Baby Aang
Chapter 1: New Beginnings; Chapter 2: The Identity of the Avatar
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air


Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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August 17, 2012

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Chapter 3: Rong Yan's Master

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

AIR ... WATER ... EARTH ... FIRE ...

When the Avatar dies he/she is reincarnated into the next nation in the Avatar Cycle. The Avatar must master all four elements to keep order and peace in the world.


Avatar Ku Tei, has passed away, he is reborn into the Fire Nation.

Chapter 1 : New Beginnings

The scene starts; people from around the world, from all four nations, gather around outside of the palace of Ba Sing Se. People wearing a combination of orange and yellow with arrows marking their bodies are standing on the right side, and brown-skinned people wearing animal skins with spears and bluish clothing stand on the left side. In the middle of the crowd are people in green clothing, people in red clothing... All these people are also known as the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads, all standing in their own groups in a similar order as the rotation of the Avatar Cycle.

They all hear the sounds of a sky bison appearing outside of the palace carrying five men, who are known as their nation's respective leaders. Earth Kingdom soldiers slowly lift out Chief Cupun of the Northern Water Tribe, Chief Unirak of the Southern Water Tribe, The 41st Earth King Ta Po, Fire Lord Yeh Lu, and Monk Geetsan.

An Earth Kingdom soldier walks forward and yells as loud as he could. He pulls out a parchment from his belt, opens it, and begins to read: "We are here to welcome our leaders of the four nations... Chief Cupun of the Northern Water Tribe!"

Those of the Northern Water Tribe begin to cheer at their beloved chief, a man of average height with large muscles. With dark blue eyes the color of ocean water in the night, he is brown-skinned with short long black hair that looks like it's beginning to grey a little, a few wrinkles here and there. He carries a large, two-handed club with walrus teeth as the spikes of the weapon The Northern Water Tribe's citizens stop cheering and kneel before their chief.

The soldier looks over and continues, "Chief Unirak of the Southern Water Tribe!"

The people behind those of the Northern Water Tribe begin to cheer as well, chanting the chief's name out loud. The chief is also middle-aged, and his eyes are as blue as the cold winter nights of the South Pole, with long black hair ending in braids and held together by small, valuable ornaments from the Southern Water Tribe. Tall and with a toned body, this chief carries a whale tooth as a blade on the left side of his waist, sporting traditional Southern Water Tribe chief clothing.

The soldier looks again and bows to show respect. "The Forty-first ruler of the Earth Kingdom, Earth King Ta Po!"

The people in green, yellow, and brown clothing begin to cheer and bow down to the Earth King. This man has a yellow-green crown with the insignia of the mighty Earth Kingdom. He looks pretty old; he wears a long grey beard and is draped in the most expensive green robes, with the insignia of the Earth Kingdom on the center of its chest.

The soldier looks again and salutes the Fire Lord. "The Fire Nation's beloved Fire Lord, Yeh Lu!"

The people in red and/or reddish clothing cheer and roar for their Fire Lord as a couple of them shoot fire at the sky. This man was is old as the last, with a large beard, long mustache, and hazel eyes resemble a living flame. His hair is in a topknot held by a Fire Nation's royal family ornament, and he wears a red tunic with the Fire Lord's chest piece, a necklace with the Fire Nation's insignia, a brown belt, and dark red pants, with black boots, and a long black cape with a golden trim and the inside red.

The soldier looks over one last time. "The Air Nomad's wise and kind-hearted High Monk, Geetsan!"

The people on the right side most of them having arrow tattoos are their bodies, and wearing a combination of orange and yellow clothing, cheering and roaring and dancing as they hear the name of the high monk. This man was very old, he was still able to walk and bend, he was bald, and wore only a yellow sash and orange pants with brown boots, a pendant with the insignia of the Air Nomads, and light blue tattoos all over his body with a big arrow ending on his head.

They all stood on the wooden stage, and their people looked over at them cheering at all of them and bowing for a good minute. The Southern Water Tribe Chief yelled, "Rise people of the four nations!"

The High Monk then yelled, "We have grim news for you on this melancholy day..!" The Northern Chief began, "Avatar Ku Tei of the Earth Kingdom has passed away peacefully in his sleep last night!"

The Earth King then jumps down from the wooden stage and behind it bends a large statue of the previous Avatar. The crowd looks over at amazement and awe.

The Fire Lord then yells, "The Avatar Cycle continues on to the Fire Nation!" The Earth King then finishes the speech, "I'd like to share a moment of silence to a personal friend to us all, and beloved Avatar of the world, let's begin this moment of silence for Avatar Ku Tei.."

A few moments pass on, and the leaders lift their heads, as people of all the four nations begin to cry and hug each other and mourn the loss of the Avatar.

Back at the Fire Nation in a small village named Tang Village, a couple of women rush to a small room, one with a cloth and a bucket full of water, they enter and see an elderly woman of the Fire Nation standing over a woman in labor, and a pale man holding the woman's hand for support.

Loli, one of Rong Yan's aunts, rushes to the small room with a bucket of water.

