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The First Chapter of The Legend of Korra: The Prodigy.

Note: my first language is Dutch, so please don't be to harsh on any mistakes in my grammar :D

Opening Scene

Water, Air, Fire, Earth

When I was young, I was thought that the Avatar was the connection between our world and the Spirit World. He was supposed to be a bridge between all four nations, which were ruled by each nations most powerful bender. But Avatar Aang disappeared and the Air Nomads went extinct. The Prodigy's were forced to conceal their destiny.

Avatar Aang tried to find and reunite the Prodigy's once again, but he was unable to find them.

But I believe that the Prodigy's will return when their time comes.

Chapter 1: Soulmates

"But Tenzin!" Korra shouted.

"I won't argue with you again Korra, your friends are needed here. Besides, we will be away for only a few weeks," Tenzin replied.

Korra turned around and sat down on the ground, she had a great view of the skyline of Republic City.

"Well, I am needed here too. Who is going to restore peace and balance among the citizens of Republic City when I am gone?"

Tenzin sat down next to her and sighed deeply. "I understand what is bothering you, it has only been a week since Amon was defeated. So yes you are right, we have to rebuild Republic City. But you are not only the Avatar of Republic City. You have to introduce yourself to the other nations, it is a part of keeping the peace and balance in the world."

Korra looked down at the ground and sighed. "So? What is Mako supposed to do when I am gone?" She asked.

"Lin offered him an interesting temporary job as a commander of a task force, he is supposed to find Amon's lieutenant. Lin is afraid he would try to reorganize the Equalists elsewhere," Tenzin replied.

Korra stood up and wiped the sand of her clothes. "You know what, Tenzin? I was really looking forward to finally being together with Mako, but I guess that will have to wait," she said, it was clear that she was very disappointed.

Tenzin stood up, looked over Air Temple Island and mumbled. "I know how you feel. However, he could visit you at one of the nations. Besides, do you already know what Bolin and Asami are going to do now that the Equalists are defeated?"

"Asami is going to take over Future industries, and Bolin is trying to reorganize the Pro Bending Competition. Well... at least they are going to be at the port tomorrow, to say goodbye." Korra replied, she actually realised for the first time that "Team Avatar" just went on with their lives.

Korra thanked Tenzin for their little talk and went for a walk around Air Temple Island. She was thinking about her talk with Tenzin, especially about the fact that she was supposed to miss Mako for a few weeks.

The next day.

Jinora and Ikki airbending

Ikki and Jinora Airbending.

The trees were bracing themselves for the Winter, they were losing their leafs. The leaves curled away on the airflow from the island off into the ocean, which flooded the beach of Air Temple Island. It was an early morning with a clear sky with several small clouds. Ikki and Jinora were practicing their Airbending with Korra before leaving for the Northern Water Tribe. Until Meelo ran around the courtyard crying. Korra realised that after all this time that she lived with the Airbenders she had become some sort of a family member and was therefore able to calm Meelo down. She stopped bending and walked over to Meelo, who was hiding himself in the last bush of leafs that was left at the island.

"I don't understand! Why can't I be a leaf and go with them?" He cried.

"Ow, Meelo," Korra sighed.

"Airbending lets you be the leaf, you don't have to actually be one. Do you remember that one time that you told me to 'Be the leaf'?" she chuckeld

Meelo smiled and used his bending to bring the leaves into an orbit, similar like how the planets are in an orbit around the sun.

"LOOK KORRA! I AM THE LEAF BENDER!" he screamed while blasting the leaves all around the courtyard. With some additional Meelo - sound effects of course.

Korra laughed and after a few moments she noticed that Pema was waving at her, "Korra! You'll have to go to the port, you are already late!" She yelled.

Korra took a brief moment to say goodbye to the children and Pema and then hurried to the port. Were Bolin and Mako were already waiting for her.

"Hey, guys! Where is Asami?" Korra asked.

"Asami is on a trip to the other side of Republic City in order to talk about the future of her father's company. And I think that she is still sad that I have chosen you over her, Korra," Mako said silently.

