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October 31, 2016

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Kun is an ordinary Earth Nation villager, nothing particularly special about him, aside from having an excellent earthbender for a father. However, Kun is a nonbender, making it impossible to follow in his father's footsteps. This is all about to change, as Kun finds Avatar Korra in the forest, who passes along the spirit of Raava to Kun, making him the next Avatar.

Author's Note

I'm pretty sure this is how you make an author's note.

Anyway, this is my first story, excluding my introduction. All criticism is accepted, unless the answer is clearly visible within the story or is explicitly stated in the introduction. Otherwise, I accept all criticism.

Secondly, I would like to note that this is my first story, and I know that I did a horrible job of it. It's pretty awkward, and the time frames are all messed up. The second story will be much better.

Also, this story is rated T, and this is due to the violence (somewhat mild violence, some physical damage later on) that will be exhibited during the series. This isn't really too bad, but I do advise that if you are squeamish, do not take kindly to bodily harm, and/or don't enjoy action scenes, that you don't read this.

That said, I hope you enjoy the first chapter, and better chapters will be coming soon.


It's been 10 years since Kuvira's defeat in Republic City. She was the fourth and most difficult of the villains that Avatar Korra had to battle since coming to Republic City. First came Amon, looking for equality between benders and nonbenders, then Unalaq, who wanted harmony between the spirits and the humans. Zaheer, who felt the world was too out of balance, and finally Kuvira, who wanted to unite the Earth Kingdom under one banner. Each had a goal in mind: To better the world. All of them chose honorable problems to solve, but the saying, "the end justifies the means" did not extend to these people.

After Kuvira was defeated, and locked away for good, each member of Team Avatar did their own work to preserve the new world peace and help the less fortunate make their mark on the world. Whether world missions or helping smaller towns get back on their feet, there was no job too small for Team Avatar in restoring world balance.

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

The 10th anniversary of the battle in Republic City. To Jinora, it felt much longer than that. As she breathed in the glorious air of Republic City, she couldn't help but imagine to what lengths the world would go to if everything continued to go right. She led a group of young airbenders into the statue of Avatar Aang, constructed after the end of the Hundred Years' War. Within it is a museum, holding the statues of all the major Team Avatar members.

"Don't go too far now; we're almost there! It's time to learn about Aang and Korra, and their friends that helped them win their wars!"

The group enters into the main room of the museum. Open to the public, and with tourists milling about, the original Team Avatar statues are on the left, while those of the more recent and living Team Avatar are on the right. The group heads to the first statue, one of Sokka.

Brandishing his sword forged from meteorite, Sokka wears his Southern Water Tribe helmet, as well as keeping his handy boomerang in a pouch to his side.

"We will begin with Sokka. Sokka was a master strategist, but he was also the comic in the group. He couldn't bend, but made up for it in his skills and his swordsmanship, wielding a sword made out of a meteorite. Sokka led the invasion of the Fire Nation fleet of ships that threatened to destroy the Earth Kingdom. He survived the attempt and came back to become the leading councilman for Republic City."

Many of the children were in awe. Sokka wasn't just a funny guy for the team's spirits - he was a lean, mean sword - wielding machine. For some, it changed their whole perspective on nonbenders, along with the next person on the team - Suki.

Suki is dressed like a Kyoshi Warrior. Adopting a defensive stance and leaning back, she uses her fans as deadly weapons on offense and defense. One is raised above her head, the other is brandished in front of her.

"Suki started out as a Kyoshi Warrior. She met Aang and his team early on in their journey to the Northern Water Tribe. Suki was captured by Fire Princess Azula trying to save Appa. After Sokka rescued her, with some help from Zuko, they teamed up to destroy the Fire Nation fleet of ships."

Suki was the epitome of female endurance - even Sokka was surprised the first time he met her on Kyoshi Island. She taught Sokka how to fight, which helped him a lot throughout his journey. The children were amazed, and they had a lot of questions about her.

"Wasn't she Sokka's girlfriend, like you are to Kai?"

Jinora is dumbstruck. "Uhh, I'm not...I mean, you'd have to ask...umm..."She quickly moves on to Toph, the least intimidating and most aggressive member of the original Team Avatar.

Toph is metalbending coils of metal rope on her belt. She is in her Chief of Police attire, with pure black armor as well as her signature head band.

