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The Legend of Toka



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Avatar nut4


Avatar nut4

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December 18, 2012

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Chapter 2: New Life

Rebirth is the first chapter of The Legend of Toka, written by Avatar nut4. This chapter is very similar to an epilogue.

What has happened?

Korra has been reborn into an Earth Kingdom boy, Toka. He has excelled in his learning of earthbending and metalbending. However, now he is the Avatar, and has to master the other elements.

Chapter 1: Rebirth

The streets of the Earth Kingdom city, Ba Sing Se, were deserted. They were silent and peaceful, no one in sight. It was the night of the Earth King's grandson, Toka's, 16th birthday party. Everyone in the upper ring was at the party. It was being held at the palace. Toka was very popular all over the city. He was a prodigy mastering earthbending and metalbending at very young age.  He was also known as 'fearless'.  He would always help others, no matter what the consequence might be. Everyone knew him and thought good of him. Now he was turning 16, and his life was about to change forever.

The palace was very decorated. The inside was lit up by hundreds of dangling lights. Streamers and confetti filled the air, along with music and the voices of all of the guests. Everyone was laughing, dancing, and having a good time. Suddenly, the music stopped, and everyone grew quiet as the Earth King walked in front of the crowd. He was followed by his son, Narak, and Narak's wife, Jina. The Earth King gestured to them to come beside him. When they overlooked the crowd Jina was handed a microphone. "Thank you all for coming to my son's 16th birthday party. It certainly means a lot to our family. Now here he is, Toka." He walked up from behind them onto the stage. He was wearing his nicest clothes, a green robe. He waved to the crowd as he walked beside Jina. "Thank you, for coming to my birthday party. Now, let's have fun!" He grinned as the music started back and as he went to greet his guests.

An hour passed, Toka had just finished opening his presents and greeting everyone when suddenly a group of four men, all wearing nice grey robes were spotted making their way through the crowd. Their robes had a lotus flower design on the front of it. They all had different colored sleeves, one for each of the four nations. Toka then saw them and walked up to them, "Who are you?" His parents walked up behind him. "Don't worry, we aren't crashing the party." the airbender said. Toka got a serious look, "Well if you aren't crashing, what are you doing here?" The fire bender stepped up to him and said we have very important news to tell everyone, may we get on the stage so we can announce the big news?" Toka sighed and said, "Alright, I guess." The four men stepped up on the stage and the airbender whistled loudly to get everyone's attention. Once again, everything grew quiet. Toka and his parents walked up to the front of the stage. The airbender said, "We have very important news to tell you..." There were faint whispers in the crowd as he continued. "...We are here to announce the identity of the next Avatar." Toka looked at his parents, and then at everyone else. The four men all said, "It is our honor to serve you, Avatar Toka." Toka and his parents gasped and looked toward the men as they bowed to him. Toka looked back to see the guest in awe bowing to him. 

"How can this be?" Toka asked in a surprising tone. 

The airbender said, "When you were young, you chose the chose the four Avatar relics out of hundreds of toys. They belonged to the previous Avatars, your past lives." 

Narak walked up to them and said, "So what does this mean now?"  

He replied, "Well, now that he knows his identity he has to fulfill his destiny; To master the other elements.  Actually from us, we will teach him. During his training he will also learn about the spiritual side of the Avatar." 

Toka asked, "Spiritual side, what is..." 

The firebender interrupted, "You will learn soon enough, now pack your bags and say your goodbyes tonight.  We leave at noon tomorrow." 

Jina said in a sorrowed tone, "What do you mean leave... Where is he going?" 

The earthbender replied, "Republic City,  we will take him to Republic City, there he will learn the other elements."  Narak and Jina began to cry. 

"Just promise me that he'll be safe." Narak demanded.

The airbender nodded and said, "Yes, he'll be safe.  My name is Taio, I'll be his guardian while he is learning the elements.  He will stay with us, and my family on Air Temple Island." 

Toka walked up to his parents and hugged them.  "Everything will be okay, You have to trust me... that I'll be safe." 

