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16 June, 2014

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Chapter 2: The Danger is Coming

Everything is so different now. Avatar Wu died last year. And now a month later my grandfather Firelord Azon has died. I still cannot believe it. He is dead. Azon sat on the throne for fifty years. I am Fuzu, prince of the Fire Nation. I am the second son of Zulas. He is third in line for the throne. He has been in the army for thirty years as a general. I am once again wondering off with my mind. I have to go to a war meeting. My uncle, Firelord Zalon, is a great man. He is the most muscled person you will ever meet. And the most friendly, too. My father and other uncle hate him. Azon has been at war with the Air Nomads for thee years. And now my uncle has to continue. And all this because my grandfather wanted to start colonies in their land. My uncle wants to end this war. I agree, I guess. What is the point of the fighting? I guess it is time to go. I step out of bed and while I eat my breakfast my servants start dressing me. By the time I am done eating they are done as well. Then I start walking to the war room.

"Hey, little Fuzu!" I turn around. It is my bother Fazal. I truly hate that guy. He almost burned me once just for fun.

"Where are you going little brother?" asked Fazal to me. "You know that father does not want you there! You little fool!"

I answer, "Try to stop me Fazal! Uncle wants me there, too!" I walk by and enter the war room. My brother comes not long after. Half of my family is present. I see my father, a big strong man with long black hair and a mustache. I also see my other uncle, Azolion. A powerful admiral in his young days now retired and an adviser to my uncle the Firelord. Azolion looks the very image of my grandfather, only younger. He is having short black hair and a small beard. My uncle Zalon has a long black beard and long black hair. Although he looks scary he is the most friendly person you will meet. And the most peaceful. No wonder Avatar Wu always saw him as a son. Nephews and brother are here too. And my cousin, Princess Azalia, is here too. She is named after the old wife of my grandfather. A general stands up and starts talking.

"Our army has been driven back by those Air idiots! I suggest to send an army and bring them down. If we use our people in the colonies as bait we will surely win!" My uncle looked calm and focused as he gave his answer.

"No. Evacuate all our people. We can not sacrifice any more men to this insane war! We will make peace with the Air Nomads. And Azolion? What news came in from the Earth Kingdom?"

Azolion looked grim as he opened his mouth. "Earth King Hao has already been mustering his forces. The King of Omashu and the western Earth Kingdom, Oeda, refuses to bend to Hao. I think we have to be on our guard and raise all our forces to attack at any moment."

The Firelord stood up. "Fine, raise the army and even the navy. But let them stand and do not attack at any moment. We are not going to take the Earth Kingdom, but only to defend when needed! Understood?" A few hours later, I was walking to my quarters. I changed my mind and go into the garden. There I hear my father say the dark words I will never forget against my brother.

"The idiot Firelord will die! Then I will depose my nephew Zulo. I will make the Fire Nation better than any nation in the world!"

Meanwhile, in the Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se at the throne room. "My Lord, are preparations are ready."

The Earth King, Hao, answered, "Well done! Soon this entire world will all be mine!"

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