"Toph became one of the strongest earthbenders in the world when she developed the ability to detect the fine pieces of earth in metal, bending it to her will. Not even the great King Bumi could achieve this feat. She left her rich and overprotective family to teach Aang earthbending, and helped Sokka and Suki take down the Fire Nation fleet of ships. She also became the first Chief of Police of Republic City, leading a force of metalbenders."

The children were shocked that this was the mother of Lin Beifong, much more powerful and yet so cranky, just like her daughter.

They moved on to Katara, who was waterbending in her Southern Water Tribe dress. She is bending the octopus, her favorite defensive style of bending.

"Katara is the first person Aang ever met after waking up from his iceberg. She was the only waterbender in the South 70 years ago, but became one of the strongest in the world. She became the best healer in the world as she grew older, and manned a healing hut in the Southern Water Tribe. She helped Fire Lord Zuko defeat his sister in their fight for the throne."

They move on to Fire Lord Zuko, in his Fire Nation robe and tousled hair. He had experienced a great deal of emotional turmoil and internal battle, defecting from the Fire Nation and then returning to the same father who scarred him.

"Fire Lord Zuko had been a long loyal member of the Fire Nation when he tracked down Avatar Aang for months. However, he found his loyalty wavering when he was forced to see his loving uncle imprisoned and felt worse for joining the nation that had scorned him. In the end, he made the right decision, by joining Team Avatar, teaching Aang how to firebend and setting up the United Republic as a global state for all nations."

To the children, firebending was the coolest skill you could have. And to think that Zuko was the reason that they all had a home in the biggest city in the world - they were instantly enamored. Zuko also used swords whenever he couldn't use his firebending, and he was as skilled with them as he was with his bending.

Finally, they moved onto Avatar Aang. With Momo on his shoulder, Aang stood reverently, enshrined in time as greatest savior of the world.

"Avatar Aang. Possibly the greatest Avatar of all time, Aang was known as kind and caring to all he met. He defeated Fire Lord Ozai in the final battle of the Hundred Years' War, and set up the United Republic, which would serve as the common ground for benders and nonbenders of all the nations." Jinora turned around to face the children. "Even though none of the original team have stayed with us, their legacy lives on within every person who fights for peace in the world. And the new Team Avatar is the perfect example."

"I'm sure most of you know who they are," she continued, "even though they did it all when you were babies. However, they are considered to be the greatest collection of benders and nonbenders since the original Team Avatar, and you are about to find out why."

The children begin to cheer. Jinora crosses the hall to Asami, the current CEO of Future Industries. Asami is in her racing outfit, wearing the Equalist glove she took from her father to save her friends.

"Asami is a nonbender, much like Sokka, and she is also a brilliant mind. Taking over Future Industries when her father was imprisoned, she began working with invention moguls like Verrick to increase the production of her goods and to help people in impoverished countries survive. It's thanks to her that the world is becoming more modern."

Jinora leads the group to Bolin. Bolin is bending a wall of lava in his normal outfit, and Pabu rests on shoulder.

"Bolin used to be a part of the Triads in Republic City's underworld, before becoming a pro bender. He was one of the original members of Team Avatar, and a loyal friend. He developed his signature style of lavabending while escaping the Northern Air Temple that overflowed with lava."

While the kids didn't really understand the importance of lavabending, they did think that a different form of bending was cool, and they loved seeing him bend lava.

They moved on to Mako. Mako is wearing his traditional red scarf, along with his windbreaker. He is shooting lightning out of his fingers to his right.

"Mako is Bolin's older brother, and partner in their pro bending team. He learnt how to shoot lightning from the leader of a triad, after which he became a pro bender and met Korra. After defeating Amon, Mako joined the police force. He works under Chief of Police Beifong, but he is still a member of Team Avatar and has always helped them out on missions."

Shooting lightning is another one of those skills that the kids loved, because it could be insanely fun, if they were smart about it.

The children move on to Tenzin, Jinora's father and the son of Avatar Aang. He is wearing his airbender's robe, while controlling a tornado of air over his head.

"Tenzin is Avatar Aang's legacy. Tasked with keeping the tradition of airbenders alive, Tenzin was happy to announce that he had 4 children, all of whom were airbenders, thus keeping his father's promise. Tenzin was the airbender representative for the council 14 years ago, when Republic City had a council board. Since then, he has trained the new airbenders born of Harmonic Convergence and led them on missions around the world to restore peace."

The children were amazed that this man was Aang's son, and that one day, they would learn from him and his wealth of knowledge. They also had some personal questions for Jinora herself.

