Brother vs. Sister Showdown
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Chapter 1: Brother vs. Sister Showdown

After the Siege of the North, Uncle and I fled to a village resort where we are now relaxing. Well, Uncle is relaxing. I'm not happy because it is the anniversary of my banishment. "Three years ago, I was banished. I lost it all. I want the Avatar, I want my honor and my throne. I want my father to think I'm not worthless," I said regretfully. We are now inside the place we are staying in. Uncle was admiring some seashells when I heard a familiar voice.

"Hello, brother. Uncle," a smooth, calm voice said. It was Azula, my sister.

"What are you doing here Azula?" I asked angrily.

"In my country, we exchange a pleasant hello before asking questions. Have you become so uncivilized already Zuzu?" she asked.

"Don't call me that!" I snapped.

"To what do we owe this honor?" Uncle asked. Azula remained calm.

"Hmmm... must be a family trait. Both of you so quick to get to the point. I've come with a message from home. Father's changed his mind. Family is suddenly very important to him. He's heard rumors of plans to overthrow him; treacherous plots. Family is the only one you can trust. Father regrets your banishment. He wants you home. Did you hear me? You should be happy. Excited. Grateful. I just gave you great news," Azula said.

I was in shock. Father wants me home?

"I'm sure your brother simply needs a moment," Uncle said, but Azula cut him off.

"Don't interrupt, Uncle! I still haven't heard my thank you. I'm not a messenger. I didn't have to come all this way," she said, annoyed.

"Father regrets? He... wants me back?" I asked. Azula left, seeing that I needed to think about this. After a while, I made my mind. I'm going home.

"We're going home! After three long years, it's unbelievable!" I said. We were packing that night.

"It is unbelievable. I have never known my brother to regret anything," Uncle said, suspicious. I turned to face Uncle.

"You don't know how my father feels about me! You don't know anything!" I snapped.

"Zuko, I only meant that in our family, things are not always what they seem," Uncle said. I had enough now.

"I think you are exactly what you seem! A lazy, mistrustful, shallow old man who's always been jealous of his brother!" I snapped and stormed off. I began to feel bad now. How could I have said that?

The next morning, I headed down to Azula's ship when I heard Uncle calling after me.

"Wait! Don't leave without me!" Uncle called. I smiled.

"Uncle! You've changed your mind!" I said.

"Family sticks together, right?" Uncle said. I couldn't wait to see Father, welcome me with open arms. Azula was waiting for us.

"Brother! Uncle! Welcome! I'm so glad you have decided to come!" Azula said.

"Are we ready to depart Your Highness?" the captain asked.

"Set a course for home, Captain," Azula said sweetly.

"Home," I repeated to myself.

"You heard the Princess! Raise the anchors! We're taking the prisoners home!" the captain said. Wait... prisoners? This is a trap! I thundered furiously to the captain and threw him overboard.

"You lied to me!" I growled to Azula. She gave a cunning smile.

"Like I haven't done that before," she replied smugly. I proceeded to fight her.

"Zuko! Let's go!" Uncle called out.

"You know, Father blames Uncle for the loss at the North Pole. And he considers you a miserable failure for not finding the Avatar! Why would he want you back home except to lock you up where you can no longer embarrass him?" Azula said. Eventually, we managed to defeat them and we made a run for it.

We ran to a river bank. Great, now we are officially enemies of the Fire Nation. We had to go in disguise from now on. I took my dagger out and cut my ponytail off. Uncle did the same. From now on, we were on the run.

Author's Note

I am so sorry for the delay! My finals are coming up fast and I am pressured to do good in school now.

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