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Thirst for Blood
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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February 16, 2014

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The death of one, is the death of another.

Chapter 18: Thirst for Blood

Book 2: Water

Chapter 18: Thirst for Blood

The sun arose in the Northern Water Tribe, Tulok awoke up and early, as well as the chief as always Cupun had to be up early in the morning to attend to his daily duties as the chief. They next to each other on the dining table and Tulok began to tell his father about his idea.

"Father we must talk." Tulok began.

"What is it, Tulok?" Cupun asked.

"Its about the princess from the Southern Water Tribe. I think I'm in love with her, I think she's the one. Call me crazy, father but I don't think I've ever felt like this about any other girl I've had any relations with." Tulok explained.

"Son, you're nuts. You just met the girl yesterday, how could you be in love with her that quick?" Cupun answered. "But father when we locked eyes with each other it was like love at first sight, and she feels the same way too. I feel like our love is hotter and would burn brighter than a firebender's flame." Tulok said.

"I don't think Chief Unirak will agree with your feelings, son. A father is very disagreeable when it comes to his daughter. A father only wants what is best for his daughter, not that I am saying you're not good enough for her. But you should act more like a chief, why don't you try being more like your cousin Amak?" Cupun asked.

"Amak? Father, Amak is boring he's no fun!" Tulok assured.

"Amak, is a very serious young man. I think you should look up to him and act like him." Cupun mentioned.

"Yes but I'm the prince and heir to the throne, my cousin is just an officer in our army." Tulok bragged.

Tulok and Cupun, continued to talk after fifteen minutes of conversating and eating their breakfast, they departed ways. Tulok went off to attend to some errands within the city, he left behind a note for Tanaraq to meet him at a certain time and a certain place.

An hour passed, when Tanaraq awoke first from everyone in the gang, she dressed all awhile everyone was asleep. She had walked out of the chambers and into the hallways, she was halted by a guard, and he gave her the note that was written by Tulok.

"For you, princess." the guard said, handing her the note. She quickly opened the note and read what the prince had to say.

"Dear beloved Tanaraq,
If you're reading this note I hope my guard has given it to you, I will be away from the palace in the morning while I attend some errands, I would like for you to meet me in the central park by the grand fountain at sundown before the moon rises to the sky. When we meet I will have a great surprise for you.

Tanaraq began to wonder what the prince had in mind thoughts began to scour her head trying to figure out what the surprise was, she closed the letter and put it in one of her pockets.

Snow began to fall from the skies now, the bald man was bothered by the presence of Senlin, Palartok, and Kimaru. They had made a new friend the gang member from Hei Shichang hung out with them during the trip. However, he was not heading for the Northern Water Tribe. He wishes to resume life in the Fire Nation, in the winter the Fire Nation isn't so cold, it is actually quite warm.

The bald man, sat on opposite sides of the ship from where Senlin and his cronies were. Palartok, bent some snowflakes into water, and let it hit the floor, he looked up ahead, and there was a snow-covered cavern in the distance. Senlin, began to feel a little cold, he reached into his pack and put on the dark blue heavy coat his friend Xuen gave him. It keeps the cold out, and keeps the warmth in.

The large ship entered the cavern, and began to anchor by the docks, it blew a loud horn although the cavern was somewhere in the wilderness of the North Pole. When the ship finally docked, people began to get off Kimaru, Senlin, and Palartok exchanged goodbyes with the Hei Shichang gangster, and headed down the ramp off the ship. Palartok, inhaled a good amount of cold air, and exhaled it through his mouth, opening his eyes, he thinks to himself, "Ahhh, it is good to be back home!"

He looks at Kimaru, who doesn't look to happy to have returned to the Northern Water Tribe. There's many reasons why, but he believes that the citizens won't recognize him or at least know that he had fled to the Fire Nation. Senlin, and the group begin to prepare themselves for the journey into the city, Senlin walks over and talks to a man, and asks him, "How far is the city from here?"

"Ehh..I'd say about..three hours..if you need a lift I'll take you with me." the man gracefully replied.

