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The Campaign of Two Nations: Part 1: Royal Matrimony
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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March 4, 2014

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The wedding between two royals occurs.

Chapter 19: The Campaign of Two Nations: Part 1: Royal Matrimony

Book 2: Water

Chapter 19: The Campaign of Two Nations: Part 1: Royal Matrimony

General Senlin and Admiral Palartok, were settled in the village just a few miles off the capital city of the North Pole. The winter winds were a bit harsh, all that filled their minds was Kimaru returning with the news from the palace. They were freezing a bit within an igloo that Palartok had made, a small fire tried to keep them warm, but it didn't really do much.

They sat next to each other, Palartok reached into a small bag and picked up two sticks handing one to Senlin. Senlin, grabbed some seal jerky and stabbed it with the stick, he leaned it a little into the fire to begin to cook it. Palartok did the same, Kimaru crawls in through the small entrance of the igloo, and looks at his friends Senlin and Palartok trying to cook the small meals. He was carrying a bag full of goods, and he drops the bag down near the small campfire, he slumps down next to Senlin and opens the bag and begins to hand out bread to Senlin and Palartok.

"Where did you find the time to get food?" Senlin asked.

"On my way out of the city I robbed a bakery." Kimaru replied.

"What's the news?" Palartok inquired. Senlin began to munch of the seal jerky with the baked bread that Kimaru had brought him and Palartok.

"The Earth King had sent Chief Cupun, a letter that holds them responsible for the death of his royal courier, who happened to be his nephew. The young man that I killed back in Lu'an, minutes later came running in a royal guard captain, with a few guards breaking the news to the prince and the chief saying that the guard we killed or so we thought he was a guard was an actual officer in the army, named Amak. He was a relative to the chief and the prince, the patrols within the city are quite heavy as of right now. They're searching the city for any Earth Kingdom male, to bring them to the block." Kimaru informed.

Senlin gave them a big grin, and he chuckled, "Good, good everything went as I imagined."

"The Earth King's scouts had found the corpses of the merchants we drowned, that gave enough evidence for the Earth King to declare war on the Northern Water Tribe. The chief called for his ambassador, since it looks like he's trying to avoid another war. He mentioned, that if it came back negative that he wants to declare war on the Earth Kingdom." Kimaru explained.

"And there's no doubt that Cupun, will get aid from Unirak..if the king of Omashu accepts the call to arms from the Earth King. There's a possible chance that the Water Tribes will be demolished by the Earth King itself." Palartok claimed.

"Yes, but the king of Omashu, is a selfish man, he won't aid the Earth King. Its the doubtful he will accept it. I know this because, ten years into the Thirty Year War, Omashu pulled out from the war. There might have been a small dispute between the two kings. I'm surprised there hasn't been a civil war in the Earth Kingdom yet." Senlin speculated.

"So Ba Sing Se, is in this one alone is what you're telling us?" Palartok asked.

"That very well maybe, the king of Omashu, is really old I don't think he's dropping the throne anytime soon. Maybe someday there will be order in the city and the western half of the Earth Kingdom." Senlin replied.

They continued eating throughout the rest of the evening they were within the igloo. Meanwhile, entering the Spirit Temple just outside in the outskirts of the city, a Water Tribe shaman, had seen Chief Cupun and walked up to him to greet him.

"Chief Cupun, it is good to see you here, what is it that brings you here into the temple this evening?" the head shaman asked Cupun.

"The uprising conflict with the Earth Kingdom, has plunged the Northern Water Tribe back into war. I need to converse with the spirits I need their wisdom to guide us through these times." Cupun explained.

"War? The spirits bless us, through these troubled times. Please this way, chief." the shaman said, sticking out his hand forward gesturing the chief to follow him to the main room of worship. The shaman and the chief, had walked down a long hallway, turning right and then left twice. Reaching the large room, the room was lit by fires inside braizers with filled with coal and oil. Eight of them filled the large room, there was a shrine of the moon spirit and that of the ocean spirit. On one wall was large mural of the past five Northern Water Tribe Avatars.

The shaman, had grabbed two incense sticks and lit them in one of the braziers, he brought them back for Chief Cupun. Cupun, placed the incense sticks on a small block with two to four holes. He placed two of them in two holes, and let them fill the room with their enlightening glow and their rather great smell.

He sat there, eyes closed and began to meditate, in his mind he began to call out the Moon and Ocean spirits to try and provide him with some wisdom. He began to pray, "Great Moon and Ocean spirits, this is Chief Cupun, one of your servants calling for your aid to fill me with wisdom, and protect our nation from the threats that loom from the southeast. You know very well that these men are mistaken. I did not deploy any troops into their soil, and if it was someone from our tribe the person was banished. Please protect Naartok on his trip to the Earth Kingdom, and protect him while he has the meet with Earth King Qiang Zhen, hopefully he returns with great news."

Chief Cupun, passed most of the evening within the temple praying to the spirits, and leaving offerings for them. When the morning rose, he was not at his throne he was sleeping in. His adviser was awaiting for him to awake, as he did not want to disturb the chief while he was sleeping. The royal captain, was out patrolling the streets along with his men. Issumatar and Oomailiq, were behind the palace training the soldiers and the new recruits to prepare them for war.

There were sailors preparing the warships and placing weapons within the ships for the troops. Some were repairing the ships to have them ready for tip top shape in two months for the war. Maybe, even when Naartok returns there won't be a war, if he doesn't then deployment schedule will come up soon, and they will be far ahead of schedule. Tulok, awakens to his cook bringing him bed and breakfast but he pushes away the food. He cannot eat, the food won't help him cope with the death of Amak. There's only slight joy in his heart while the rest is full of depression and dread. That slight joy is that he is now engaged, the dread is from Amak's passing.

He just sat on his bed, he didn't wish to leave his room, the gang had awakened and had done their daily hygiene. Tanaraq had walked to Tulok's room and knocked on his door, from within the room he had answered in a melancholy tone, "Go away!"

"Its me Tanaraq." she said.

He had gotten up from his bed, and gave a slight sigh walking sheepishly towards the door, with tears in his eyes he slowly creaks the door open just a bit. Looking into her ocean blue eyes he felt a little better, Tulok just talking to his finacée made his day better. Chief Cupun, had walked out of his private chambers and headed to the throne, he was quite famished but he didn't really want to eat much either.

Tulok stopped his father in his tracks and told him, "Father we need to speak..immediately."

"Meet me in the throne room, son." replied Cupun.

Tanaraq and Tulok, walked to the throne room holding hands, they walked in front of Chief Cupun, who looked at them holding their hands. Rubbing his eyes, he looked at Tanaraq's neck and noticed that she wore a betrothal necklace. "Father, I proposed to Chief Unirak's daughter Tanaraq. I believe she's the One, she feels the same way for me. And I wanted to tell you now, then later.." Tulok announced.

"Is that possible, chief? Southern and Northern royalty marrying one another?" Cupun's adviser asked, looking at Chief Cupun. Who began to strafe his beard, he didn't agree with almost everything that his son Tulok had decided on. But, Tulok wanted to know his father's thoughts and hopefully he approved of it.

"That is great, Tulok. You're turning into a man, this is grand news! I will have my adviser, have the crew within the palace prepare a festival in the honor of you and your finacée. This event will go down in history, even though we have differences we can all unite for one night and become one tribe for this historical event." Cupun approved

"Already on it, chief!" the adviser shouted, as he headed out the door.

