Chapter 1
Arrow of Flames
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Avatar: The Yuyan Genesis


1: Flame


1: Arrow of Flames

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February 9, 2013


Air... Water... Earth... Fire...

Long Ago the four nations were a strong collective people, under the guidance and protection of the Avatar, master of all four elements. Avatar Ikon, born of the Earth Kingdom kept balance between the nations for seventy-five years. He mastered the four elements by the age of nineteen and used his developed skills to help those in need. When Ikon turned ninety-three, he went on a journey into the Spirit World. No one knows what transpired on his journey except that he returned bearing a painful illness. Over the course of a year he was gradually unable to bend each of his mastered elements until the day came when he over stepped his limits and passed away.

Twenty-three years have passed and the Fire Sages have been unable to identify the next Avatar. Many believe the illness in which Avatar Ikon succumbed to; was brought with him into the Spirit World, thus ending the cycle of the Avatar. Criminals have since banded together into large syndicates to slowly overthrow the hierarchy of each nation. The largest and most ruthless of these syndicates is known as FiiR. They control most of the worlds capitals and have dwindled armies to only small scattered forces. Soon FiiR will overthrow the Fire Lord and the Earth King to reign supreme of over the entire world.

Unless the Avatar returns to stop them...

Chapter 1: Arrow of Flames

The western horizon glowed a bright orange as the ferry docked into the Fire Capital's Harbor District. The dock master was shouting commands at the ferries captain as a young warrior made his way down the ships ramp and onto the half rotted wooden dock. The sails of the ship flapped violently in the breeze making a snapping sound that helped to drown out the noise of the busy harbor.

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