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I know that Suki is considered a major character and an official member of Team Avatar. But I have always had the feeling that she is really underrated and looked at as more of a minor character in the eyes of the fans. I believe this is due partly to the fact that Tokka is so popular among fans that Suki has been considered obsolete. I can't tell a lie, I am a huge Tokka fan, but I can't help but wonder how Suki would feel about it.

Chapter 1: Suki

In this segment of Minor Pains, Johny sits down with Suki to discuss her relationship with Sokka and her feelings on the Tokka fandom.

Johny316: It's a pleasure to meet you, I've waited a long time for this moment. I must say you are even more beautiful in person.

Suki: Thank you, Johny, its nice to be here.

J: Suki, tell me what its like to be on the show.

S: Well it sure is a blast I'll tell you that, haha. I've made so many friends on and off the set it's ridiculous and the fans are amazing!

J: Is there something specific about it that you find amazing?

S: ...

J: This segment is called Minor Pains, talking about things that are hard to say is encouraged.

S: Yeah, I know. I guess it's just... it's really more of a someone.

J: Does this someone have a ponytail?

S: Haha, it's actually a warrior's wolf tail.

J: Haha, I'll take a note. So I guess it's safe to say you are referring to Sokka.

S: Yeah

J: What is it about Sokka that you like?

S: Well, on set he is the meat and sarcasm guy, but off set he really isn't like that. Would you believe that Zuko is really the meat and sarcasm guy? Haha, oh Zuko. But anyway, off set Sokka is really a quiet guy, he prefers to listen rather than talk, and I really like that about him.

J: So you and Sokka have been dating for a while, both on set and off set?

S: Yeah.

J: You sound almost sad? Is the relationship working out?

S: Well of course! We're Suki and Sokka!? Haha.

J: You know what I mean.

S: You're talking about off set aren't you? Well, that's a different story. It's really hard to explain.

J: We've got plenty of time, take as much of it as you need.

S: It's this whole Tokka thing you know? On the show we're like a power couple "fan and sword!" and all that. But in real life it seems like we've lost our power lately. All the fans are after Tokka. It's all over the place, especially at the conventions! I once saw these two Sokka and Toph cosplayers make-out right in front of me. I think they did it just to spite me. But that's not the hard part. It's the fact that Toph is acting like it should really be a thing, like she wants to be Tokka. She says she only means on the show of course, but I have a feeling she is lying. I know she's always had a crush on Sokka. I have the feeling she is using this Tokka fandom to get closer to Sokka without actually risking anything. Fans are always wanting pictures of them together and she gets all close to him! She even kisses him on the cheek for photos and her lips get closer to his mouth every other picture!

J: How does Sokka feel about this?

S: He's a real go with the flow kind of guy. He loves his fans! A lot. He treats them like family. Despite being opposite of what he is on the show he is still a hilarious guy with a great sense of humor! So I can't tell if he is going along with Tokka for the fans or if he actually enjoys being so close to Toph. They are like best friends off set, but he always keeps a good physical distant when he's with her out of respect for our relationship. But lately it's like he's really been into this Tokka thing.

J: Do you think he'll break up with you?

S: I don't even want to imagine it! I love him! But the thing is, he is such good friends with Toph! Yet, I'm his girlfriend, and we aren't that close of friends. But, what gets me is him and I were really close friends and a couple at the same time before Toph came on the show. We are still a couple, but not close friends anymore.

J: And you feel like he might be growing apart from you and leaning toward Toph. Have you asked him about it?

S: Yes, but he is stubborn and doesn't want to discuss it. He's says they're just good friends and nothing else. I'm starting to feel abandoned. By Sokka and the fans. I feel like they see me as an obstacle in the way of Tokka. For the fans it's on the show, but for Sokka it's like he sees me as an obstacle in real life.

J: Did you ever stop to think that maybe you are reading into this too much? You seem really confused about it.

S: I am confused, but I know what I see. We are growing apart. It may not be because of Tokka, but right now that is the only plausible reason I can come up with. I believe I've done everything right. I've been a good girlfriend, a good friend, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe the fans are right, maybe they are better off together.

J: If they do end up together, what will it be like for you still acting on the show as his girlfriend?

S: I've given that a lot of thought. Honestly I am pretty confident in my acting abilities. I'm not in this business for nothing. But it would be hard. I would have to listen to him tell me he loves me, even though I know doesn't. Having to be so close to him and kiss him, knowing he betrayed me.

J: Is that how you see it? As betrayal?

S: I don't know of any other way to see it.

J: I think a lot of people see you as the strong Kyoshi Warrior in real life. Especially the fans. Do really think they've given much thought to how this Tokka thing could really hurt you?

S: Honestly I think they all see me as a warrior, and they kind of just assume that I would brush it off if Sokka does break up with me for Toph.

J: Would you?

S: On the show, I play a warrior, but in real life, I'm just a girl and I have real feelings. If Tokka actually happens. I'll be broken, because I love him.

J: Thanks for your time, Suki. I really do hope that everything works out for you.

S: *Sniff* Me too.

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