"Maybe then you can discuss the war with my father, chief. I'm sure he will approve and lend you aid." Tanaraq replied.

"Please, me 'Dad' or 'Cupun', you're now family." Cupun said.

Tulok let out a long drawn out, sigh he looks down at the ground, catching his father's attention, Cupun speaks up, "What is it, Tulok?"

"Its just..Amak was happy for me, today I was supposed to go tell him that she said yes. It saddens me that he cannot attend the wedding." Tulok answered.

"Your mother would be very proud of you, son. Amak and your mother would be happy for you." Cupun commented. "I know, father." Tulok responded a little disappointed.

"Will you excuse me I need to head down to the temple, they're preparing your cousin Amak for burial. Do not forget, Tulok. Burial is at sundown, you must be there." Cupun addressed to Tulok.

Tanaraq looked Aloi who had just came from the dining hall with a full stomach, she signaled Aloi to come towards her. Aloi ran up to Tanaraq, "How would you like to be my Maid of Honor?"

"Would I ever!" Aloi replied excitedly.

"Unaraq!" Tanaraq shouted.

"Tanaraq I want to apolo-" Unaraq said before being interrupted by Tanaraq.

"No it's me who should be apologizing I didn't even ask you for what you thought about this. But, this was my full choice, I know I didn't have time to think about it, but he told me that if I wanted to reject him, he would be okay with it. He told me that it was fine, he would've planned to take time to get to know me better. But it turns out that he had a vision that I was to be his future wife. I accepted it, and I hope you're happy for whatever decisions I make." Tanaraq apologized.

"I am happy for you, and I'm sure Dad would be too. Isn't he coming?" Unaraq asked.

"Of course he is, Cupun's adviser had gone out and planned it, he's inviting Dad. Plus Cupun wants Dad to come anyway. With this whole conflict, that might uprise into war, the Northern and Southern Tribe need to unite as one and defeat the Earth Kingdom." Tanaraq explained.

Unaraq nodded to his little sister, and he pulled her into a hug, he reached out his hand to Tulok. Tulok, returned the favor and shook Unaraq's hand, they looked at each other and smiled.

Back in the Spirit Temple just outside of the city, Cupun, had returned as he entered he had seen Amak's mother and father awaiting the chief. His sister-in-law was sobbing as the death of her only child deeply affected the woman, Chief Cupun's brother, who was the husband of the woman, was in tears as well but he seemed to taking it better than she was. He was comforting his wife, he looks up to see his brother he stands up and helps his depressed wife to her feet. Each time with the pain of losing her child she nearly fell to her knees, but her husband supported her. Chief Cupun, wasn't doing well either however, to look like a strong leader he acted like it didn't affect him on the outside, he was utterly destroyed on the inside.

His brother had hugged him, and he had pulled his sister-in-law in that embrace. Cupun's brother was looking around for any sight of Tulok. He then asked, "Where's Tulok?"

"I decided not to bring him, my son is worse he hasn't eaten his breakfast, and his finacee had helped him out of bed. He's not doing well." Cupun answered.

"Finacee?" his brother questioned.

"Yes, Tulok proposed to the princess of the Southern Water Tribe." Cupun responded.

"Goo-goo-good...for him..I only wis-wish Amak, were able to have the same th-thing." his brother sobbed. Cupun, put his hands on his brother's shoulders and assured the man, that everything will be alright. He kissed his little brother on the cheek, and he led the broken couple to the embalmer's lab.

There a Spirit Shaman, had begun a cleansing ritual on the body of Amak, it was to ward evil spirits from possessing his body and doing harmful things to the living. His parents and uncle were there to help prepare the ritual and to monitor it.

The spirit shaman, had looked at Amak's father, the shaman had put his arm forward, and the father had given the shaman an arctic jackal-fox pelt. The shaman had put on ceremonial gloves to protect himself from the 'unclean' body of Amak.

There was a small clay vase, filled with a special oil that was created from mashing herbs found around the gardens of the city, and fish blood. Culturally, the Water Tribes for thousands of years have said that fish blood with the local plants could produce an oil that can sanitize a body and spiritually clean it. He poured the oil onto his ceremonial gloves, and began to rub the special sanitizing oil on Amak's torso, and forehead.

There was a bowl near him filled with powder that was made from ground up animal bones and polar leopard liver, this powder would said to not allow the spirit to leave the body just yet until the final meeting, which was considered feast day.

The shaman, had continued to do more cultural rituals on Amak's body, after he had finished he allowed Chief Cupun and Amak's parents see the body. Amak's mother began to sob more now that she had seen the sealed wound where the dagger had been lodged into Amak's body. Amak's father, had knelt by his son's body, and began to beg the spirits that he should take him instead of his son. That Amak, was just a young man he didn't deserve to die like that. Amak, was supposed to die old, married, with many children and many grandchildren, and if life permitted it maybe even many great-grandchildren.

His father was willing to take his son's place in death, his mother embraced his body and slowly walked out as she held herself against the walls to support her. Amak's father, had touched forehead to forehead with his son, after doing so he kissed his son's forehead and ran after his wife. Chief Cupun, had knelt by his nephew's body which was resting on a large stone table. He as well prayed to the Moon and Ocean spirit, to grant him a safe trip to the Spirit World, and he hoped that the days of mourning were safe and not as melancholy as everyone had been these past two days.

Although, the death of a family member and the days of mourning, were up to three days. He had also been thinking of his son's wedding, he had hoped his adviser had gotten the letters of invitations to residents of the city, who were relatives and family friends of the royal family. If they were to do one or two days of Amak's mourning now, they could postpone the wedding until after the days of mourning.

Chief Cupun, had stood up and sighed to the current events that were unfolding before him, he didn't know if whether he should be happy or sad. The death of his nephew struck him and he went mad within the palace, of course it hurt him. He treated Amak, like a son although, he felt bad because, they hadn't spent his finals days together as a family. In fact, Amak was busy during his final days having to deal with a lot of guard duty and dealing with the problems of the guards to training recruits for homeland security.

He was over-joyous because, his son Tulok, was getting married however, he found it quite strange that Tulok would propose to woman he had met for only a day. He once did experience young love once but his love was longer around. He had never forgotten his wife but he moved on, sometimes he does think of her and sometimes he sees his wife within his dreams. He believes that young love nowadays has changed, a couple can fall in love at first sight or under a day as well. He supported his son, after all he is the heir to Cupun's throne there were some days where he would scold his son for not acting properly like a prince.

He had left the embalming room where Amak's body was being kept in, he had then left the temple and climbed his carriage. On the way back to the palace his thoughts were on his nephew Amak, and his son Tulok. The thoughts of war weren't important to Cupun as of right now since, a lot of things were occurring within the city and his personal life.

Tulok and Unaraq, had walked down the large set of stairs as they walked down there just on the ground was a carriage awaiting them. Tulok and Unaraq, were spending the afternoon looking for Tulok's groom attire. All awhile Tanaraq and Aloi, as well took another carriage looking for some fabulous dresses that Tanaraq may wear at her wedding. The wedding had to be perfect, nothing should go wrong, at least she thought to herself. The only things her mind were her future husband and her wedding.