"Is your dad old and mean? Is he cranky?"

Jinora laughs. "No, he's just always tense. He has been given an enormous responsibility, and the world isn't giving him an easy time trying to honor it."

Finally, they move on to Korra. Keeping her hair short, Korra is bending all 4 elements in a circle around herself while wearing her Water Tribe clothes.

"Avatar Korra is a personal friend of mine, and has managed to save the world 4 times in the past 15 years. Amon, Vaatu, Zaheer and Kuvira are just some of the people who have tried to change the world with their twisted ways and have tasted defeat because of it. After beating Zaheer, his poison crippled Korra, and she spent 3 years trying to help herself get back into form. But when she did, she came back with the fury of a tornado, and buried Kuvira's dream of taking over the Earth Kingdom in a pile of rubble."

All the children stood stunned. They had never heard of such raw power. One child fell over.

Outside, the children began arguing over their favorite Team Avatar member.

"Fire Lord Zuko is the best! He will burn you all!" "Toph will destroy him! She's the greatest earthbender ever! "You guys have heard of Avatar Korra and Avatar Aang, right?"

Jinora laughs to herself. She loved teaching the young airbenders, and took up responsibility of the newer airbenders found around the world. On the island of Avatar Aang, you could see the Arena across the bay. Far away, the glistening tower of Air Temple Island is visible, and Jinora picked out a glider rushing towards her. When it landed, she knew who it was.

"Hey there, Jinora! Miss me?"


Kai flies in on his glider. He's wearing his airbending gliding uniform, and he looks insanely excited. He runs in and hugs Jinora.

"It's been such a long time, Jinora. How has Republic City been?"

"You should ask Mako. He's been hailed as one of the greatest police officers of this decade. He's really stepping up." "Mako and Bolin too. Bolin has been traveling the Earth Kingdom for years, trying to set right what Kuvira wrecked. He just recently went to the Fire Nation as ambassador for the Earth Kingdom with Opal. He's really stepping up." "That's amazing! How are the airbenders doing around the world?"

"It's been amazing. What Bolin and the global police force can't do, they delegate to us. We've been able to save countless villages in the Earth Kingdom. Thanks to Asami, nearly everyone is getting a hold of a radio, so they can call us if they need help."

Jinora sighs. She always expected the world to travel quickly, but this was incredible. Everybody was working together to help the world become more peaceful. "How has Korra been? I haven't seen her in a few months."

Kai thinks for a bit. "Last I heard, she was in the South of the Earth Kingdom, trying to beat off a group of rogues in the area. From what I've seen, she'll probably go north from there. I'd say she's in the swamp."

"Well, then, when do you think she'll be back?" Jinora asks. "She can travel through the spirit world quickly. As long as there are no problems there, we should see her by tomorrow."

A small child runs up. "Ooh, ooh, I wanna meet the Avatar. I wanna meet the Avatar!"

Jinora bends down. "Don't worry, Jin - Jin, you'll meet Avatar Korra soon enough. All of you will get to meet her!" Jinora announces. The children cheer.

Kai sets up his glider and says, "Jinora, I need to get to Air Temple Island and see if Tenzin has any more jobs for me. I'll get back to you soon. See ya!"

Jinora calls back, "Bye Kai! See you later!"


In a small village on the edge of the swamp, a young man about the age of 22 is playing with a fire pegasus outside of his house. His name is Kun. He lives with his mother, but has aspirations of traveling across the world. However, Kun is unable to bend earth, even though his father was one of the most powerful earthbenders of his time.

"Mom, I told you, I'm only going outside for a bit. It's not even noon; I can take some time to have fun in the swamp."

"No," says his mother. "I need help getting some fish for tomorrow. There isn't much fish left. Take Agni, and be back in an hour. Don't forget to bring some lychee nuts!"

"Fine," grumbled Kun. Even though his mother loved him, she could be harsh at times, and she didn't care much for his ridiculous notion of traveling the world.

"And don't ever think again that you can just waltz into the swamp. You know you can't defend yourself." Kun turns away, and tears start to stream from his eyes. "Mom, I told you not to bring that up. I'm trying every day."

His mother growls, "Well, then, you should stop trying, and help me out! You know that you won't be able to earthbend."

"Just...I'll go, mother." Kun sighs. He climbs onto Agni, and flies off. Kun flies to the swamp.