"Forgot to mention, its three hours by cart, by foot its a mere five to six hours." the man added.

Senlin nodded, and signaled Kimaru, and Palartok, to follow him and the man to his cart so that they could get to the city faster. They assist the man with carrying and putting things in his cart, the cart will be pulled by a polar bear dog. They tend to be vicious and dangerous creatures, however, they can be tamed, they are often used to pull carriages or carts, and sometimes they're used in war by the armies of the Water Tribes.

They all find a way to fit in the cart, and the man snaps the reins on the polar bear dog, the animal squeals and begins to pull the cart all awhile it is running. Kimaru, feeling a little cold begins to heat his body is keep warm. It has been quite awhile that Kimaru has set foot in either of the poles, it'll be awhile before he can get used to the harsh temperatures of the wild and the temperatures within the city.

"So what do you do for a living?" Senlin asked the man.

"I am a drug dealer. I sell illegal drugs of course, and sometimes on the side I have weapons and/or poisons. The crates I had you load on my cart all contain drugs and poisons. Ever heard of the white jade leaf?" the man answered.

"No." Kimaru commented.

"Well if the imbiber was to turn it into tea, not knowing its properties one can find himself in a whole lot of trouble. It shuts the windpipe not allowing any air in or out of the lungs, it also gives you a nasty rash that makes you look bloated. But if extracted into a liquid makes a very potent poison." the man explained.

"Enough to kill a person?" Senlin inquired.

"Oh sure." the man responded.

"Are you looking for some?" the man asked.

"A bottle would be nice." Senlin smirked.

"Well its on the house if you want it." the man continued.

"Need to rid of someone?" the man questioned.

" the city..we're looking for a good target!" Senlin promised.

Aloi, Unaraq, and Rong Yan, were already awake they were chowing down on some food that the chief's cooks had made for them. Tanaraq, though was no where to be seen, Unaraq, knew she was most likely making googly eyes with the chief's son Tulok. Unaraq, had let out a large burp, Aloi, was a little disgusted, in return for Unaraq's bad table manners she kicked him in the shin.

"OW!" Unaraq blurted out.

He scrunched up his eyebrows, and dropped his leopard seal jerky on his plate, he got out of his chair angry and left the dining hall. Rong Yan, finished his meal and began to happily walk out before Aloi boomed out, "Where do you think you're going?!"

"I-I was go-" Rong Yan said, before being interrupted by Aloi.

"Nope. You have soundbending training to do today!" said.

"I'm done, let's go." she added.

She grabbed Rong Yan, by the hand and with the other she picked up the small wooden chest containing soundbending scrolls within and took him to the back of the palace where Chief Cupun's training grounds were located at. There in the training grounds they could see royal guards training, and hacking away at training dummies with a gray flag on them. The grounds were at least 12,000 square feet, it was large piece of land, with equipment and other tools to help trainees and veterans alike strewn about. They walked down a medium-sized set of stairs, onto a stone built ring, with benches on all four sides of the ring. In the middle of the ring, there was a painted Water Tribe insignia, she stood on one side carrying the small chest in her arms, as she set it beside her.

Rong Yan, had gotten on the other side of the ring, awaiting for a demonstration on a move, so that he may copy her movements and hopefully succeed in executing the move himself. She knelt down, and slid the small wooden piece to one side to open the chest. Inside she could see various small scrolls within it, there must've been at least eight or ten scrolls within.

Taking one of the scrolls, she slightly opens it and begins to look at some of the moves that are to be practiced in the deception branch of soundbending. Her eyes scan back to the first move. She then speaks, "This one seems interesting."

"Okay, this one is called Mimic, says here that it is often used in stealth for various things one of them is to persuade the prey into believing it is someone they know, or sometimes can be used for distraction. The bender must bend the sound coming out of one's mouth, and surround themselves with the sound of the person's voice. Speaking will alter oneself's voice to the voice of the person they choose to use." Aloi read. Rong Yan, feels a little confused to the description of the move Mimic, but at the same time it sounded very interesting and he wanted to learn it. There is a lot of fun he could use with that neat trick.

