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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 24, 2013

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Now that Air Temple Island is completed, Aang has an idea of letting Sokka and Toph move in with them

It's been a couple days. The Gaang and kids got back to Republic City. Aang grabs the spinning gates and takes them over to the area where he and Tenzin agreed on. He places them right where they should go. The next day, he goes outside to make a couple final touches. Katara walks up behind Aang and hugs him.

Katara: I'm so proud of you accomplishing this for our son.

Katara kisses Aang's cheek and smiles at him

Aang: I'm proud of myself too. I just wish our whole family didn't have to appreciate this along with the temple from so far away.

Katara: What do you mean?

Aang: Why don't we have Sokka, Toph and Lin move into the temple? 

Katara: I don't know. It would be nice to have them here for extra babysitting and company, but they're not exactly into the airbending culture. Especially Toph and Lin. They're not even family.

Aang: They're family to us. 

Katara: I suppose that's true. I guess we can have them move into the temple, I just wouldn't be surprised if they said no.

Aang: Well we shouldn't be afraid to ask. 

A few hours go by. Sokka and Toph are at the temple now and are talking to Aang and Katara

Sokka: So everything is good with the time honored tool?

Katara: Yeah.

Aang: You guys, uh, by any chance do you want to move on the island with us?

Sokka: I don't know, its your home not mine.

Aang: But you're family. Besides we could use the extra company and help with the kids. You know how much they love their Uncle Sokka.

Sokka: I guess you're right, I'm gonna go home and pack my things.

Sokka runs out the front door quickly. Toph looks outside the window with a smile on her face

Toph: The island will be a safe place for Lin to learn earthbending.

Aang: Air Temple Island is not meant for earthbending purposes Toph. It's meant for my son to continue is airbending training and for his future family to live there so his future children can learn airbending. 

Toph: Lighten up twinkletoes, I promise the earth with go right back where it was before. It will almost be like nothing was earthbended. 

Aang: *sigh* Fine, but only because you're doing this for Lin.

Lin: Thank you Avatar Aang, but really it's just a temple, what's the fun of it if you're not an airbender?

Aang: Learning about the airbender's culture of course.

Tenzin: Thanks again for building the temple for me daddy.

Lin: Whatever, built by the Avatar or not, it's still a temple Twinkletoes Jr.!

Tenzin looks at Lin angrily and starts to lose it


Aang: Someone takes after her mother.

Toph: And someone takes after his father.

Aang: Yeah,

Aang is smiling at Tenzin, but looks at Toph angrily

Aang: but seriously, stop calling me twinkletoes! Look at the habits you're getting Lin into.

Toph: Nicknames don't hurt anyone.

Aang: Yeah, but--

Toph: I'll just go home and get stuff packed up.

Toph picks up Lin and they walk out the front door. A day goes by and the Sokka and Toph are moving in. Aang walks with Kya up to a room

Aang: Here's your new room Kya. 

Kya: I still don't see why I need a new room or why the girls are separated from the boys. 

Aang: Lin is getting your old room and that is how airbenders lived. The dining room will have everyone in it.

Kya: Dad, I'm not an airbender, I'm a waterbender! 

Aang: But you have the attitude of a nomad. You want to travel the world one day Kya, that's something Air Nomads did all the time before the war. 

Kya: *sigh* I guess I should open my mind to every change.

Aang walks out of Kya's new room and up to him and Katara's room. Katara has a smile across her face

Katara: One day Tenzin will get to experience this perfection with his wife

Katara wraps her arms around Aang and hugs him tightly

Katara: I love you Aang.

Aang smiles as he hugs Katara back

Aang: I love you too.

Tenzin walks into his parents room 

Tenzin: Hi!

Aang and Katara let go of each other

Aang: Tenzin, I have a huge surprise for you.

Tenzin: What is it?

Aang: Come along Tenzin, today is you're day.

The Gaang and kids walk out of the temple to the outdoors where the sky bison sleep. It shows a mom bison with her newborn baby bison

Aang: At one point, an airbender has to pick a sky bison as a pet, and since this momma bison here recently had these baby bison, you can choose which one you would like.

Tenzin: But I like Appa.

Aang: Appa is my sky bison, don't you want you're own?

Tenzin looks at each of the babies and points at the one on the far left

Tenzin: That one.

Aang walks over to the bison and smiles at it

Aang: Wise choice son. What would you like to name it?

Tenzin starts to think of a name. Katara walks over to Aang and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Sokka looks at them with a jokingly smirk on his face

Sokka: Ugh, stop it with the oogies you two.

Katara looks at Sokka mad and bends a stream of water from Yue Bay. She bends it at Sokka and waterwhips him

Sokka: OW!

Tenzin: Oh that's right! I was gonna name my sky bison Oogi! That's your name little guy!

Oogi jumps on Tenzin and starts to lick his face. Tenzin starts laughing

Katara: *sarcastic* Thanks a lot Sokka.

Sokka: Hey I like the name. It suits the bison.

Katara: Let's just go inside. Aang, I think you'll need a little healing session due to you getting an old artifact of your people 

The Gaang and kids walk back inside except for Tenzin who is still playing with Oogi. Aang and Katara walk upstairs to their room. Katara gets some water and starts to heal Aang's bruises from the recent construction work

Aang: Katara these are only a few cuts and bruises, it's not like it's the scar Azula gave me when she shot me with lightning.

Katara: I know, but I want to heal even the little things you get, they might drain you're energy little by little.

Aang: Cuts and bruises are nothing. Scars and internal pain are energy draining.

Katara: I just want you to live as long as you can.

Aang: I want to live too.

Katara: Okay, I'd say that's enough healing for the night

Katara waterbends the water down a drain. She tucks herself in bed

Katara: Goodnight.

Aang: Good night.


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