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Prologue: Beginnings (A:TWotW)

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Chapter 2: The War Begins

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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed away, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and nearly didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.

But her greatest task lies just upon her.

Previously on Avatar: The War of the Worlds

After the death of Korra a girl named Sari, originating from the Earth Kingdom, takes her place, but dies too soon to become a fully realized Avatar. So Asura of the Fire Nation takes her place, mastering the elements other than fire within eight years.

Commander Michael Přemysl decides the battle for the earth in the Alpha Centauri system for the Earth's forces by starting a one-man-suicide-mission after the death of Grand Admiral Niccolo Visconti. After this battle, he officially became the new European Grand Admiral and now, two years later, he and his three now too high-ranking friends now have to deliver a minor message to a small colony, nearly on the other side of the Galaxy.

Just a message?

"...and now we're just delivering a message..."

"I don't know why, but I've got a strangely good feeling about this..." stated Mike, while the Nemesis and four heavy escort-cruisers, the Victory, the Invincible, the Nelson and the Churchill, were jumping into the hyperspace.
"It's the same thing you said just before we took off for Alpha Centauri..." meant Olaf.
"Hey, we still won, didn't we?" asked Rasheed rhetorically.
"Whatever..." said a bored Anna, continuing much more excited. "But it's true with this 'good feeling'-thing. I also got this strange, good feeling."
But their moderate excitement didn't last for long, as the five ships popped out of the hyperspace, leaving them floating and without electricity somewhere in the nowhere of space.
"What the heck was that?" screamed almost everyone on the bridge, mostly now floating around due the lack of gravity.
"I'll fix it!" said Rasheed convinced, while Mike looked at the four heavy cruisers outside, as well without electricity, just agreeing with Rasheed.
Rasheed managed to get himself to the generator somehow, and at the same time as on the Nemesis, the four other spaceships got electricity again as well.
"Probably just a - till now - unknown wormhole... Wait," said Mike as he got on the bridge's floor again. "Is that a...terrestrial planet? An - till now - unknown terrestrial planet - Wait. Are those clouds? And Oceans? ...Forests? I think we just discovered a second earth!"
"What the...?" asked Olaf, Anna and Rasheed, being to slow to completely understand what Mike has said.
As they moved closer to what Mike was speaking of, they began to understand and ordered the four heavy cruisers to deliver the message alone, since it was only a minor one.

They had discovered a new world.

Just an ordinary morning?

Asura walked to Malu's room to wake her up, she wanted to make a morning flight together with her Air Nomad friend, just to be exhausted enough to really get hungry. So she walked to the sliding door, opening as quiet as possible and sneaking in the room and shooting a harmless flame just a few millimeters past her ear, causing Malu to jump out of her bed and assume a fighting stance.
"Why in Koh's realm was that 'necessary'?" asked a nearly horrified Malu.
"Well, it was certainly necessary to wake you up as quiet as possible, I just wanted to try something new. The 'water jet into your nose' is getting old," answered Asura quickly.
Malu then smiled and jumped forward to shortly hug Asura, saying, "You want to make a morning flight once again, don't ya?"
The two walked out, each of them using airbending to grab their own glider, opening it and synchronous taking off.
They have been in the air for around an hour now, and Asura spotted a reflection of sunlight in the sky, a reflection like it is common only on metal.
"Hey, what's this?" she asked.
"I dunno, isn't Zolu in town? We could ask him," Malu answered. "Great idea!" Asura cried out, turning back to Yue Bay since they were over the Mo Ce Sea already.
After half an hour the ship Zolul was the captain of came into sight, the mighty battleship Nemesis. Its three triple turrets of huge firebending guns, eight smaller double turrets of smaller firebending guns and the two dozens of AA-posts made it look more threatening than everything the two girls had ever seen. They flew towards the bridge, where Zolu was standing, saying something, that revealed itself as "No! No! Why today? Why had my sister to come today?" when they came closer to the huge vessel. It seemed that Captain Zolu of the Fire Nation was not fast enough since Asura and Malu landed right in front of him as he wanted to enter the bridge itself from the bridge's balcony.
"Why're you guys - ah, I mean girls - here?" asked Zolu more than just annoyed.
"Because of this!" answered his sister, pointing at the metal object they had discovered in the sky before. Zolu, walking to the ship's telescope, said, "I don't have the slightest idea." "It looks just like the Nemesis, but... flying! What in Koh's realm?" he answered as he looked through the telescope, before he walked to the communications officer.
"What're doing now?" Malu asked confused.
"Trying to contact this... thing."

