Book of Clouds
Chapter 1: Background
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Dancing Shadows





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June 21, 2011

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First Blood

A quick prologue and introduction to Dancing Shadows.


Background information on the time period and Feng's early childhood.


Dancing Shadows: The Rise of the Greatest Assassin that Ever Lived

As the title states, this work is the tale of the greatest assassin that ever lived. Note that this is not the most famous assassin that ever lived. If he had been, he wouldn't have been the best. His name was Feng. His last name, parents, and ancestry are almost entirely unknown. In fact, there is almost no record of his childhood. Most of the information in this work comes from the recently recovered journals of his partner, Wei.

Feng was born into a time of total war. 83 years earlier, the Great War had broken out when Fire Lord Sozin unleashed the power of his Comet on the world, wiping out the Air Nomads and plunging the world into war. By his birth, the War had turned to defense for the Earth Kingdom, with the Fire Nation becoming more and more aggressive and powerful. Ba Sing Se, Feng's birthplace and home, would become the only free Earth Kingdom city by the end of the War.

Feng was born to unknown parents 83 years after the start of the Great War, in the slums of Ba Sing Se. His mother died in childbirth. His father was murdered six years later for unknown reasons. He was then taken into a close by orphanage, which is where he met his friend and partner-to-be, Wei, who was one year younger than him. When Feng was 10, he and Wei escaped the orphanage together. They spent the next year performing petty crimes.

After a year of pick pocketing and thievery, they began to perform larger crimes. This culminated when Feng was 13 and Wei was 12, when they broke into a powerful banker's house, stealing 300 silver piece's worth of items. As they worked, they were eventually recognized by a contractor looking for items to be stolen. Feng and Wei would take more contracts, gaining more recognition within the slums. When Feng was 15, he and Wei were given their first assassination contract. For a suitable sum of money, they were to track and kill a mercenary who had murdered several men. And thus began Feng's rise to becoming the greatest assassin in the Earth Kingdom.

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