"Anyway... who do you think those people were?"
— Wēn
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Coming of Age
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"Coming of Age" is the first chapter in the Avatar: The Gems of Life and first of the overall series.  


Legends say that the Avatar always has his friends beside him, helping him in his duties as the Avatar. These friends have the Elemental Gems, gems that came from Raava herself. Like the Avatar, once the Guardian dies, the Guardian is reincarnated into a new Guardian, who is destined to help the Avatar in his duty to bring the world into peace and balance.

Avatar Korra, Avatar Aang and more past Avatars have had their own fair share of allies. Those allies helped them achieve their goals in protecting the peace of the world.

Avatar Korra had done her best to protect the whole world from falling into chaos. She defended the world from the Equalists, Unalaq and Vaatu, Zaheer and the Red Lotus and Kuvira and the Earth Empire. But her duties as the Avatar did not end there as she was faced with problems in changing the Earth Kingdom. And like many Avatars before her, Avatar Korra's time had come to a close.

She would be reborn to a child with Earth Kingdom descent, and that child will one day grow into a fully-realized Avatar who will protect the peace of the world by peacefully eliminating those who will defy peace and attempt to bring chaos into the world.

The new Avatar will do it by mastering all four elements, and only the Avatar can restore peace and balance into the world.

Chapter 1

The entire Earth Kingdom was celebrating something very important, something traditional. The Avatar's Birthday! It's been the Earth Kingdom's tradition to celebrate the birthday of a Earth Kingdom Avatar, and Shin was no exception. Shin is finally celebrating his 18th Birthday, which makes people think that he's matured enough to protect the world from threats.

"I'd like to thank everybody for attending my, uh, birthday today!" Shin gleefully said. Everyone was buying his cheerfulness, but not his parents. Chaisuge, her mother, is quite obviously laughing at what Shin had just said.

Shin tried to continue his short speech, but he'd stutter every few seconds, until he finally forgot what he was supposed to say next. The entire audience; no, possibly the whole Earth Kingdom is listening to him, and he's going to put himself into big shame.

"Without thinking, Shin decided to continue. "Who's up for desserts?!"

This surprised everybody in the hall. The Earth King was sitting on his throne, shocked at what Shin just said. Even the entirety of the guests were confused; the main course hasn't even been served yet! Surprisingly, Shin turned those suspicious eyes into puppy eyes after saying that it's a new thing he'd invented. He kept trying to charm the audience, and it did work. Falling back to his chair, exhausted, the Earth King punched him on the shoulder.

"That's ridiculous! You could've let yourself into shame instead of trying to add more shame," the Earth King said, enraged.

"Let it go, Earth King. He did a pretty good job on improvising," Girada remarked.

"His improvising could've been better, but he really blew it."

"With all due respect, he never had a silver tongue, but being able to manage yourself in such pressure deserves quite the praise!"

"Then what he did there was not improvise and instead being calm under pressure."

"It was a mixture of both, if I do say so myself."

"All matters aside, that still wasn't very... intuitive. It made him look dumb."

Girada and the Earth King kept on bickering, but luckily, Chaisuge, Shin's mother, had calmed down her husband. "Dear, I don't think what you're doing is good for Shin. It's his special day, let's not ruin it."

Before Girada had the chance to answer, he looked away, focusing on the food instead.

Stuff quickly got boring during the party; people were slowly leaving one by one. And being the adventurous guy Shin is, he did his best to slip away without being noticed. "If only this party wasn't too boring. What a shame."

Jumping out from the Earth Kingdom Palace, he made a small noise after landing in the ground, but not loud enough to create attention. Thanks to the darkness and the drowsiness feelings that hindered the guards, he successfully sneaked away from the palace, unnoticed. Shin, according to most people, can never be contained in a place that's too boring.

Running in the streets of the Upper Ring, Shin decided to return to the Air Acolyte Temple; the place where he is being trained by Master Jinora. Master Jinora was also invited to the party, but unfortunately she couldn't come as she had some important business to attend to. Bursting inside Jinora's room by lifting himself up using airbending to reach the window, he successfully made it inside.

"Shin? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at the party!" Jinora protested.

"It got too boring there," Shin replied, grinning.

"People will look for you when they don't see you in the palace. You have to leave, now!" Jinora gestured Shin to go outside and return to the party.

