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The Eastern Air Temple had nice breezy winds in the middle of the day. A young man was sitting aloft on the tip of a rock a few meters from the external view of the temple. He had to train in the art of breathing since it was the basis for all of the elements he needed to practice. He already had trained from about a few months to over five years and he was testing his fortitude by practicing all of them at a given notice at the air temple. His three teachers, Geb of the Earth Kingdom, Arshi Tengri of the Fire Nation, Nun Hathor of the Air Disciples, and Gong Gong of the Water Tribes, were all observing Zhu Rong demonstrate the skills he studied with great passion and fury.

"It's been so long since we've taught you the elements," declared Hathor.

"We've had the best of times and the worst of times," sniggering Geb, trying to recover his composure.

"We've given you everything we possess," announced Gong Gong.

"And it is time that you show us your skills, Avatar Zhu Rong," said Arshi Tengri.

Zhu closed his eyes and slowly inhaled what seemed like a large breath, and vigorously releasing it. The impact of the air felt like a heavy punch from a tough boxer, knocking the masters so suddenly. Zhu directed the inhaled air towards the rock and lifted him off it. He rose high into the air that the masters couldn't see him. Then they saw the silhouette of a body falling without aid. It looked as if he was unconscious and paled out.

"Is he for real," Geb joked. "If he is, then we should let the poor idiot fall to his death. I'd especially like to see-."

"If you say one more thing, you're gonna get all washed up!" yelled Gong Gong.

The two men tightly wrapped their hands around each other and wrestled onto the ground. Arshi Tengri couldn't help but chuckle. Hathor glared angrily at Tengri, who confessed, "It's not like I wouldn't do that."

Hathor stomped toward the two rabid men and punched both of them hard, breaking up their fight.

"Aw, come on! It was just about to get started."

"Yeah! It was getting to the good part until you had to ruin it."

The two men crossed their arms in disappointment, but know that their pupil was falling down. They didn't want their student, no lest it be the Avatar, to crush his head in the ragged ravine below. The master suggested utilizing a sequence of their elements to save Zhu Rong. Just as they were about to save him, the Avatar broke his free fall by propelling out fire from his feet and flew parallel to the ground. He kicked his feet straight up and rose higher and higher, then stopped midair. He then noticed the peak he sat on and flew towards it. He got to a far point just a few miles from the target, and then stopped. The mountain was in his sight, which confused the masters at that moment. By mistake, they thought he was about to harm them by a devastating punch or worse. They still were frozen in place, glazed on by Zhu in his clear vision. Zhu tucked in his knees and built up gusts of wind circling around his feet. They spun faster and faster, creating gusts that blew some trees behind him from their stumps. He reached the maximum leverage and snapped his feet straight back. He launched so quick that the masters didn't have time to react. Instead he skimmed over them, which was followed by a blast of air a few moments later. He was spinning so fast that some red light slightly flickered for a second but was gone. He gained more momentum from his helix and headed closer to the mountain peak. He lifted his arms to even it with the ground and stopped the rotations. He then made a sharp left to skim the side of the mountain so close to almost brush it with his hand. He finished and stopped on the other side and levitated nearby. The mountain rumbled and shook the surrounding area and with a great moan, the mountain began to fall. He then split open a crevice to allow the mountain to fall through. He shut the crack and flew back to the masters. He was beaming in satisfaction, but the masters were flabbergasted.

"I've seen better," Geb stated. "To me, I could do that when I was a beginner."

"Remarkable!" said Gong Gong. "I've never seen an Avatar cut down a mountain in years."

"Commendable," agreed Hathor. "I'd expect that you'd be the one to surprise the world."

"Exquisite!" Arshi Tengri softly said. "You are one of the most profound Avatar since Avatar Roku. He would be proud."

Zhu Rong smiled warmly. "How about we celebrate? We'll eat with the King of Omashu!"

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