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Invasion at the Southern Air Temple Part 1: The Courier
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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November 30, 2012

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Chapter 18: The Smell of War

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Chapter 20: Invasion of the Southern Air Temple Part 2: The Invasion


Rong Yan learns that General Senlin and his forces have planned an invasion on the Southern Air Temple.

Chapter 19: Invasion at the Southern Air Temple Part 1: The Courier

Book 1: Air

Chapter 19: Invasion at the Southern Air Temple Part 1: The Courier

The sun shines brightly at the Jongmu Air Temple, the wind today is a little bit stronger than usual. Leaves have almost completely fallen off the trees, and have made piles of themselves around the trees. Children are working with rakes and gathering the leaves into larger piles. Some children jump into the giant piles of leaves, and begin laugh. Others are rather more serious and want to get the job done.

Southern Air Temple outlook

The Jongmu Air Temple, in its best look.

Rong Yan, is seen jumping off a large set of stairs making a strong enough wind to break his fall. Yong Ten is on the ground, cheering him on and clapping.

"You should be fine on the air cushion. It seems like you have the hang of it." Yong Ten said.

"Yeah but after five attempts, my butt hurts pretty bad." Rong Yan replied.

"Don't worry, it should heal fast. Nothing to worry about." Yong Ten said.

"How did last night go?" Yong Ten asked.

"Did you get the answers you were looking for?" Yong Ten added.

"Yes, I did. I know why the Air Nomads have a pacifist lifestyle, I understand. The Earth King during Avatar Kwan Chun's life time, was a tyrannical ruler. Terrible man, I can see why Kwan Chun is quite famous here to." Rong Yan explained.

"Like what?" Yong Ten curiously asked.

"Avatar Kwan Chun, loved his people. He was outraged about Earth King Yao's heinous crimes against the Air Nomads, besides not allowing them on Earth Kingdom territory. Many that I wish I hadn't learned. Yao, also lied to Kwan Chun, when Kwan Chun had warned him to end the war then and there. Yao counteracted and said that he had split his army into four groups to invade all four temples and cause a genocide. Yet Yao lied, he sent his entire army to the Southern Air Temple, to wipe out the nomads who lived there. But Avatar Kwan Chun, tried to do his best to stop the armies. The more and more came, and he put into thought what one of my past lives had told him. To protect his people, and bring balance between the Earth Kingdom, and Air Nomads, he sacrificed himself to end the war." Rong Yan explained.

"Quite impressive." Yong Ten replied.

"Yao ended the war, though he did not allow any Air Nomads on Earth Kingdom territory at all." Rong Yan finished.

"Is there more?" Yong Ten asked.

"No, after I saw Kwan Chun sacrifice himself, he was gone. But I was in a hut, and saw a woman cradle a crying baby. That was it. It just ended there, and I then returned back to the physical world." Rong Yan replied.

"I see. Maybe you will learn more in the future. I suggest whenever you need to learn more I urge you to meditate on these things. But maybe you should wait if you get dreams, or signs of something. Or maybe a future conflict maybe something will trigger a flashback that you need to know about." Yong Ten explained.

"Will do, Sifu Yong Ten." Rong Yan finished.

Aloi walks up with a half eaten apple in her hand, she leans on a tree, and Rong Yan and Yong Ten look behind them to see her leaning there.

"So..whatcha doing?" Aloi asked, taking another bite of her apple, chewing it softly, while enjoying the flavors of the fruit, making a joyous face.

"Just finished airbending practice for today." Rong Yan replied, stretching his muscles out, and yawning. Yong Ten begins to walk away from Rong Yan and Aloi, then Aloi looks to see if Yong Ten is gone, and out of earshot.

"You ready?" Aloi asked excitedly.

"Ready for what?" Rong Yan asked curiously.

"Soundbending." Aloi replied.

"Yes!" Rong Yan said excitedly.

"Okay well remember soundbending maybe used to disorient someone's hearing for a short amount of time, or to produce sonic booms, that can literally send someone flying fast and most likely far. You can also use soundbending to signal people for certain occasions. It may also be used to cloud the sound of your footsteps for stealth, and hypnotizing people with the sound of your voice. You maybe able to use it to make your voice sound powerful and horrifying to scare people off." Aloi began.

"Soundbending, is when you bend the sound around things, and yes there's sound everywhere. Whether it is your voice, or you're using a different sound to do things." Aloi explained.

Senge is seen from afar, walking towards the stairs to go up to the dormitories. He does not notice Aloi or Rong Yan and continues to walk up.