"I'm assuming you'd want me to say thing, just so you could use my voice." Rong Yan said.

Aloi, quickly soundbended Rong Yan's voice, she pulled the his voice towards around her then she began, "I am the almighty Avatar, kneel before my power!"

"I don't sound like that, nor do I act like that." Rong Yan commented.

"Yes you do!" Aloi smiled and giggled.

"Okay stop using my voice for your shenanigans." Rong Yan said annoyed.

"Nope." Aloi bubbled.

Rong Yan, had soundbended Aloi's voice, and used it to get back at her, "AH HA!" he shouted.

"I like to fart in the tub." Rong Yan admitted.

"I do not!" Aloi blurted.

"Yes I do!" Rong Yan continued. Aloi, blew air out of her mouth, sending Rong Yan flying across the ring a few feet, before falling on his rear he quickly bent an air cushion under him to break his fall.

"HEY!" Rong Yan shouted.

"You were annonying me." Aloi responded.

"Now you know how I feel!" Rong Yan concluded.

Aloi, ignored her friend, and continued to look at the scroll for the next move she then put the scroll down. And began the next lesson with Rong Yan, she explains, "The Screeching Bomb, the bender creates a frequency of sound strong enough to permit the enemy from hearing. Disorienting the enemy's hearing for a short awhile, caution this move if used for practice and done wrong can break someone's eardrums. One must protect themself with a Sound Barrier. Practitioners should use a muting shield as well."

"Ooo, this one can be a little dangerous, but as long as you make a sound barrier it'll counter the screeching sound by muting it." Aloi added.

Rong Yan, created some sound and began to bend the sound and air around himself to protect himself from the screech bomb. Aloi, bent some sound from Rong Yan's shield, and amplified the sound just a bit, with one hand she created a sound barrier to deflect the sound and mute it. With the other she released the sound bomb, as it explodes, Rong Yan nor Aloi feel nothing or hear the strong sound of the bomb's explosion.

Birds fly off and others begin to crash into each other and fall into the bushes in the training grounds, a few of the nearby trainees and trainers block their ears from the screeching sound, some of them had their hearing disoriented and couldn't hear a thing. After a few minutes their hearing returned to them, they were a bit angry but couldn't do anything because the chief allowed them to use the training grounds to brush up on their moves if needed.

Picking up the scroll again, she begins to look at how the next move is done, its really easy actually as all she has to do is amplify her voice and scream. Aloi says, "Very good, pupil."

"This next move is called Wailing, often used when a soundbender is in trouble and has no use of their limbs. This move was deprived from a firebender's Dragon Breath, the user must amplify their screams this move depending on how loud the sound is could also disorient the enemy's hearing, and/or be used for destruction." Aloi explained.

"When I wail I want to redirect the sound towards the sky. That should prevent any thing from happening, in this instance the trainees and trainers getting upset. Ready?" she added.

"Ready." Rong Yan agreed.

Aloi, took it a deep breath and let out a loud scream, the sound was deafening, although Rong Yan was prepared, he soundbended the continuous wailing, and shot it into the sky. He copied Aloi only this time, he wailed into upwards to avoid making a mistake and deafening his friend.

Once again picking up the scroll she looks at two of the moves, one of them happens to be a shield that can deflect sound and objects back to the enemy. And the other created frequencies in the enemy's brain, altering the person's brainwaves and knocking them out unconscious, the practitioners often use it on animals. As deceptive soundbenders' care a little less about life than Airbenders or Melodic Soundbenders who stick to the rules and aspects of Air Nomads.

"Okay one of them seems to be the sound barrier we made. Its defensive move. It is able to reflect objects even soundwaves." Aloi began.

