The Mysterious Light
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Aaron Rodgers

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Where Am I?

"What is there, over there," the spirit asked himself."There is nothing," he answered.

The spirit was laying in a large black pit where no light could be seen. It was the exact same place where he was born under those dark sediments. The spirit had now got up on his feet and he quickly flew out of the pit. When he had exited the pit, the winged spirit began to compare and contrast himself with his comrades. The one thing he had in common with his comrades were his devil like horns and his dark black wings, but everything else was different between himself and the others. He had a white form, but his comrades were pure black. In those dark forms with their shining teeth baring, the white spirit could tell that they were eating something. Unlike his so-called companions, he had no mouth. The only thing there was to the white spirit was his dark green eyes. To the light spirit's surprise, his companions were about to eat him, so the spirit had no choice but to kill them all.

As the lonely spirit walked through the sandy desert in the spirit realm where he was born, he felt nothing. It was possible that what he felt was void. He could hear nothing, he could bite nothing, he could smell nothing, he could feel nothing as he touched, he could not rest, he had no companion, just walking alone. Out of know where, he had arrived at something that was extraordinary. It was a big strange ball of light. It was unlike anything he had seen before. Soon the light began to show the spirit a vision of a nice looking young lady. She had pale skin, pink lip stick on, with her dark hair in two pig tails. It was the first time his eyes had been captured, and the spirit without thinking, dived into the light.

Everything went blank.

When the spirit had woke up from his long sleep, he felt different. The white, hard shell that was around him had cracked, revealing his human-like appearance. As the boy looked at his pale smooth skin, placed his hand over his mouth, and felt his hair, the only feeling that could describe him was the word "surprised". To his shock he found himself being stood over by an elderly man.

"What are you doing out here?"

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