Shin immediately shrugged. "The Earth King... doesn't seem to be enjoying how I'm acting."

Wearing a shocked expression on her face, Jinora replied. "Why? What did you do to displease the Earth King?"

Shin turned away from Jinora, looking out of the window. Before he was able to reply, a knock on the door was heard, prompting Jinora to open the door.

"Master Jinora, a yacht has docked near the compound."

"Did it have an important insignia in it?" Jinora replied.

"Yes Master Jinora. I believe that the yacht was from the Water Tribe."

"She's here!" Jinora quickly ran outside the room.

Opening the metal doors, a girl wearing regal Water Tribe clothing emerged from the door. She has black with a blue ombre hair and blue eyes. "It's so good to see you again Master Jinora!" The girl said as she hugged Jinora.

"I missed you as well dear. But we've got to get down to business."

"Right," the girl said as she composed herself.

"Oh, by the way," Jinora saw Shin running to where they were. "this is the Avatar. Shin, meet Princess Yuzuki Aishi of the Northern Water Tribe. Princess Yuzuki, meet Shin, the Avatar."

"It's an honor to meet you," Yuzuki said as she reached her hand out for a handshake. "I've been hearing stories about your training."

"Thanks, though I'm not sure if it's fine for you to know some of them," Shin said as they shook hands.

"Ah, anyway, we should get going. Yuzuki, come with me." Yuzuki then nodded to Shin before leaving.

The sky was dark, yet it was filled with stars. And an airbender. Wēn, using his glider, flew to where Shin was. Closing his staff, he began to speak.

"So this is where you've been! You're mother's been looking everywhere for you!"

Shin immediately sneered at him.

"What's the big idea leaving on your birthday?!"

Shin shrugged. He wasn't one of those fancy people who liked fancy parties and fancy clothing. "I've had enough of fancy people for one day, especially the Earth King!" Shin angrily replied before kicking his feet into the ground.

"That's pretty obvious," Wēn said. "We could fly back to the palace with Fifi," Wēn added as he pointed to the sky bison stables.

"I'm not going back there!" Shin protested.

"Then you leave me with no choice." Swinging his arms, Wēn creates a tornado that scooped up Shin, making the latter scream for his life.

"Put me down!" Shin angrily shouted. Wēn ignored him and brought him to the stables, letting Fifi out and putting Shin atop Fifi.

"Fifi, yip yip!" Making its tail go up and down, Fifi begins to fly in the air. "That was easy," Wēn said as he looked behind at Fifi's saddle, before realizing that Shin was gone. "WHAT?! How? I- ugh." Looking down on the compound, he saw Shin grinning at him, running away. Pulling the rope harder, Fifi turns back to the compound and lands quietly. Wēn chases after Shin.

Twisting his hands, gathering air around him, Wēn creates an air pinwheel, chasing down Shin. Moments later, Wēn successfully caught up to Shin. "Please, come back to the palace with me already!"

"I said no!" Shin quickly created a giant earth wall that stopped Wēn, the former sniggering afterwards. The success only lasted for a while as Fifi quickly blocked Shin, buying Wēn some time to find a different route.

Wēn spun his arms, forcefully making Shin turn around using air. "You've got no choice mister. You're coming with us."


Fifi was flying in the skies of the United Republic, allowing Shin and Wēn see all of the lit up buildings that make the view fantastic for photographers. Of course, people could also appreciate it, but not the same way as photographers do.

A few moments later, an airship came close to Fifi, prompting Fifi to growl. "What's up with them?" Shin asked.

Before long, nets came out from the airship. "What the?" Spinning his arms, Shin creates a blade of air that slices the net into pieces. Afterwards, more nets came out from the airship, prompting Fifi to dodge and avoid the nets as much as possible.

"What do these people want from us?! Did you do anything wrong against them?!"

"I don't know, I don't remember doing anything to them! In fact, I don't even know who they are!" Shin tried to destroy the nets, but their numbers increased every second. "Let me help you." Wēn quickly stood up and helped Shin. Doing a barrel roll and releasing his arm, Wēn created a big blade of air that destroyed the onslaught of nets that were nearing Fifi.

"Sometimes I forget that there was a reason why Master Jinora wanted you to help her teach me airbending."

"Thanks for the compliment, but we got more company!"