"Keani soak the cloth in the bucket your sister Loli brought." yelled the elderly woman. "Yes mother.."

Keani grabs the cloth and places it into the bucket and twists the cloth squeezing the excessive water out and handing it to the old woman.

Keani, one of Rong Yan's aunts. Soaks the wet cloth that her mother demanded.

The old woman walks over to the woman in labor and puts the wet cloth on her forehead. "You're doing great Ming, breathe and push!" the old woman said. She lets out a loud scream, then after a few seconds of silence, the cries of a baby is heard, the old woman cuts the umbilical cord with a small blade and says, "Its a boy!" then wraps the newborn in a red blanket and kisses the baby on his cheek and smiles handing it to the younger woman who was in labor.

"I am so happy for us this day, Kahn..what should we name our son?" the woman looks over at her husband Kahn, the man puts his hand on his chin then snaps his fingers. "His name will be Rong Yan." he looks back at his wife, and bends over to kiss her on the lips gently. Ming hands Rong Yan to his father Kahn who gladly hands him over to the elderly woman.


Nila, Rong Yan's grandmother helps deliver him when Ming is in labor.

The elderly woman smiles and as a little tear drops from one of her eyes. "Welcome to the world, little Rong Yan, I am your grandmother Nila. Oh son you make me so proud and happy that you have a child of your own!" She looks down at the baby again and then at her son. "I feel like a proud mother and grandmother, I love my grandchild..he looks alot like you when you were a baby, I feel like I'm holding you Kahn." She hands the child back to Ming, and wipes the tear from her eye.


Sixteen more years have passed, the boy is now sixteen, he will be shocked of what is to come to him in the near future that will be life changing.

Chapter 2: The Identity of the Avatar

Scene begins with Ming holding her child in her arms in the small room.

Four Years Later

The scene reappears in a living room with a little brown table sitting atop of a rug with the Fire Nation insignia on it with a four year old child sitting down making noises and laughing. The child was shirtless, while wearing a red underwear and having his dark brown hair in a knot held together by a Fire Nation ornament. Knocking on the door occurs and a woman wearing pink robes with a red trim and long black hair walks and opens the door, an old man in red robes with a golden trim and a long red hat on his head indicating he was a Fire Sage is seen at the door. This man was holding a crate full of items, "Hello there Ming, mind if I test little Rong Yan?" he said. "Test of what?" Ming replied. The old man replies, "The Avatar Test!" she looks at him and nods. The old man walks in and sets the crate aside from the table, and opens the crate, he pulls out a soft large cloth infront of the child, lays on top of the small wooden table he begins to place toys.

"Okay, Rong Yan go ahead and pick four toys out of the twenty I have placed here," said Xiao. Rong Yan then looked at all of the toys and clapped joyfully, his eyes sparkled in light descending from the window, he first grabs a little drum on a stick with two strings on each side with one ball at the end of each string. He then grabs a wooden propeller, a turtle, and finally he hovers his hands around other toys squeals and grabs a hog monkey toy from the table and begins to play with the toys. Xiao the Fire Sage looks in shock and walks over to Ming. "Ming, your son Rong Yan has picked all four Avatar relics, he chose the drum, the propeller, the turtle and the hog monkey..there's no other way to say this, but Rong Yan is the reincarnation of Avatar Ku Tei the Earth Kingdom Avatar, who died four years ago!" Xiao said in shock, Ming puts her hand over her mouth and replies, "Are you sure?" he looks into her eyes and continues "Yes, your son is the Avatar, you MUST keep his true identity a secret, and don't tell him at all, I will return with the other Fire Sages on the day that he turns sixteen and we'll tell him of his status, then we'll take him to the fire temple and train him." he finishes what he was saying and Ming bows to Fire Sage Xiao.
Fire Sage Xiao

Fire Sage Xiao, tests Rong Yan, to see if he's the Avatar.

Xiao begins to collect the other sixteen toys and puts them back into the crate and places the four Avatar relics onto the large soft cloth and rolls it up and puts it back into the crate as well.

12 Years Later

The scene reappears on a dirt road heading down towards the village Rong Yan resides in he's walking and whistling going to pick up some groceries for his mother to cook for tonight's dinner. He walks into the market area of the village. "We sell food from all over the world here, best in town!" says one of the merchants. Rong Yan sees a couple of other shops, a tavern, a few restaurants and a few clothing stores. He then notices a man behind a stand wearing small glasses, and wearing a light red tunic with red pants, and white boots, with several fruits, vegetables, meat, and grains. "Please young sir, browse my goods they're the best in town at the lowest prices!" the merchant said. He points at the dried rice and noodles and the merchant puts the grains into two separate bags, he then points at a small pocket size sack of leechi nuts, some onions, lettuce, tomatoes, tomato-carrots, ash bananas, apples, pink berries, and lemons into a large bag. He then points at three large komodo chicken legs, a few loaves of bread, and finally he points at some ginseng tea. The merchant fills two other large bags full of the groceries, and the man brings several small pouches of ginseng herb and puts them in another small bag, and places it into his cart. Rong Yan hands over a small sack of ten silver coins and the merchant takes the sack and dumps all of the silver coins into a chest and hands Rong Yan 13 copper pieces. "Xin come over and give this young man a ride back up to his household!" the merchant shouts behind him.