"Watch this." Aloi said.

Covering her mouth Aloi begins to whisper at the direction where Senge is seen walking up the steps. Senge stops in his tracks and turns around and waves at Aloi, as she waves back. He then continues to walk forward and through the door up into the hallways. Rong Yan looks over Aloi, with a face of shock. Aloi then giggles to the response of Rong Yan's face.

"You have to teach me that!!" Rong Yan excitedly said.

"Actually you're learning that first." Aloi replied.

"Cover your mouth, and whisper, let the wind carry your voice towards the location. Its really simple actually. I'll walk over here, and you whisper to me, think of a mental image like for example think you're close by and whispering right in my ear." Aloi explained.

Aloi runs past two trees, and stands there waiting, Rong Yan covers his mouth, and begins to imagine that he is close by Aloi and begins to whisper, he then whispers "Hello."

Rong Yan shouts, "Did you hear that?"

Aloi responded with a nod of her head, running towards Rong Yan she then says, "Good. I would teach you how to copy someone's voice but not now, some other time. Hmm, how about sonic sense, yes sonic sense."

"Sonic sense?" Rong Yan asked.

"Yes, sonic sense is very important to soundbending. Just wait and listen to any sounds nearby, try and 'see' the mental image in your mind, of the sound around you. If you can see the sound you may bend it." Aloi explained.

Rong Yan stops, he closes his eyes and tries to imagine seeing the sound vibrations around him. After finally getting the mental image in his head he begins to see sound as ripples in the air, like how water ripples. He opens his eyes, and punches a random direction. The sound though not loud, it was strong enough to break the tree behind Aloi in half.

Aloi, looks behind her to the sound of the tree breaking, and sees half of the tree lying on the ground. Looking back at Rong Yan, with a face of shock she then says, "Woah. That was amazing. For a beginner that was amazing."

"Are you sure, you haven't soundbended before?" Aloi added.

"No, this is my first time using sound as an offensive move." Rong Yan said.

"How did you become a soundbender exactly?" Rong Yan asked.

"Well it all started in class, when one day we learned about a sub set to airbending, called soundbending." Aloi began.

"The sister, had told us that soundbending is a very rare skill and only a few airbenders within the world know how to use it. Though it would be very difficult to find such masters in the world. That is when I was fascinated by the art of soundbending that I had to know more." Aloi explained.

"The sister, told us that there was several Avatars that knew how to wield soundbending. I cannot remember any of their names though. But I know that they were females. But there was many airbenders throughout written history both men and women who were able to soundbend." Aloi finished.

"Like Avatar Kwan Chun." Rong Yan murmured.

"Who?" Aloi asked.

"One of my past lives." Rong Yan replied.

"Oh anyways, that night I snuck into the library at the Eastern Air Temple, and then I found the book on the history of soundbending. The book said, that the skill was created by an Avatar thousands of years ago. As I finished reading the large book, the person who wrote it was a scholar residing at Ba Sing Se." Aloi began.

"I had taken my sky bison that same night, along with a map and traveled to Ba Sing Se. People wanted to help a little eight year old girl, find her way home back to the temples but, I wasn't helpless I knew where I needed to go and I just need directions towards the Earth Kingdom capital. After a week or two I had arrived at the city of Ba Sing Se, and traveled from the pens on foot to the university. I asked around for the scholar who wrote this book. I thought he was an Earth Kingdom man, but after I had met the scholar he was an Air Nomad. He had told me that he had left the lifestyle of an Air Nomad but still clung onto our culture. He had rediscovered soundbending himself, he had mastered it." Aloi explained.

"You were eight years old, traveling to Ba Sing Se?!" Rong Yan asked.

"What? I was curious!!" Aloi declared.

Ba Sing Se University

Ba Sing Se university. Aloi traveled there when she was eight to find the scholar who wrote the book.

"I stayed with the scholar for two weeks, and he taught me the basics, and more history on soundbending. After the two weeks, I departed Ba Sing Se back to the Eastern Air Temple, he gifted me with soundbending scrolls. I learned and trained soundbending at night without any supervision. I didn't want to let the Council of Elders know about it. Though after a year of learning soundbending, I was nine and I was trying to master the sonic boom. One day the Council of Elders wanted an audience with me, they told me that every time they had awaken to a loud noise, that I would be outside standing there. They wanted an exact trustworthy explanation on it. I couldn't tell them that I went to Ba Sing Se, without their permission. They wouldn't tolerate it. So I lied to them and told them that I rediscovered soundbending. At first they didn't believe me and they wanted to punish me. I then demonstrated something, by using a soft sound blast to knock over ten books. They were soon fascinated and astonished, they told me they have never seen or heard of a living soundbender throughout their lives. They wanted me to teach a class of soundbending. But I refused, and thought I should keep it to myself. But then I decided to teach the Council of Elders, how to soundbend instead. Within a matter of months they too had master soundbending." Aloi explained.