The swamp was, incredibly, made of one tree. Stretching out over miles of desert, the swamp turned into spirit vines at the end of the last Harmonic Convergence. While still humid, creepy and spiritual, Kun felt at home there. He could have some time to himself. With Agni's help, he manages to catch a dozen fish.

Like most days, Kun takes some time and tries to earthbend. "Come on!" Kun moves his hands in an airbender fashion. "Come on! Why isn't this working?" He proceeds to try multiple other movements, many of which aren't even related to earthbending. Kun, exhausted, flops down next to Agni. He sighs, "It'll never happen. I should just give up."

All of a sudden, he hears a series of explosions behind the tree. Agni quickly leaps up the tree, and starts snorting very quickly. Kun peeks out from behind the tree, and witnesses a rare sight.

Avatar Korra, deep in battle with 3 men, who seem to be bandits. The men have long sticks crackling with electricity, and at least 2 of the men are benders. They are clearly a part of a team. As the firebender and earthbender shoot their respective elements, the nonbender in the center is handed all 3 sticks and attacks Korra.

However, Korra is well - equipped to deal with their advances. She blocks the bending attacks with consistent streams of fire and maneuvers them to defend against the nonbender.

"Oh my god, it's Avatar Korra! I can't believe it!" Kun whispers from behind the tree. As he's hyperventilating, Korra is fervently trying to defend herself from the onslaught of the powerful benders. Korra lifts up a wall of water to defend against the vertical nonbender, but as the stick passes through the water, the electricity arcs through the insulating water and into Korra. Korra is thrown back and seems to be passed out.

"Come on, Agni, we have to help!" Kun leaps out from behind the tree and puts his fists up. "Hey! Leave her alone!"

All 3 bandits stop in their motion, and turn towards Kun. "Who do you think you are, kid? Get out of the way. This is between us and the Avatar." The derision in their voices as they said, "Avatar" was obvious.

"I don't care what problems you have. You need to stop it now."

The 3 bandits look at one another and begin to laugh. "All right kid," says the nonbender. "We see that you might be fresh in these here swamps, so let me tell you something. No one tells us what to do, and you're going to pay."

The nonbender nods to the earthbender, who quickly earthbends a snaking chasm of earth towards Kun. At the end of the attack, a large stone erupts from the ground. While Kun tries to protect himself from the rock, he is hit under his arms, and sent flying.

The bandits quickly turn their attention to Korra, but Kun has bought her the time she needs. Korra instantly enters the Avatar State and begins to rise in a whirlwind, subconsciously protecting Kun in the process. The force of the blast is so strong that the only the earthbender remains grounded through his earthbending. The firebender has to use his fire to prevent himself from flying away, and the nonbender is thrown behind a tree.

Without warning, the earthbender throws a rock, not aimed at Korra, but at Kun. Korra blocks the rock and throws it back at the earthbender. However, in the process, she left herself open to attack. With one simple move, both the nonbender and the firebender use their sticks of electricity to hit Korra in the core. Korra is thrown back for the second time in as many minutes, and what looks like a white spirit flies out of her and lands next to Kun.

Kun is weak, but looks up to the spirit. "Raava...?"

Raava turns to Kun. "Join with me; quickly. We cannot let the Avatar Cycle end." Kun looks up, and sees a fireball and a large rock flying towards him and Raava. With his eyes fixated on the oncoming attack, Kun reaches out with one hand, and with barely enough time to spare, fuses with Raava.

Within an instant, Kun is levitating under the force of the air that whirls about him. It knocks away both the fireball and the rock. He enters the Avatar State, forced upon him by the threat on his life. The nonbender leaps from the trees surround Kun and tries to shock him, but Kun blasts air at the nonbender so hard that he flies through the swamp and crashes 30 meters away.

"Wh - what just happened?" Both bandits are confused, but they decide to continue their onslaught, rather than give up hope. The firebender blasts fire at Kun, while the earthbender lifts up rocks and throws them at Kun.

Barely flinching, Kun uses the force of the firebender and augments it, to melt the rocks flying towards him and bear down on the earthbender. Even with a large stone as a shield, the earthbender is forced to retreat.

In desperation, the firebender increases his flames even more. However, Kun simply redirects the fire towards the firebender, and he too, runs away.

Kun slowly is lowered to the ground, and leaves the Avatar State exhausted. However, he sees Korra lying motionless, and runs to her side.