"We'll skip that one since we know how to make sound barriers already. The next one is called, Brain Frequencies, says in the scroll that there are different forms for the brain frequencies, they alter the brainwaves of the target and can induce the person into a certain mood or even put them in a case of unconsciousness, hypnosis, and even paralysis. The unconscious one, you need to amplify a ringing noise into someone's ear pretty loud, and then mute it quickly." Aloi explained.

"I assume it sends a frequency to the brain, then the brain responds to it, and knocks someone out. We could try it out?" Aloi asked.

"I don't think we should, I think we should test it out when we're in trouble or are trying to do something in an evasive way." Rong Yan answered.

"Yeah you're probably right." Aloi said. She closed the scroll, Aloi then knelt down to the ground and placed the scroll back into the chest, and closed the wooden chest. She picked up the chest and walked back towards the inside of the palace.

"Wait? Where are you going?" Rong Yan asked.

"Back inside its getting pretty chilly out here, and I can't get used to the weather here. It drastically changes from time to time." Aloi commented.

She was right, Rong Yan agreed with a slight nod, and he followed her back inside. Once inside she walked into the chambers where their group was staying in and she puts on a heavy coat. Aloi, walks out and Rong Yan, and Aloi, walk back out of the palace and into the city streets.

Meanwhile, somewhere within the city in some barracks sitting within in a room was Tulok, relaxing in a chair. With his arms behind his head, and his feet resting on the top of the wooden table. Across the table stood, another man, brown skin, purple eyes, dark brown hair, a tuft under his lower lip, thin sideburns, and he wore a military-like uniform of the Northern Water Tribe. This man was an officer in the Northern Water Tribe army, and he wasn't just appointed officer out of nowhere, just because his uncle and cousin are the chief and prince of the Northern Water Tribe, doesn't mean he has to cheat his way into the army's rank. No, Amak was his name, and he earned that rank through hard work and dedication to his nation.

"Tell me more about this lovely girl, cousin? I would love to hear more about her." Amak began.

"What is she like? Where is she from?" Amak continued.

"Well she's sweet, and kind. She's from the Southern Water Tribe, and she's a waterbender." Tulok replied.

"Southern? What's someone from our sister tribe doing out here?" Amak asked curiously.

"She's traveling with the Avatar, cousin." Tulok answered.

"Interesting. Do you think she'll get used to our customs? I mean female benders aren't allowed to use their waterbending for fighting. They can only use it for healing, its been like that for thousands of years." Amak acknowledged.

"I don't know but I sure do hope so, Amak. I know, but we could always change the rules around he-" Tulok didn't complete his sentence because he was interrupted by Amak.

"No. You can't." Amak responded.

"But I'm going to be chief someday." Tulok mentioned.

"That is correct, and you should act like one. You shouldn't be thinking about changing our should be preserving them for future generations. All I can tell you is that, if you go through with this, remember once you present it to her and she have until the day to cancel it or you're stuck like that forever." Amak explained. Tulok pulls out a betrothal necklace, it was shiny and blue, carved into it was the Northern Water Tribe insignia on it. He was sure that Tanaraq was the one, and he wasn't going to let this one go.

"I made it over at the betrothal shop in the eastern end of town. I'm sure she'll like it." Tulok said.

After it flashing it to his cousin Amak, Tulok stuffed it back into one of his pockets. Tulok then had an idea, he wanted to get his cousin as his best man. Since actually that's the only person his age that he talks to. When Tulok, was a child he wasn't allowed near the other children.

"Amak.." Tulok began.

"Yeah?" Amak asked.

"Would you be my best man at my wedding?" Tulok requested.

"Sure, I can't miss my little cousin's big day!" Amak replied.

"I feel bad having to kick you out, but I have errands to run, cousin. See you tomorrow though. Don't forget to tell me what she says, I'll be here to be your therapist." Amak added.

They both laughed at what Amak had said to Tulok, Tulok had gotten up from the chair and walked out of the barracks and on his way elsewhere. The sun began to go down, he needed to get to the bridge where Tanaraq and he had their first kiss. As he promised her he'd be there, and he couldn't break his promise or she'd be upset and probably decline him.

