Spirit of Azulon
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Avatar: The Tragedy of Korra


Book 2: Shadowbending



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Book 1: Bloodbending Shadow Lord's Duel

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Chapter 2: Spirit of Aang

Korra woke up to find herself on the outskirts of Republic City along with Bolin and Mako. Meanwhile, Tenzin, Lin, Zuko, and Iroh began a huge search for the Avatar.

"Look, what's that over there!" Iroh said while riding on Oogi.

"I think it's Korra! But who's that with her?" Tenzin said.

"I think that's that crazy guy from the party. We have to help her!"

Oogi swept down and Iroh and Tenzin hopped off of him. They ran to Korra and Mako's side, leaving Bolin to lay there. They picked up Korra and Mako and took them on Oogi. Korra muttered "Get him too. He's not with them."

Tenzin hesitated at first but then went to grab Bolin and put him on Oogi as well. They rode off for days on Oogi. Bolin was in a coma and woke up.

"What is this? Where am I?" he said.

Korra walked over to his side and began to hug him.

"I thought you were gone forever! I'm so happy you're back!" she said.

Bolin broke free of her hug and looked at everyone and said, "I don't deserve to be here with you, guys."

"Yes, you do, bro! Just don't forget who you are," Mako said.

Bolin turned his back and sat down.

"Where are we?" he said.

"We're on our way to the Fire Nation Capital. There has been a lot of Shadow Activity over there now. We're just outside the palace now but we'll wait to go in when it's morning" Tenzin said.

"Yeah, and we're just here to help. But we didn't know you were going to be out that long," Korra said.

"I'm never going to that horrible place again!" Bolin screamed while walking away.

Mako put his arm on Bolin's shoulder. Bolin turned around and cracked his whip into the camp fire and began attacking Mako.

"I can't go back there!" he shouted.

"Bolin you don't have to go back! You can just wait in the palace with my daughter until we return!" Zuko said.

Bolin calmed down and ran off.

Hours later, Korra and everyone else was sleeping. Korra turned over on her back extremely fast, her eyes opened and turned black. Her mouth laid wide open screaming fire. Everyone woke up and was amazed to see Korra in the air breathing fire with fire blazing from her eyes, feet, and hands as well. Then a massive ball of flames circled around her and she became alone inside. Avatar Roku and Firelord Azulon appeared in a distance of the flames.

Korra ran closer and when she arrived, a huge wall of fire appeared to block her path. Roku screamed "Korra! Get out of here!" Korra began running the opposite direction when Fire Lord Azulon leaped from the flames and stood firmly in front of her. "It's our time Korra," he said.

"Our time for what?" Korra said.

The red and orange flames around them darkened to blue. Korra became in the Avatar State, and Azulon's eyes started to glow the same color as Korra's.

"You see, Avatar Korra. Your passed lives are the previous Avatars. Mine are the previous Shadow Gods. Just as the Avatar, they run in a cycle of Air, Water, Earth, then Fire. Only one is born at a time, and they have the ability to bend the Shadows, as well as Earth, Fire, Water, and Air as long as they're in a place called the Shadow Realm. The Shadow Realm is the place where Shadow Gods are most powerful. That particular world is the hell of the Spirit World. They have began a war with the Spirit World and Earth."

"If you're descended from them, that means you should be on their side," Korra said.

"I highly disagree with what they're doing. Though I am expressed as an evil ruthless Fire Lord, I believe the world still needs it's balance. The past Avatars are trying to prevent me from helping you because they feel I'm trying to fool you. Take your choice. Come with me, or you can fight alone. Your choice."

"But Tenzin and everyone will help me. No way we can lose. I'm sorry, but I don't need your help."

"Very well then. I look forward to your return after the siege," Azulon said as his body disappeared in blue flames.

All of the flames around Korra disappeared and there she saw everyone staring at her.

"Korra what just happened?" Lin said.

"Avatar State I guess? Haha." Tenzin looked afraid of what might've happened. But everyone continued on to go to sleep to meet Zuko's daughter. Korra lied down, turned her back from everyone for them to avoid seeing her angry face.

She heard Azulon's voice in her head once more, "The Siege will be a day all life will have to band together, or else it can be the end of the Avatar Cycle, all of your friends, and the world as you know it."

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