"Korra! Korra! Stay with me; there's a village not too far from here. " Korra, inexplicably still in the Avatar State, looks up at Kun. "There is no time. You must listen to what I have to say."

"Raava is a part of you now. You must continue the Avatar cycle. My death will not change the world." Saying so, Korra passed, leaving the fate of the world in Kun's hands.


Kun trudged back to his house, and slumped down inside his house.

"Did you get the fish?" No matter what the situation, the first thing that came for his mother was the job at hand. Kun handed the bag of a dozen fish over to his mother. Miraculously, none had been harmed in the elemental battle happening just 20 feet from them.

"What's happened? You look down, Kun."

Kun exhales deeply. "Mother, you know how I've always said that I wanted to travel the world?"

"A ridiculous notion," his mother snorts. "You know you have to help me with the supermarket. There's no other help around here."

Kun replies, "I understand, mother, but I might have a chance. You see, I encountered the Avatar in the swamp." Kun recounts the troubles in the swamp - the battle between Korra and the bandits, Raava, his fusion, and him becoming the new Avatar. To prove his point, he calls Agni over. Slung on top of Agni is Avatar Korra, pristine, but well and truly dead.

His mother gasps. "Could it be?" she whispers to herself.


"Kun, you must go to Air Temple Island and meet with master Tenzin. He will know what to do with you."

"Wait, mother - you're just accepting this? You have no questions; you're not worried?"

His mother stops her preliminary packing. "I knew that you would do something in this world. Your father - he was descended from Avatar Kyoshi. You have a history with the Avatar, and you are going to Republic City to fulfill your destiny."

Kun smiles. Within minutes, his mother put together some essentials and packed them on Agni. "Now, remember what you want to tell Master Tenzin. You must be forward, but firm. You have to make him believe that you are the Avatar."

"I will mother. See you later."

Kun flies off on Agni. His mother looks after him for a few seconds, and then turns back into the house, with a tear in her eye.


Tenzin flies to Air Temple Island on Oogy. Tenzin, even at the elderly age of 65, still was an impressive figure. He still towered over Kai and Jinora, in his regular orange and yellow robe. He jumps off, and is greeted by Jinora and Kai.

"Jinora, how are you? How have the airbenders been?"

Jinora hugs her father. "The airbenders are great, Dad, and I'm doing well."

Tenzin ends the hug and looks at Kai. "You did a fantastic job in Shin - Zu. I'm proud of you."

Kai bows to Tenzin. "Thank you."

Tenzin asks a question that has been troubling them since Kuvira's defeat. "How did the village respond to your help, and how do you think we should help them in the future? That is our biggest problem."

Kai replies, "Well, the way that I helped them was by confirming that I was an airbender. Once they knew I was with you, helping them, they were glad to rally behind me. And they want to drive out the bandits, they just haven't found a good leader to help them. Once I expressed my desire to save them, it became much easier to drive out the rogues."

Tenzin strokes his beard. "Then I guess that should be our goal. With responsive villages, our task should be much simpler."

"It's all thanks to Bolin, Korra and you. If it weren't for your collective efforts after the war with Kuvira, there is a chance we would never have unity in the Earth Kingdom," Kai acknowledges.

Tenzin laughs. "I can't take responsibility for that. It was Prince Wu who let the states govern themselves. It did only take him 4 months to realize that wasn't a good idea. His democracy since then has been thriving, and his wise decision to include an ambassador from each Nation has helped the world connect even more on global issues."

Jinora then speaks up. "Kai, you mentioned Korra. Do you know where she is? Yesterday, you told me that she might be in the swamp."

Kai scratches his head. "I did think she was in the swamp, and I was right. She should've been back by now. When I heard from Rohan, she was moving through the Spirit World quickly, and was headed for Republic City."

Tenzin is alarmed. "This is cause for worry. We must find a way to contact Korra quickly. Jinora, go talk to Chief Beifong and Mako. See if they can get any contact in the swamp. Kai, I want you to send a wire out to Bolin. I want a full report of everything he has noticed in the swamp. And I will get Rohan to do a scan of the swamp from above. If there's anything that he can notice, he needs to report to me. Let's find Korra!"

Kai and Tenzin run off towards Air Temple Island, while Jinora flies on her glider towards Republic City. The next day, after a whole afternoon of talking to generals, officials and policemen in the Earth Kingdom, the trio reconvene to discuss what they've found. Jinora begins.

"As far as Lin and I could figure out, there have been no reports of suspicious activity in or around the swamp in the past few months. Just the usual reports of orchestrated bandit and rogue activity."

