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August 16, 2016

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Sixty years have passed since Avatar Korra defeated Kuvira and crushed the Earth Empire, since then, the Earth Kingdom monarchy was abolished by Earth King Wu, the Last Earth King. The territory was separated in Earth Republics. Sadly, Korra's time on this world came to an end, and the Avatar Cycle keeps going on its course.

It was a shining spring afternoon in the Earth Republic of Daiya, in the peaceful seashore Village of Yetai Tong to be precise. That afternoon, a White Lotus Order ferry docked in the port, and three people with hooded dark blue and silver robes, and went house by house, in every house there was documented to have at least one five-year old kid. Eventually they arrived to the house of Sterkur and Vona, one of the most important families in the village. A forty year old earth woman opened the door and got startled for a moment, as she saw the men on her front door. Her husband, a strong earth man with a little of Fire Nation ethnic, came to the door to see who was.

–Good evening Mr. and Ms. Firestone, right?– said the bowed one of the middle, who sounded like an elder woman.
Sterkur and Vona

Sterkur and Vona looked surprised by the sudden visit of the White Lotus men.

–Good evening, what's this visit exactly about? We've seen you've been house by house talking with some five year old kids.– Asked Vona

–We're doing the quest of every generation. I think everyone knows in what consists.– said the woman. Vona an Sterkur were surprised for a moment, Vona more than her husband.

–Do you think our son might be, um, the One?– Asked Vona.

–That's what we're going to figure out.– Answered the woman.

–But we need your son for it.– Said another White Lotus man. Sterkur went to find his son to the back yard.

There in the backyard were a little fatty earth kid with long dark hair in a funny haircut earthbending a little rock, a thin water kid with a tiny ponytail behind his head waterbending a water ball, and a little armadillo lion cub looking more frightened than the two happy kids.

–Beware yourself Kenshar! The mighty Nikumi and I will destroy you and your army!– said the earth kid with a little cutie voice, while the armadillo lion hid behind his paws.

–You'll never get me! I'm the evil Dark Avatar and I'll turn into my giant form of dark spirit! Ooooh!– The water kid said as he moved the water upwards like he was going to attack the earth kid. Sterkur laughed when he saw that.
Little Hikar, Little Kensi, Nikumi

"Beware yourself Kenshar!"

–OK kids you have to come inside, we have to talk with some men that want to see you.– Said Sterkur to the kids. The earth kid dropped the rock to the ground as the water kid dropped the water behind him.

–It wasn't me, it was Kensi!– Said the earth boy. Sterkur laughed again.

–No son, it's nothing you or Kensi have done. Just come here inside.– Said Sterkur.

As the two kids and armadillo lion came inside the water kid, Kensi, grabbed the earth kid by the arm.

–You didn't do but I did WHAT?– Asked him.

–Nothing.– Answered the earth kid, nervous.

The White Lotus men were sitting in the couch in the middle of the living room, and the earth kid's parents were sitting in the seats next to it. The kids came near the men.

–Hello boy, what's your name?– The woman asked to the boy.

–Hikar, Hikar Firestone miss.– He answered.

–Well Hikar, I'm going to open this little trunk in front of you, and then I want you to pick two of the objects here, the one you mostly like. It's pretty simple.– The woman opened a trunk and Hikar looked for three seconds, and then he pulled out what appeared to be a fang of a wolf, and a blue hair tie.

–I don't know why but I really like this things, it's like I feel something towards them.– Said Hikar as the woman pulled her hood of and showed her wrinkled face with a sweet and kind smile and beautiful silver hair.

Old Asami and Little Hikar

"I don't know why but I really like this things, it's like I feel something towards them."

–I love those too. What was your name again?– she said.

–Hikar.– He replied.

–This 80 years are sure making difficult to me remember names. Well, my name's Asami, and I hope to see you again soon. Good bye.– And with the help of the other two men, Asami got up. Kensi got stranged.

–You're leaving already? What about me?– Said Kensi.

–Kensi you're not a talented earthbender like me, so, haha.– Hikar mocked to him as he ran away. Everyone but Kensi laughed softly.

–Come back here you earthbender!– Roared Kensi.

Vona stared worried to Asami.

–So, he's the IT, or not?– Said Vona. Asami showed a sweet granny smile as she looked at her.

–Well, even if he is, we can't tell you. We can't let you live with the burden of holding a secret for eleven years, it's too soon to tell, there are still probably millions of children in the rest of all the Earth Republics, we've already been in three and there are still more than twelve to go. Don't worry, there are probabilities for Hikar to be the Avatar.– she said –Now good afternoon, there is still more to do.–

And she placed on the hood again as she and the other two hooded men went back to the port. Vona saw her son, her husband and Kensi play in the backyard with Nikumi. She remembered when she said yes to Sterkur on his proposal, the day Hikar was born; she remembered when she and Sterkur found a 3 four-month-old baby Kensi in their front door on a basket from the Northern Water Tribe; when Sterkur found a newborn Nikumi abandoned in front of the house backyard years later; when Hikar discovered his earthbending talent at the age of four, all those memories passed again through her mind as she saw them all play in the garden.

