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Prologue - Kuruk's Redemption

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Chapter 2: Old Advice - Kuruk's Redemption

Chapter 1: Motivation

The Northern Water Tribe. Ice as far as the eye can see. An entire city sculpted and formed out of ice with the support of wood and animal skins. The pinnacle of it all is the huge wall, protecting the city, made of extremely thick ice. It is quite an architectural feat. It's purpose is to protect, but the wall doesn't carry that job alone.

Avatar Kuruk, master of the elements, takes up residence in a large, ice house within the Northern Water Tribe. However, at this time in the world, there aren't many threats and not much to protect from. Tonight the Avatar sits in his room in deep thought. Tomorrow is the day he was supposed to marry Ummi years ago. The emotional agony of what happened and what he has to do tomorrow is holding too much stress on him. He sits down on the floor and tries to meditate to clear his mind.

Kuruk repeatedly thinks to himself: "Tranquility, relaxation, well-being." His mind starts to clear as he focuses on the mindset of peace. All of the sudden he feels as if a hand is creeping into his mind, but this hand is not a hand, but a memory. He sees the face of Ummi, her brown hair and eyes, and her smile. "I love you," she says to him. Kuruk cannot reply to her for he is choked up. He feels tidal waves of regret, sorrow, anger, and love pulsate through his body and he instantly opens his eyes.

"Uhhhh," he sighs to himself. "How can one meditate with constant invasion of the mind!" he exclaims. He then closes his eyes, sets aside his frustration and tries again.

This time he feels the hand again, but it doesn't creep, it lunges forward and grabs hold of his thoughts. He starts sweating and breathing heavy. He sees a huge, writhing, black mass with many legs and a long body. The grotesque, centipede like monster with a blank face is closing in on his wife. She screams in horror. Kuruk tries to yell out but no sound comes out of his mouth. The ancient and terrifying spirit, Koh, now has his wife and he watches in horror as her face starts to become more and more blurred.

"Ahh!" Kuruk yells out into the night as he awakens from the memory. His heart is beating faster than ever. He calms down and then says "I can no longer live like this. How could I let this happen to her. How dare Koh take her from me!" Tears leave his eyes, but he tries to stay strong. "I will return to the Spirit World tomorrow, and I won't leave until I have her back, no matter what happens to me." Kuruk now lies in bed, and thinks grave thoughts of the fate of Ummi. His powerful emotions and inability to meditate have now set him over the edge and he is ready to do what it takes.

"Tomorrow I will go to the Spirit Oasis, and before I enter the Spirit World I will contact a past Avatar, maybe they can make this trip more successful than the last few. This is my fault, and I have to right my wrong, so I can love Ummi again, and stop hating myself," Kuruk states. The Avatar starts to feel tired, and begs the spirits to keep the horrible imagery he had experienced earlier out of his dreams while he sleeps.

"I will find my wife, and I will redeem myself, I have to," he says as he nods off into a deep sleep.

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