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A Whole New World
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Avatar Tazon


One: Imbalance (失衡)



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October 23, 2014


Air, Water, Earth, Fire. Long ago, all the nations lived in harmony, until the Avatar attacked. The Avatar, master of all four elements began a war plunging the world into chaos. Eventually he was stopped, leaving a world in ruin behind. Eighteen years passed and the next Avatar was discovered. Only he can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.

A Whole New World

The sun shined brightly on the shores of Ember Island that morning. Kanna stood there in the shallow water moving the waves back and forth. Despite only being 10 years old, she was still able to move the water with such mastery.

"Outstanding," Laqua exclaimed to her daughter. "Remember, push and pull the water. Really try to get a sense of the water's movement."

"Alright," Kanna replied.

Up at the top of the beach Tazon could see his mother teaching his older sister to waterbend. He walked down the sandy dunes towards the water with his younger brother, Jetzin, and his father. "I want to try, I want to try," Tazon shouted.

"No Tazon, you can't waterbend," Jeong explained to his son. "You are a firebender like me. That means that you can only bend fire, not water."

"No, but I want to waterbend!" shouted Tazon. Like any other eight year old Tazon would exhibit bursts of anger from time to time. His mother on the other hand rarely had the ability to see any of her three children in distress would often cave into their tantrums in whatever way she could.

"Alright Tazon," replied Laqua, "try using your fire and move like Kanna. Push and pull your fire to-" Within that moment Tazon began shifting the tides, pushing and pulling the water like his sister had been. Tazon was waterbending. "Jeong, what, but how?" questioned Laqua.

Jeong turned to see Tazon bending the water along the shore with his sister. Shocked by what his eyes were seeing, he quickly reacted, running to grab Tazon and picking him up as he ran back to their house inland on the island. With Laqua finally beginning to make sense of the situation, she gathered her other two children and followed. With Kanna and Jetzin following their mother up the hill, Tazon looked backed puzzled and confused.

Finally upon reaching their family's estate, Tazon apologized, "I'm sorry." With tears running down as his face as he spoke, Tazon queried as to why his parents' behavior had shifted so quickly in response to his waterbending. "I just wanted to try it," exclaimed the eight year old.

Laqua looked at her husband and noted the expression on his face. Without a doubt the same thought ran through their head, yet neither of them had a clue how to respond. Finally Laqua comes towards Tazon and began, "Long ago, the world experienced a series of issues as the result of someone known as Raivann. Raivann was an Avatar, master of all four elements."

Tazon replied, "So he knew airbending, waterbending, earthbending-"

"And firebending," finished Jeong. "Raivann was one of hundreds of Avatars, but after the problems he caused, people think that Avatars don't exist anymore. Oh course, only an Avatar has the ability to firebend and waterbend.

"So, I'm an Avatar?" Tazon asked, still with an expression of worry across his face. While still at a young age, he could tell that this was not a joyous discovery and that things would never be the same again.

No Tazon, you're the Avatar.


A decade later the sun still shined just as bright on the Ember Island Shores. Tazon and Kanna stood on separate ledges upon the cliffside of their family's estate overlooking the water. Tazon stood strong and tall with a grin of confidence. The sun's reflection made his golden eyes gleam as he turned to face his sister, taking a defensive stance. Kanna, with her black hair down, stretched out her arms, maintaining her emotionless expression. It was as if she didn't have a care in the world.

She took step back; she swung her arm back then forward in a circle, sending a stream of water from the ocean towards her brother. Tazon stepped forward, punching the hosing attack with a force of fire. He then leaped sending his back foot forward, propelling a slashing flame back at Kanna. Moving both her arms in a circle, Kanna brought up a ring of water around her and blocking Tazon's attack. She then countered with rapid punching motions at the ring, sending frozen chunks of ice at her brother. Unable to deflect the ice, Tazon raced up the side of the cliffside and ran forward, contorting the Earth around his feet with each step. While Kanna attempted to continue blasting him, it was only seconds before he reached the point above her. Throwing his arms forward, Tazon propelled a gust of wind down at his sister, throwing her of the ledge and right into the water.

Now standing where his sister stood, Tazon looked down to the ocean and knew it was not over yet. In the water Kanna opened her eyes at looked at the ocean surface. She instantly began spinning her arms creating a spiral of water, shooting her up from the water. Standing at the top of the cyclone she was bending, she began creating three spinning arms of water and moved towards Tazon. Freezing the tips of the spinning arms, she sliced and hacked away at the rocks around him. Tazon, desperately jumping and ducking to dodge the blades of ice, reached out at one, melting it and conforming it to his hands. Riding the arm of water 180 degrees around the vortex, he hurled his leg forward blasting Kanna again with fire. While Kanna tried to counter the inferno with water, she was blasted back tumbling along the cliffside.

Propelling himself forward with a gust of air, Tazon landed on another ledge. He swung his arms up and stood with a champion's stance. "You can't always win, Kanna," he exclaimed. With his arms still up in the air, another line of water came down from above wrapping around his wrist. Tazon gasped in surprise as it constricted and pulled, hurling him upwards. The water pulled him well over the top of the cliff until his upward momentum ceased. As Tazon fell, he let out another gust of air to break his fall. Standing up along the cliff in his backyard, he turned to face his mother bending the water that pulled him up.

"What in the world do you think you're doing," Laqua said reprimanding him. "What if someone saw you?"

"Mom, we're on the cliffs. There's nobody-"

"Don't assume anything," she interrupted. "You never know who could be passing or sailing along the island." As she finished making her point, Laqua turned to her daughter whom rode a small wave to reach the top of the cliffside with her family. "And you know how dangerous it is sparing with your brother. An Avatar is an incredibly powerful bender. I don't care how good you think your water bending is, he's still too dangerous for you to spar with."

"We're sorry Mom," Tazon explained. "It's just been weeks since I've actually trained and I just needed to get it out of my system for a bit."

Laqua stepped closer to her son and placed her hands on his shoulders. "I understand Tazon, I really do." Taking a deep breath in she let out a sigh, "I'll talk to your father and see about taking you to one of the islands off the coast to get some training in tomorrow - with privacy."

"Thank you," replied Tazon looking back at his mother with satisfaction.

"Your father and I care about your happiness. That's why we had you trained in the four elements, but you still have to be careful. The world isn't like it was a hundred years ago; this is no longer a world safe for the Avatar.

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