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Sun Ya
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Memoirs of a Joo Dee


Welcome to Ba Sing Se



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April 6, 2013

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Chapter 2: Long Feng

"As I sit near the lotus pond waiting for Kareshi, I remember when my Mother used to take me here... before she died."

Chapter 1: Sun Ya

Ba Sing Se.  A city with walls surrounding the perimeter.  The capital of the Earth Kingdom.  Impenetrable City. These are many things to describe Ba Sing Se, the city which I call home.

I am Sun Ya, I live in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se. I have called this city my home ever since I was born. My Mother who gave me my name was the light of my life. After she died my Father and I grieved over her death for a very long time.

Ba Sing Se Middle Ring

The Middle Ring

She died from a terrible sickness when I was 10 years old. 

My Father who was a fun loving person was never the same again. He became more serious and stern and protective. 

My boyfriend Kareshi and I meet at Ba Sing Se university in desert cultures class, taught by Professor Zei and we immediately started going out. Kareshi was an earthbender but he rarely earthbend because he was afraid of getting in some kind of trouble. He would only earthbend if it was necessary and when he did he looked like a prodigy. Our favorite place to meet was at the lotus pond near my house. On one day he asked me to meet him there at sunset so he could tell me something.

As I sit near the lotus pond I remember when my Mother used to take me here, before she died. We would walk along the pond feeding the turtle ducks and talk about our day. The lotus pond was very beautiful in the spring time, when all the lotus blossoms would be in full bloom.

Calligraphy Lotus.svg.hi

A lotus blossom I drew from the pond.

Suddenly I hear a rustling behind one of the bushes. It was Kareshi

"Kareshi you scared me!" I said 

"Sorry that I scared you." Kareshi said.

"Why are you so late you told me to meet you at sunset, it's nearly dark what took you so long." 

"I had to get something before I came here."

Kareshi reaches into his bag and pulls out a roll of paper.

"Here it's for you."

I open the roll of paper and to my surprise find a picture of a man and a women in a loving embrace.


The picture that Kareshi gave me.

"Did you paint this?" I ask 

"Do you like it, I was late putting the finishing touches on it. The painting is of the the famous couple Oma and Shu," he said.

Kareshi and I had a talent for painting. We would always paint in our free time. My favorite painting that I painted was of my Mother, sometimes I look at the painting and remember my Mother and how she cared for me and was there for me when I needed her.

"Thanks, it's really pretty I will treasure forever."

"Great I'm happy you like it, well I have to go."

"Wait you forgot something," I said.

"What?" He asks.

"This." I lean in and give him a kiss.

"Thanks for reminding me, well see you later."

As Kareshi leaves I take a look at the painting... and smile.

The next day I awake to a knock at the door. I open the door to find a letter, as I read the letter I repeat the first sentence. 

"The Earth King has invited you to the Royal Palace." 

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