Aang with Lion Turtle
The Dawn of Energybending
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July 4, 2012

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Energybending Moves Part 1


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The Dawn of Energybending is the first chapter in Bending Explained by TechFilmer.

Chapter 1 - The Dawn of Energybending

Random Campsite - Day 1 - Nightime

"Long ago, there were no four nations. There was no Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, or Air Temple," said Aang around a campfire. "There was no elemental bending. There was just energybending. Many people were energybenders. Of course, there were also many non-benders. However, many of these non-benders soon began to discover elemental bending."

Aang was camping with the family of his friend Sokka (a non-bender), which consisted of Suki (a non-bender), Gumeg (an earthbender), and Yue (a waterbender). Along with them was Aang's (Avatar and energybender) own family of five, consisting of Katara (a waterbender), Bumi (a non-bender), Kya (a waterbender), and Tenzin (an airbender).

"Cool, dad," said Bumi eagerly. "Can you tell us more?"

"Okay, Bumi," said Aang. "The first earthbenders were named Oma and Shu. The first firebenders ware named Lee and Gong. The first waterbender was named Likunga, and the first airbender was Monk Yunji."

Kya asked, "Who was the first energybender, Dad?"

"That is a good question, Kya. The first energybender was named Lunga. Lunga was a kind and noble man, only thinking of good ideas and never of hatred, jealousy, anger, or other such bad ideas. One day, while he was camping, he saw this floating island. Just like the one I saw. He went close to it and then saw a head come out of the water. It was a gigantic creature. It fact it was Lituron."

"Who's Lituron?" asked Tenzin.

"Lituron is the lion turtle I met. He explained energybending to Lunga and showed him how to perform the amazing techniques. He learnt many moves from Liturlon, as Liturlon taught him every day. He learnt the Shuten Shoagai and how to give bending to other non-benders. Then he journeyed around the world to teach others energybending. Just like Toph has a meteor bracelet to help her choose metalbending students, so too did Lunga. However, Lunga's bracelet was made up of energy. Whenever he met a good candidate, he energybent them. Then they gained energybending. And that was the dawn of energybending. Tomorrow I will show you guys some energybending moves."


  • Shuten Shogai is a tribute to Energy Saga which inspired me to write this Fan Fiction.
  • Liturlon is a combination of Lion and Turtle.

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