Chief Cupun, had entered his palace as he walked to his throne his adviser was standing there patiently waiting for him. As he sat down, his adviser stepped forward and told Cupun, "Chief, everything has gone according to plan. I have sent invitations to relatives and close friends of both the groom and yourself. I have also sent a letter to the Southern Water Tribe chief, and the message should reach him in a day and a half. Given enough time, that Chief Unirak can make it to his daughter's wedding. The wedding was scheduled after your nephew's days of mourning, chief."

Cupun's adviser, had bowed his head to his chief, had walked off to Cupun's left side and stood there awaiting any more orders. Cupun had then replied, "Good work. Everything should fall into place now." The adviser nodded and smiled, and continued to stand there all day.

Rong Yan, had approached the throne of the chief and bowed he then asked the chief, "Where can I meditate so that I may speak to my past lives?"

"Just on the outskirts of the western side of the city, is the Northern Water Tribe Spirit Temple, next to it is the Spirit Oasis. You may go to either which you choose, Rong Yan." Cupun explained.

"May I ask what this is about?" Cupun added.

"The uprise of war of course, I need to speak to Avatar Ku Tei, in hopes of gaining wisdom from him." Rong Yan answered.

"Ahh yes, that would be something important to do. Please, share his wisdom with me I believe that whatever your past life may say can refresh my mind and put it to ease." Cupun responded.

Rong Yan, bowed and walked out of the palace and to the west of the city, where the temple was located. The walking was actually quite long but for the purpose of communicating with his past lives to seek wisdom and/or aid made it worth the while.

Unaraq, and Tulok, had just gotten off Tulok's personal royal carriage the driver sat on top of the carriage. The man had gotten off the carriage, he reached into his pockets trying to find something. Finally checking a small pouch he tosses a piece of fresh meat on the snow, the polar leopard quickly snatched it up into its mouth and began to eat its meal. Tulok and Unaraq, walked into the shop where there had been traditional wedding attires.

They had different attires for men, and women although Tanaraq and Aloi, had gone to another shop that was alike to the one Tulok and Unaraq were shopping in. Tulok began to point out some attires as Unaraq took them off their hooks and had Tulok try them on. Every five minutes he'd emerge from the dressing room with a new outfit on, to see what his future brother-in-law might think. With each one that Tulok came out in Unaraq shook his head in disagreement of the outfit.

Meanwhile, Tanaraq and Aloi, had done the same thing and gone to another bridal shop across the city. Aloi and Tanaraq were gawking at the dresses that brides of the Northern Tribe would wear on their wedding day. Tanaraq, eyed one that she had seen and immediately had taken it off the hook, and ran into an empty dress room.

A few minutes later, she had came out from the dressing room with her brand new dress on. She had done a little twirl for Aloi to see the entire thing, and they both had liked it. Aloi, didn't really find marriage a big deal since she was an Air Nomad. And Air Nomads, don't believe in marriage hence why the males and females live in separate temples.

She had gone back into the dressing room to remove the dress and then buy it. The clerk had packed it into a small box, and told her, "Whatever you do, do not show this dress to your groom. It ruins the traditional must wait until your wedding ceremony. That is when you can shine your colors out!"

Tulok and Unaraq, had paid for Tulok's groom outfit, and had walked out of the building. They boarded the carriage and were off back to the palace, hopefully, beating his finacée there and in hopes of her not seeing his outfit. Back towards the outskirts of the city, Rong Yan had seen the spirit temple just off by the distance.

He had knocked the large temple door, because, he didn't know if he could just enter or if someone was going to open the doors. The head shaman had opened the doors and had seen the tall Fire Nation man standing in front of him. He found it odd that there was a Fire Nation citizen here in the Northern Water Tribe but he thought nothing of it. He asked the shaman, "Mind if I meditate here in your temple? I wish to speak to my past lives."

"'re the Avatar! Please, please come in and use the temple in anyway you'd like." the shaman granted.

"Thank you." Rong Yan replied, as he bowed down to the head shaman to show his respect to the spiritual leader of the Northern Tribe. The head shaman had also bowed down to Avatar Rong Yan, and opened the door wider so that the Avatar may pass through. Rong Yan, stepped into the temple, that was lit by torches and braziers, they had also brought a warm temperature to the temple itself which made it so cozy. The shaman, had led him to the main sanctuary where Cupun was in praying to the Moon and Ocean spirits.

When they had walked in Rong Yan was amazed by the decorations on the walls, made the place feel more spiritual. On the far side wall lighten by braziers was a large mural painting showing the last five Northern Water Tribe Avatars. He stood in front and placed his hand on the mural of the wall, he instantly felt a surge of power go throughout his body. He was a little startled though so he jumped back, catching the shaman's attention, the man asked, "Is everything alright Avatar?"

"Yes, I just got startled when I touched this mural I felt a surge of power rush throughout my body." Rong Yan explained.

"Hmm...strange, these are the past five Avatars of the Northern Water Tribe, this mural was painted at least two thousand years ago. It is quite old but some of your past lives may have felt the same strange power you felt. Although, every year the wall gets recolored again, to make it look new and fresh." the head shaman claimed.

"Who are these Avatars?" Rong Yan questioned.

"Well I don't know the other two but the third, fourth, and fifth I know what their names are the third one is named, Avatar Keirou. Keirou was born here in a village on the northeastern coast of the North Pole, the fourth one his name is Avatar Manirak. Manirak was born within the city, and the fifth his name is was Avatar Arrluk. Arrluk, was the last known Avatar to have been born here in the North Pole. The one after Arrluk, is Anana who was born in the South Pole. Before these three I mentioned here there might have been Southern Tribe Avatars in between Keirou and the second Northern Tribe Avatar. The lineage is quite confusing though, I just try to remember the names of the last three on the murial. I am feeling positive that in a few hundred years the next Water Avatar, is born here in the North Pole." the shaman continued.

"Is there really a difference between a Northern Avatar and a Southern Avatar?" Rong Yan asked.

"No not necessarily, just we feel safer with a Northern Tribe Avatar. The Northern and Southern Water Tribes have always had conflicts with each other. It is just recently that we have become peaceful with one another and learned to co-exist." the shaman explained.

"Do you think in the future the two will reunite into one large tribe?" Rong Yan asked.

"Perhaps, if the future leaders see of now some of the tensions we have now may be brought up again. And throw our two tribes asunder once more. But in my opinion, I think there should always be a Southern and Northern Water Tribe." the shaman finished.

"I'll leave you to your meditating, Avatar Rong Yan." the shaman added, as he bowed once again to Rong Yan to show respect, afterwards he left the sanctuary room. Rong Yan, waited until the room was peaceful and quite and had gotten down onto his rear and begun meditating. He sat there with both eyes close, his legs were crossed and his fists had touched each other. He began to inhale and exhale slowly, turns out that usually helps get an Avatar into the Avatar State through meditation.

Rong Yan, had then opened his eyes and the white light had shone within them, blinking once more his eyes returned to normal. From within him, emerged a blue colored spirit, as the spirit began to form he exhaled and waited for it to shape. The spirit finally had shaped into Avatar Ku Tei, the Avatar before Rong Yan.

The old Earth Kingdom war veteran sat toe to toe with the current Avatar, he opened his eyes and looked into his successor's eyes. Rong Yan, greeted him, "Salutations Ku Tei..I am in a dire time."

"What is that matter, Rong Yan?" Ku Tei asked concerned.

