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Chapter 1: Buried powers
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Avatar Rising


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14th July 2012

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A factory of faith

Chapter 1: Buried powers

The sun was just rising. The grass-covered streets were abandoned, and every living being was still in their house, sleeping, hiding away in their dreams. Isamu was also still sleeping. His head rested against a container in an alley: the evening before it started raining just before he went to bed. Although the container had a not so pleasant odor around it, It was the perfect place to hide from the rain. Isamu groaned and turned around: it was clear that he also didn't want to wake up for the next couple of hours.

Only when he had not turned around, he could have seen that a figure showed up at the end of the alley, casting shadows on the wall. The figure stopped halfway the alley and looked around, and his eye fell on Isamu, half underneath the container. The figure shook his head and approached him, while the sun played hide-and-seek on her face. It was now visible that the figure was a girl: she had a young, small face, with blushes on her cheeks and chocolate-brown eyes. The girl stopped at Isamu's head and looked at him, shaking her head again. 'Oh, Isamu', she mumbled, 'what is wrong with you? Lying underneath an container with that storm last night! It's a miracle you aren't sick most of the time.' Then, she got on her knees, poking him on his chest. 'Isamu... time to wake up.'
No answer.
'Isamu!' The girl poked harder. 'Wake up!'
Finally, there was some movement in Isamu, but it was definitely not waking up: he moaned, turned around again and went on sleeping. 'Want it the hard way, eh?' The girl stood up, looked around and put her hands on the container. Then, she started banging with her fists on the container. Isamu almost died, crawled away from the container and stood up, banging his head to the cover in the meantime. While rubbing over his head, he furiously looked at the girl.
'What the hell was that supposed to mean, Emma?!', he yelled, 'I almost died!'
'it was time to wake up, sleepyhead!', Emma said with a big grin on her face. 'You know it isn't good for you to keep sleeping underneath garbage. It makes you all stinky!'
'Since I'm living on the street and have nobody to look after except for you, I can live with that', said Isamu, while stretching his arms. 'Come, I'm hungry: let's go find something to eat.'

They walked out of the alley, Emma hopping all around Isamu. 'Where are we going? Did you find a good place to steal something?'
'I found a factory that belongs to the Company a couple of miles away, which is used to stock food that needs to distributed' said Isamu. 'But, what about you? How are the Rebels doing?'
'Not so good, I'm afraid.' Emma looked down to the ground. 'We are currently short on food since the Company raided our headquarters, and some of us are currently dying of starvation.'
Isamu looked at Emma. She was indeed more pale since the time he last saw her, and that was over a week ago. Her brown hair was also not so shining as usual and she looked like she could use some sleep. Her condition was definitely worrisome.
'Don't worry, when we get to the factory, we also take some food for the Rebels', Isamu said. 'We are going to take back what belongs to us.'
Emma smiled at him. 'Do you really mean that? That's awesome!' she hugged him tight, until Isamu had the feeling that his bones were almost broken. 'You're the best brother a girl can ask for!'
Isamu smirked. 'For the last time Emma, I'm not your brother. We're not even related.'
'I know. But you said in that alley that I'm the only one you look after, and I love you like a brother, so you're practically a brother to me!'
Isamu shook his head. 'You're so stubborn. Come on, let's go to that factory before the employees arrive. I don't want to attract any attention.'