Turning around, Shin saw another airship who was releasing a lot of nets just to capture Fifi. "By the looks of this, they're probably hunters!" Crouching for a second, Shin blasted himself away from Fifi and jumped on to the airship.

"How dare you leave me with this!" Wēn had no time to lose. He had to protect Fifi while he still can. Grabbing his staff, he sliced all of the nets that came near Fifi, making him feel exhausted. But the onslaught still wasn't over.

Standing atop the airship, Shin breathed heavily. "Okay, let's hope this works." Cracking the metal from the airship was no easy task, but tearing all of the metal down from the airship was much more harder than cracking it. Running with the already broken metal, Shin metalbended the airship's cover, causing it to malfunction and later, explode.

Before Shin left the crashing airship, he spun around and created a large stream of fire that hit the other airship, causing a small explosion. Wēn had to shield himself and Fifi from the falling debris, so he created an air bubble which protected them from the scraps of metal that broke from the airship. The air bubble wouldn't last for too long, and the short break from the onslaught of nets were only temporary because nets began to come out from the airship once more, only this time, thrice the amount from earlier.

"Shin, I need heeeeeeeeeelp!" Wēn cried as the airship was nearing Fifi.

"Hang on!" Shin quickly jumped from the crashing airship, landing on Fifi and once again jumping to the top of the other airship. However, his arrival there was already anticipated, as masked people were waiting for him atop the airship.

One of them let out a scattered beam of purple energy that almost hit Shin."Easy there fellas!" Shin quickly metalbended some metal from the airship to become his metal armor. The masked people were shooting purple blasts of energy, while Shin retaliated with strips of metal that came from his improvised armor.

"I have had enough of these nets!" Gathering air around him by spinning and rotating, Wēn directed a sharp air blast that hit the place where the nets were being released from, rendering it unusable. "Where did Shin go?"

Wēn quickly looked up and saw a purple beam of energy hit the night sky. "What the heck...?" Wēn said, surprised. Opening his glider, Wēn flew to the top of the airship, blasting some of the masked people using his feet.

Shin attacked with anything that was made of metal, sending strips of them to the masked people. A masked person joined forces with his ally to create a large purple beam, forcing Shin to hide in a large metal that came from the airship. Sliding his staff in a low position, Wēn was able to sweep some of the masked people off the airship, while some only lost their balance.

The remaining people kept on creating beams of purple energy that hit a certain part of the airship, causing them to explode for a moment. Shin metalbended the spot they were standing on, causing them to trip and fall, while Shin had to dodge the beams and swipe his staff to sweep off the masked people off the airship.

"Destroy the airship, I'll deal with them!" Wēn announced, followed by a creaking noise caused by Shin metalbending. The masked figures attacked with an onslaught of purple energy, showing no signs of stopping. Wēn had no choice but to be the bait and evade, but the tactic didn't work as they decided to target Shin.

Spinning his staff in the air, Wēn created a small tornado that prevented the masked figures from taking big steps to come closer to Shin. Fifi quickly used his tail to sweep off the remaining masked figures off the airship.

"Nice one Fifi," Shin said as he was metalbending the cover of the airship, causing the airship to explode and fall. Wēn and Shin quickly jumped on Fifi and flew away from the airship.


"So, do we go back to the palace?"

"I thought you came to the compound because you wanted to take me back there," Shin asked, confused.

"Of course I did," Wēn sniggered, quite embarrassed. "Anyway... who do you think those people were?"

Shin became silent for a moment before replying. "I don't really know. I think they're just hunters."

"But they knew it was already tamed and we were riding it. Hunters aren't dumb to attack an already tamed bison," Wēn said as he looked behind him, where Shin was. "Do you really think they're hunters? Cause I have a feeling they want something from us, or from you."

Shin quickly gazed upon the night sky, thinking. "Maybe. But what would they want?"

"I don't know. It's really puzzling," Wēn sighed. "Oh, we're almost back to the palace!"

"Yay, more fancy talking and fancy people. Just what I wanted after being attacked by some random people who attack with purple energy," Shin said, sarcastically.

"Oh, also that! What do you think they were? I feel like they were wearing some sort of machine."

"I didn't see any machine at all. I think I saw it coming from their hands," Shin replied.

Wēn was bothered. "Purple energy coming from people's hands? That's even weirder."

"Well, whoever they were, we gotta be careful against them from now on," Shin replied before staring into the sky once again.

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