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Give Me a Break!
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"Give Me a Break!" is the first chapter in my series, "The Return"


-"Kuang! Wake up, its time for school!" -"Ugh, give me a break for pity's sake!"

It was another morning in my life, my normal life. I dressed in my robes, which were green, symbolizing my heritage. I went down stairs and ate some toast with turtle-duck eggs with my sister, Layla. We then got dressed and ready for school. I played with my SatoBoy for a while and about ten minutes later the school bus horn beeped in my front door.

-"Come on Bro! We'll miss the bus!" -"Ai, Ai, Ai.... You with your stupid antics, the school bus just beeped now." - DON'T JUDGE ME!". I then sighed slightly and proceeded to see my turtle dog, Keai.

I pet Keai, and told my mom to remember to feed him. Outside, I saw my next-door neighbor and best friend, Yan. We then got on the school bus together, and Layla met up with her so called "girlfriends" and talked about their things.

-"Hey Kuang? Can I borrow your SatoBoy for a sec?" -"Why not?" -"Why not? WHY NOT?!?!? Its the latest piece of gaming technology, and I can't believe I don't have one yet! -"Well it cost me 230 silver pieces, so don't break it."

We then stopped to pick up some other students, when I saw my crush since I was 13 years old, Karrin. She was an immigrant from the Northern Water Tribe and was the best friend of Layla, which she knew about my feelings for her. I told her to shush, since she is the gossip type of girl. But Karrin was a really pretty girl. With her long, black hair... Her beautiful blue eyes..


-"Kuang? Are you hearing me? Can I play some Super Mako Bros. on your Sato?" -"Oh yeah, sure."

We then arrived at the Avatar Kyoshi Public School, and I packed my backpack and got off the bus. When I was about to enter the school, I saw something moving in the bushes at the forest nearby the school, where we practiced our earthbending. I dismissed it as a fire ferret and moved on. When I went to my locker to pack my books and material and I said goodbye to Yan, since he was in a different period than me, but suddenly, someone pushed me. I turned around and I saw that it was my biggest enemy since that squirrel that bit me in the hand when I was six. Hua. He was the tallest kid in school, even though he was a grade above me. His biceps were as large as my head. I was obviously smaller than him. He was followed by a pack a of girls. Some were his girlfriends, and other were some random girls in that pack of stupid monsters. Karrin wasn't in it, thank the spirits.

-"WHAT'S UP NERD!?" "I need some of your lunch money" While he smirked and the other students laughed at me, I decided that I would argue with him. -"No Hal, I'm not gonna give you my lunch money. Got a problem?" He quickly responded: "Yeah I have a problem! I need your money to buy some cigarettes at the Sato Garage!"

-"Then its not my problem, deal with it."

His face turned red. I couldn't tell if it was from anger or embarrassment. -"The problem with you stupid dumbasses is that you don't respect your elders, and now, I'll show YOU what happens when you disrespect ME!"

I was prepared for the worst, when suddenly, I heard someone scream and jump on Hua. It looked like a girl, but I couldn't tell. I then realised that it was my sister.

-"LEAVE MY BIG BRO ALONE, AND DON'T MESS WITH THE LIN FAMILY, YOU BULLY!". She beat him up and when she decided when he had enough, she let go. He then said: "Your lucky to get out of this alive, Lin. If it wasn't for your sister, your head would have been in my locker right now." The other kids then made fun of him, saying: "HAHA! YOU GOT OWNED BY A GIRL!" and "YOU'RE A NOOB!"

I then thanked my sister and I said: "If it wasn't for you, I would be screwed." -"Heh, guessed I saved you this time." She then gave me a friendly punch on the shoulder and headed for my first period, until lunch came by.

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