"And I will miss you very very much," he added.

Korra and Mako took a moment to hug each other, which ended in a long kiss. Until Bolin yelled, "HEY!, what about me? I am also a member of Team Avatar and I am going to miss you as much as Mako will."

"I know, Bolin," Korra said silently.

She looked down and then up again, there was a tear that moved all the way from her eye to the tip of her chin. "I am just sad that I am not going to see my best friends again for a few weeks, I wished you guys could come with us."

"We are needed here Korra, and we will always be with you," Bolin said while winking and pointing at his heart.

Korra hugged the brothers until Tenzin showed up, "Korra, you don't have to be sad. You can still bring one of your best friends, Naga," he said.

"I guess you are right," she said.

She took a moment to say goodbye to Bolin and Mako, Mako in particular and then she followed Tenzin who was already aboard the ship.

"GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDBYYYYYYYYYYYYEEE" Bolin screamed while the ship drove away from the shore. Pabu managed to climb on his shoulder.

"Yes buddy, I am going to miss her to," Bolin mumbled.

It was just a matter of hours until the ship was passing the border between the Republic waters and the ocean, Tenzin and Korra were already discussing their trip. First stop: The Northern Water Tribe.

"Tenzin, why aren't we using Oogi to travel across the globe?" Korra asked Tenzin.

"Well, there are actually multiple reasons, like for example; this ship is a modern miracle, it is the brand new frigate of the united republics. Which is slightly faster than a flying bison like Oogi, and we are brining some important members of Republic City with us to talk about the dangers of the Equalists," he explained.

"But I thought that the Equalists were only active in Republic City!" Korra replied.

"No, the Equalists are actually present at all the nations. But they seem to be harmless and small, they are in no way comparable to the Equalists in Republic City."

"I don't know Tenzin, I just can't stand any Equalists after what Amon did to me and my friends back in Republic City," she mumbled.

Korra walked away from Tenzin and went to the top of the deck which had a clear few of the sea before them. she thought about her history with the Equalists, the fear she felt when Amon took her bending and how she had to confront the Equalists in the other nations, which actually seemed peaceful compared to the Equalists in Republic City.

She turned around after a few minutes and encountered the Grand Lotus of the Order of the White Lotus, his name was Ono and was already familiar with Korra because he used to protect her at the South Pole.

"Ono, it is so good to see you again! Why are you joining our trip to the Northern Water Tribe?" She asked.

"Korra, I am really happy to see you again too. I am here to tell our friends from the Northern Water Tribe about the problems in Republic City. But I will join you on your whole trip," he replied.

"That is great!" she yelled.

"Yes, it is. But don't forget, Korra, it are still difficult times. The Equalists are scattered, but they still have the resources to regroup and to start a new revolution," he firmly added.

"I know," Korra replied silently.

"So... why are we actually going to the North Pole first?" she added.

"Well, we have been told that the Equalists are actually at large at the North Pole. and we therefor fear that we might get a crisis," Ono explained.

Korra turned her head away from Ono in order to conceal a tear that was flowing over her cheek.

"Korra, the Water Tribe is going to be okay," Ono added, in order to calm Korra down.

"You don't understand, Ono, you are a member of the White Lotus and therefor not a citizen of any particular nation. These are my people," Korra replied.

"I know that it is hard Korra, but remember that you are the key to peace between the citizens of the nations. If there is somebody that is able to protect your people, it's you," he assured Korra.

Ono turned around and took a few steps before he stood still and said: "Avatar Korra, please remember that we are arriving at the Northern Water Tribe in only two days. Just get some rest, you will need it."

Ono walked across the deck and went to the lower deck in order to take a nap. Korra looked up and realised it was already getting dark. She said good night to Tenzin and went to her own cabin. She was tired and she quickly fell asleep. She was still experiencing flashbacks of her previous life, but these weren't telling her anything about Yakone or the problems that Aang faced during his lifetime. It were mostly the brightest moments of his life, like his wedding.

Korra spent the next day working on her airbending with Tenzin, who seemed relieved that she finally managed to control all the four the elements. After their training session, Tenzin told Korra to meet him at dusk when they would arrive at the Northern Water Tribe.