"The Earth Kingdom has recently declared war on the Northern Water Tribe, through two assassinations has caused these two nations to plunge into war again. Earth King Qiang Zhen, claims that his nephew was assassinated by a Northern Water Tribe soldier, and just two days ago, was Chief Cupun's and Prince Tulok's relative assassinated on Northern Tribe soil by an Earth Kingdom troop." Rong Yan replied.

"WHAT?! The Earth Kingdom, and the Northern Tribe have declared war on each other?! This cannot be! Our nations have signed and kept a treaty!" Ku Tei shouted.

"Avatar Rong Yan, I sense something fishy is going on here. What have the leaders done so far?" Ku Tei added. "The Northern chief believes that Ba Sing Se, has deployed troops into North Pole waters, as of now his naval soldiers have been protecting the waters of the city. Some were sent to other corners of the nation. If the Earth Kingdom, is no where to seen in their waters...Cupun plans to deploy troops into Earth Kingdom soil." Rong Yan explained.

"Have you visited Ba Sing Se yet?" Ku Tei asked.

"We have been around the Earth Kingdom but I have never planned on whether to head to the city of Ba Sing Se, or Omashu." Rong Yan answered.

"You no knowledge of what the Earth King is up to?" Ku Tei inquired.

"No, Cupun has sent his ambassador Naartok, to Ba Sing Se to meet with the Earth King and try to offer a deal." Rong Yan acknowledged his past life.

"I will be with you every step of the way, Rong Yan. What has happened with Senlin?" Ku Tei questioned.

"I have encountered General Senlin at the Southern Air Temple, he invaded the air temple in search of me. I blasted him off the mountain." Rong Yan commented.

"I know one thing for sure..if Senlin, was in that heap of trouble he would do anything in his power to break his fall. Continue the story of the air temple." Ku Tei said.

"Technically, I didn't blast him off the mountain...Avatar Kwan Chun did." Rong Yan assured.

"Avatar Kwan Chun, was an Avatar who really cared for the place he grew up in. He loved the Jongmu Temple, I understand why he possessed your body and annihilated all those men." Ku Tei replied.

"Chief Cupun, has had reports indicating that General Senlin, travels with two men one named Kimaru, and the other is unknown." Rong Yan responded.

"General Senlin, is traveling with none other than the young admiral Palartok. I am sure that Palartok had aged quite well, he disappeared after the end of the war. He was supposed to stand trial in Ba Sing Se. But he was never found, tell the chief that Palartok is the one traveling with General Senlin. I assume the news will have the chief know that Palartok still lives." Ku Tei informed.

"And Rong Yan, I feel a war coming. Prepare yourself! You mustn't let the two nations annihilate themselves!" Ku Tei advised.

Avatar Ku Tei, had dispersed and returned into Rong Yan, Rong Yan shakes his head and begins to flutter his eyelids a bit. For some reason he gets light headed from using the Avatar State to speak to his past lives. He stays sitting down until he was able to return to normal. He stood up and began to walk out the door, something whispered into ear, he thought of it as nothing and walked out of the sanctuary. Maybe he was just hearing things.

It was beginning to dark outside of the spirit temple, he definitely needed to head back to the palace. He thought maybe his friends would be there by now since they have all gone their own ways. Preparing for Tanaraq's wedding was a priority as right for everyone within the palace. Tulok and Unaraq, were the first to arrive at the palace hiding Tulok's attire in some chest within his private chambers.

Then came Aloi and Tanaraq, who were carrying a box that contained her dress within, and they put it somewhere in their guest chambers. Rong Yan, was the last of them to return to the palace, he headed to the dining hall where everyone including the chief this time around were all dining. Rong Yan, slides his chair out and slumps down on it, looking down with a bit of emotion.

Aloi, had noticed the look on her friend's face and was concerned, "What's wrong, Rong Yan?"

"Everything." he said.

"Do tell, Avatar." Tulok added.

Rong Yan had looked up at everyone and then sighed, "Its just I don't know if I could stop this war from getting out of hand, and having one nation dominate the other. I don't know how this was all possible, we don't know if the Earth King had sent an assassin to murder Tulok's late cousin, or if the chief had really sent an assassin to intercept and dispatch the Earth King's nephew."

"Well, son..I can say that something's fishy here, but we don't know the real story or the people behind it. I did not send any soldiers to Earth Kingdom soil that's for sure. I wish we could avoid this war too, but everything happens for a reason." Chief Cupun commented.

"Its all only in a point in time where an Avatar must defend the nations of the destroying each other. You must keep balance between all four nations, it is your duty." Cupun assured.

"I suppose so, its just I have to do this alone-" Rong Yan answered before being interrupted.

"No you won't! That's why you have us here!" Aloi said.

"And Unaraq has military experience, I'm sure he can coordinate us around." Aloi added.

"That is true, although I've never been in the army before, my father has taught me some things." Unaraq mentioned.

They continued eating, somewhere in the wilds of the Northern Water Tribe, Palartok, Kimaru, and Senlin, were walking through the snowstorm, heavy coats on their bodies and trying to keep warm as they slowly pushed forward. Palartok points at something in the distance, there had happened to be a little glow not to far from where they were. Looked like a fire, they had walked on over to the place, and had seen a couple trying to keep each other warm, under an arch of rock.

They were blanketed by a thick pelt of an animal, and they were Water Tribe, the man was slender and light brown skinned, he had blue eyes, and looked kind of scruffy. The woman was short, she had long brown hair, purple eyes, she wore clothes that could warm her up like a furnace. Senlin, Kimaru, and Palartok, had planned to rob the couple when Senlin was heading towards the direction of the couple's camp. Palartok, had put his arm in front of Senlin to stop him.

Senlin turns his head to look at Palartok, "I don't think we should rob them...look!"

Senlin, saw that the woman was pregnant she put small animal pelts on her belly to keep it warm so that her baby wouldn't freeze to death. The man had pulled his wife in closer to him when he had seen Senlin, Palartok, and Kimaru just a few yards from them. He was placing his hand around the snow in search of the large stick that his wife had used for support. He grabbed it and then placed it on his lap, if they were here to attack him or his family he would try to kill them with the large thick stick.

Palartok, had approached with his hands in front of him, as in to gesture that they come in peace. The man nodded and said, "Why are you three out here?"

"We're trying to find a way back to the Earth Kingdom. What about you..three?" Palartok asked.

"Three? There's only two of us." the man said.

"I see that your wife is pregnant, that's why I said three. Congratulations by the way." Palartok told them.

"Thank you, we were banished from the city. My uncle lives on the coast in his cottage, he owns a large boat and we were planning on going to the Earth Kingdom." the man explained.

"Really? I can maneuver a boat, I was the former Admiral of the Northern Water Tribe...I..I retired." Palartok lied about the last few words.

"Great, you could get us to the Earth Kingdom, can't you?" the woman asked.

"I certainly can, these are my friends, Kimaru, and S-" Palartok introduced.

"Taofan.." Senlin interrupted.

The woman and the man shook hands with Senlin, Kimaru and Palartok, they had shared the fire, and Palartok was actually kind enough to share some rations with the young couple. They had rested there for the night, however Kimaru could not sleep, he didn't want to.

Morning came and Kimaru was still up he wasn't feeling drowsy either, everyone had awakened and they continued northwest towards the man's uncle's cottage which was by the coast. They had to walk through three miles of snow, they weren't that far from the coast so they were lucky. The village where the igloo was at wasn't too far from their position either. But they left the village when a man had remembered who Palartok was, and claimed that he was going to get the guards on them. So they fled instead of laying waste to the small village.