–At least he has a friend and a normal life, it's all I want for him.– said Vona to herself.

–Go Nikumi, let's get the evil Kenshar!– Said Hikar playing with Kensi.

–Stop right there, or I'll create a tsunami that will crush princess Bultina's castle.– Said Kensi with a childinsh evil laughter.

–I believe you'll try to, but I got the power of the volcano within me.– Said Hikar as suddenly his father lavabent a tiny lava torrent next to Hikar. Vona screamed.

–STERKUR! WHAT DID I SAID ABOUT REAL LAVABENDING!– And her scream made an intimidated Sterkur to solidify the lava.

–Sorry honey.– said Sterkur. Hikar, Kensi and Nikumi complained.

–But muuum.– complained Hikar.

–But Mrs. Hikari.– complained Kensi in a successful attempt to annoy Hikar, who earthbent a small earth pillar under Kensi's feet, tripping backwards.

–– said a seriously annoyed Hikar.

Meanwhile, in the luxurious ferry there was Asami Sato sitting in front of a Pai-Sho table, sipping a cup of tea. One of the White Lotus Knights came in.

–Madam Sato, the captain was asking which was the next destination we're going to take.– He said. Asami stopped drinking for a moment.

–Republic City, take me home already, and warn by radio to Iruka and Amala, my children– She replied, the knight was strange.

–What? But we've only been in the West Coast! There's still more than half the republics to explore, you said there are still millions of children born five years ago.– said the knight. Asami was still holding the cup with her old fingers.

–That kid, Hikar, he's the Avatar. He picked Naga's fang and one of Korra's old hair ties. It's not casualty he picked the two right at the time. And when he gave it back to me, he touched me and I felt Korra within him.– she explained –And of course I want to see my family again.

–Alright madam.– The knight went to say the order to the captain and the ferry went to the north, to Republic City.

Waiting for Grandma

The family awaiting the arrival of Asami Sato, their grandmother.

Six hours later, in the deck of Republic City, there were six people waiting for the ferry to come. The first two were a bald thirty year old Air Nomad with his tattoos, at his right there was a Fire Nation woman with long hair and a big belly, like she was ready to pop, in front of the couple there were a little four-year-old girl and a fatty smaller boy next to her, who looked like her younger brother; next to them there was another couple consisting of a Water Tribe man in his late twenties and a younger Air Nomad man who wore a bandanna around his neck.

–Ma's taking pretty long.– said the Water Tribe man.

–Say that to me, this baby is getting more heavy each time.– said the pregnant fire woman.

–Don't worry honey, I told you I could airbend an air sphere so you can sit peacefully.– said the Air Nomad that looked like her husband.

–I want to sit too, I'm tired to get hold of Zeick still.– said the little girl, pointing to her brother.

–It's okay Aria, you can wait still.– Said the mother.

–He's burning my hand!– Complained little Aria. The father facepalmed as his wife felt another kick from the baby.

–Amala, are you okay.– said the Air Nomad.

–Oh, yes Yurei, the baby's kicking hard, that's all.– said Amala.

–BOT! BOT!– Zeick pointed to the horizon –BOT GOMIN!

–Well Iruka, guess your mother is coming, and we have to tell her about us, do you think she'll accept it?– said the Air Nomad with the bandanna.

–Of course Janji, she's gay like us! She'll accept it for sure.– said Iruka.

Soon afterwards the ferry docked in the port and a 90-year-old Asami came down the ramp with the help of two knights of the White Lotus.

–Grandma!– Said Aria running towards Asami, being followed by a giggling Zeick.

–Oh, hi kids, I hope you're fine.– said Asami.

–Well, I'm trying to do the best for this never ending pregnancy.–complained Amala with her hand on the stomach, Asami placed one hand on it to.

–I can tell at least that it's going to be a very powerful bender.– She said.

–Grandma, Janji and I have great news.– Said Iruka.

–Yes? More great news?– Asami asked. Iruka and Janji held their hands.

–We're getting married in two weeks.– He said.

–Well, good for the two.– she said with a smile. –And I finally discovered the next Avatar.–

–Really?– said Yurei, interested. –And who is it?

–It's a five year old earthbending boy from the Earth Republic of Daiya, his name is Hikar Firestone, and his parents are Vona and Sterkur Firestone from the Yetai Tong.– explained Asami.

After a while of hesitation, Yurei got near Asami and told her:

–I offer myself as his airbending instructor.– said Yurei.

–And I offer as his waterbending instructor.– said Iruka. Seeing that his cousin didn't say anything, he asked.

–Well, easy there, he's still five years old, there's time for you to become their instructors.



"Come on Tao,"

A shining afternoon in the proximities of Republic City, in the cliffs of the nearabouts, there were five teenagers and an instructor doing rappel. They were a muscular boy with two katanas, fire ethnic, a redheaded earth girl, a Water Tribe gal with loong braided hair, another fire ethnic female, and a tall, green eyed boy, dressed for sport, and long dark hair: Hikar.

