"Anger, Part 1"
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Forces of Nature


Anger (愤怒)


Paladin stories



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November 22, 2016

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Chapter 2: Anger, Part 2

Anger is the first chapter of the Paladin stories in the Forces of Nature written by Philanahembree. This chapter focuses on Bagguk, who merged with Fann, the spirit of anger and rage during Harmonic Convergence.

Plot Edit

Several days after Harmonic Convergence, several search parties of the Southern Water Tribe head into the Frozen Tundra.

  • Oloruk"We have to keep looking. We've found several people out here; there have to be more out here somewhere. We don't head back until we find the survivors"

The search parties split into several groups; one group headed up snowy cliffs and another propelling down an open crevice.

  • Nonto: "Over here"

Oloruk and the other headed over. Footprints and deep gashes in the snow, heading all the way up to another crevice, this one larger than the others they had searched. Peering down into the crevice, the saw a face. A boy, no older than 16, covered in snow with bruises over his face. Oloruk noticed two others, both learning against the opposite side.

  • Oloruk"The report was there were six missing. We only have three. Some of you get down there, make sure they're survivors"

Oloruk and a few others followed the crevice, scanning the area around them for any signs of faces or limbs hanging out in the snow. He noticed the Southern lights and a beam of light coming from the Southern portal less than a hundred yards away.

They continued walking, noticing even more footprints in the snow, assured that a struggle had taken place. But with no blood and only a one way set of footprints, he doubted the three he found had been in a physical altercation. Heading round the ruins of a large hill, they found three others, all unconscious in the blistering snow.

  • Oloruk: Over here! We've found them! Get the truck!

The survivors were loaded into a truck, and taken back to the tribe. When they were out of sight, Oloruk peered back into the crevice. He felt a slight bit of paranoia, believing whatever had attached the six kids, it wasn't gone for good.

Each of the six kids had been returned to their families. Battered and bruised, chief Tonraq sent healers to each home. He ordered his men to head out and further investigate the site of the attack, and for a second, he found himself thinking about what his brother Unalaq had warned him about. The spirits had attacked his people, beginning with the young.

Days later

It was a quiet knight; Bagguk's parents had gone to bed, fearing the worst for their son. Underneath his eyelids, Bagguk's eye were running wild, as if he was in a terrible nightmare

  • "You're scared. No, no. That's not what I want from you waterbender. I wan't your anger, and I will HAVE IT!"

With pain coursing through his body, Bagguk awoke in a fright, clenching his stomach before resting his head tightly between his hands. Bagguk stayed awake for hours, shaking; not even the fire in his living room was able to calm his nerves. What had happened to him and his friends that night. What was this voice. "I wan't your anger"? Bagguk found enough peace of mind and returned to his bed. But this time, the way he fell asleep didn't feel genuine, it felt as if he had been pulled into his dream. He heard screams and cries of help; the voice of his friend Cannaq. Bagguk tried his best to wake from the dream, but the harder he tried to voices and screams grew louder, and he closed his eyes . One thought was racing in his head; "don't get angry". Bagguk opened his eyes, and was met by a view of the Frozen Tundra, but it wasn't the same as he remembered. Fire and blackness surrounded the area. The site of it made Bagguk betray his emotions, and anger began to fuel him. He saw three of his friends running in terror, his friend Hallaq in front. Behind him were Arruna and Hoddo, looking more panicked that Hallaq was.

  • Hallaq: "Hurry! I can see a way down! Where are the others?"
  • Hoddo: "We're not gonna make it!"

Before they could begin making it down the hill, a spirit emerged, moving past them with blinding speed, and stopped them dead in their tracks. It was a thin looking being, with dark purple eyes, and tendril like robes that moved it's way down and off the spirit like mist. The spirit wasted no time in pushing all three back the way they came.

Bagguk's anger was growing by the second. The more it grew, the harder it was for him to look away. Hallaq stood up and ran over to Urrana, who was trying to help up a wounded Hoddo. With no time to waste, Hallaq pulled Hoddo onto his shoulder.

  • Hallaq: "Urrana, I'm sorry, we have to head back. If anywhere will be safe, it'll be that Spirit portal....."
  • Urrana: "that's where they found us in the first place. There has to be another way...."
  • Hallaq: "There's nothing else we can do. These things won't let us go. I won't be able to carry him for long"

As Bagguk continued watching in pain, he began to fear his own anger. In the corner of his vision, a shadowy figure began to manifest, growing in size every time his anger grew. Hallaq lowered his head, unwilling to see anymore, but was not prepared for what he saw next. Hallaq and Urrana made it to the spirit portal. Bagguk noticed something about the portal at that moment. It wasn't the still, passive portal they had found when they fled. Instead, it looked unstable, sparks and flashes of dark light expelling from it.

Only fifty yards from it, a spirit emerged from the ground, knocking Hallaq and Urrana back, sending the latter on top of Hoddo. The spirit grabbed Hoddo by the leg and slammed him against a tree, leaving him writhing on the floor. Hallaq stood back to back, knowing that they were what was left of their group. With one spirit blocking their way to the portal, the other spirit returned, and seemed to have grown in size since their last encounter. They attacked without a moment to spare. Large screams filled Bagguk's ears, and he screamed in anger. All at once, he was pulled away from his vision, and the dark figure in the corner of his eye was gone. But Bagguk was no more calm than he was a moment ago. Rage filled his mind, and that's when he heard it's voice behind him

  • "You let your anger take hold. Thank you for giving me strength, Bagguk"

The voice let out a short laugh, and for a moment, Bagguk's mind was filled with voices of screams, and he couldn't figure out if these screams came from anger, or fear.