A New but familiar World

As the HMS Nemesis flew towards the planet, they spotted a metropolis that looked very familiar to them, since there was a very similar one on the earth: New York City. The crew members of the spaceship could recognize more and more of the metropolis, such as a statue on an small island in the middle of a bay, surrounded by the outskirts (and the center as well) of the city.
All of sudden, a radio connection to the spaceship was established - from a ship in the city's port - and a male voice sounded out of the radio, "Who are you? What is this thing you're flying towards Republic City? Why are you here? Who is your-"
"STOP GODDAMMIT! To answer the first question, we are a part of the European Space Fleet, the 'thing we're flying' is our spaceship, the battleship HMS Nemesis and - What is Repu- ah, the City we're flying towards has the name Republic City... Why are we here? Well, accidentally, I'll explain. More will be revealed when we meet... on that island with the statue..." spoke Mike into the radio.
The man on the other end of the radio connection was obviously overwhelmed by information, so he just said the name of the island where they were about to meet, "Aang Memorial Island it is..."
"Let me get this straight..." began Olaf.
"...we discover a terrestrial, earth-like planet, actually a second earth, we discover that it - obviously - is inhabited by humans who - and that's what I call random and luck - speak English," continued Anna.
"And now we're gonna meet them on some island that's pretty much like the Statue of Liberty..." finished Rasheed.
"Positive," answered Mike, barely giving the three of his friends attention, since it was drawn to the New - yet familiar - world.

An hour on Aang Memorial Island

Both, the ship and the spaceship called Nemesis neared the huge statue of the latest Air Nomad Avatar, Aang. From the HMS Nemesis, Grand Admiral Michael Přemysl, Admirals Anna Visconti and Olaf Janssen and Commodore Rasheed Bulsara would meet with the delegation that now was on the other Nemesis, consisting of Avatar Asura, her brother, Captain Zolu, the Captain of the Metalbending Police Force, Luo Beifong, and Asura's friends and bending masters, Malu of the Air Nomads and Kiruya of the Southern Water Tribe. Both of the unofficial delegations prepared for their meeting, which would be a meeting of the worlds, a meeting of two world sharing one language, one species as the dominating one and even looking alike, something less probable happening was almost impossible.
Mike was in his own room on the HMS Nemesis, reloading and cleaning both of his guns, a Webley Mk. VI Revolver and a SMLE No.4 Mk. I like a third World War was awaiting him, as he also took his Second World War backpack with him, equipping himself with a sleeping bag, food cans and filled water into his canteen like he prepared for being besieged for a year.
"Why- Why are you preparing all your stuff like for a battle?" asked a partially confused Anna, standing in the door.
Mike looked over his shoulder as he shouldered his backpack with the canteen and such attached to and said, "Probably we'll make field trips? This is a new world, so..."
Anna facepalmed and left to go out to the main ramp of the huge spaceship, where soon the four of them would meet the New World's delegation. Mike shook his head and stuffed his pouches with stripper clips for his rifle and loose cartridges for his handgun as he heard the ramp, that normally was used to get the crew and supplies up on the ship in a spaceport, opening. He ran as fast as he could, armed with his two guns and no idea how to talk to people from another world.
He got there just in time, his two Admirals flanking him diagonally and Rasheed behind his back. The ramp opened the way to and out of the spaceship, opening the way for the delegation of four to the bottom of the huge statue - and also giving them a first look at the other delegation, which Mike scanned with the eyes of a hawk, there were a girl with amber eyes and pale skin in a kind of red robe, a similarly looking man in a red military uniform, another young man with pale skin, green eyes and wearing a metal armour, a girl with blue eyes and a tanned skin, wearing a kind of blue tunic and another girl with gray eyes, pale skin and wearing a yellow and orange tunic-thing.
"Aaannd... What should we do now?" whispered Mike to his three officers, immediately getting an answer from Olaf, "I don't know, you're the Grand Admiral here..."
"I was completely unprepared for thi-" "You know I can understand you?" asked the girl in the red robe rhetorically, cutting Mike off.
"Oh... yeah... well... ," Mike stuttered. "How about we introduce ourselves to each other?"
"Guest's king, so you go first..."
"I am Michael of the royal house of Přemysl, Grand Admiral of the European Space Fleet."
"I am Olaf Janssen, Admiral of the Northern Division of the European Space Fleet."
"I am Anna of the ducal house of Visconti, Admiral of the Southern Division of the European Space Fleet."
"I am Rasheed Bulsara, Commodore of the British Squadron of the European Space Fleet."
The delegation around the amber-eyed couple, probably brother and sister, looked puzzled and the grey-eyed girl asked, "What - or who - is 'Europe'?"
To avoid answering the question, Mike said, "I guess it's your turn now."
So the amber eyed girl began," My name is Asura, the current Avatar, the Master of all four elements, hailing from the Fire Nation."
The young amber eyed man continued, "I'm Captain Zolu, brother of Asura, nonbender and Captain of the battleship Nemesis."
The four officers exchanged some suspicious looks before saying, "Ahem... This spaceship... is the Nemesis, the one and only."
Without dealing with it now, the man armoured in metal continued, "I am Captain Luo Beifong of the Metalbending Police Force, hailing from the Earth Kingdom."
The next one to introduce herself was the blue-clothed girl, "I am Kiruya of the Southern Water Tribe, waterbender and healer."
So they left the orange and yellow clothed-girl the last one to introduce herself, "My name's Malu of the Air Nomads, airbending master since my thirteenth year of life."
They left the European officers puzzled because of one word: bending.
"Excuse me, but what the heck is 'bending'?" asked Mike, soon realizing it was a wrong decision as Asura first shot fire, then rocks, later water and finally air at Mike, stopping it right before it could hit his face.
As Mike stood up, he states, barely breathing, "Oh... so this 'bending' thing is about to manipulate the... four elements? Not the ninety-two natural and dozens of synthetic chemical elements? 'The' four elements fire, air, water and earth? And the Avatar, 'master of all four elements', is the only one who can bend all of the four, I assume?"
"That is correct, Grand Admiral," Asura said, continuing with a question, "Would you be so kind to explain now what 'Europe' is?"
"Oh, yeah, surely... I and my fellow officers here are from the planet Earth or Sol/d, which is divided into seven continents, which are Africa, a more arid, but also tropical part of the Earth where mankind is from, Asia, the biggest and most diverse of the continents, Europe, home to Empires and many languages, which is very fertile, North America, once a haven for freedom-seeking people and now a hell for those, South America, a mostly tropical and politically very fragile part of the world, Australia, small and dominated by deserts, and ,finally, Antarctica, buried under a shield of ice. And that's only our home planet, the Confederation of Human Planets, or CHP, consists of dozens of other planets more," he said, pointing at each of the stated parts of the world on a world map from the HMS Nemesis

