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Chapter 2: Trip Through Time

Chapter 1 :

It was a stormy night, Korra lays in bed at Air Temple Island after the Harmonic Convergence. In her dreams, she again experiences the battle between her and Vaatu and how she brought peace to the world. But all that happiness became dread. Her dream became a nightmare. She begins to experience all the dread and evil in her life. When she lost her bending, when Raava was ripped out of her and when she lost her connection to her past lives.

The night continued in all the pain and suffering of her dreaded nightmare. She begins to see all the sad memories in her life. With a sudden burst of wind, the window opened widely, awakening her from her nightmare. Korra stands up and closes the window and tries to go back to sleep.

"Korra! Wake up!" screamed Ikki.

"What is it Ikki?" asked Korra.

"It's breakfast, mom said we have to wake up now," said Ikki.

Korra proceeds to wake up for breakfast. After breakfast, Korra went outside and enjoyed the fresh air of Republic City. She has nowhere to go as Mako and Bolin are in Ba Sing Se meeting their grandparents, while Asami is in the Water Tribe with Varrick. But then she remembers her nightmare, and proceeds to go to Tenzin for help. "Mmm... It is very strange Korra, All of your memories seem to return to in your dreams. You should go to Iroh in the Spirit World, he may be able to help you there," said Tenzin.

"Okay, thank you Tenzin," said Korra.

Outside, Korra begins to meditate. As she meditates her eyes begin to glow, taking her to the Spirit World. Korra arrives in the Spirit World. Knowing the way, Korra goes to Iroh's tea shop. He proceeds to ask Iroh the same thing. "Mmm..... Your dreams must be the result of you starting the new cycle, you were a different person during the old cycle and therefore the memories you had then belonged to that person," said Iroh.

"But I still remember all my memories," said Korra.

"Korra, who was the Avatar before Aang?" asked Iroh. Korra stands there still, with no movement and in shock that she could not remember. "The nightmares are a sign of you forgetting all your memories during the old cycle," said Iroh.

"How do I get them back?" asked Korra.

"The only way for you remember all your past lives and stop the nightmares is to combine the old and new cycle together. Like lion turtles, you have the power to bend energy. You have to travel back in time to experience all your old memories," said Iroh.

"Travel back in time! Is that even possible?" said Korra.

Iroh got a butterfly floating around and give it to Korra. "The Tree of Time can help you travel back in time," said Iroh. The butterfly teleports Korra to the Tree of Time.

In the Tree of Time, Korra meditates. She begins to meditate. She opens her eyes and she sees a bright blue light of cosmic energy. That light projects all her memories. The blue light becomes a bridge of cosmic energy and in the background is space and the earth. At the end of the bridge is a bright purple portal. In the portal she sees the battle between her and Unalaq in the two portals. She enters the portal and the scene changes to her battling Unalaq. She notices her body is covered in a bright blue light. Then she teleports to her battle against Amon. Finally, a huge swirling vortex of cosmic energy forms and arrives in the South Pole.

There she sees a boy in the iceberg, which is Aang, and not far away, she sees Katara and Sokka fighting the water rapids. Katara and Sokka land near Aang's iceberg. Korra notices she is invisible as Katara and Sokka could not notice her. Finally, when Katara cracked open the iceberg in which Aang and Appa reside, Korra's eyes begin to glow as Aang awakens. As Katara, Sokka and Aang fly back to the Southern Water Tribe, she sees a projection of an older Aang smiling at her. Korra runs up to him but she was blocked again by another swirling vortex of cosmic energy.

She appears in the Southern Air Temple Sanctuary, She looks to Avatar Roku's statue. The statue's eyes was glowing brightly, The glowing light brightens and engulfs Korra in its light travelling in time again.

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