Call To Arms
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Avatar: The Tragedy of Korra


Book 1: Bloodbending



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July 26, 2012

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Chapter 2: Gaining The Grip

Two years have now passed and everyone has put the Equalist Revolution behind them. Korra wakes up in her and Mako's bed, stretches, and begins her day. Since she became 18 she figured her days of Pro-Bending are over. So with her decision final, Mako also quit Pro-Bending, leaving Bolin as the Team Captain.

"Mako," Korra says, "I think I should go to Zuko's retirement party in two days. I hope you come too".

"Actually I don't think I can make it. Remember, Bolin has a huge match coming up for the Semi-Finals. I can't miss it. But have fun".

Korra leaves the room, dressed in her metalbending gear. She now works as a Lieutenant to the Republic City Peacekeepers, which Tenzin had created. Lin Beifong met up with Korra on the street before she entered the building. "Korra! I have something to bring to your attention" Lin said. "What is it? Is it Bad?"

"Probably. I was walking last night around town undercover and I spotted something moving in the shadows in an alley. Once I ran over to see what it was, it was gone".

Republic City alley

The street where Lin Beifong saw shadowbenders.

"Lin it was probably an animal messing with the garbage around there". "They were human figures! Not animals!"

"Lin I'm sorry but I have to go. I'm sure it was nothing".

Korra walked off into the Peacekeeper's Tower. Lin whispered to herself, "I knew she wouldn't understand".

Korra sat next to Tenzin in the room and they began their meeting. Meanwhile, Lin was trying to figure out what happened last night, and she just couldn't figure it out. She met with Chief Saikhan to discuss what happened. Saikhan ordered round-the-clock guards by every alley for a week to see if anything happens.

Mako met up with Bolin and Asami at a restaurant. "Woah you two are dating now?" Mako asked.

"Naaa we're just having lunch. Why don't you come join us?" Bolin Asked.

"I can't right now, but I'll be at your big match tomorrow. I know you'll win".

Mako started to walk off when Asami stopped him.

"I know it's been some time since we've actually had a real conversation. I'm just letting you know I don't want us to drift apart".

"Me either, by the way, good luck with Bolin"

"Mako we aren't dating!"

"Haha alright alright. I gotta go though. Catch you guys later".

It's about 7pm now and Mako is on his way home from his job supervising pro-bending matches. He took the shortcut in an alley-way where the guards let him pass. He had 2 guards behind him to protect him just in case whatever Lin was talking about was a real threat.

Something swallowed the two officers into the darkness without alerting Mako at all. As soon as Mako turned around to thank the guards for walking him through the alley, he too was swallowed.

"Ahhhh what is this?! I bet whoever you are you're cowards to sneak attack from the dark!". Mako was yelling angrily at whoever took him, then a flame flickered in his face and a voice started to speak to him.

"Revenge is best served in the dark Mako. So I have a message for you to deliver. And if you can deliver the message, you'll be free to do whatever you please next. You can even try an attack me, I truly do not care. Just remember this, tell Avatar Korra the shadows will be coming for her in 2 weeks' time. That is all Mako".

Mako had a frightened look on his face as the voice stopped talking to him. The floating flame was still in front of his face and slowly started to dimmer out. The shadows let Mako free and threw him back into the alley where the guards from the other side heard him fall.

Mako fighting Amon's bloodbending grip

Mako after encountering the Shadow Lord.

"Sir are you alright?" an officer asked.

"Yeah, I just tripped is all" Mako replied.

He walked into his home where Korra was laying on the couch resting. Korra was awake still and was just snacking on some Ice Bites, one of her favorite mint snacks. "Mako you look a bit dirty. You get hit at the Arena or something?" Korra asked. "No, I just fell in the alley is all. Nothing major" he replied.

"You know you shouldn't be walking in any ally. Beifong told me of something in there but I still don't believe it. Saikhan does though".

"Yeah, Nothing was there but officers. I need to get some rest. Goodnight". "Goodnight Mako".

Mako was asleep around midnight when all of a sudden he woke up to the same voice he had heard in the ally.

"You didn't deliver the message to Avatar Korra, and for that you will suffer".

Mako looked over towards Korra who was sleep as well, and she apparently couldn't hear the voice, so it was in his head. He lied back down in the bed when all of a sudden his body just completely got engulfed in darkness. All of this happened quietly.

The next day Korra woke up to a note reading, "Mako failed to deliver you a message, he's now with us, in the shadows. If you ever want to see Mako again, alive, you better face me soon, and remember when you do, that will be the end of you.

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