The morning came, in the palace as well Chief Cupun, had gotten up to awaken Tulok, he was wearing a ceremonial outfit. The outfit represented the dead, it was the color of midnight blue. It truly was dark, where the shoulders were protruded feathers of some kind of fowl. And the cowl was that of an arctic walrus. Tulok's, was alike to his father's the only difference on his was that his had no feathers. As they were preparing things within the palace to head out to the spirit temple. The gang had awakened as well and had completed their daily hygiene and clothed themselves. Walking out they had seen men carrying small horns made out of walrus tusks.

Rong Yan, was trying to remember something and happened to remember that Tulok had mentioned that the days of mourning were upon them. Today, was the viewing and burying of Amak at the Spirit Temple. And tomorrow happened to be the large feast that they held in his honor. These next three days would be exciting for the gang and everyone in the palace.

Meanwhile, in the Southern Water Tribe, Chief Unirak sat on his throne proudly, just patiently waiting for something to happen. His adviser ran into the palace, and handed him a scroll. He noticed the seal on the scroll and it looks like it came from the Northern Water Tribe. He opened the scroll and began to read its contents. After two minutes he rolled the scroll up and got off his throne. His adviser eyed him and then asked, "Something wrong, chief?"

"No, nothing at all. For the next few days you will run the nation. I need you to have a ship prepared for me. I'm leaving to the Northern Water Tribe today." Unirak ordered.

"As you wish, chief. May I ask what the occasion is?" the adviser was curious.

"My daughter Princess Tanaraq, is marrying Prince Tulok, of the Northern Water Tribe." Unirak explained.

"Great news, chief. I will call you when your ship is ready for leave!" the adviser answered as he sped out of the throne room.

Rong Yan, and everyone else had headed out the door of the throne room of the palace, they had all walked down the large set of stairs that led down to the streets of the Northern Water Tribe city capital. Chief Cupun, Tanaraq, and Tulok in one carriage, and Rong Yan, Unaraq, and Aloi in the second carriage each being escorted by six royal guards who were mounted on polar bear dogs in front of them and behind the two carriages.

As the carriages rolled down the streets of the city, the locals had began to gawk at the carriages, maybe the grand leader was going to appear somewhere locally. But they did not know that Amak was dead, nor did acknowledge his existence to them he was just another soldier in the army who was not a relative to them. A few family members of the royals, and some friends were following the carts to the Spirit Temple.

When the carriages had arrived the men had dismounted their animals and began to grab Tanaraq's hand to bring her off the carriage. Same for Aloi, the man had to jump out of the carriages however, Cupun and Tulok had walked onto a long blue carpet leading into the inside of the Spirit Temple.

Inside everyone had walked to the viewing room, the walls were stone, and there were a few paintings here and there, ceremonial decorations scattered the room. There were ten benches across the room, and an altar in the back of the room, all the benches were facing in the direction of the altar. The head shaman had walked onto the small altar, where the altar was slightly right in front of it was an open casket that carried the cold, yet preserved body of Amak.

A line was made when people had gone to see Amak one last time to respect their dues to the young officer. Amak's parents and Chief Cupun sat in the front row, where his mother had been crying his eyes out. Tanaraq sat next to Tulok, since she had to now, the other three of Team Rong Yan sat behind Tulok and Tanaraq. Tanaraq, had gotten up and grabbed Tulok's hand. The two had walked over to the casket, and had seen Amak, that's when Tulok had began scrunch of his face as tears streamed down his face.

Back in the Southern Water Tribe, the adviser runs back into the throne room, and then says, "Chief Unirak, your ship is awaiting, are you ready to depart?"

Two guards had picked up some stuff that Unirak was going to take to the Northern Water Tribe. Clothes, a weapon if things got out of hand with an outside force. His guards had began to escort him to his ship, the ship that would take him to the Northern Water Tribe.

The funeral had begun, and the viewing was still happening, the head shaman and his advocates had begun the traditional ceremony. Where the head shaman had wet a black powder and turned it into paste, he had walked up to the body of Amak, and rubbed the paste on his forehead. The mark was said to protect him on his journey into the Spirit World.

That is when the shaman had moved in front of the casket, all five of them had began to chant a traditional prayer. Other family and friends were sitting about in the giant funeral room within the spirit temple. A taller Northern Water Tribe man was holding an old woman's hand who was also using a sturdy staff to keep her balanced as she longer could be able to stand without something supporting her. The old woman had seen many things in her lifetime, experienced many births and deaths. Her wrinkles had ages of wisdom in between each, it was much harder for her to see.

Chief Cupun, had turned around to see who was coming in, to his surprise his mother was attending the funeral, his uncle was helping her walk to the front. She drops her walking stick and quickly jolts and falls into her first born's arms. Cupun, gently embraced his mother, who let a small tear out of one of her eyes.

She placed one hand on her youngest son's shoulders as she embraced the crying man, shushing him to calm down. Cupun's brother hugged his mother just like Cupun remembered when they were children. Every time Cupun's brother was upset he'd hang onto his mother.

Old woman tells her younger son, "He's a better place now...son, believe me when I tell you this, it is just life..when a leopard seal dies, does its family show signs of sadness? No, they continue life knowing that their family member is in a better place. Of course they're going to miss it, but the spirits regardless of being in the Spirit World, they keep us safe and watch over us! How do you think I felt when your father passed away?"

"Sure I was a bit saddened over his death..we all were. But I realized that's life! Your father, probably is showing Amak around the realm of the spirits. So that your son is not afraid or alone. He's showing him to adjust to his new life, someday my son I will reunite with your father and my grandson." the old woman said.

"Mother don't speak like that." the sobbing man replied.

"Don't you worry, boy. Like I said, its the way of life, I cannot stop death from happening it is apart of life itself and apart of human nature. Everything and everyone will die someday, your brother will die too, your wife, even the Avatar. Although he reincarnates, his soul goes to the realm of spirits and the Avatar spirit reincarnates into new life." the old woman finished.

"Help me up, I want to see Amak." she added.

The old woman, put out her hand, her son nodded and he stood up, and grabbed the woman's wrinkly hand to support her. He walked his mother to the open casket made of hay, sticks, and ice to hold the pieces together. She placed her hand on the casket, and stared at the young man within it. She touched his ever so cold hands, and bent over to give the young man's forehead, she let out another small tear, and she hugged her son. She nodded, and she used her walking stick to get back on to the seat next to her daughter-in-law.

Tanaraq and Unaraq had gotten up from their seats in the third row to look at the body of Tulok's cousin, they stood there just looking at him. Unaraq placing his hand in his pockets took a deep breath. Tanaraq looks over and says, "What?"

"No nothing, I just didn't get to meet the guy. He was probably cool." Unaraq answered.

Unaraq turned to look Amak's father in the eye, he opened his arms, and the heartbroken father took Unaraq's hug. He also hugged Tanaraq, who tried to calm the man. "I know you two didn't know my son. But just being here supports my family in this tough time. Thank you." the man told them.

"We're glad to be here." Unaraq spoke for himself and his sister.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the wilderness of the North Pole, the pregnant woman was shivering as her husband had put another pelt on her. Trying to keep his wife and unborn child warm. Palartok, and Kimaru had gone off awhile back to find a carriage of any sort or at least something that can carry more than three people.