Film - Waterbending scroll

The soundbending scroll given to Aloi by the Air Nomad.

"You're the only person that I've told besides the Council of Elders at the Eastern Air Temple." Aloi finished.

"Wow that is a great story, Aloi." Rong Yan said.

"Thanks, Foo Foo Cuddlypoops." Aloi thanked him.

"It's getting dark, maybe we should eat and head to bed." Aloi suggested.

"Okay." Rong Yan followed.

Aloi and Rong Yan, ran towards the dining area, and stood in the line waiting. Then waiting in line she thought of asking Rong Yan something.

"So exactly what are level are you heading onto right now?" Aloi asked.

"Tomorrow I will begin on the 31st level of airbending." Rong Yan replied.

They came up to the food stands, and began to gather their food and place it on their trays and walk towards the table they sat in daily. They began to eat their meals, and have a great time with their friends. Yong Ten spoke up, "Tomorrow you'll be learning advanced moves, like the air bomb."

"The Air Bomb? Wow, Rong Yan is far." Jampo asked.

"Yes, he's on his 31st level of airbending." Yong Ten replied.

After half an hour, and a good meal everyone had left, the group had went to their beds to slumber. The next morning came and Yong Ten had been waiting outside on the courtyard. The courtyard was empty, just as Yong Ten requested it to be during the day.

"Good Morning, Rong Yan." Yong Ten greeted Rong Yan.

"Morning, Yong Ten." Rong Yan said likewise.

"Today is the day we continue on towards the last few levels of airbending. First, is the air bomb. And that why the courtyard is clear. Why are we standing on these stairs because, we need jump to do the air bomb. The air bomb, is a technique which creates a powerful, outward-moving air current in all directions around the bender. Usually performed after landing on the ground from above, this airbending form has great concussive force, and the capacity to completely blow away anything within its radius." Yong Ten explained.

"I will demonstrate and you will try it." Yong Ten added.

Yong Ten used the air jets technique to give him a boost into the air, he began to bend the air around him, the air then began to pressurize, as he fell down slowly, yet heavily, landing on his feet, in a rolled up position. As Yong Ten impacted with the ground, a large wave of air blasted in all directions around him. A few benches slid across the courtyard, and some of the trees that were affected by the air bomb's power, had their leaves completely blown off of them.

Yong Ten walked back up the stairs, and Rong Yan had placed his palms downwards, and used air jets to shoot himself into the air, bending the currents of air around himself he dropped down to the ground in a rolled up position and the air blasted in all directions, blasting a large pile of leaves, and leaving them scattered around the courtyard.

"Next lesson, the move I created years ago when I was a young boy. The Air Vortex. This technique is used to disorient enemies, and make them dizzy. You spin your arms closer to you. And the mini tornadoes will form, then you send them off to the target with a blast of air. I'll demonstrate." Yong Ten explained.

Yong Ten, took a deep breath then spun his hands close to him, and he then formed a little tornado and shot it off towards the end of the courtyard. It picked up some leaves and sped off the courtyard and dispersed in the air.

Rong Yan took a deep breath and then began to spin his hands close to him, forming a little tornado he shot it off towards the courtyard. It spun to the end of the courtyard and dispersed.

"Great, now let's try the air blades. The air blades are a more offensive move than its typical of airbending principle, this involves focus; slicing air currents that can cut through stone or timber with relative ease. This is frequently conjured with a staff rather than the body, using the narrow profile of the object to create a more focused and precise air movement. This move could prove fatal if used on an individual. I will demonstrate with my arm today." Yong Ten explained.

Yong Ten, spun around in a 360 degrees, and carried some wind in his right arm, bending the wind he shot it towards one of the trees, the air yet thin, it cut through the trunk of the tree, like a hot knife through butter. The halves of the tree slowly slid off each other, and the top half had crashed onto the ground.

Air shield

Yong Ten performing bending the air in the shape of his body, to create the air wake.

