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Dawn of a New Age



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January 16, 2013

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Chapter 1

The beasts circled each other gracefully, keeping an ever watchful eye on the village below. These humans were tasked to them by the Lion Turtles of ancient times until "The time was right." The two had learned how to use their inner fire to create actual fire and introduced it to these small beings. They had taken to it immediately, using it to cook food and keep their homes warm. And it had been this way for ages until recently a small human female continuously sat near their lair, just staring at them. After a while she would get up and leave. 

"I just can't figure out how they do it!" Sarz exclaimed to Chief Zunga. 

"You already can bend energy, why do you need to play with fire?" he asked. 

"Oh I don't know. Bending energy is great and all, I've been able to cure a few sicknesses and pass the art onto others. But it really has no practical use. Now bending fire...THAT would be great! Imagine what you could do!"

Zunga sighed lowly, "Burn down the village, perhaps?"

"Why are you always so negative?"

"And why can't you just play with your harmless energy instead of dangerous fire?"

Sun Warrior chief

Zunga glares at Sarz.

The two glared at each other for a moment before they agreed to disagree. Sarz began the long path up to the high mountain peaks in which the dragons resided. An idea hatched into her mind after her argument with Zunga, he had told her to play with her harmless energy. After mulling over that comment for a few minutes it crossed her mind that she had never thought to use Energybending to bridge the connection between herself and another creature. So far she had bonded with other humans to give them the art but had never merged their minds so that both would be able to learn everything the other knew. She realized at that moment if she were to convince one of these great beasts to, she could learn how to bend fire. 

She found them in their usual dance and they pretended she didn't exist as usual. Instead of sitting on a nearby boulder like she always did, she walked right up to the base of the stairway that lead up to path that used to be used for sacrifices. The moment she set foot upon the first step the two beasts immediately halted their dance and whipped their scaly heads at her, growling menacingly. 

This is no place for you human! The Red one snarled, the voice echoing.

Leave! The Blue one commanded.

She gulped but spoke anyway while bowing, "Great Guardians! My name is Sarz! I am an Energybender and would like to openly share my abilities with you!"

Smoke began to furl from the nostrils of both as they looked at each other and then back to Sarz.

We have no use for the bending of Energy puny one. 

"Then teach me the art of Firebending!"

What?! We have already gifted you humans with fire and now you want control over it?! 

Both of the beasts thrashed angrily, baring their enormous fangs. Sarz got ready to make a hasty escape should the Guardians become hostile but stood her ground no less, "Think about the good it could do! We would no longer need to burden you with the task of guardianship. We would have protection and our civilization would not be on the brink of collapse!"

Again they faced each other and Sarz knew they were communicating somehow. They remained facing each other for what felt like hours. Occasionally one of them would growl or snarl at the other as though they were locked in some sort of mind game that the other could not win. Sarz sat down on her usual boulder and waited patiently, eventually after hours did actually pass the two dragons looked back at her once more. 


Sarz jumped up, startled out of her daze. "Guardian?"

Several years ago we were approached by those you call Master, the Lion Turtles. They had a vision of a New Age. An age in which the elements could be bent by humans who would in turn learn it from those who learned it long before. Each nation would be based on that element. They also predicted the current chaotic state of the world. 

"Okay...but what does this have to do with me?"

They revealed to us that one day we would be approached by one of those we swore to protect. This being would ask for control of the Sun's power. This prophecy has come true on this day but you coming here! You will be granted access to everything we know about this....Firebending as you called it. But that is ALL you will receive from us!

Dragons firebending

The Guardians bestowing their knowledge.

Sarz couldn't quite believe her ears, it seemed much too easy but at the same time it felt like there was much see didn't know. Something was happening in the world and she would soon be involved. So as she climbed the steps to the pedestal the two dragons circled her faster and faster before flames erupted from their jaws. The flames surrounded her, spinning faster and faster, changing to color after color. Once this dome surrounded her completely Sarz sat in a meditating position and put her fists together. Her eyes flashed a bright green for a moment and in an instant the knowledge entered her mind. The fireball faded into the air and the Guardians faced her once more. 

We have done our part for now human. Do be cautious with this knowledge, it is not to be abused. Fire is life, but it can also take it away in an instant. 

Sarz bowed again to the Guardians before turning on her heels, assumed a fighting stance and punched a fist forward. 

Nothing happened. 

"I thought you gave me the knowledge!"

We did. It is up to you on how to use it. 

And with that the beasts flew off, leaving her utterly confused. But Sarz was sharp and in a few months time she 

Sun Warriors

Sarz Firebending.

had figured out to use Energybending on herself to infuse the knowledge throughout her being. 

She taught this method to the other Benders in the village. It wasn't long before the entire village had learned Firebending. This event would start a chain of events that would soon shape the world....far away in the frigid air of the North Pole a small group began observing the tides....

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