They walked through a narrow street. It looked like apart from Emma and him, the street was abandoned. WAS abandoned...
Isamu stopped. 'Emma, stop.'
Emma, who was whistling a tune, stopped and turned around. 'What's wrong?'
'We're not alone', Isamu said, while looking over his shoulder. 'Come on, let's go, but be very quiet and as quick as you can.'
'How do you know?'
'You develop a sixth sense for those kind of things when you live on the street' said Isamu. 'Let's go.'
They moved on, as quick as they could but without making any noise. Just before they reached the end of the alley, Isamu jumped on Emma. 'Duck!'
'They landed on the street, while dust was blowing up. Isamu looked around: a knife was sticking out of the nearest wall, the blade shaking.
Isamu came upright. 'Who are you? Show yourself!'
From the nearest alley at his left hand, 3 guys appeared. They were all armed, except for the middle one: he must have been the one who had thrown the blade, Isamu realized. The middle one was also the smallest from the group: the guys who walked beside him were at least 2 heads taller than him.
'Well well well, looks like we have a little street rat right here' the middle one said. 'I didn't expect you here since you had discredited your reputation, Isamu.'
'What do you want, Ryuusaki?' Isamu grumbled.
'Nothing, really' Ryuusaki said. 'I am only surprised that you are in this city since I urgently commanded you to leave. You know what happens to people who disobey my orders.'
'What I do here is none of your business. I decide when I leave, not you. You're not the man in charge anymore. I'm the creator of my own faith.'
Ryuusaki's face became blank. 'Quite a big mouth you have there, Isamu. But I don't think you leave because you are the – how did you called it? - creator of your own faith.' He smirked. 'Something tells me that that little girl over there has something to do with it. I didn't know you had loved ones, Isamu.'
'Leave her alone, Ryuusaki, I warn you.'
'You can't tell me what to do, Isamu. You see, I am the ruler of the streets. The Company? It's all just an act. The real power lies in the hands of the toughest. And when I am interested in her, I want to meet her.' He turned to Emma. 'And, sweetie, what's your name?'
Emma froze. She looked with scared eyes at Isamu, who shook his head. Then, she stood tall, and pressed her hands against her hips. 'My name is not important! I'm here with Isamu, and we are going to the factory to get some food!'
Isamu moaned. 'Emma, you idiot...'
'Aaah, to the factory, eh?' Ryuusaki smiled. 'Well, I'm afraid I can't let you go there. You see, that food is for the people who deserve it. And we – het pointed at himself and at his bodyguards – deserve it. Plus, you didn't tell me your name. I don't like that kind of rude behavior. Maybe we must bring you some manners...?'
The two other guys, both bald and with huge muscles, approached Emma, who looked like she could pass out any moment. Isamu ran to Emma and placed himself in front of her, his arms spread. 'She's off-limits, Ryuusaki. I warned you.'
Ryuusaki finally lost his temper. 'Then maybe we should learn you some manners, too! Xau, Yang, finish them off!'

Xau and Yang immediately did what their boss said: they approached Isamu en Emma with threatening gestures. Isamu reacted immediately: his fist came right into the eye of the left one. With his hands against his eye, the giant ran off, screaming.
'It's just a scratch, Yang!' Yelled Ryuusaki, stamping with his feet. 'Come back here! Teach him a lesson!'
Isamu was now focused on Xau, who launched his fist in the direction of Isamu's head. Isamu dodged, but it wasn't enough: the other fist landed right into his stomach. Trying to regain breath, Isamu suffered another punch: this time in his eye. He landed right on the ground, while Emma was screaming at the top of her lungs.
Meanwhile, Yang returned and paired up with his friend: they started kicking Isamu everywhere they could hit him, while Isamu hopeless attempted to fight off his attackers.
Emma was furious. 'How dare you! Wait until the rebels hear about this! You can't do this!' she yelled at Ryuusaki, who was only laughing.
Isamu tried to punch his attackers, but one of them grabbed his arms while the other one started to punch and kick him until he had the feeling he was going to die. Desperately, in a final attempt, he tried to kick him, with his eyes closed, praying that someone would help him.

As a miracle, the kicking stopped: Isamu opened his eyes, curious how he stopped him. He looked in the distance and was even more amazed: Xue, who was apparently kicking him, landed at the end of the street. He shook the dust out of his eyes and tried to regain focus. Xue must have flown 10 meters throughout the sky before landing on the ground. He was definitely unconscious.
Ryuusaki was also stupefied, but regained his voice quick. 'What are you waiting for, Yang? Kill him!'
Yang blinked, and that was enough time for Isamu to break loose of his remaining opponent. Yang tried to grab him again, but Isamu prepared for an uppercut. Could he do such a thing again...?
But before he could hit him, Yang already came from the ground and was thrown in the air. He was not startled by the uppercut: he must have reached 10 meters before he started to fall again. Isamu turned away, but couldn't exclude the sound: with a disgusting smack, Yang returned to the earth. Isamu opened his eyes and what he saw was just as astonishing as with Xau: Yang was also unconscious.
Isamu turned to Ryuusaki, who was crawling back into the alley, blabbering words. 'Please! Don't hurt me! I saw it moving! The earth! You didn't hit him but the earth did! The earth threw them into the air! Have mercy! I will leave you alone!' and with those words, the charming criminal ran off, screaming like a frightened child.

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