Rong Yan, attempted the move and spun around in a 360 degrees, with both arms he sent two air blades towards two trees, the air blades have flew past each other, and the blade on the right had hit the left tree, while the left blade hit the right tree.

"I'm impressed at your skill. You're are starting to become a master at this now." Yong Ten complimented Rong Yan.

"Now, the air wake, by running in a circle and instantly building massive momentum, a master airbender can shoot a blast of highly compressed air shaped like the user's body at a target. This move seems to have extremely high concussive force. These monks have made a dummy, you will use the air wake, on this dummy stuffed with wheat." Yong Ten ordered.

Yong Ten ran in a circle faster and faster, as he built momentum, he then shot the blast of air in the shape of his body towards the end of the courtyard. A stone bench was lifted, and it flew off the courtyard ground.

Rong Yan's turn came by, as he ran in a circle for a while, each time he came around in a perfect circle he began to pick up speed, blasting the compressed air, in the shape of his body towards the dummy. The dummy exploded on impact with the air wake. Wheat and whatever was used to build the dummy had fallen back down to the ground. Wheat was still falling down but slowly.

"The mini-tornado, can also be made in various sizes, the bigger tornadoes will require you to run in a circle for awhile create it. We won't create one yet. It'll be used for when you are in great danger. Just think of the air wake, but instead of bended the air into the shape of your body, you will shoot the air still spinning at your target." Yong Ten said.

"Looks like we're good for today. Go rest, you need it." Yong Ten added.

Rong Yan walked up the stairs to the dormitories and slumped onto the bed. Rong Yan fell asleep soon after, he was exhausted. Tomorrow was the big day, the last level of airbending. He was also announced a master airbender. After mastering airbending, he'll have to leave the Southern Air Temple and move on. Taking Aloi along. Though he'll miss the friends he's made here.

The next morning came, as the sun's rays have hit Rong Yan's eyes, he awoke. Hearing knocking on the door, he changed quickly. Aloi, Senge, and Jampo were asleep, opening the door it was Yong Ten. Rong Yan walked out the door, and they headed towards the east courtyard. Since that's where most of Rong Yan's lessons were at.

"Today, you'll be learning the most difficult move that an airbender can learn. This one is called the air spout. master airbenders are able to rotate and control the direction of the air spout enough to levitate themselves off the ground and remain in the air for as long as they wish to or can maintain it." Yong Ten explained.

With that, Yong Ten jumped and spun in the air, faster and faster, he stopped spinning, but used his palms to continue to spin the air spout, he bended the spout, as it bended over in an arc and safely dropped him onto his feet. The spout vanished soon after.

Rong Yan, did the same by jumping into the air, and spinning in the air, his air spout was rather short, he had lost control of the spout and fell out of mid air, on the way, he bended the wind around himself and created an air cushion. The cushion broke his fall and he safely landed on the ground.

He attempted another try, doing a jump spin into the air with the use of airbending to boost himself into the air, as he jumped and spun at the same time, he used his arms to bend the air around himself, reaching to a certain length he stopped spinning and stood still in the air spout. The air spout continued to spin even though Rong Yan did not. Stopping the spout, it dispersed and Rong Yan used an air cushion to break his fall.

A bison had flew over to the courtyard where Rong Yan was training the air spout. Quickly and desperately an Earth Kingdom courier had dropped himself off of the sky bison. The Air Nomad who was riding the bison jumped off the bison and ran alongside of the courier towards the Avatar and his airbending teacher.

The short man, had run towards the Avatar and ruffled through his satchel, finding the scroll from Senlin, he knelt down and handed the Avatar the scroll. Rong Yan hands the scroll to Yong Ten, opening the scroll he begins to read.

"This is former general Senlin, of the Council of Five and the Earth Kingdom army, I know exactly where you are hiding Avatar. I'm traveling along with my former comrades to the Jongmu Air Temple. The next couple of days, will be your last. You won't stop me, neither will the coward monks that you're hiding behind. When I find you, I will end you."

Nothing more on the scroll was written, though there was ink splattered at the bottom of the parchment. Yong Ten gasped as he read the scroll out loud. The Air Nomad that had brought the courier here was also shocked.

"Please, can you stay here. We may need you to explain this to the Council of Elders. Come with me, we must hurry!" Yong Ten frighteningly said.

Yong Ten, Rong Yan, the Air Nomad, and the Courier ran towards the Council of Elders' meeting room. Yong Ten, Rong Yan, the Air Nomad, and the Courier had barged into the room.