A short, stocky Fire Nation boy runs out and jumps onto the merchant's ostrich horse, as Rong Yan climbs into the cart, Xin stops for a second, and the Fire Sages walk down the road, the crowds of people stopped doing what they were doing and looked at the Fire Sages. They stopped as Rong Yan got off the cart to pick up two copper pieces that dropped out of his pockets. The main Fire Sage began to speak as the ones behind him went on their knees and bowed down. "It is truly an honor to your presence...Avatar Rong Yan!" Xiao said, Rong Yan took a moment to process it into his head, dropped his jaw as Fire Sage Xiao bowed down as well, the crowds of people went onto their knees and bowed, so did the merchant and his delivery boy.
Xin the Delivery Boy

Xin the Delivery Boy, carries the Avatar and his groceries to his residence on a cart, being pulled by an ostrich horse.

He jumped back onto the cart, and Xin jumped onto the ostrich horse and looked back and said, "Which direction Avatar?" Rong Yan responses "Just up the hill...Xin.." Xin snaps the reigns on the ostrich horse and it yelps as it feels the sting of the reigns and charges up the hill.

No more than five minutes he reaches his home and Xin helps him put all the bags on his kitchen table. "Well it was an honor to serve you Avatar Rong Yan," said Xin, he bows to the new Avatar in respect and closes the door and heads back to the village on his ostrich horse.

Ming walks over to the table and picks up the vegetables and begins to chop them up for a komodo chicken stew, Rong Yan then turns to face the back of his mother and begins to talk. "Mom, have you ever known about my true identity? I was at the market today picking up groceries and the Fire Sages came and Fire Sage Xiao told me..he told me..I was the Avatar, I don't believe him though. I felt like a well respected, person with immense power when everyone at the market was on their knees bowing in my presence.." he told his mother.
Ming Rong Yan

Ming, Rong Yan's mother begins to make dinner from the groceries, brought to her.

His mother turns around, and they hear the door knob turn, they look to face the door and Rong Yan's father walked in with Xiao and two Fire Nation soldiers. "Honey, I'm home and I brought some guests." Kahn said, "Happy Birthday son, I'm sure you know of the Fire Sages and they would like to have a word with you." Kahn told Rong Yan.

They all sat down around the table as Ming had brought the pot of stew onto the dining table and started pouring bowls full of the stew for Fire Sage Xiao, herself, the Fire Nation soldiers, Kahn, and Rong Yan. "How do you know I'm the Avatar? Why me? What am I supposed to do now? I'm so confused!" Rong Yan said in frustration. "Avatar Rong Yan, I came to your home four years ago, to test you if you were the Avatar or not I have visited 421 homes and tested each child that was four years old to see if they were the reincarnation of the past Avatar. We know you're the Avatar because I laid out twenty toys onto a little wooden table you had and four of those toys were the four Avatar relics, each relic represented an element many of the other children did not choose these four in particular. Many chose the same as the other children have done so," he replied.

Fire Sage Xiao brings out a large soft cloth and rolls it out and on the cloth was the four relics from twelve years ago that Rong Yan had chosen. "Do you remember these?" Xiao asked Rong Yan taking a bite out of the komodo chicken. "Yeah, I remember these toys." Rong Yan responded. "You know exactly why you have chose them?" Xiao asked, "They looked really familiar I'm not sure how but they were in my past memories as an infant.." he replied.

"These relics belonged to the first four Avatars, the first being a Water Tribesman who was an explorer, and did not bend any element yet, learnt the elements in a order from what his ethnicity was, the turtle represents the waterbenders, the hog monkey represented the earthbenders, the drum represented the firebenders, and the propeller represented the airbenders. The Avatar Spirit had reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle which was the Fire Nation, you are the reincarnation of a mighty, famous and well respected should feel extremely proud!!!" Xiao explained.

They all had finished dinner and Xiao continued to answer the remaining questions. "Now you will pack your things young Avatar, in the morning we will come back and pick you up and take you to the temple where you will be trained."

He ran upstairs and quickly began to pack his things, and jumped onto his bed and laid there wide awake all night thinking of what it must feel like to be the Avatar. The day soon came and there was a knock on the door. He grabbed all his bags, and walked to the door, his parents were talking to the Fire Sage. Rong Yan quickly gave a bow of respect to the sage, and hugged both of his parents.

"We'll truly miss you, on your best behavior for the Fire Sages." his mother said to him, "I will, I love you mom and dad..I guess this is good bye for now.." He climbed onto Xiao's dragon and they ascended into the air and off to the Fire Sage's temple where he will be trained, three hours have passed and they have finally reached the temple.

Xiao opens the door and leads the Avatar inside. "Come Rong Yan let me give you a tour of the temple." Xiao said, Rong Yan walked right behind the Fire Sage, as the Fire Sage led the way around the large temple.

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