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Firelight Fountain
Chapter information

Inside the Dai Li



Written by


Release date

July 9, 2014

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2. A Dangerous Task


Silent, but deadly, that's who they are. With precision and accuracy, The traversing emeralds of the night purifies Ba Sing Se from threats to its everlasting cultural heritage. Their ability to stealthily dispose of their enemies is both horrific yet brilliant.

After all, they're my inspiration! My inspiration to persist and continue head on! So I've come the decision that I'll join their ranks. I'll live their way of life and embrace the job of 'cultural protector'.

Little did I know, that my inspiration, the place I longed to join, would soon be engulfed in disarray and my admiration shattered.

Last Day

Today is his last day, his final day of true freedom. Tomorrow, the Dai Li Academy awaits for him. For Huojin, it's a start of a new chapter in his youthful life. But before the first words are inscribed, he wants to end his last chapter by spending his final day with his childhood friend.

After his breakfast, he goes to the bathroom where he brushes his teeth and washes his shiny brown hair. Awaiting by the doorstep was Lin who adorned a silky, black hair tied to a ponytail while wearing the typical Earth Kingdom fashion.

Lin subtly waves and gives an innocent smile at her childhood friend. "Well hello, Mr Dai Li! Energetic as usual," she pleasingly teased.

Huojiin clenches his fist and pumps it up the air while giving an energetic smile. "Energetic as I can be! Hey listen, since it's my last day, let's spend this day together!"

"Spend your last day with me?!" she staggeringly replies.

Lin starts to blush, her fist clenches onto her woven, brown skirt and her eyes avert away from Huojin.

"Well, we're best friends after all, right?"

Her eyes turn dull and grey, she looks down to the ground, avoiding eye contact. "Yeah, best friends," she sighed.

"So? Where do you want to go?" he asks.

With an idea in mind, Lin places her hand behind her back. "Um...Firelight Fountain..." she embarrassingly stated.

"Firelight Fountain? Is this a date?"

"No, no! It's not a date! It's more like a friends' day out. Since the lights won't be lit till sunset, why don't you wander around for a bit," she hesitantly replies.

"Are you sure?"

"I'll see you at sunset!"


As the sun begins to set for the day, Huojin arrives at the fountain. On a nearby bench is Lin, who sat patiently waiting for him.

Huojin silently creeps behind Lin and gives a gentle tap on her shoulder. "You're a little early," he remarked.

Noticing the gentle feeling on her shoulder, she turns around, and her eyes widen in an expression of surprise. "Oh, Huojin!"

Huojin then sits by the bench and waits for the lanterns to be lit. As they wait patiently, they suddenly fall to a deep sleep. Huojin soon wakes up, and his legs then begin to shake. His face flushes and reddens. It is Lin who peacefully sleeps on his lap.

His abrupt shaking awakens Lin. Dumbfounded and confused, Lin realizes what has happened and apologizes to Huojin.

The embarrassment soon fades away as their eyes fixate on the glowing lanterns of the Firelight Fountain. The light reflects in the pool of water, giving it a luminous glow.

"Beautiful," says Lin.

She then feels a slightly warm and heavy feeling on her hand. It's Huojin, whose hand is holding hers. Lin's face blushes, and her heartbeats accelerate tenfold. She soon realizes he is just as nervous as she is. His legs are shaking, and sweat pours from his head. His cheeks are ripened red, but Huojin keeps his calm demeanor. Realizing the awkwardness between them, Lin gives an enigmatic smile before continuing to gaze at the beautiful lantern lights for the remainder of the night.

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