Chapter 1: Kess of the Water Tribe
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Avatar: A Forgotten Enemy


Book 1: The awakening



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Chapter 2: Ocean Voyage

At only sixteen years of age Avatar Kess had gone through his training very quickly having mastered water, earth, and air bending almost immediately after it being taught to him. Firebending however was the real challenge.

"Master Sozin I-I just can't do it I can't make a flame." Kess sighed after concentrating for hours in the courtyard of the Northern Water Tribe's training grounds.

Master Sozin stared at his pupil and thought for a moment. "Listen to me my apprentice we've only been at this a few weeks, and it's only natural that you would have a hard time learning firebending-"

"Why is that, all the other elements just came naturally to me!" Kess interrupted.

The old firebending teacher continued. "Think of it this way, Avatar Gyatso had a hard time learning Earthbending because he was used to the free flowing style of airbending, so when he had to learn earthbending it took him far longer than the other elements because it was his natural opposite."

"So firebending is just my natural opposite?" Kess asked.

"Very good, now let's continue this lesson another time and get something to eat." Master Sozin said well patting his above average sized belly.

Just as the master and the Avatar turned to walk to the market they felt a surge of energy ripple through the icy floor. The surge was so powerful it knocked Kess to the ground and young Avatar had only one thought racing through his mind Keira! His best friend since he was eight years old, he HAD to find her.

"Master Sozin tell everyone to get to the safe houses NOW!" Kess ordered.

Master Sozin nodded and then asked. "Where will you go?"

"I have to find Keira" The Avatar replied as he began to turn towards the exit.

Before Kess left the courtyard he grabbed the airbending staff that was given to him by the monks from the Southern Air Temple. He then started at a run and used airbending to lift himself off the ground and soar through the air. As he flew up higher he finally got a good look at the destruction. Many shops and homes were completely obliterated, boats were overturned and beached on the shore, and a giant fault line separated the city in two. Kess couldn't believe the home he knew all his life was completely destroyed. Then he spotted Keira near the now almost completely flooded docks. She looked injured and her leg was trapped under a mixture of rock, wood, water, and snow. Kess landed in the freezing knee high water then rushed over to his friend. The water was just below her shoulders and it was rising quickly. Kess knew he had to act fast.

"Keira are you hurt?" Kess asked.

"I-I don't think so but I can't feel my leg" She replied with an obvious pained look on her face.

"Well you look hurt" Kess said as he noticed several cuts and bruises on her arms.

Keira raised her arms in front of her face and her eyes widened as she noticed her injuries "Tha-thats just a scratch I'm just annoyed that now my new jacket is ruined."

"Keira you're a terrible liar once I get you out of here I'm taking you straight to the infirmary." Kess replied.

Before Kess could even start the process of getting her out he felt the ground begin to shake. He looked up in horror as he saw a massive tsunami hurtling towards them. He didn't even know it but he was just standing there immobilized in fear.

"Kess do something." Keira pleaded as she reached out and shook him. "Please or we'll both die."

Then the Avatar felt his body be absorbed into true power. His eyes began to glow and he began to float up to the height of the tsunami. Raising both arms he pushed using a mixture of airbending and waterbending to stop the towering tsunami from drowning everyone. After minutes of relentless attacks the gigantic wall of water was pushed back inch by inch into the ocean where it belonged.

After that excruciating amount of energy he used up in the Avatar State Kess simply collapsed to the ground his last thoughts knowing that Keira was safe.

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