They grinned in response.  The men began to exit, and then the airbender turned and said, "See you at noon tomorrow."  He grinned and then waved to them as they left the palace.

The next morning, the sun was shining, birds were singing, everything was perfect.  In the Upper Ring at Toka's house, there were several reporters and citizens waiting to get a glimpse of their new Avatar.  Inside the house it was quiet, Narak and Jina were helping Toka pack up. "I don't know how to feel... I don't know if I'm supposed to be happy that I'm the chosen one, the Avatar.  Or if I'm supposed to be sad.  I guess I have mixed feelings about it." 

Jina said, "I just can't believe it, it seems like just yesterday you were starting your earthbending training and now..." 

Narak joined in, "I'm in awe to of your identity, All this time... you were the one, we just didn't know it.  It's just crazy." 

Toka nodded in response and said, "I just wish we could have our privacy back. I wish those weird people outside would go away. Seriously, don't they have jobs." Jina grinned. 

She looked at the clock, "Well we have two hours, Oh before you leave... You need to see your grandpa.  He wanted me to tell you." 

Narak said, "I'll take him right quick." 

Toka looked at Jina and said, "Will you be okay by yourself?" 

Jina grinned and nodded.  "I'll be fine, and I'll finish packing up."  Narak and Toka waved at her as they left the room. 

As they got to the palace, they were escorted to the Earth King's room.  When they walked in, Earth King Wae said, "Oh hey there." 

He grinned and ran up to Toka and hugged him,  "There's our powerful Avatar." 

Then he hugged Narak.  "Toka... I have something for you."  Wae reached into his pocket and brought out a small, wrapped box.  "Well, actually it's from your mother, father and I."  He handed the box to Toka.  He opened the box, and inside was a necklace with the Earth Nation symbol on it.  Underneath the necklace was a small family picture of the four of them. 

"Thank you, I love it!" He put the necklace around his neck.  "I'll always keep it with me, It'll give me a piece of home when I'm away."  He hugged Wae again and said, "I'll miss you." 

Wae replied, "Oh I will to. Feel free to send a letter to me as much as you can.  You will be a great Avatar, I'm so proud of you." 

An hour had passed, Narak and Toka just arrived back home.  Jina was sitting in her chair in Toka's room. The bags were packed and ready to go.  Suddenly they heard knocking on the door.  Toka ran to the door and opened it.  It was Taio.  "Oh, time already I'll go get my..." 

Taio interrupted as Jina and Narak came behind Toka. "There's been a change in plans, I'm sorry." 

Toka got a confused look and said, "What, what do you mean?"

"We aren't going to the city."

Narak said, "What do you mean, is something wrong?" 

"Well overnight, the city was invaded by a group of men, the Tera Team.  They have done bad things before but now they pose an even greater threat. They are a specialized, armed group of non-benders who see bending as just a way to wrongly treat others in the world, specifically non-benders. So after word got out that there was a new Avatar, someone spread the word that you were coming there." 

Toka punched his fists, "Well, it's my duty to protect innocent people of the world and solve problems. I could end them." 

Taio yelled, "No absolutely not!" 

Jina said, "No you could get hurt, even killed."

Toka nodded and said, "I know the risk but it's my duty.  If a fight's what the Tera Team wants, then that's what they'll get.  I will put an end to this!"

As Toka ran back inside the house to get his belongings. Jina said to Taio, "Just please... please make sure that he is safe, with everything that has happened in the city, I just want you to make a promise to me that you'll do your best to assure his safety." 

Taio nodded toward Jina and said, "I give you my word, I'll make sure that he reamins safe while he is away."

Then Toka came back up to the door with his bags and said, "All ready to go." He hugged Narak and Jina as they said, "Be safe, we love you and are proud of you."  Jina began to cry. As Toka walked away with Taio, he looked back at them and waved.

"I love you to and I'll be sure to send a letter to you everyday." 