The man, along with Senlin, Kimaru, and Palartok had finally arrived within the city, they had stopped by a stable area in the city. There in the stable there was all sorts of creatures, even a red dragon that was sleeping. Palartok, had know idea who rode a red dragon. Might've been someone from the Fire Nation maybe, but no thoughts ran by him that the Avatar was in the city.

In fact, he's sure that the Avatar is somewhere within the Earth Kingdom, but their mission here is simple just kill someone from the Northern Water Tribe and plant an Earth Kingdom soldier's weapon into them and leave it there. That should spark something within the government.

They assist the man by putting things into a house he had bought two weeks when he visited the Northern Water Tribe, to find a home. After they loaded everything into the man's home. The man tossed a bottle of White Jade extract to Senlin, who caught it and put it away in his pocket.

"Remember dip your blade, or arrow or whatever you fancy into the bottle, or pour it onto your weapon of choice, and just get a cut on someone and that's it." the man repeated.

They had walked out of the house, and went on their merry way, Senlin had to devise a plan. He then looked at both men, and thought of a good plan.

"I have a good idea, when the moon rises, we will hide in an alley. I want you, Kimaru, to pretend to mug Palartok of any thing he may have. I will be on the lookout for any guards coming by here, and I will give you the go." Senlin began.

"Then when you get their attention, I will make a slight cut on the guard with poison soaked weapon. When the poison does its job, I'll leave the blade by the body, and we go somewhere else." Senlin explained. "Senlin, there's a village ten miles north of the city we could head there until things spill out." Palartok suggested.

"Good idea, Kimaru, will stay behind and scope out our enemies, and inform us of what is occurring here in the city." Senlin planned.

"Understood." Kimaru replied giving Senlin a slight nod.

"Then it is settled." Senlin finished.

Meanwhile, somewhere within the city Amak, is talking to a guard they're conversating about the patrol tonight. The guard begins, "Man, why are you patrolling the city? You should be ensuring the safety of the city and the surrounding villages. This is guard work, not military work."

"I know, I know, but I'm just doing my part. I love my country, and I love my uncle and cousin. Its just volunteering." Amak replied.

"I'll see you tomorrow though, I want to hear all about your patrol in the morning." the guard says departing ways. The guard heads down his regular route of patrolling, Senlin is waiting for the right moment for a guard to just walk on by. Miraculously, he got his wish, Amak turned the corner and began to walk down the street where the alley was where they were hiding in.

Senlin, quickly brought out the bottle, and poured some of the poison on the blade, from the tip top of it to the half way mark of the blade. Palartok, nods at Kimaru to begin, Kimaru grabs Palartok by his garments and slams him against the wall of a building, bending water into an icicle.

"Give me your money, and I won't kill you." Kimaru shouted.

"Help!" Palartok yelled.

Hearing the cries for help from a man in trouble, Amak ran to the rescue, he saw a man wearing a straw hat that covered his face, trying to mug another man. He didn't see Senlin, who was obscured by the shadow of one of the buildings. There in hand was Senlin smiling holding the blade in his hand.

"Let him go, or I will be forced to hurt you, pal." Amak told Kimaru.

"Scram, kid." Kimaru laughed.

Amak, was a little enraged now, he pulled out his water skin, and popped off the top. Kimaru let go of Palartok, both of them began to laugh at him, as Senlin came out of the shadows, and slashed the blade, as it pierced through Amak's skin. A freshly opened wound, the poison had sunk into his wound, and now rode through his bloodstream quickly.

"Argh!" Amak shouted in pain.

Senlin, Palartok, and Kimaru, were all laughing now Amak had put his hand on his wound, and could see blood on his hand. He ran for his life, he tried to flee to find help, all of a sudden his breath began to become short, he quickly ran out of breath, he began to shake, and his vision began to blur. He suddenly, lost balance and control of his legs, as he fell his right arm was extended as it looked like he was trying to reach for something that was non-existent.