Korra and Tenzin were standing at the front of deck. The ship was floating in a sea of darkness, until Korra noticed a few lights in the distance.

"I think we arrived at our destination," Tenzin said with a little smile on his face.

Tenzin always had warm feelings toward the Water Tribe, as his own mother and sister were Waterbenders. He grew up with their culture and habits, as well as the culture and habits that the Air Nomads knew. He chose to live his life like an Air Nomad because he was an Airbender, and of course in order to preserve their culture for future generations.

The ship sailed towards the lights, new lights emerged when the ship came closer to his destination. The passengers were gathering on the deck to witness the arrival. They first noticed the artificial icebergs that concealed the entrance to the Northern Water Tribe. They passed the icebergs and noticed the giant ice wall that surrounded the Northern Water Tribe. Waterbenders created an entrance through the wall that lead the ship towards the port. Korra was very impressed by the power that the Waterbenders had.

The ship docked at the harbor just a minute after passing through the wall. Tenzin told Korra that they would be staying at the court of the Chief and that he would make sure that all their belongings would arrive their safely, including Naga. Korra told Tenzin that she decided to take a walk around the capital because she was happy to be back in her own nation and culture. Tenzin agreed but told her that she shouldn't stay away to long.

Korra was very happy to be back in her native habitat, she recognized the smell of the traditional water shrimps (a Water Tribe delicacy) and the sound of waves that were splattering against the outer wall. she felt like home. she wandered through the streets to the tribal chief's court until she heard a loud yelling.

"Were are you going Waterbender? We aren't afraid of you and your bending, which your people abused for far to long."

Korra's heart stopped for a second, Equalists? Here? They will be sorry for harassing my people! she thought.

Korra vs Equalists

Korra, surrounded by Equalists

Korra ran passed a few houses and after a while she encountered the square where several Equalists were searching the area, probably looking for the waterbender. the Equalists noticed Korra and ran towards her. These Equalists were different from the one's in Republic City, they weren't dressed in leather and they weren't wearing helmets. The only thing they had in common were Hiroshi's gloves, which apparently were also fabricated in the Northern Water Tribe.

"Hey! There is an other bender! Get her!" The Equalists leader yelled.

Korra fired several fire blasts toward the Equalists which surprised them and also encouraged them to battle not only a bender but also the Avatar. Korra dodged the electric gloves and chi blockers and she used her airbending to glide over them in order to keep distance to her enemy's so that she could keep fighting them. Korra succeeded in defeating some Equalists but she found out that they were with just to many. She managed to dodge some attacks until a chi blocker poked her left arm. She fell on the ground and she was soon surrounded by Equalists, which took her arms dragged her across the square. Her eyes were getting heavy and she tend to pass out, she closed her eyes and soon opened them again. She suddenly noticed that all the Equalists were covered in snow and ice and were unable to do anything. Her eyes closed and opened again, she realised that a silhouette was moving towards her. but when she passed out before she was able to see its face.

Korra woke up an hour later at the Chief's court, she was laying on a bed and realised that Tenzin, Ono and an unknown boy were at her side.

"Korra, you are awake! I was really worried that the Equalists hurt you really bad," Tenzin said.

"Equalists? How did you know that I was attacked by Equalists?" Korra replied and she turned her head away from Tenzin and then looked at the unknown boy.

"Are you... are you the waterbender they were talking about?" she asked quietly.

"Well, yes I am. I am Mito and I was able to rescue you," he explained.

"You were really lucky that Mito was around, he is an excellent water bender and the nephew of the Chief," Ono added.

"Well, I actually realised that Korra tried to rescue me," Mito told Ono.

"I am very happy to meet you, Mito," Korra said

Mito nodded and left the room, Tenzin told Korra that she would see Mito tomorrow again when they would attend a party by the chief. Tenzin and Ono left the room to give Korra some rest. Korra stayed awake and she tried to figure out how Mito rescued her, because she couldn't believe that he was such a powerful Waterbender.

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