Geetsan looks up to see Yong Ten, and everyone in shock, and fear. With a look of concern on his face on what was going on he asks, "Monk Yong Ten, what is the matter?"

"The general who has escaped from the Ba Sing Se prison, he knows where the Avatar is at, he wants to end his life. He is bringing along men from the war to invade the temple! We must do something!" Yong Ten replied.

"What?!" Shaohao shouted in disbelief.

"The former high ranked member, of the kingdom's army, is known to manipulate metal." Shang Xi added.

"There is no way that Senlin can reach the air temple, we have sky bison. You cannot get onto air temple grounds without a bison." Li Shen said.

"Please High Monk Geetsan, we must do something. General Senlin, is a master earthbender. Who knows, how many tricks he has up his sleeves!" Rong Yan begged.

"Very well then." Geetsan said.

"Please have a scribe write a call to arms scroll for Earth Kingdom reinforcements from Taku. They should arrive here before General Senlin and his forces arrive. I want them to be the resistance and defend the temple." Ji ordered.

The Air Nomad, lowered his head, as into bow to High Monk Ji, after that he scurried out of the meeting room. Geetsan looks at Rong Yan then says, "For your final test, you will help the resistance defeat General Senlin and his forces. Only then will you become a master."

"As you wish, High Monk Geetsan." Rong Yan replied bowing his head.

"Almighty bender of four, the sanctuary is open to you. Use it wisely." Shang Xi added.

"Thank you, High Monk Shang Xi. I will. I know just who to talk to." Rong Yan said.

Bowing their heads to the elders they all began to leave when Li Shen said, "Wait!" Rong Yan, and Yong Ten looked back.

"Good Luck, Avatar Rong Yan." Li Shen said.

"Monk Yong Ten, please take the courier back to Xi Tong Village, so that he may travel on from there to the city of Taku." Li Shen ordered.

"Yes, High Monk Li Shen." Yong Ten replied.

The Air Nomad, ran through the curtains and handed the courier the scroll, with an orange ribbon wrapped around it, and a large wooden button on it engraved with the Air Nomad insignia. The courier placed the scroll into his bag, and Yong Ten led the way back to the sky bison caves.

Rong Yan ran towards the air temple sanctuary finally reaching the door, he blasts air out from both palms and into the tubes of the large wooden door. The air passes through the tubes, and makes a sound, the wooden locks flip over, and the door slowly opens wide.

Rong Yan, walks to the center of the sanctuary, and sits down. He begins to clear his mind of everything, and begins to meditate. After a while, of meditating, a blue figure descends from Rong Yan's body. There sitting across the stone floor sat Avatar Ku Tei.

Aang talks to Roku's spirit

Rong Yan, and Ku Tei sitting on opposite sides facing each other, discussing the problems that are about to occur.

"Avatar Rong Yan, it is good to see you." Avatar Ku Tei greeted.

"It is nice to see you too, Avatar Ku Tei." Rong Yan responded.

"General Senlin, of the Earth Kingdom army. He's after me, he has a personal vendetta on the Avatar and wants revenge. He's going to invade the Southern Air Temple, with his forces." Rong Yan said.

"What?! No, he has no right to do so." Ku Tei replied.

"That is so like Senlin. Have you mastered airbending yet?" Ku Tei asked.

"Yes, but my final test is to defeat Senlin." Rong Yan replied.

"The Council of Elders, have sent a courier to Taku for reinforcements. Yet I'm beginning to think that Senlin will reach the air temple before they do. High Monk Li Shen, said that there is no way that General Senlin can reach temple grounds without a bison." Rong Yan explained.

"High Monk Shang Xi, mentioned that General Senlin can bend metal as well." Rong Yan added.

"I know Senlin, he will do anything in his power to get here. He's a master earthbender, he will reach the temple somehow, or he will kill an Air Nomad and take his bison in order to reach the temple grounds." Ku Tei said.

"But why me? Why now?" Rong Yan asked.

"General Senlin, betrayed my nation. He wanted to end me at the final battle of the 30 year war, though I prevailed and locked him in jail. What I want to know is how did he escape jail? Senlin is not a metalbender. That is impossible, we the Council of Five would have known if he was able to bend metal. Yet none of us really knew Senlin's secret life, chances are he is a metalbender." Ku Tei said.

"But why me?" Rong Yan asked.