With a blurred vision he finally realized he was poisoned but by then it was too late to do anything. His eyes began to close and all he could do was think, until his entire body shut down, he finally closed his eyes and his final breath had left his mouth. Right then and there is where Amak was done away quickly. Kimaru, uses the snow on the ground, as he quickly froze it he launched himself into the air, and onto a rooftop. There he crouched and he waited for someone to pass by.

Senlin, left the blade right next to the fresh corpse of Amak. Kimaru, waited, as Senlin, and Palartok, left to the village they said they would be heading to. Tanaraq, had arrived at the bridge she was looking around for Tulok but he was nowhere to be seen. She sat down, and began to wait for him, fifteen minutes passed by, and Tulok showed up with one hand in his pocket and the other behind his back smiling. She had no idea what Tulok was up to. Tulok walked up to her and from behind his back he showed her some snow lilies that he bought from a florist. She looked at him, and smiled, she took the flowers and sniffed them, and then Tanaraq set them aside.

"Thank you, for the flowers. That was sweet." Tanaraq commented.

"Tanaraq.." Tulok began.

Tulok, while sitting down on the rail of the bridge reached into his other pocket with his other hand and brought out something, he then opened his hand, there in his hand was a betrothal necklace he had carved this morning at a shop. He stood up and asked her, "Will you marry me?"

She looked at the necklace which had the carvings of a wavy background, and a half moon in the middle. She thought it was beautiful, a tear escaped her right eye, and she nodded to Tulok. He was ecstatic to her answer, he went behind Tanaraq and he put the necklace around her neck and clipped it. She grabbed it with her hand and looked down at it and smiled. Tulok laughed with joy, putting both of his hands on the sides of her head, he brought her head closer to him as he leans in, and kisses her passionately. They both hugged each other for a long time.

Meanwhile, back at the Northern Water Tribe palace, Rong Yan and Aloi, had returned to the palace in hopes of finding Tanaraq and Unaraq but none of them were to be seen. After a few minutes later, Unaraq showed up dragged a large net full of fish from the icy waters of the North Pole. The chief was lounging on his throne as usual not many things happened in the city, so he always found himself having some free time.

A courier ran in, as he knelt before Cupun, reaching into his satchel he began rummaging through his things, and found a scroll. He gave it to Cupun, and headed off. Cupun, examined the scroll and saw that the scroll had an Earth Kingdom seal on it. He had no idea what the Earth King might be sending him, but it must be important so he opens it.

As he reads the scroll his face gives off an emotion of shock, horrified at what had happened however he was in disbelief that whatever happened in the Earth Kingdom was possible. He never deployed any troops to the Earth Kingdom.

"WHAT?!" Cupun shouted.

Rong Yan, Aloi, and Unaraq, had heard the chief shout out loud like something bad had happened. They ran over to get a fill in of what was occurring. His adviser, had reacted to his leader's shocked face, concerned he asked, "Something wrong, chief?"

"This is NONSENSE! Earth King Qiang Zhen, is blaming us for the death of his royal courier who happens to be his nephew! He says we're responsible." Cupun shouted.

"What evidence does he have?" the adviser inquired.

"His soldiers have found a weapon lodged into his relative's body, they said it belongs to an officer of the Northern Water Tribe army. Call the ambassador!" Cupun commanded.

"Right away, chief!" the adviser replied running off.

"This is unbelievable! The Earth King wishes to declare war on us for this, I'm sending the ambassador over to Ba Sing Se. This cannot occur again, two wars in one century." Cupun commented. The Royal Captain, had run into the palace he looked like he was in a hurry, he appeared with two guards. Tanaraq, and Tulok, showed up afterwards holding hands, wondering what all the commotion was about.

"Chief! Chief!" the captain yelled.

"What could possibly be worse than this?" Cupun asked, he threw the scroll to the royal captain, the captain began to read the scroll and he also reacted with disbelief and shock. He hates himself for having to tell his leader the gruesome news, but he cannot hide it now, he was enraged.