–Come on Tao, don't tell me you're scared to go down. You said you did this once from twice the height.– Said a teenage Hikar.

–If say so that I'm scared then, why don't you try it yourself, Firestone?– Said Tao, the muscular boy, ready to go down the cliff.

–Yeah, go on Hikar, give it a try!– said the red headed girl, giving Hikar a naughty stare, making him blush.

–Al...right Bully...just wait for Tao to finish.– he answered.

–He-he...– Kensi grinned smirking to Hikar and he returned a serious silencing look.

–Finished! Firestone, Bully, Ken, Shaila, one of you, come down!– Shouted Tao from the bottom of the cliff. Hikar and Bultina looked at each other.

Tao Tenba


–How did he...?– Started to ask Hikar

–...went down that fast?– Finished Kensi

–You know how fast he is, go.– Interrupted Bultina.

Hikar made a ponytail with his hair, put on the helmet and the rope on his harness, ready to go down with all the confidence of the world.

–Ready!– He said.

–Hold on.– Said Bultina as she made some quick jib-jabs on Hikar's back.

–Ow! What was that for?– Hikar complained. Bultina smirked and laughed.

–What do you think? I chi-blocked you, don't you think you can cheat with your earthbending, here we all are non-benders so...– Answered Bultina.

–What?– Hikar pouted, he turned around and did an earthbending move, but nothing happened. –Aw, damn!–

–I feel you.– Said Kensi

–Equalizing the game is fair, from my point of view.

He went and started to go down the rope, but he started to panic when he felt the big fall there was underneath him.

–Come on Hikar!– Shouted Tao.

–You can do it!– Tried to encourage him Bultina.


"You can do it!"

Hikar was paralyzed, he was sweating and tense, and panicking inside. He was being encouraged by his friends constantly, but that didn't help, that was just stressing him more and more. He suddenly collapsed.

–I...CAN'T DO IT!! I CAN'T DO IT!!– Screamed a panicked Hikar.

–It's okay man, it's okay.– Said the instructor, that knew the feeling, pulling Hikar out.

Kensi ran towards his side to comfort him, and so did Bultina.

–Hik, Hik, it's okay, it's me Bully, I'm right here.– Tried to tranquilize him Bultina.

–Easy man.– Said Kensi.

–How many fingers am I holding up?– Said Shaila as she did it.

–What kind of coward am I? If I need my bending for everything or I can't be without it overpass my fears?– Said a terribly ashamed Hikar.

Later Hikar was down in the river, waiting for Bultina to come down. He was levitating some rocks, feeling his honor has been crushed, and he felt that it was time to express his real feelings, but suddenly:

–Hey Hik.– She said. Hikar turned around looked at her deep green eyes. –Just wanted to see if you were alright.

–I'm fine, thanks.– He said leaving the rocks in the ground. Before Bultina walked away he stopped her –Bully wait! There's something.

–Yes?– She said. Hikar made a pause.

–You...I...Em...– He had it difficult, he was sweating and blushing like he was containing his breath.

–Come on just spit it out!– She encouraged.

Hikar finally blurted it out.

–I like you since since we were little, and I was wondering if you wanted to be my partner in the Middle School End of Year Party.– Bultina was shocked when she heard that. She answered, uncomfortable.

–That's...really sweet Hikar...but Tao and I are already going out together.– Bultina said it in a kind way, but Hikar felt like everything inside him was falling apart.

–It's okay, maybe in a way I just expected that.– Lied Hikar.

–We're still friends anyway.– said Bultina, kind. –Come on, let's go back.

–Yeah, go, I'll catch up later.– answered Hikar as she left. Hikar stood up and looked at the river and the bushes in front of him, alone. –WHY I'M SO BAD IN LUCK!?– Shouted angrily.

Suddenly he moved his fist in anger to the river, and a huge blast of fire came from his fist to the bushes and the water, and propelled Hikar backwards. Hikar saw the bushes burn in front of him scared. Kensi, Shaila, Tao and Bultina rushed to see what happened.

–WHOA! THAT SURE WASN'T ME!– Said Shaila, as all were astonished to see the bushes burn.

–Hold on!– Kensi waterbent water to the bushes, and he extinguished the fire.

Burnt Bushes

"I think I just...firebent?"

–What the flameo just happened here?– Asked Tao, looking the burnt bushes and the vapour of water from the river, and a really surprised Hikar looking at those too.

–I think I just...firebent?– He said holding a burnt stick.



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  • The place where Hikar was born, the Village of Yetai Tong, is meant to be the new city of the Mining village.
    • Yetai Tong (液态铜), in Chinese, means "liquid copper", reppering to the fact that the sunset there makes the sea look like it.
  • Janji was going to be a woman, but the author thought that making the couple gay would be more favoured by the public.
    • Janji's named after the DJ.
  • This chapter was inspired in two backstories, in order:
    • This Korrasami fan comic [[4]].
    • A real life footage that happened to the author.

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