Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai
Chapter 1: Flaws
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March 5, 2014

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Chapter 2: Truths and Lies


The world is not perfect, no matter what they tell you. They say that nothing could disrupt the flawless balance between the Nations, but in fact it is the exact opposite. The universe was destined to have a flaw at one point, a flaw that would turn the very world out of balance. Spirits would be set free causing havoc upon the worlds, consuming and possessing the souls of benders and non-benders alike. The Nations will turn against each other using bending as a weapon of mass destruction. Not even a single soul will be left untouched, unharmed. The universe will look upon the Avatar for a last chance to regain balance, but sadly it was the Avatar that had started it all.

Chapter 1: Flaws

Yin blasted a perfect flame with his fingertips straight at his twin brother, Yang, who effortlessly redirected it. The blast went straight to Yin who promptly flipped over the blast missing the edge of the flame by less than a few inches. Yin landed perfectly on his feet and took a deep breath. His brother prepared himself to either flee or deflect any attack at any moment's notice. Yin exhaled and released a powerful streak of lightning, that he had been practicing for several years, not towards his brother but directly at the rocks above him. Confused, Yang looked up to where his brother aimed and immediately regretted not acting sooner. The rocks groaned and fell straight on top of him.

Yin watched his twin, who was buried under a few feet of rock, for several moments before the rocks began to shake violently. Yin played defensive and made a thick wall of blue fire around him to avoid any major damage. While Yang, heated the rocks around him and broke through releasing a mass amount of red hot stones. A few stones managed to get past the thick flame wall but most disintegrated before reaching the end of the wall. One last boulder was flying across the air and Yang blasted lightning directly at the boulder, with the accuracy of a skilled archer, right before it hit the wall of fire. The results were destructive; the boulder exploded into several thousands of pieces piercing through Yin's skin and weakening his wall. Yin didn't give up; he fortified his wall with another layer of blue fire and pushed the wall straight towards Yang, who attempted a jump over the wall but only ended up burning himself. Yang staggered on his feet as if it were his first time walking, but he quickly regained balance.

Both Yin and Yang were weakened but they refused to fall. The twin brothers acted on the same second and each of them blasted a streak of blue flames. Yin was knocked against the wall while Yang crashed back into the remnants of the rocks he escaped from. They both were bruised and bleeding all over, however, pain was a feeling they had forgotten years ago...

"Enough!" Master Zen, Yin and Yang's firebending master, called. With their remaining energy both brothers rose to their feet. In a form of respect, the twins performed a low bow to one another. Master Zen nodded in approval but something was stuck in the back of his mind. "Very good, you two have improved so much since the first time I trained you. Yin you made excellent use of your surroundings and Yang you have increased greatly in accuracy and perception. I am immensely proud of both of you," Master Zen then turned towards the other students, "All of you can learn something from that excellent performance, I want each of you to battle the same way from now onwards. Class dismissed I will see you tomorrow," All the students exited the artificial forest arena, that had been built only to train young firebending students and the Fire Nation army. Yin and Yang packed their stuff consisting of only a few weapons and made their way out of the classroom.

"Wait," Master Zen called towards the twins. Yang raised his thin, jet-black, eyebrows and turned around.

"Yes sir?" he asked curiously while he and his brother made their way slowly towards their master.

"The Fire Sages need you, they will meet you at the Fire Nation Capitol tomorrow night," Master Zen commanded promptly and concisely, while stroking his small yet thick beard.

"The Fire Sages?" Yin asked aghast.

"Yes have you not heard of them before," asked Master Zen surprised.

"No, no I've heard of them but they're duty was solely to find the Avatar," explained Yin.

"Does that mean?" Yang asked surprised. Master Zen nodded but then quickly turned around towards the arena entrance where someone was waiting. The man was well built with a pair of razor sharp dual swords. He wore an impenetrable armor made of pure diamond. Master Zen signaled the twins to leave and they did so obediently.

On their way out Yin tugged at Yang's shirt and pulled him over to the side of the arena entrance. Safe and hidden from their Master, against a solid red wall, they listened to the conversation eagerly.

"So which one is it?" the man asked. There was a long pause before Master Zen finally responded.

"Both," he replied simply.

"I'm not playing games here. Tell me the truth!" the man yelled at the top of his lungs, proving his intolerance and impatience.

"I-I can't say, I've tracked both of their progress; they're equally matched and have the same strengths. At age five they both mastered red fire and could perform the moves of an average adult. At age eight they both could use blue fire. And they finally learned how to use lightning at age ten, the youngest age to master lightning in all of firebending history. Either of them could be it, but I just recently concluded that-it could be both." Master Zen explained.

"Have you arranged the meeting with the Fire Sages?" the swordsman asked clearly indifferent as to what Master Zen explained.

"Yes, I did." There was a prolonged moment of silence only to be broken with the sound of a blade slashing followed by a blood curdling scream.

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