The small carriage that everyone was in except Palartok and Kimaru who were bending the carriage through the thick snow as they decreased the cold temperature in their bodies to a warm temperature were moving the carriage outside. Senlin, was asleep on one corner of the carriage, while the man and his wife were cuddling in another corner of the medium-sized carriage. Off in the distance Kimaru could see a small cabin, with a small dock behind the home.

He points at the cabin off in the distance, "Look!"

Palartok stops moving the snow beneath the carriage with no wheels, rubbing his eyes he looked at the small cabin. Senlin, awakens to the carriage not moving, he opens the curtain and then asks, "What's the hold up?"

"We can barely see the cabin off in the distance.." Palartok replies.

"Then get it to it!" Senlin responded.

Kimaru and Palartok had their small break over, and they began to lift the carriage along with a thick layer of snow and began to move again towards the cabin with the docks. The man looks at Senlin as he closes the curtain, he then asks, "What happened?"

"We're almost near the cabin, my men are now taking us there. You can speak to your friend who lives there if he can give us a lift back to the Earth Kingdom." Senlin said.

The man nodded and went back to cuddling with his wife to keep her warm. The carriage continued to move towards the cabin far off in the distance. Meanwhile, while the funeral and Kimaru and Palartok were moving towards the cabin, there was a large wooden ship painted in a light blue color sailing in the ocean. The captain looked at his world map, and marked their location and that of the Northern Water Tribe.

He signaled a man to tell his guest where they are currently located at, the man went down below the deck into one of the ship's cabin rooms. There in the room it was decorated with ceremonial Southern Water Tribe decorations. A man sat there, mediatating the man entered the cabin, "Uh...chief?"

The man opened his eyes, "Yes?"

"We're off the coast of the eastern Earth Kingdom, in just about five hours we will reach the Northern Water Tribe, Chief Unirak." the man informed the Southern chief.

"Great, I cannot wait to see my children Unaraq and Tanaraq." the chief responded.

Chief Unirak, stands up and leads the man out of the door, closing the door behind him. They both walk above deck to the dinner room, where the ship's cook is making sea urchin stew. The cook, opens the pot and bends the stew into five bowls, four for the other ship's crew, and one for the chief himself.

The ship's crew sat around the table, the chief on the northern end of the table, and the captain on the southern end of the table, the cook grabs on a bowls and places it on the table for the ship's captain. Bending some stew out of the pot. All the men place their foreheads on both fists, and close their eyes, the ship's captain begins to pray to the revered Moon and Ocean spirits to thank them for their meal and another day of life and blessings.

Back at the North Pole, Senlin, Palartok, Kimaru and the couple where in the cabin, their host an old man that the young couple know. "How did you meet these three men?"

"They were traveling in the freezing wilderness, and we invited them to come along with us here. We need you to sail us to the coast of the eastern Earth Kingdom. We're thinking of being dropped off maybe in Lu'an or Chi-Ji." the man said.

"I can take you to Chi-Ji, I was banned from Lu'an awhile back, apparently they don't want foreign fishermen fishing those waters. Apparently the bay waters are owned by a small fishing company. Course, I went back regularly though so that's why I was banned." the old man replied.

"Let's go then! Before the freezing winds get more extreme." the old man added.

The old opened the cabinet behind him, and grabbed his heavy coat and began to put it on. Senlin, Palartok, Kimaru and the young man began to haul all of their things onto the boat out on the docks, while the woman waited for her husband to tell her it is time to go. She grabbed and wrapped a thick fur blanket around her belly to keep her child warm, and she stood there looking out the door waiting.

Fifteen minutes pass and the young man comes back in and grabs his wife's hand and leads her to the docks, the fisherman, Senlin, Kimaru, and Palartok are on the boat waiting for the couple to come. As they reach the end of the docks the man and Palartok lift the young woman onto the boat carefully.

The fisherman began to check the inside of the boat for every safety check. He gave a thumbs up to Palartok and Kimaru who pulled the ropes of the sails, as the sails opened up. They took Waterbending stances and began to concentrate on bending the waves of the water to move the boat. Both taking in deep breaths of air, they began to move their arms in slow circular motions, the boat began to move forward and backward as the waves began to caress it into the deep blue ocean.

Back in the capital city of the Northern Water Tribe, Unaraq, Tulok, Amak's father, Chief Cupun, Issumatar and Oomailiq, lifted up the casket and headed out of temple halls and out to edge of the land and the beginnings of the ocean. Two waterbenders there had bent some water and froze it into a sheet of snow. The six men had placed the casket onto the sheet of snow, the waterbenders again had bent the sheet of snow into the frozen waters.

The crowd that attend Amak's funeral walked outside to where the paul bearers that consisted of Amak's father, Cupun, Tulok, Issumatar, Oomailiq, and Unaraq. The head shaman along with two other shaman walked forward. The two other shaman were carrying vases full of whale oil. Another two carried torches and gave one to Chief Cupun and the other to Amak's father.

The head shaman, grabbed the tome hanging from his waist and opened the tome, scanning through the pages to find the right rite of passage. Four of the shamans back to chant to the Ocean and Moon spirits, as they began to dance to please the spirits and to persuade them to bless the body of evil spirits.

After the ritual was over, two of the shaman had pour all the oil over the casket. Amak's father and Chief Cupun, had laid the torches onto the oil soaked casket, and let the casket burn ablaze. The two waterbenders had then used waterbending to push the snow sheet farther into the waters as everyone watched the casket burn and the snow sheet melt. The sun hid behind the snowy mountains as the sky turned orange.

The sheet of snow was no longer visible and the fire on it was dying out, everyone began to walk away and back to their homes. Amak's father grabbed his wife's hand and supported the woman who was crying and almost tumbling off her feet because of the pain that she felt within.

An hour later, Tanaraq was putting some of things within her chambers into a large chest so that no one could stumble upon them and get them dirty. Tulok, knocked on the door frame, she turned around as she shut the chest, she walks over to him, kisses him. Tulok points at the hallway leading to the dining hall and quietly says, "The cook's have provided the meal for tonight, we're all waiting for you."

They both walk out into the hall, then into the dining hall where everyone was waiting on Tulok to come to the table before making a prayer and eating. They spent their night eating some food, and talking about the funeral all while mourning the death of Amak. Tanaraq, headed for bed in her very chambers that were given to her when she accepted Tulok's proposal for marriage.

Tulok and Unaraq, were waiting for the servants to arrive so that they can prepare the decorations and such for the wedding. Unaraq, put his hand on Tulok's left shoulder and said, "You need to rest..I'll handle all of this."

Chief Cupun, was still awake sitting on his throne as he waited for the arrival of Chief Unirak from the South Pole. He should've been here by now, the traveling usually takes three to four days. The servants arrived and Unaraq, instructed them on what to start with, all of a sudden Cupun's captain of the Royal Guard arrived bowing to Cupun and stating, "Chief Cupun, the Southern Water Tribe chief has arrived in the city, he awaits your greetings."

Cupun, turns to look at Unaraq and orders him, "Unaraq, please go with the captain to escort your father to my palace."

"It'll be pleasing to reunite with my father, chief." Unaraq replied, bowing his head in respect to Chief Cupun. Unaraq walked out of the door with the Captain, as they climbed the carriage, the driver happened to be the captain of the guard, and Unaraq rode inside the royal carriage.