Taio walked Toka across the street from his house.  They walked up to a giant sky bison, "This is Neica. Hop on." Toka climbed into Neica's saddle and laid his belongings beside him.  Taio used airbending to hop on Neica's neck.  He said, "Yip, Yip."  They soared into the sky.  Toka looked toward his parents until they disappeared from his view.

Hours later, they were almost at the island.  Everything was quiet, just the sound of Neica's groans and the whistling of the wind.  Then suddenly, Toka asked, "Hey Taio... Can you tell me what the spiritual side of the Avatar is?" 

"Sure, there are several concepts of this side.  One is the Avatar state, when the Avatar is at their most powerful, they have the knowledge of all their past lives.  In the Avatar state, they are more powerful than you can even imagine.  You will practice this technique in your training later on.  Another side is when you the Avatar has a connection with their past lives, sometimes these can occur before even knowing of their identity..."

Toka interrupted, "What are ways of this connection really?"

"...Ummm, well, sometimes these can occur as a dream, or just voices in their heads." 

Toka gasped and said, "I think I've experienced that before."

"What really... how!?"

Toka looked directly at Taio who was staring back at him in wonder. "Well, I'm not positive if that is what it is but it might be.  Three years ago, I began having strange dreams..."

Taio interrupted, "Were these dream back to back everynight?"

"No, sometimes weeks, or even months apart. In these dreams, I saw mostly one airbender boy who was fighting and learning the elements. It seemed like they were involved in the Hundred year war with the Fire Nation like I learned about in history class at school."

"Were there any other people in your dreams?"

"Well, after a few months I began to see a middle aged airbender, I don't know if he was the same person though.  Oh also, I began to have dreams about this girl who looked like she was from the Water Tribe.  Oh, also... the Airbender passed away leaving his family behind in one of my latest dreams.  After that night, the Water Tribe girl started appearing more and more frequently.  What do you think it is?"

He rubbed his head, "Hmmm... It seems like you may have had connections with Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra; your two past lives. I have an idea, tomorrow I think I know of a way to fnd out if these might have been connections."

A few minutes later, just as the sun began to set, they arrived at the island. Toka overlooked the city and awed in response as they landed.  When Toka picked up his belongings and climbed down off Neica, Taio's family and the other White Lotus men ran out of one of the buildings.  Taio's two children ran up to him.

"Dad... we're so glad that you're back." 

Taio chuckled in response and said, "I missed you two more than you will ever know." 

Both of the children were skinny and very tall just like Taio.  The oldest was Shino, and his brother was Keno.  They were very talkative and loud.

Taio said to them, "Okay... okay I only have two ears."  They grinned and then Taio's wife, Kana came up to him and hugged him. Kana was a kind, and gentle-hearted waterbender.

"I'm so glad you're back... that attack on the city scared us all.  We are lucky they didn't come here." 

Just as she finished, Jinora, Taio's mother, came out of the building.  She was walking very slowly with her small cane.  Taio ran up to her and helped her. 

"Careful mother,  I don't want you to hurt yourself."

She grinned and said, "I'm so glad you're back."

Still helping Jinora, Taio said, "Family, I would like you to meet someone." He pointed to Toka and said, "This is Toka, he is the new Avatar, and will be apart of our family during his training." 

Toka said, "It's very nice to meet all of you."

Taio motioned over to him as Kana helped Jinora walk back inside, "Let me show you your new room." They ran into the building.

While walking down the hall, toka asked, "Taio, if it's okay with you, could you tell me what's wrong with Jinora." 

"Well, she is very old, crippled, and very sick.  The doctors don't think that she will make it much longer."

Toka said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I know it must be hard."

Taio nodded and began to tear up, "Anyway, here's your room."

He slid the doors open as Toka walked into the room. "Hey this is nice."  He sat on the bed and laid his belongings beside on the floor. "Oh yeah, this is comfy... I'll sleep good on this."

Taio chuckled and said, "You might want to get some rest, It's going to be a busy day tomorrow."  

He slid the door closed, as Toka covered up and turned the lights off.  He went to sleep. 

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