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Royal Allies
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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January 7, 2013

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Chapter 20: Invasion of the Southern Air Temple Part 2: The Invasion

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Chapter 2: The Crew


Rong Yan and Aloi finally arrive at the Southern Water Tribe.

Chapter 1: Royal Allies

Book 2: Water

Chapter 1: Royal Allies

The skies began to grow colder and colder, as the world was getting ready for the days of winter. The breezy winds began to become more chillier, Rong Yan and Aloi were starting to freeze as they had no clothing to keep themselves warm during the cold season of winter.

Off in the distance they were able to see what looks like land covered in blankets of snow. Shen the dragon, roars as it sees the snowy landscape, and begins to fly downwards. They began to see a city as they flew in. Landing right outside of the grand city of the Southern Water Tribe. A few men in blue coats began to approach the red dragon, that landed.

One of the men brought out his spear, and slowly approached the dragon. Shen believed he was in danger as the man came closer. Rong Yan and Aloi jumped off the dragon, Shen coiled around Rong Yan and Aloi to protect his master and his friend.

Shen hissed at the man, as Rong Yan shouted, "Shen! No! Stop!"

The dragon kept calm as he understood his master's wishes by looking at the Avatar and his expressive way of saying him to stop.

"Hello?" the man with the spear quietly said.

"Shen, you may move now." Rong Yan said.

The dragon quickly uncoiled and appeared a tall Fire Nation man, and a tall Air Nomad woman. The man in a blue coat back away a few steps startled.

Rong Yan looks at the man then says, "Hello, I am seeking audience with the chief. Think you can take me to him?"

"No one but the Avatar, may seek audience with the chief. We are awaiting the Avatar's arrival, stranger." the man replied.

"Uhh, I'm Avatar Rong Yan." Rong Yan said.

"Prove it." the man said.

Rong Yan took in a deep breath, and with both hands shot out one element. With his left he shot out fire, and with his right he shot out air. The man shocked, he was now impressed, he then looked up and yelled, "OPEN THE GATES!!"

"We will take your dragon to the pens, at your order Avatar." the guard said.

"Now would be fine!" Rong Yan ordered.

The man grabbed Shen by his reigns and pulled him towards the stables in the city. Rong Yan and Aloi began to walk into the city. Another guard who was stationed at the entrance of the city walked up to them introduced himself, "It is truly a pleasure of meeting you, Avatar. I will be escorting you the palace."

An hour passes by, as the finally reach the palace. The escort opens the curtains to the chief's throne room. There in the large throne room, that was decorated with snowy walls, and fur skins as decorations.

A couple of weapons here and there, in the middle was a wooden throne, the wood was soaked wet yet was dry, the seat of the throne was covered with thick fur skins of animals that were hunted.

On the throne sat a middle-aged man in his fifties, his hair was beginning to gray out, he had a short black goatee, and a thick black mustache. He wore a royal dark blue coat, including royal clothing underneath, he also wore a royal headdress for chiefs and chieftesses.

He had a blade at his side, that had sharp seal shark teeth wedged onto the blade to give it better cutting quality. Avatar Rong Yan and Aloi had walked in and kneeled to the Southern Water Tribal Chief.

The chief rises from his throne, and then whispers, "Rise."

Aloi and Rong Yan rise to their feet and look at the Water Tribe chief in the eyes. The man begins to speak and introduces himself, "Welcome Avatar, I've been expecting your arrival. It is an honor to meet you in my life. And you will serve the Water Tribe well as I will serve you as well when needed. I am Chief Unirak, the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. I welcome you to my city."

"Please what is that I can assist you with?" Chief Unirak asked.

"I am in need a waterbending teacher, I have already mastered airbending." Rong Yan requested.

"Hmm.." The chief put his right hand on his chin as a gesture that he was beginning to think. Taking his palm of his chin he then shouts, "...Unaraq..Tanaraq please come into the throne room!"

Out from the right room comes out a tall, muscular man, in blue garments, strangely as the cold winds did not bother the young man's skin. He had long dashing black hair, and a tuft under his lower lip. Rong Yan looks over at the man not recognizing who he is.

"Yes, father?" Unaraq asked.

A beautiful brown skinned girl with sparkingly blue eyes, and long white hair wearing a royal light blue robes appeared. Looking at the two strangers and then at her father she says, "You needed me father?"

"Tanaraq, Unaraq, this is Avatar Rong Yan of the Fire Nation and his airbending teacher Aloi of the Air Nomads." Chief Unirak introduced.

"Avatar, these two are my children, Princess Tanaraq and Prince Unaraq, you requested a waterbending teacher, and I am recommending my daughter Tanaraq. She is a fine bender, she has mastered the element about a year ago." Unirak said.

"Please father, no I am not ready." Tanaraq replied.

"Tanaraq, darling you are more than ready to teach anyone especially the Avatar. This is your destiny, to teach the Avatar." Unirak said.

"My son Unaraq is a fine warrior and fisherman." Unirak said.

Unaraq approaches Rong Yan and sticks out his hand, for a handshake, "Hello."

Rong Yan shakes his hand, then says, "Fisherman? You look very familiar."

"I've met you before." Rong Yan said.

Unaraq began to think then replied, "Ahh yes, you're correct I remember now. We met two years in the Fire Nation."

"I've seen your sister as you were departing." Rong Yan said.

"Then this wasn't an introduction. More like a reunion." Unirak chuckled heartily.

"I am sure you're tired Avatar. Please rest in our palace, it is the most warmest place within our grand city." Unirak requested.

"It is an honor, chief." Rong Yan accepted.

"Unaraq show the Avatar to his room. Tanaraq show the airbender to her room." Unirak ordered.

"Yes father." Tanaraq and Unaraq said.

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