Meanwhile, within the ocean, Kimaru, and Palartok, had taken a break from sailing the boat they were on. It lightly began to rain as the winds began to disperse, and the young man grabbed a garb and covered his pregnant wife with huddling over by her to keep himself warm.

The old man, had awoken up to the drops of rainfall falling on his face, Senlin, grabbed the map, and asked, "Where are we?"

"I know!" the old man bolted up from his chair with the answer.

"We're in the middle of nowhere!" he added.

"That doesn't help." Palartok said.

"We're twenty miles east of the cabin where the docks were at, we've been heading east the entire time." Kimaru explains.

"Seems fair, shall we continue? I mean in case, this light rainfall turns into a storm." Palartok suggests. "Very well, admiral. I'm suprised you're not familiar with these waters." Senlin jokes.

"It's been awhile since I've been around water, or the hardy pressure of being in the navy as the admiral. Leaving the navy, was not the best choice but I'm more free than ever before, general." Palartok responds.

Kimaru begins to bend the waters underneath the boat, Palartok joins him as well moving the boat and continuing east towards the Earth Kingdom. Back in the North Pole, Southern Water Tribe soldiers stood surrounding a certain spot. The carriage had stopped as Unaraq had gulped, he exited the carriage and looked at the soldiers who had familiarized the prince.

The ones in front had moved off to the sides, and there in the middle was Chief Unirak. Unaraq, walked towards his father and reached out his arm to shake his father's own. Unirak, grabbed his son's hand and pulled him into a big hug, he whispers into Unaraq's ear, "I missed you, son."

Unaraq smiles and responds, "Me too, Dad. Cmon you need to get into the carriage, Chief Cupun is awaiting your arrival." He hopped into the carriage followed by his son Unaraq, the royal captain snapped the reigns of the animal as it began to walk, the southern troops followed right behind the carriage, to protect it.

Unirak looks at his son Unaraq, who had aged a little more in the last couple months when traveling with the Avatar. He says, "Unaraq, I haven't seen you or your sister in the past six months, what have you been up to?"

"Well we've been traveling with the Avatar, Avatar Rong Yan has mastered the element of water, we met an old airbender..err actually soundbender or what he called himself a Vibrant One, we encountered a bloodbender, and Tanaraq's getting married." Unaraq explained quickly, before inhaling a large amount of air. His father looks at him with a crazy look then shakes his head in disbelief.

"Some crazy adventures there, Unaraq. That is why I came here to support, my little girl." Unirak replied.

"I'm glad you came, I actually went nuts on her because, she just met the guy." Unaraq told his father.

"Love is crazy feeling, son. I remember when I was a young man, your mother and I had this connection, she said yes and we had only known each other for two weeks. Don't judge your sister." Unirak explained.

"Really? Or are you covering up for her as always?" Unaraq asked.

"No seriously, your mother and I had only known eachother for two weeks and I knew she was my soul mate. So I carved her a necklace and she said yes." Unirak laughed.

The carriage had stopped, it was dark and the soldiers stood outside, the royal captain had opened the carriage door and Unirak signaled Unaraq to go out first. Unaraq went out, and his father followed him. They walked up the large set of stairs, everyone but Chief Cupun and Avatar Rong Yan were sleeping. Those were the only two people up of importance, as the royal guards switched shifts with others to rest for the evening.

The royal captain, walked back into the palace along with Unaraq and Chief Unirak with his elite soldiers. Cupun, stood from his chair, and reached out a hand to Unirak, who shook it. Avatar Rong Yan, bowed to Unirak and the chief did the same as well.

"It is good to see you again, Chief Unirak." Rong Yan greeted.

"And to you as well, Avatar Rong Yan." Unirak returned.

"Now before the wedding there are more pressing matters now that need to be attended to, Unirak. Please..let me and my royal captain lead you to the war room. My general and admiral await our arrival." Cupun requested.

"Very well, Cupun." Unirak responded.

The royal captain, led the way through the halls of the palace for both the Water Tribe chiefs to the back of the palace where the war room is located at, where Admiral Oomailiq and General Issumatar await. They walk through the training grounds and gardens of the Northern Water Tribe royal palace and into the large war room, where just a few days ago Chief Cupun and his twin militants were discussing their positions within the war.

As they arrive Oomailiq greets the southern chief, as Issumatar bows to him as well, getting on the northern end of a large table with a large piece of leather held together by bone crafted daggers on each corner, the world map was painted on the large piece of leather. Chief Cupun, had a small lectern with dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, and red markers within it. These markers indicated the Northern, Southern Water Tribes along with the Western, & Eastern Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation units. Grabbing the light blue and dark blue markers first and placing the dark blue markers onto the map, and light green marks were placed on the section where Ba Sing Se is located at.

"You're declaring war on the eastern Earth Kingdom? I thought we were done with this..this war?" Unirak questioned. "This is why, my general will explain, Unirak." answered Cupun.

"Please be patient Chief it begins with Earth King Qiang Zhen sending a letter for declaration of war to the chief of the Northern Water Tribe, accusing our chief of deploying troops into his land without his approval and assassinating the nephew of the Earth King which happened to be his royal courier. Evidence shows that the weapon lodged into the young man's back was that of a northern soldier. Scout reports indicate that there were merchants and their bodyguards found dead along a road between to towns. We had made no orders to deploy troops onto their soil." Issumatar began.

"Just a few days ago, the Chief's nephew Amak who was an officer in my brother's army was assassinated with white jade poison in the southeastern section of our city. His funeral was held yesterday, the blade he was cut with was laying just a few yards from his corpse. The markings and decorations of the weapon have hinted that this weapon belonged to a soldier of the eastern Earth Kingdom. We chose to accept this war, and battle it." Oomailiq explained.

"That is horrible, but what does this have to do with the Southern Water Tribe?" Unirak asked.

"We require aid from our sister tribe in the South, we need your army and navy to combine with ours, if we want to win this war. I have already sent an ambassador for a peace meeting with the young Earth King. I want this war over before it even starts." Cupun answers.

"Aid granted, Cupun. But do you believe the Western Earth Kingdom military will lend aid to its eastern half?" Unirak inquires.

"That is a possiblity, therefore we should not waste time. Chief Unirak, please after your two days here..when you return to the South Pole prepare your troops for war and plan out positions with your general and admiral. Then send us a scroll here of your planned positions so that we may meet up at some point at the beginning of this continued struggle for peace between our tribes and that of the Earth Kingdom." Chief Cupun finished.

"Very well, is there anything else we should discuss, Cupun?" Unirak asked.

"Have you gotten any reports on General Senlin?" Cupun questioned.

"The last time I have heard of the General, was when Avatar Rong Yan had confronted him at the Southern Air Temple a year and a half ago." Unirak answered.

"Well you do remember my old admiral correct?" Cupun asked.

"Yes, I remember hearing that Admiral Palartok had disappeared after the war." Unirak remembered.

"Palartok, was arrested for treason but when he was supposed to stand trial he ran off to the Earth Kingdom. Until General Senlin had stumbled upon him in the city of Taku, until our esteem Avatar had defeated a dozen of his men. He's with Senlin right now, I don't know what they're up to but I'm sure they both have the heads up on the war." Cupun explained.

"What will we do when he capture the former admiral?" Issumatar interrupted.

"Well general, when we do he will be executed along with General Senlin, the Northern Water Tribe criminal with them and any others who were involved in the continuation of this war." Cupun told Issumatar.

