a douche, don't say the obvious about the Avatar." Kenji sighed, knowing that Datte Nara would always be annoying. He gripped the band on his torn pants telling his brother who is minding his own business, "Um, can you leave so I can change Almighty Avatar?" sarcasticly. "Nope, you will call me 'The Grandest Almighty Avatar Datte Baki Nara of the Northern Water Tribe."

"Okay, Grandest Almighty Avatar Datte Baki Nara of the Northern Water Tribe'." he responded, still sarcastic. ' Nope, it's The Grandest Almighty Avatar Datte Baki Nara of the Northern Water Tribe.' If you don't get it right I'm going to brutally embarrass you. You won't know how, you won't know when, but you will die."

"**** you, Datte, get out!" he scolded at his dumb brother. He left the "plotting his revenge". He stepped out into the hallway 2 people wide and got a random girl that was passing through and introduced himself. "Hi, my name is Datte."

"The girl brushed her long brown hair with her hand and said, "Um, hello. I'm Nemu."

"Why don't I show you to my room, share some tea, and talk?"

"Sure," she responded with a smile creeping across her face. Though an evil smirk crossed Datte's.

He opened the door where his brother was changing, he didn't look in and before Kenji noticed the door was open, Nemu walked in on him as he was putting his clothes on, full nude.


Silence...... then panic.

"YOU MOTHER ****ING ASS HOLE, DATTE!!!" He ran up covering his getials with his clothes and was about to slam the door on the girl's face knowing things couldn't get any worse, but he was dead wrong. Datte still not looking standing near the doorway, tripped Kenji as he placed his hand on the board of wood. He fell ontop of Nemu, dropping the clothes......

Datte evily said with a grin, "Revenge is mine!" Kenji blushed along with the girl he was ontop of. "PERVERT!!!" She wailed loudly. "EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!" while running away down the hall. "Oh, come on, she couldn't have been more than a year younger than you." He quickly placed his clothes on and dashed towards him. Grabbed him by the back, walked outside towards the edge of the boat at their original destination, and tossed him in the water a mile away.

The lights to the big city grew closer.


"You dumbass, wa-ter-bend," he spelled out for him.

"Oh yeah," said the drowning watrebender. He then waterebent in on a large wave without control. "I swear, if you splash one drop of water on me, I'll kill you."


Kenji ignored it knowing that they were close to the republic.

They could now see Aang memorial island. "There it is!" Kenji glanced at Datte as he listened to his brother yell with a small grin creeping across his face. The sky was filled with darkness and the stars were visible. Kenji was going to train with Kya, Datte will train with Tahno, they will both soon learn from the Avatar. But to Kenji, the most important thing waiting for him in the City was the glossy lips of Azumi which he missed so for not seeing for 3 years. He wanted to press his missing lips against his girlfriend so badly. The brothers rested their elbows against the edge of the ferry, not afraid of falling in, for they could easily waterbend their way out.

Datte said, "Hey, Kenji. I see Azumi! Right over there. Hehe. Smoochy smoochy smoochy." Datte was teasing his confident brother, making him blush. He could see Azumi across the horizon in the front of all the light lighting up the low skies.

Azumi was excited. She sprung into the air using firebending below her as jet boots. In her excitement, she firebent fireworks into the sky of multiple colors. Kenji grinned being happy to see his girlfriend again. She landed on the ferry, retarding her flames. To their left they could now see the statue completely. She wrapped her hands around Kenji and brushed her lips against his. It lasted for several seconds. He enjoyed the sweet taste of her lips. Datte smirked trying to mind his own business.

Azumi had much grown since the last time he saw her. She had grown bigger breasts was the only thing that the perverted dumbass, Datte noticed. She now has highlights in her long, straight, glamorous black hair was one of the things he noticed.

Springing from the water with a funnel below her, the water spiraling like a tornado, Kenji and Roronoa's childhood friend, Mika. To Datte, Mika was "The Notorious Slut of the Northern Water Tribe". Of course it was true, but it wasn't nice. Datte was about to prove it to Azumi, the only one there who hadn't met her. Instead of introducing herself to Kenji's girlfriend, which she knew Kenji had a girlfriend, she kisses Kenji on the lips. He felt toung and enjoyed it! Though he didn't show it. He blushed and his eyes grew wide. She pulled back in about 4 seconds.

As Roronoa walked up saying, "Hey, what's all the noise?!" the Nara not knowing he was on the ship, she then ran up and hugged Roronoa, which he was always uncomfortable of hugging, and she then kissed him on the lips.

Azumi looked frustrated while Datte was quietly laughing to himself. "Azumi-san, Notorious slut, Mika, Azumi," he said smirking.

A few minutes later, we arrived in the lit up Republic City. We walked the streets, Azumi in my arms, Mika forcing herself in Roronoa's. We then walked across a familiar face; Kazuhiro. "Hey, Kazu-san!" Datte said giving him a fist-bump. "Watcha been up to?"

Kazuhiro was a casual aloof firebender with zen and finesse. He was always the one in the group with swag. He has over 20 girlfriends (including Mika) and was always the "cool" one.

"Same ol', same ol'," Datte said trying to act cool like Kazuhiro, no matter what kind of a moron he is. "Dude, you have no zen or smarts." Kazushiro doesn't like it when he tries to act cool.

"Hey, you know where Tahno, Korra, or Kya are?" Roronoa asked the firebender. He nodded. "Well, I know where councilman Mako is."

"No, I took my little brother to train with Tahno while I learn healing with Master Kya."

"Hey, Kazu, do you think I can fly?" Kazuhiro glanced at Kenji with an eyebrow raised. "I don't know," he responded in an 'I really don't know' tone.

"Hello, Kenji Nara," Tahno said coming around a corner, in the same calm, cocky voice that he spoke in 3 decades ago."

"Hey, we've been looking for you for a half hour!" Datte shouted, exaggerating, for it has only been 5 minutes. "How's Ichigo, she must be pretty upset losing her parents and all."

Kenji looked towards the ground in depression and pity, answering Master Tahno's question without words.

Roronoa spoke. "Who's Ichigo and what happened to her parents?" He spoke in a somewhat rude voice, not caring how rude he was being.

"3 years ago when I was still in Republic City, Raiden, an Agni Kai, broke through with massive lightning powers and raided the Northern Tribe. He killed her parents and family. Since, she invented shadowbending and mastered bloodbending in hope of getting her revenge and ending the Triad turf wars for good to help the city help themselves. She vanished and no one's heard from her since. It was really sad."

"Hey, why don't you guys stay at my place for tonight, I have a house very near the Council," Tahno said trying to cheer everyone up. "Actually, Kya is running for Southern Water Tribe's councilman, maybe we'll run into her. We start training tomorrow, Datte."

"Tomorrow is bad for me."

"We are supposed to train tomorrow or never! And you will call me 'Sifu Tahno'!"

Tahno's bending was restored by Korra years ago and was always grateful. That night, Roronoa, Mika, Kazuhiro, Azumi, Tahno, Kenji, and Datte ate some flameo instant noodles, burning everyone's mouth except for Kazuhiro and Azumi. Tahno brought out the extra beds, Roronoa unwillingly in the same bed as Mika, Kenji with Azumi, Kazuhiro sharing a bunk with Datte. Tahno was in the next room.

Kenji couldn't sleep for he got to be with Azumi again and he got to train in healing from Master Kya.

Healing-To be continued

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