"It seems, that Senlin had never heard of my death, but when he heard that I had passed on, he knew that the next Avatar would be born into the Fire Nation. He knew that it would be a perfect plan to get revenge now, while the Avatar is still training. When he learned that you were in the Southern Air Temple training for airbending, he had learnt that you had just only mastered firebending. Meaning you're vulnerable to him. Without the four elements you won't be able to defeat Senlin." Ku Tei replied.

"I can beat him, Ku Tei! I know so!" Rong Yan shouted.

"No, Rong Yan. Take my wisdom, you are too young and still in training, try your best to at least injure Senlin. Do not face him head on, General Senlin, is a very powerful earthbender he will use his hat trick of moves to try and harm you. Avoid him at all costs, once you are a fully-realized Avatar, face him, and do what I did not." Ku Tei replied vanishing.

"What did he mean by that?" Rong Yan asked himself.

Thinking about what Ku Tei last said, he began to put the puzzle together.

"Avatar Ku Tei, does not want me to face General Senlin head on just yet. I should master the other two elements, and end his life. Avatar Ku Tei, did not kill him, because, he considered it wrong." Rong Yan replied his own question.

Meditating once more, another figure appeared sitting across the ground from Rong Yan, it was Avatar Kwan Chun.

"Avatar Kwan Chun, I need advice. General Senlin, is going to invade the air temple." Rong Yan pleaded.

"Avatar Rong Yan, here is my advice to you, you must do everything it takes to end threats that disturb the peace of the world. Yet you're still young and not the master of four elements. I suggest you wait, on the confrontation with this general. Do whatever it takes to defend my home. I am always with you if you require aid." Kwan Chun replied vanishing into thin air.

"Both Ku Tei and Kwan Chun have told me the same thing. I'll try to fight his forces off, and help the resistance, and hope that I don't face General Senlin, but if I do I'll try my best to fend him off, before fleeing." Rong Yan said to himself.

Leaving the sanctuary, the doors behind Rong Yan shut tight. Meanwhile, in Xi Tong village, Yong Ten is waving good bye to the courier, Yong Ten snaps the reins of Jippo's horns. He flies off, and the courier runs towards the pens. He grabs his ostrich horse and begins to ride out of the village and towards Taku.

General Senlin, and the Water Tribe rebels are seen riding on ostrich horses south towards the air temple. They stop on the way by a village, the people look peaceful going about their daily lives.

Meanwhile, within a home of the village, a woman is saddened and crying, the a doctor has told her that she is infertile, and that her body cannot nurture a developing baby. Admiral Palartok, jumps off his ostrich horse, walking behind the ostrich horse, within a basket, there is a crying baby, wrapped around in a light green cloth.

Mining village

The village that Admiral Palartok, General Senlin, and the Water Tribe rebels stop at.

Palartok, walks into the village with the crying baby in his arms, the door to the crying woman's house was open. Yet she did not see Palartok, walking over to her doorstep without knocking, he left the crying baby on the doorstep. Knowingly, that who ever lives there will adopt the child and raise it.

Palartok, walks away, looking back at the child and then back towards his squad. After he gets back on his ostrich horse, he snaps the reins on the animal and they ride on. The woman hears crying on the doorstep of her opened door, and she walks over to see that a little baby girl wrapped in cloth was left on her doorstep.


The woman, holding the baby that Palartok had left on her doorstep.

She grew over joyous, maybe the spirits have heard her cries for a child, and have granted her the wish by giving her one. The woman picks up the crying baby, and begins to sing a soft lullaby to it, that calms the baby down. Looking up at the orange sky, she whispers to herself, "Thank, the spirits." Lightly hugging the baby, she walks back into her home.

After about two hours, of continuous riding, the sky is beginning to darken, an ostrich horse carrying the courier swiftly passes by. Senlin and the squad stop in their tracks, Senlin gets off his ostrich horse and begins to whisper in the ear of a Water Tribe archer.

"I believe, the services of the courier is no longer needed. Kill him!" Senlin whispered.

The archer, brings out his bow, and reaches into his quiver for an arrow, placing the arrow on the bow, he pulls the string back, and aims, gloating over the misfortune of the courier, the archer replies, "My pleasure, General."

Yuyan Archer

The archer who killed Xinshi the Courier.

The courier, races towards the city of Taku, the archer releases the arrow, the arrow flies through the air like a bullet, the courier snaps on the reins of the ostrich horse signaling it to go faster, all of sudden everything goes black for the courier, he falls off the ostrich horse, who continues on the direction that he was heading in. The satchel falls alongside of the already dead courier, in a pool of blood the scrolls scatter out of the satchel and become stained red by the courier's flowing blood.

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