"As you wish, chief Cupun." Issumatar finished.

Hours had passed from that meeting between Chief Unirak and Chief Cupun, the morning came and both chiefs hadn't slept as they were discussing politics and subjects of war with Issumatar and Oomailiq. However, afterwards they were escorted back to the palace by the Capitan of the royal guard, Cupun had gone to sleep in his chambers, and the captain led Chief Unirak to an empty chamber where he could rest for the day, until the afternoon when the wedding was going to occur.

The captain had left and two Southern soldiers had guarded the door of Unirak's chambers. Just a few miles from the palace, some palace servants were preparing a wedding hall. The cooks, were cooking the feast that would be given at the wedding party after the ceremony. The musicians had arrived and were setting up, and practicing the traditional wedding music.

Hours later, the wedding came by, the servant women were dressing up Tanaraq the bride in a large room far from that of the groom's dressing room. She was put into traditional Northern Water Tribe bridal dress, it was dark blue, with white fluffy exteriors, one of the servant women was behind Tanaraq tightening the laces behind the dress, discomforting the bride.

She tied the laces up, and grabbed Tanaraq's hand and spun her around to examine the dress to see if there was anything missing. The bouquet was laying a top a white counter where make up, and ornaments were laying about. The woman had grabbed an ornament that was shaped like the half moon, and placed it into Tanaraq's beautifully decorated hair. The ornament held together Tanaraq's hair loops, that the woman had braided.

Towards the end the woman began putting on Tanaraq's slippers on, these shoes were decorated with the finest jewels that the North Pole's mines had to offer. Then she began to place makeup on the princess' face, to give her the final touch.

In the other room, Unaraq was tightening the collar around Tulok's neck, with the royal insignia of the Northern Water Tribe. Smoothing out Tulok's clothing out Unaraq put his hand on Tulok's shoulder and said, "You'll be alright.."

Tulok nodded, and headed out the door, the music was light, and sounded very joyous when the crown prince entered the room. All eyes were on Tulok as he walked down the hall, his father and family were in the front row. The Temple Shaman, stood behind the altar with a small stone tablet as he waited for the groom and the bride. The room was decorated with a wide range of variety of light blues to dark blues, with blue blossoms coiling around long sticks that were holding the frame around the path that the newly weds must walk down. Tulok reached the end of the path and waited for his bride to enter the room.

Then Chief Unirak, arrived in a ceremonial attire first slightly sticking out his arm, as his beautiful daughter walked in and grabbed a hold of his arm, Tulok turned his head toward his finacee and watched as her sparkling ocean colored eyes lit the room. She walked down the aisle with her father the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. After reaching the end of the aisle she let go of her father, and stood in front of Tulok, letting out a large smile.

Tulok reached out his hands, she placed her hands on his and turned their heads to look at the head shaman. He began to read the stone tablet, "We are gathered here today on this cold yet beautiful afternoon to bring a loving couple together in holy matrimony!"

Several minutes have passed on by, as the head shaman continued to speak about the vows and other things pertaining to the wedding. As he reached the end he began to say, "Crown Prince Tulok of the Northern Water Tribe do you take Tanaraq to be your wife?"

"I-I do!" Tulok answered.

"And do you Princess Tanaraq of the Southern Water Tribe take Tulok to be your husband?" the shaman asked. "Yes. Yes I do!" Tanaraq responded.

"Then it is time to kiss the bride!" the shaman finished.

Tulok pulled his new wife towards him, Tanaraq and Tulok had closed their eyes and passionately kissed each other. The crowd in the wedding hall had risen to their feet and applaud to the newly wed couple. Tulok's family, Unaraq, and Chief Unirak had surrounded Tulok and Tanaraq and joined in a group hug.

Aloi squeezed Rong Yan, because she was deeply joyful for Tulok and Tanaraq, after the group hug dispersed Rong Yan and Aloi hugged Tanaraq and Tulok and congratulated them. Tulok, had held Tanaraq's hand as they both walked out of the wedding hall and onto the streets only to be picked up by carriage that would escort the two to the palace grounds where the feast was to be held.

Half an hour had passed, as the carriage had reached the palace grounds that were heavily decorated with ceremonial items and flowers everywhere. Tables were strewn about as far as the eye could see. The cook's had been seen placing the foods on some tables, servants placing wooden plates with wooden eating utensils.

Napkins were given out to guests, and other servants were placing wooden cups with exotic drinks, water, and juices native to the North Pole. The crown prince and his new wife were led to a large table where Tulok had sat in the middle right, and Tanaraq on the middle left.

Chief Cupun had sat right next to his son Tulok, and Chief Unirak right next to his daughter Tanaraq. Unaraq right next to him followed by Avatar Rong Yan, and Aloi. On the right side next Cupun, was his brother, his sister-in-law, their mother, and the other family the filled the seats in front of them. Issumatar and Oomailiq as well sat in front of Chief Cupun and Chief Unirak. It was just the way that the servants organized the guests around the tables. So that no one would be left out on a seat at a table.

Sokka meets Yue

Tulok and Tanaraq meeting up at the bridge once again.

Royalty including military officials were served first, before anyone began to eat Chief Cupun had stood up from his chair and began a speech. "Thank you all for coming to this glorious wedding. I and Chief Unirak are very overjoyous about the wedding of my son, and his daughter. Let us thank the Ocean and Moon spirits for tonight!"

Everyone had cheered at the speech that the chief had to offer to his family, and people. Then Tulok had stood up and shouted, "Please everyone let us have a moment of silence for my late cousin Amak. Who I wish he had been here but the spirits need him more than we do."

The entire dining area where the feast was being held on the palace grounds grew silent, everyone closed their eyes and began to try and remember vivid memories of the young man who was assassinated.

Tulok after five minutes had shouted, "Thank you for that moment of silence, it means everything to us the royal family. Please! Take your pick at the finest foods on the table and feast!"

Everyone had sat down and began to chow down on the food that was on the table. Hours later, the feast came to an end other people that were invited were partying while a few others were cleaning up the feast tables to be put away. Tulok grabbed his wife's hand and took her to the bridge where they first kissed.

Before they left Tanaraq said, "Shouldn't we stay?"

"I don't think anyone will know we were gone for too long." Tulok replied smiling.

They walked off to the bridge, while in the party there was a dance off between several invitees and the chiefs' themselves. Apparently, both Unirak and Cupun are known for dancing. After a while, the two chiefs square off in the competition, the crowd roars for both of the men. The Southern troops were cheering Unirak and booing Cupun to stop making a fool of himself.

They wink at each other and perform an old dance style when they were young men, as it was very popular in both tribes at the time. The crowd went wild, Unaraq tried to intervene and do the worm, but a guard yanked him out as he dived in and threw him against the ground. The guard shook his head, and Unaraq pouted and walked off in embarrassment.

Rong Yan walked to show off some moves he signaled everyone to back away a few feet. He began breakdancing and bending flames out of his hands and feet as he danced, the people watched in amazement. At the end of his dance routine he spun on his index finger and used airbending to keep himself balanced.

Sokka and Yue kiss

Tulok and Tanaraq share the rest of the evening together alone.

Meanwhile, at the icy shaped bridge, where Tulok and Tanaraq first kissed, they had sat on the top of the bridge. They stared at the full moon, as it lit their eyes, they turned to face each other, closing their eyes, faces slowing approaching the other, their lips meet and have a slow, sensual kiss.

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