Scientists and a fateful promise

After this awkward first meeting, the two unofficial and one official delegation met in the City Hall to explain the two world closer to each other, allowing scientists of the Earth (aka Sol/d) to explore the whole world of "Avatara", as this planet now was named by a suggestion of Rasheed to foreigners, but under the condition that Mike will have to bear the consequences if one of the scientists would destroy something.
Mike and Asura talked to each other as they and the others of the two unofficial delegations walked out of the building of the Republic City City Hall.
"What consequences did he mean?" asked Mike, referring to Councilman and Minister of State-security Zhang Asano of the Fire Nation.
"As I know him, he wants to see you arrested like a traitor of the Fire Nation, a fate nobody wants to have."
"What do you mean 'As I know him,...'? Do you know him personally?"
"Spirits, no! But he is the most dangerous nonbender in history, since he and Fire Lord Olizon raised to power in the Fire Nation, they've transformed it into a real regime of terror, only Ember Island is one of the more... 'free' zones..."
"Hm... However, I need to go and call my scientists, the Nelson, Churchill, Victory and Invincible surely are already waiting in the orbit..."
"You mean there are more of these things like you command, like the HMS Nemesis?"
"Hundreds. But now, I really gotta go. Olaf, Anna, Rasheed, I think our ships are waiting."
So the four of them walked off, heading to the Nemesis, which now was a swimming base for getting onto the HMS Nemesis.
When they arrived there, Mike got straight to his communication officers, who were playing Ping Pong.
"Argh... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? No, seriously, I need you guys to send a message to the four heavy cruisers."
The communication officers first looked puzzled, but then fast got to their work while muttering "Yes Sir...".
"So what do you want us to send to them?"
"They shall bring a few scientists of every area. Requirements: speaking English and reading traditional Chinese."
After more than a week the four heavy cruisers returned and scientists began to scam the world to reveal every small piece of information, most of the scientists even began to write a book about the part of the planet they had to gather information on.
Five weeks after they had arrived on "Avatara", the four commanders of this mission received a message from the de facto Dictator of the United States, Lloyd F. Johnston.
"Hey guys..." began Rasheed, reading the telegram Johnston had sent them.
"What's it?" asked Olaf, Anna and Mike in unison.
"Bad news... Johnston wants us in Washington..."
"What's so bad about it?"
"It's gonna be a war meeting."

Notes and Trivia

  • The "Opening Sequence" is shorter than it was planned...
  • In the original version, Mike was going to say (after Asura introduced herself) "Only four? You know that there are ninety-two natural and some more synthetic?" (after that, it was planned that Olaf and Anna synchronous slap the back of his head, while Rasheed would have said, "Idiot, she meant the four elements water, earth, fire and air!)
  • Mike's forename is pronounced like in German, despite his nickname, if you don't know how it's pronounced in German look it up here.
  • The chapter is named after what I, as the author, consider the theme of this fanon: Antonín Dvořák's Ninth Symphony (especially its Fourth Movement), which is named "From the New World".

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