  • "Oh yes, I know your heart is strong. But that will only aid me human. Anger is my strength, and it will be your teacher"
  • Bagguk: "Who.....are you!"
  • "My name, is Fann. But don't you worry, human. We will be one, eventually, and you will know. Until then, find your friends. They're waiting"

Bagguk awoke, screaming in fear. Moments later, his parents entered his room, finding him in a cold sweat, huddled against his beg. One look on his face, and it left them speechless.

The Next Morning

Bagguk and his family head to the other side of the tribe, towards the home of master Katara. His parents looked at each other.

  • Bagguk's father: "If anyone can you Bagguk, it's her. It's the only think we can do"

They entered a large hall, and were surprised to see a number of Southerners still there in need of medical attention. Bagguk took one look, and felt a tight clench in his stomach, falling to his knees in pain.

  • Bagguk's mother: "Bagguk? Are you okay?"
  • Bagguk: "I'm fine, I'm okay. Just felt........... never mind"

But Bagguk knew what just happened. He felt angry at the sight of the Southerners. "Anger is my strength", that's what Fann had meant. The angrier he got, the more power Fann was draining from him. Bagguk found a few tears rolling down his face, knowing any moment, that his fear would turn to anger.

Before he could focus on anyone else's voice, he saw something in the right corner of the large hall. It was his friends, not just Hallaq, Urrana and Hoddo, but Cannaq, and his best friend Massak, each one surrounded by their families. He headed over to them. One of the women saw him, walking over to him and hugging him.

  • Massak's mother: "Bagguk? Thank goodness. You're okay."
  • Bagguk: "Yeah, I'm fine. But what about them."

Bagguk felt silent for a moment, seeing the tired looks on his friends faces. "Did Fann do this to them too", he thought. He stepped closer, getting a better view of their faces.

  • Bagguk: "Have you been hearing voices too. Having nightmares?"
  • "The only thing they've been having are mild delusions, the same as you"

Bagguk turned round to face a man. He was average height, with grey hair and the clothing of a tribal elder. "Mamno", Bagguk remembered. He'd become a sort of funny story among southerners. From what Bagguk had been told, Mamno had wanted to become the southern chief if they won the rebellion. "Too bad for him", Bagguk thought. Bagguk's parents bowed.

  • Bagguk's father: "Mamno. We're honored to see you here. But why......"
  • Mamno: "I suppose your son is here with the same story. Spirits, and voices in his head?"
  • Bagguk's father: "Yes, that's what he's been telling us".
  • Mamno: "And you believe him"
  • Bagguk's father: "I don't know what to believe. That's why we're here"
  • Mamno: Only an Avatar is able to hold a spirit within them and survive. One infested Avatar Korra only weeks ago. Your children are no Avatars.
  • Bagguk's father: "Then perhaps it's best we get help from Katara. If anyone can figure this out, it's her".
  • Mamno: "Very well. However, if we discover any trickery or lies, from any of you, there will be consequences"

The six of them were taken one by one to see master Katara. Bagguk waited outside with his parents; he would be seeing Katara last. Out of his five friends, the only one who approached him after was Cannaq. One thing Bagguk noticed from Cannaq and the others was that they looked better now; still uneasy, but

  • Cannaq: "Katara said there was nothing wrong with me. I don't understand what she didn't see...."
  • Bagguk: "But she's wrong. I know she is".
  • Cannaq: "She's Katara. What she says goes. But I feel better now. Looks like it's your turn".

Bagguk entered the room. It was warmly lit, with several pools of water across the room. Katara sat in the middle section of the room, and looked as if she was meditating. This was the first Bagguk had met Katara, prompting him to bow.

  • Bagguk: Master Katara, thank you for seeing me.
  • Katara: You're the last one. I'm sorry to hear about you and your friends. It's been troubling these last few days, not just for you but for us all. Come, sit.

Bagguk walked over and sat opposite Katara

  • Katara: Now, before you enter these waters, Bagguk, I want to know what you remember from that night. All your friends have told me the same story, but I'm hoping you have something else to tell me.
  • Bagguk: "You're saying my friends had the same dream?"
  • Katara: "Not exactly. They all remember hearing voices in their heads and your night in the Tundra. Is that also what you heard, a voice?"
  • Bagguk: "I heard, something last night. It told me it needed my anger"

Katara nodded, a look of sadness now on her face.

  • Katara: "you can get in now. I'll have a look"

Bagguk laid down in the water. The water was instantly soothing, and all of Bagguk's fear and anger seemed to wash away. As Katara motioned to the water, it began to glow. After a moments rest, Bagguk fell silent. One again, Bagguk was dreaming, but this time, he saw warm colors of blue all around him. He felt, safe. The warm blue colors grew brighter and brighter, until he finally awoke, his father pulling him out of the water as soon as his eyes opened:

  • Katara: "How do you feel"
  • Bagguk: "I feel better. What happened?"
  • Katara: "I can't say exactly what's wrong with you and your friends. Whether it's some kind of spirit you brought with you, or some kind of fear you can't control, it's gone now"
  • Bagguk: "Thank you, Master Katara. And for my friends as well"

Katara smiled and nodded. Bagguk and his parents left the room, and with the hall now filling with visitors, he felt more at home that he ever had since chief Unalaq invaded the South. Inside though, one thought remained. "What if it didn't work?"

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