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Chapter 2: A sensei?

Hellbenders? What are they?

"So, I'm the Avatar, then what the heck do I do?" Zeon said, grabbing his father. "You, have to leave, I'm sorry son." his father said, as he put his hands up. Zeon put his father down, and went in his room and packed his things fast. "Honey, I love you!" his mother said in tears. Zeon walked out of the palace he lived in ran out as fast as he could, passing by the guards and passing his girlfriend. "Zeon? ZEON!?" His girlfriend screamed, as he ran away. "I can't let them take me!" Zeon jumped on top of a carriage and flipped onto the ground. "Not so fast." A mans said, putting his hand in Zeon's face. "MOVE!" Zeon screamed, kicking the man in the face.

The man touched his bleeding face and said in a microphone. "Zeon's the Avatar." Zeon kept running, he jumped off a bridge into the center of his city and found a nice Cave, and laid down. He woke up and saw a man in front of him. "We are the hellbenders, do not underestimate us boy." the man said, as he disappeared into a red hole in the ground.

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