Shoe Shopping with My Brother
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Legend of the Ocean



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April 28th, 2013


"Why are we going downtown again?" My little brother asked as I buttoned up his yellow cloak for him.

"We're getting you new shoes. Your old ones are too small, remember?"

"You're taking me?"

"Uh-huh." I buttoned the last bronze button and reached up against the wall for my blue shawl. "Mom can't take you because she grounded "The Great King of Omashu" for picking on you again and Dad's at a conference today with Uncle. Sorry kiddo."

I stood up and wrapped the shawl around my shoulders and fasten the salmon whale bone clasps. The white fur on the inside tickled my neck.

I towered over my little brother. He was pretty small for his age: eight years old. Our mom said he was a late bloomer. Our dad always assured him that he was the same at his age. Our older brother called him the runt of the pack. Our older sister called him "Tiny".

I held out my hand for him to take and called out to our mother, who was in the kitchen cooking her delicious sea prunes and guarding our brother's door. "We'll see you later, Mom."

"Alright, be careful. Be back by dinner."

"Got it!" I opened the door only to feel a burning cold blast of wind. I shivered.

I couldn't stand the cold. It stung every where, as if I had touched a burning hot pot. Everyone else in my family didn't mind it, though. Mom was from the Southern Water Tribe. Dad grew up just a hundred miles north of Mom's village in the mountains. Those cold-tolerant genes definitely missed me but made it to everyone else; even Tenzin wasn't fazed by it.

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