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Chapter 2: Trapped

It was on a cold night in the Southern Water Tribe and Korra lays on her deathbed.

"Avatar Korra, your time in this world is about to end. As instructed by you, we will search for the next Avatar," said the Grand Lotus. On that sad night everyone cried for Avatar Korra and remembered all the accomplishments she had achieved during her time.

She nodded on her deathbed before sadly passing away.

A grave was built on the shores of the Southern Water Tribe and a temple to commemorate her and on the night of her funeral, Naga, who was old, lay down next to Korra's grave and died. A statue of Korra is marked at the front of the pro-bending arena.

The Lotus sentries began searching throughout the whole Earth Kingdom looking for the next Avatar.

Asami Sato and Bolin were the only ones left after Mako and Korra's death. Asami retired as president of Future Industries and gave it to her only daughter, Kyoko Sato.

Bolin began searching for a new life behind the walls of Ba Sing Se. He formed the National Earthbending Academy and began living a happy life.

Meanwhile in Omashu.

"Sir we have suspected the Avatar might be living in Omashu," said a White Lotus sentinel.

"Send a team of sentinels to find the Avatar," said the Grand Lotus.

"Yes, Sir," replied the sentinel.

Meanwhile Korra has just arrived in the Spirit World.

"Aang?" said Korra.

"Yes, Korra, welcome to the Spirit World. This is where we Avatars who have done their duty to the world rest," said Aang

"What about the new Avatar? Will I be able to contact him?" asked Korra

"Yes, Korra. Now it is our duty to assist the new Avatar in bringing this world to balance," answered Aang.

Ryu, a 16 year old kid not aware of his abilities, had a dream.

"Ryu I need to talk to you," said a voice.

"What who are you?" asked Ryu.

"I am Avatar Roku and you are the Avatar."

"What! No I can't be," said Ryu with a shocked face.

"But you are and it's your destiny," said Roku.

Ryu had a vision of him in the Avatar State bending all four elements.

"Sir, we found him. His name is Ryu," said the sentinel.

"Good, let's go to his house," said the Grand Lotus.

"Aagh! Who are you?" said Ryu.

"Calm down," said the sentinel.

"Aagh!" Ryu earthbend the whole house.

Ryu began attacking the sentinels with multiple earth strikes at him.

"Stop, please," said the sentinel.

"Aargh!" Yelled Ryu and a dust cloud appeared, distracting the sentinels.

"Leave me alone! I am the Avatar," said Ryu. He focused his energy and performed a fire blast, amazing the sentinels. His parents came and agreed to let him travel the world to pursue his destiny.

But Ryu didn't want to go away. So Ryu ran away by a secret cave he build under the city.

But soon some thieves spotted him "Hey, little kid, give us your money," said the thieves.

"No, it's mine. Get your own," said Ryu. He fought of the thieves until one the firebender thieves burned him, causing him to go to the Avatar State. Soon Aang's statue started glowing and so was Korra's statue. Every Avatar Temple's statues and tapestries were glowing. Until it stopped.

The thieves ran away. Ryu ran to the top of Omashu and thought about how his life was now going to change.

As he gazed upon the full moon, a girl with a flowing white dress appeared to him.

"Who are you?" said Ryu.

"I am Princess Yue, the Moon Spirit. I felt you needed company," said Yue.

"I don't know what to do. I don't want to leave my family behind," said Ryu.

"An Avatar is born a human because humans experience emotions," said Yue.

"What do you mean?" said Ryu.

"You are feeling very sad. That's one of many emotions humans possess and the Avatar must experience all these emotions in order to bring balance to the world," said Yue. "You may feel sad about leaving your family. Really, your parents are proud of you pursuing your destiny," said Yue. "I offer you this wisdom as a spirit, Ryu. You must experience these emotions to gain enlightenment," said Yue.

"Thank you, Princess Yue," said Ryu.

Yue opened out Ryu's arms and gave him a stone.

"If you need me again, use this stone," said Yue before disappearing.

After that he thought about going on the journey and making his parents proud of him. So he followed Yue's advice and went to the sentinels.

While heading to the sentinels, he saw a flashing light and soon his eyes were glowing. Then Dark Spirits began rising from the ground and attacked Omashu.

Meanwhile, in the Spirit World:

"Roku, have you called the Avatar?

"Yes, the boy seemed shocked.

"I sensed Yue went to soothe the boy.

"Yes, Dark Spirits are attacking as well.

"Let's hope Ryu can stop the spirits.

To Be Continued

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