Expedition and Perils
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Chapter 2: A New Mind

It has been over a few years at sea by now maybe three or four, he couldn't recall, but he was only glad that he finally reached land. He completely forgot most things about the expedition, who his crew was, where they were. He was supposed to reach the North Pole but something interfered with his ship and stopped it in its path; a storm perhaps.

This island he had reached was unlike any other. It was at one point inhabited but isn't anymore. He could see several stone huts scattered across the rolling hills, but no one was here not even hog monkeys or fire ferrets; nothing could be found. There was a jet of cosmic energy spiraling through the air much like the spirit portal. But this-this seemed much more purer, stronger. Aegus was instantly mesmerized at its beauty. A feeling surged through his body, a sensation he couldn't control which forced him to walk straight towards the blue light an action that he would later regret.

The cosmic energy became more and more eminent as he neared the center of the island. Directly in front of him he could make out a beautiful palace made of pure marble. There were several pillars aligned and an entrance into the main room.

Without any hesitation, Aegus continued forward and found himself in a circular room with a man meditating in the center underneath a ball of pure cosmic energy. And if that was not surprising enough there was one more thing that caught his attention. The blue tattoo of an arrow running through his head, arms and practically every part of his body.

This man was an Air Nomad. They were at the verge of extinction the only ones left were at Aang Memorial Island and even so none of them were as old as this man. He could've passed for Master Tenzin, but Tenzin died five years ago. Could there be a colony of Air Nomads somewhere nearby?

Aegus reached out to wake up the man who seemed to be concentrating really hard. He even doubted he was alive or conscious.

As soon as Aegus' fingers came into contact with the man's shoulder, the man's eyes opened to reveal a dark empty space; he didn't seem human. In the midst of his eyes were several dotted stars.

"For what reason have you come here, you must leave immediately. Please I must control-" his voice stopped and he coughed. Aegus reached out to help him but something made him hesitate.

"What is your name?" Aegus asked. The man looked at him with his empty eyes.

"My name? I don't know," the man replied confused. Aegus didn't pay much attention to the man than he did to the energy ball which was fading and its strong glint seemed significantly weaker. The man struggled to concentrate once more.

The sensation inside Aegus was much stronger now; he was not himself. His eyes started to turn completely black as his body started to burn; literally. Aegus stared at his left hand which turned completely black and he had no control over it. His arm dove straight in to his belt and grabbed his knife.

Aegus realized his arm was going to stab the man he quickly tried to block the knife with his other hand. But the knife only ended up going through Aegus's right hand and through the monk's heart. Aegus screamed out in pain at his severed hand, which was bleeding uncontrollably.

The blue cosmic ball was turning red now and it was about to explode. Aegus regained control of his body and wrapped a cloth around his right hand. He sprinted across the hill. His body stopped burning and he was surprised that his clothes were in perfect condition.

The air around him was becoming increasingly warm now, the heat was unbearable. Aegus resisted the temptation to take of his shirt; he couldn't risk wasting any time. The shore was just in the distance now if only he could- too late the ball exploded and the sky turned red as Aegus blacked out.

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