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Avatar: Rise of the Nations


Book 1: War



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January 19th 2013

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Chapter 2: Spiritual Enlightenment

Eight short years of peace has passed since the Equalist uprising in Republic City. She awakes one morning only to realize the peace has been destroyed.

"Today a horrific tragedy has occurred here in New Omashu. The murder of the young Queen Alaria has sparked around the entire globe and the Earth Kingdom is in a devastating mourning of their queen. People have reported seeing mysterious strangers just walking into the palace just after noon. Whoever these strangers are, they WILL be caught and executed for these actions!"

Korra turned off the news channel. Sitting in her bed, she couldn't believe what she just heard. This felt almost impossible. She started to remember the old times with Queen Alaria a few years ago. She began to cry.

Someone began to knock on her door. It was Asami.

"Korra, I know you heard about what happened today. I still can't believe it."

"I know. It's so painful to even think about. I don't know if I'll ever be the same again. We just met her a few years ago. She was only a teenager! Who can be so heartless?" Korra said.

Asami hugged Korra and they both began crying.

"Korra I know this is horrible but we have to pull ourselves together. Our visits with her will only be memories now. If you hadn't forgotten about what you need to do today..." Korra began to interrupt her.

"No, I'm not doing it. Not like this. How am I supposed to make a public appearance like this Asami! I can't! We've got to find who did this. There's more important things in the world than me meeting with the council and speaking about how good Republic City is doing! I'm going to the Earth Kingdom right now!" Korra said.

Asami looked shocked, but then accepted it. Korra let Asami into her house, Mako ran up and caught the door from the outside.

"Korra wait!" he shouted.

Korra opened the door and seemed surprised to see Mako.

"Mako...please. Leave. I don't feel like seeing you right now". She said.

"Korra please! I know why your upset. I'm sorry for the things I said and-" Korra put her hand on his mouth.

"No. What you said to me last night is nothing compared to the pain I'm experiencing now. You're nothing to me at this point. Leave" Korra said.

"But please! I know who murdered Alaria! Let me talk to you! I can help!" he said. Korra looked at him and seemed more angry than before. She grabbed his arm and dragged him into her home. Threw him on the couch and shouted "Tell me what you know right now! Or I won't hesitate on handling you myself!" she screamed.

"Korra please, calm down. I had nothing to do with it. But the people that did it, well, let me explain. There are 3 of them. You know one of them, she's-" Mako's body seemed paralyzed. His body levitated in the air and was thrown out the window."

"What? Who's there?" Korra said. She saw no one. When she ran to look for Mako, he was gone. Asami came sprinting down the stairs and tackled Korra. .

"Watch out!" she said as she tackled Korra to the floor. A random arrow was fired and aimed at Korra's head. Korra ran outside and looked around for whoever did this, and she seen the police arriving in the distance.

The police arrived and took Korra and Asami with them to the station to question them. While there, the investigators began to seem alarmed by the TV.

"Another horrific event is now happening as I speak. The Earth Nation Army is now headed to destroy Republic City. Nobody knows why, but they aren't stopping. Also, the Fire Nation has invaded the Northern Water Tribe! The world as we know it is now changing before our eyes. Please get to safety-" The TV turned off.

The police rushed out of the police station along with Korra and Asami telling them to get to safety. The two girls jumped in Asami's car and drove off.

"Take me to the docks so we can get to Air Temple Island. Fast" Korra said.

Asami swerved corners, going as fast as she can to make it to the docks. As the two arrived to Air Temple Island, Tenzin had already provided a Flying Bison for Korra to take.

"Korra. You know what you need to do. Head to the Earth Kingdom now and settle this peacefully. I'll see what's happening with the Northern Water Tribe and the Fire Nation. Go now!" Tenzin said.

The peace has officially ended. The world now divided. Queen Alaria has fallen, and for some odd reason, the Earth Kingdom will attack Republic City, and the Fire Nation and Northern Water Tribe are brewing up a war. But why?

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