Tenzin thinks for a moment. "That might not be the cause of Korra's absence, but it is a serious problem. Let's talk about it after we find Korra. Kai, did you get anything from Bolin?"

Kai replies, "Well, Bolin says he can't go into the swamp, since he can't bend earth or lava in there. That might be a problem for the global police force to get in there. Unless they have a waterbender in their team."

"No, it's alright. I have Rohan scouting the swamp. If there's anything to see, and I'm sure there is, Rohan will find out all about it."

Jinora is worried. "Dad, what's wrong?"

Tenzin replies, "I am concerned for the safety of the world, Jinora. Korra is not the girl she used to be. She is collected, and mature. If she needs to defeat someone, she will do it, in full Avatar State. And anything that can defeat Korra in full Avatar State is something to be very concerned about."

"But why is that a problem? Won't the Avatar cycle just continue onwards?" Kai asks.

"No. If she is killed in the Avatar State, the Avatar cycle ends forever. And even if she exited out prior to her death, anything that is strong enough to defeat her will stop at nothing to eradicate the Earth Kingdom in hopes that the next Avatar is caught in the crossfire. The world will descend into chaos, and that may just be the goal of the perpetrator."

Kai whispers, "So that's why Korra is always scared for the Avatar State."

Tenzin nods gravely. "Yes. Not only that, but if the new avatar is found by the perpetrator, then they might be able to induce the Avatar state, and rid the world of the Avatar. We must prepare for the worst."

Tenzin turns to Kai. "Kai, I want you to get to every airbender we have. Once they're finished with their missions, I want them to scour the Earth Kingdom and look for every newborn Earth Nation child."

Kai nods, and runs off to the temple. Jinora turns to her father. "Do you really think it's that bad, Dad?"

Tenzin lowers his head. "If what the legends say are true, then it may just be much worse."


President Konna, the third President of the United Republic, protected by both Lin Beifong and Mako, is responding to reporters on news of Korra's disappearance.

"What measures are being taken by Republic City to ensure the Avatar's protection?"

"Why was she in the swamp without protection?"

"Why don't we have enough information on the swamp to guarantee the safety of those who enter it?"

President Konna fends off the reporters with ease, his years of political experience helping him out. "We have the global police force working on the issue. Avatar Korra is an adept bender, and she can handle herself without added protection. And the swamp is a very spiritual place. Only master benders can truly understand it."

Mako scoffs, "What are these ridiculous questions? Why don't they get to the point?"

Lin shrugs. "That's the press for you. Ask you useless questions and then banter in the newspapers about all the wrong things you said."

Mako turns to Lin. "Are you sure you can't do anything about the swamp? Surely you can talk to Toph."

Lin turns to the side. She hides her face, but Mako can clearly see a tear trickle down the right cheek. "It's been a while since I talked to my mother, and I don't even know if...". Lin sniffs, and wipes away a tear. "Besides, I can't earthbend in the swamp. My mother is the only one who could do that. I would be powerless, even with my metalbending."

Mako thinks for a bit. "That seems like a problem we should be able to solve. Let me talk to Asami. She might be able to augment the bending problem. Can I clock out?"

"Go ahead, rookie." Even the "rookie" quip didn't bother him as Mako turned and ran off. President Konna's advisors close the press conference, and Konna turns to Lin. She accompanies him back into City Hall.


Kun and Agni are flying above the pristine clouds. Kun is holding a map that outlines the fastest route to Republic City.

"Down here, boy!" Agni plunges downward through the clouds, and they break apart to reveal the harbor of Republic City. To the North, they can see City Hall in all of its magnificence. To their left, the massive statue of Avatars Aang and Korra stand side - by - side, as if protecting the city. And to their right lies Air Temple Island.

A few gliders fly up towards Agni. Kun places a steady hand on Agni's neck to calm him down. The gliders slow down and approach Agni. Meelo is at the forefront of the group.

"What is your business in Republic City, flying fire pegasus?" Kun pops his head above Agni. "Hello! I would like to talk to Master Tenzin."

Meelo thinks for a bit. "Do you have an appointment?"

Kun replies, "No, but I have important information about Avatar Korra, and the new Avatar."

"Follow us then." The gliders plunge downward towards Air Temple Island, and Kun follows on Agni.

Once Agni is in the sky bison stable, quite uncomfortably so, Kun is led inside, and enters a room filled by Mako, Asami, Tenzin, Lin, Jinora and Kai.

