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March 21, 2013

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It's been a couple days. Aang has been doing measurements day and night. It's morning and Aang is standing on near an area on the island. The Gaang and kids approach Aang.

Aang: Well? What do you think everyone?

Katara: Well if this is where you think the tool should go.

Aang: Well, it's not my decision to make. It still needs an approval from a special someone. Tenzin, look around the area and tell me if you think it's good

Tenzin rushes over to the area and starts walking around.

Sokka: I think what you're doing for Tenzin is nice. I'm sure he'll pick this spot, and I'm sure he'll like the time honored tool.

Toph: Like he has much of a choice, I mean its not like you can go back to the Northern Air Temple and return it if he doesn't.

Aang: I know he'll love it. He's a true airbender in training, just like I was at his age, except when I was his age I didn't know I was the Avatar. I didn't know that I would freeze myself in a block of ice and wake up finding out that I'm the only one of my people left. 

Aang's proud smile turns into a sad frown. Katara puts her hand on his shoulder

Katara: But you're not the last airbender anymore. Tenzin is here now. His future family of airbenders will come around one day.

Katara smiles at Aang and Aang smiles back. Tenzin runs back over to Aang happily

  • smiles at Aang*

Tenzin: It's the perfect spot for the tool!

Aang: Well I guess the area is officially chosen now that we have the future owners approval. So how about in addition, we get the air ball game?

Katara: *annoyed tone* Aang!

Aang: Relax Katara, I was only kidding.

Tenzin: About that, I was thinking since this island is about where future children will live and learn airbending, the game will only distract them anyway. Lets just stick with the spinning gates.

Aang: Wise decision my son. 

Katara: So are we ready to get going to the Northern Air Temple?

Aang: Yeah. We should leave in a couple hours. I just know the spinning gates will be a perfect addition to the temple, and anyone can get through the gates.

Sokka: Even if you can't airbend?

Aang: Yeah, it's a pretty basic lesson, all we need to do is get it.

Sokka: That shouldn't be a problem. Remember we have friends that live there.

Aang: Yeah, Teo might still live there, I'm sure he'll understand why I need it.

A few hours pass and the Gaang and kids are on Appa. Tenzin has an excited facial expression

Tenzin: I can't wait to see the Northern Air Temple. It will be my first visit to one of the four temples! 

Lin: Yeah I'd rather stay home and practice earthbending.

Tenzin: Why are you so down on this? Aren't you excited?

Lin: I'd be more excited if there was anything interesting there.

Aang: Oh there is Lin. Just because they turned the temple of my people into the temple of the latest technology doesn't mean that everything isn't the same. 

Katara: We're here!

It shows a the Northern Air Temple on a mountain top. It's standing tall and proud. Tenzin is amazed.

Tenzin: Wow! The temple is amazing!

Lin: Whatever, it's just a bunch of bricks and shingles. 

Tenzin: Do you have to take the fun out of everything?

Lin: Maybe.

Appa flies to the temple and lands. Everyone slides off of Appa and look around. From around the corner comes a person in a wheelchair and approaches them. It is Teo.

Teo: Aang?

Aang: Teo? Is that really you?

Aang wraps his arms around Teo and gives him a quick hug.

Teo: What brings you back to the Northern Air Temple?

Aang: Well I built my son, Tenzin a new temple near Republic City a couple decades ago, and I want him to have the time honored tool that spins around and it just so happens to be here. Is it okay if I can have it for my son's future home?

Teo: You don't need to ask me. If you want something from this temple it's yours. This was the home of your people first.

Aang: Thank you, Teo. Come on everyone I know exactly where it is! 

Aang starts running around the corners with the Gaang and kids following after him. After the fourth corner they turn, they make it to the spinning gates, which are barely even moving.

Aang: Here it is! 

Katara: It will be a perfect edition to the temple Aang.

Tenzin: Can I try it out?

Aang: Lets say we make this a little interesting. Whoever makes it through the spinning gates is the winner.

Sokka: What if more than one person makes it through the gates?

Aang: Then we just keep going until there's a winner. I'll go first for a demonstration.

Aang creates a gust of wind causing the gates to spin quickly. He starts walking through the gates and makes it from one side to the other.

Aang: Alright, who wants to go next?

Tenzin: I do!

Tenzin walks through the gates without touching any of them. He is amazed

Tenzin: I DID IT!

Aang: You're at natural just like your father.

Aang smiles at Tenzin

Sokka: I gotta try this!

Sokka runs to the gates and manages to get through a few of them, but he loses his balance and falls to the ground.

Sokka: How do you airbenders do this?

Katara: My turn!

Katara walks through the gates twisting and turning ever so easily and doesn't touch any of them. Aang smiles at her impressed

Aang: Katara, I think you're the first person to get through those gates who isn't an airbender. 

Katara: Uh Sokka, are you gonna get off the ground anytime soon?

Sokka: Give me a minute, I still feel pain!

Toph: I'm gonna sit this competition out. 

Sokka: Why?

Toph: Do I really have to answer that question for you?

Sokka: Right, sorry.

Bumi goes through the gates next, but one hits him on his side and he falls. Lin tries next, almost making it, when one hits her on her back and she falls. Tenzin goes through the gates again, almost exiting when a gate smacks him on his side and he falls. 

Aang: I wish you the best of luck, sweetheart.

Aang leans in to kiss Katara, but Katara playfully puts her hand in front of her face

Katara: Oh no. No kisses until someone wins this, but I wish you the best of luck as well.

Katara easily walks through a few gates, but one hits her on her back and she falls dramatically. Aang rushes over to Katara in panic

Aang: KATARA! Are you alright?

Katara: I'm fine, just go through the gates!

Aang rushes through the gates quickly without touching any and runs back over to Katara.

Aang: I didn't want to win this way, but I'm proud of you for making it that far.

Aang smiles at Katara, leans in, and kisses her.

Aang: Enough with the competition, lets get this treasure to Republic City!


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