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Chapter 1: New Life
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21 June 2011

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Chapter 2: Ripples from the Past


"Miyuki!" screamed Bojing, from three rooms away.

"What is it?" she yelled, slightly irritated.

"Your lesson begins in seven minutes, hurry up!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming."

Today was her first Firebending lesson and she was very worried. She thought that, what if her teacher is really good, and makes her do hard moves? She was pretty good at Firebending, but she was still worried. She didn't want to mess this up.

"MIYUKI!" He yelled, barging into her room. "Do you not want to practice? Would you rather clean the house instead? Because if you don't hurry up, that's what I'll make you do,"

"I'm ready."

She walked out onto the courtyard to find a young man sitting on the ground. He had heard her footsteps, so he turned around.

"Are you Miyuki?" He said. He sounded so pompous.

"Uh - Yes."

"Good, good. My name is Lee. I will be your Firebending teacher," he greeted her, now standing up.

"Uh - Hi Lee," Miyuki said, a little worried of what will happen next.

"No need to be frightened. I'm not going to hurt you," he told her with a smirk.  "Well then, let's get started!"

He first taught her a series of quick exercises that would help keep her fit for further training. He made her do twenty of each one. By the end of the last set, she was exhausted.

"Can - Can I do - do something else n - now?" she stuttered.

"Of course. But first, show me what you know," he said, smiling.

She stood in the correct stance. Chin up, eyes up, and her legs bent. She pushed her fist out into the open with all her might to force an enormous flame towards Lee. Luckily for him, he was too far back. She then stood up straight, and then bent her legs again, one on each side. She pushed her arms out to the side, with her legs, and a huge ring of fire had spread around her.

"You're pretty good. For a thirteen year old." He smiled, "This will be fun."

After a long hard lesson where Lee taught Miyuki many more moves, she trotted back to her room and plonked herself onto her bed, but her rest was brief. Bojing soon ran in and told her that there were more people here to see Her. But he didn't say who...

Miyuki slowly opened the door and went into the room as she was told. She found five men seated in wooden chairs waiting for her at the far end, in front of a large window with the afternoon sun shining through and illuminating the center of the room, where a single chair sat facing the rest of them. A tall man with short pitch black hair groomed into a neat topknot sat in the middle chair before her. He appeared to be in charge. He stood up and gestured to the center of the room. Miyuki supposed that he wanted her to sit in the chair facing them. She timidly walked forward and did so.

"Welcome Miyuki, how are you?" the leader asked her.

"I'm fine," Miyuki responded awkwardly. She was unsure about who these people were and what they wanted with her.

"Good," the leader said, nodding. "I am Captain Yuan.  Miyuki, do you know what the Avatar is?"

"Yes. The Avatar was the one who can bend all four elements. The Avatar was also the bridge between the Physical World and the Spirit World. A new Avatar was reincarnated every time the old one died. The Avatar kept the world in balance. But now that the Avatar has left the world, no one keeps balance."

"Correct," he told her cheerfully. "On all points, save the last one."

"What has this got to do with me?" Miyuki asked them, even more confused than before.

"Well Miyuki," Yuan began. "You're the Avatar."

Miyuki was bewildered. "What?!"

"The Avatar is very much real and around," he continued. "Like you said, some people say that the Avatar is no longer around, but this is false. No one has seen the Avatar in well over a generation. They jumped to the conclusion that the Avatar was gone. People just jumped to that conclusion because it's been more than the normal amount of time for a new Avatar to be revealed."

Miyuki paused for a moment, taking all this in. "I think you made some mistake. I can't be the Avatar."

"We have known this for quite some time. Since you were five and went into the Avatar State at an unusually young age. We told your uncle then as well, but we said not to mention anything to you until the time was right. And we have decided that is now, although you're technically still three years younger than the traditional age of revealing the Avatar's identity. I understand that this may be overwhelming for you, but the world needs balance, which it's been without for so long. We need you now."

Miyuki thought for a moment. The world is counting on me? Really? This seems absurd.

"You will have to leave this place soon," Captain Yuan went on. "You'll have to travel the world and master the elements one at a time."

Miyuki loved the idea of being able to escape from her Uncle Bojing. She warmed up a little more to being the Avatar. "But how do I bring balance? What am I supposed to do?"

"Don't worry about that for now. Right now, focus on mastering the elements and later on, communicating with your past lives and controlling the Avatar State." Yuan turned to one of his men, seated at his left hand side. "Ming, go with her now and give her further instructions."

The man named Ming stood up and began to escort Miyuki out. He was shorter and plumper than the rest. Miyuki was stunned as she followed him, still processing what she had just been told.

A few seconds after they had left, the man at the Captain Yuan's right side turned to him. "Do you think we were right not to tell her everything at once?" he asked.

"Yes, definitely."

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