"Come in, Kun. My name is Tenzin, and these are my associates. This is Mako, Chief Beifong, Asami Sato, Jinora and Kai." As he says each name, Tenzin points to each member, and Kun respectfully bows.

"What information do you have about Korra? Is she in danger?"

Kun hangs his head. "No, not anymore. Korra is dead."

There is an audible intake of air as everyone in the room breathes in sharply. Mako and Asami are on the verge of tears, and the rest look gravely troubled and saddened.

Tenzin stands up. "I am sure that we all should take some time to ourselves after this meeting. This news is both shocking and grievous. But we must first acknowledge our guest, and decide on a course of action. Kun, do you know who the next Avatar could be?"

Kun takes a deep breath. "It's me."

"How do you know?"

Kun recounts his adventures in the swamp: How he saw Korra fighting a group of bandits, how Raava and he joined and how he, in the end, was the cause of Korra's death. By the end, Asami excused herself to mourn, and the rest were tearing up. "After I joined with Raava, I went into the Avatar State and sent them fleeing. I think - I have to be the new Avatar."

Tenzin stands up. "What proof do you have of your statements? For all we know, you could be the enemy."

Kun looks scared. "Please, I'm telling the truth. I -"

Jinora looks up. Her eyes are red. "No, he's right. I feel a strong spiritual energy coming from him. It's very similar to Korra, but is much stronger. Are you related to any Avatars?"

Kun blinks. "Yes. My mother told me my father was descended from Avatar Kyoshi."

Jinora nods. "I've heard it said that those with the strongest connections to the Avatar have the deepest history with them," she says.

Tenzin cuts in. "We must look to the future now. The Avatar cycle must continue onwards. If what you say is true, Kun, then we will need the Avatar in the coming battles. What else do you think was unusual about the bandits?"

Kun speaks up. "One of them was an earthbender, and I'm pretty sure that the only person who could do that is Toph."

"Lin, what do you have to say about that?" "From my experience, they must have some kind of bending enhancer. I have known no common earthbender who could earthbend in the swamp."

Tenzin turns to Kun. "Then we must investigate that. First and foremost, do you have any bending experience?"

Kun shakes his head. "My father was a powerful earthbender, but I can't bend at all."

Tenzin straightens. "Then we must start from the beginning. The only logical step is to have a bender of each of the elements help you here, at Air Temple Island."

Kai leaps forward. "I could train him."

Tenzin shakes his head. He says in a deep voice, "I cannot let anyone other than myself and the world's most powerful benders teach Kun. I owe it to myself, to Korra and most of all, to Kun." Tenzin takes a raggedy breath. "I will train him in airbending. I can contact Fire Lord Izumi about her availability to teach Kun as well. Tonraq, I'm sure, will be devastated, but he will invest in Korra's successor as much as possible. And Lin, can you do the honors?"

Lin punches her palm. "I would love to. But don't expect me to pull my punches. I need to get this runt ready for these traitors who decided to take out the Avatar."

Kun brightens up, even in the face of the insult. "I know I made a mistake, and I'm truly sorry. Korra was my hero. And as her successor, I will do all that I can to be the best Avatar I can be."

Mako places a hand on his shoulder. "Don't forget, this is Team Avatar. We're a team, and a family. We always have your back, no matter what the problem."

"Thanks, guys."

In the snowy mountains of the Earth Kingdom, a snowy city is built into the side of a mountain. A large metal bunker resides at its edge. Two men walk into the bunker, and throw Kun's mother into it, closing the door behind them.

A shadowy figure laughs at the other end.

Kun's mother is a mess, but she remains adamant. "Do what you want to me, but I won't tell you anything."

In a deep voice that reminds Kun's mother of Republic City, the shadowy figure rasps, "I don't want you to tell me anything."

With a hand outstretched, he begins to bloodbend Kun's mother. "I took down one Avatar. I can repeat the task."


Author's notes

So now that you read that...yeah.

But don't worry! The second chapter is better, kinda.

Ah whatever. Just leave me any criticism you have. I will accept any (and many) pieces of criticism that I inevitably know I will get.

Also, if this isn't part of the chapter list with the "Introduction", please let me know. Like I said, first story.

Get ready for Chapter 2 of this series, "Stand and Deliver", coming out on 10/28/16 or 10/29/16.

Anyway, see you on the next chapter!

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