"Cupun, I am sorry..we found your nephew Amak dead in an alley just southwest of the city, there was an Earth Kingdom soldier blade lodged into his lower back, we examined the weapon, it was coated with poison.." the captain announced.

Tulok, let go of Tanaraq's hand and fell to his knees and began to sob, Tanaraq, crouched down to comfort her fiancée. But instead, Tulok pushed her away. Something must've snapped inside Chief Cupun, he went in a berserking rage before falling to tears, as he cried he began to yell, "A-AMAK! AMAK!"

He wiped his tears, the chief couldn't cry he needed to show his people he was strong and powerful character. He looked at the royal captain, he then commanded him, "CALL MY GENERAL AND ADMIRAL! I'M READY FOR...WAR!!"

Up against the wall, in the shadows that obscure the wooden walls of the palace stood Kimaru, hearing everything throw the open window. He let it out a large wicked grin, and then he jumped and disappeared into the night. The royal captain, had done as he was told as he ran out, he yelled to his guards, "GO! GO! We need heavier patrols! Find the any Earth Kingdom man and bring him to the palace!" Tanaraq, tried again she reached out her hand to Tulok, this time he grabbed it, and pulled her into a tight embrace. Tulok, began crying on Tanaraq's shoulder as she tried to comfort him.

Chief Cupun, still enraged runs to the back of his palace, out of the palace through the training grounds and into his war room. The war room was a large room with a few windows, it was decorated with weapons and armor, and a few pelts were used as decoration as well. Torches lit the large room real well, the general and the new admiral ran in. In the middle of the room, was large table on the large table was a large piece of leather with the map of the world drawn on it. The piece of leather was held together with nails. And in a small tray, they had red, blue, and green markers to indicate the nations. The Air Nomads, didn't have a marker as they know that the airbenders do not pose a threat because of their pacifist lifestyle.

The general and the admiral, happened to be tall men, they both were brown skinned, one had short black hair and full black beard, while the other had long black hair and a goatee. The general, had adorned the pelt of a white leopard seal to wear as his helmet, and the admiral had his helmet made from a polar shark. Their armor was made out of thick, thick leather, on each other their shoulder pads they were marked with the Northern Water Tribe symbol, and their rank.

Chief Cupun, grabbed one blue marker and placed it on the North Pole, and one green marker on the Earth Kingdom. He looked at the twins, and began to explain what had occurred.

"The Earth King, had sent a scroll to me, that we are responsible for the death of his nephew who happened to be his royal courier. The evidence shows that there happened to be a blade lodged into the courier's back, it appears to have belonged to one of our soldiers.." Cupun began.

"Chief, I had made no orders to deploy any troops into Earth Kingdom soil." the general claimed.

"He also mentioned in the scroll that scouts have reported that bodies were found and appeared to have drowned in an area where there was no water nearby. He believes it might've been a group of waterbenders.." Cupun continued. "Afterwards my royal captain, ran in with grim news my nephew Amak, was killed on our soil by an Earth Kingdom soldier. I've sent my captain to find the ambassador, and his men were ordered to find any Earth Kingdom male and bring him to the palace for execution. I hate having to plunge ourselves into war again. I promised my father I wouldn't but, this will not be ignored." Cupun assured his men.

"Chief, for all we know the Earth King may have already sent men out here, we need to increase our defenses. I will send a small elite fleet of warriors and waterbenders out to and around our waters, and the bordering waters of our nation and the Earth Kingdom, with your approval." Oomailiq suggested.

"Approval granted, admiral. Get your men out there! Issumatar, prepare your men for war...I will send an ambassador to Ba Sing Se, and notify them of my declaration of war upon the Earth Kingdom. We need to send a call to arms, to chief Unirak." Cupun responded.

"While on your way to the army barracks, I want you to send four scouts out to the Earth Kingdom town of Nuo Ju and have them scout the area for any Earth Kingdom army camps, and have them return to me with their reports. I want to know if the Earth Kingdom, had already gotten their men ready for war. If the reports return negative, we will train our soldiers here, and deploy them into the Earth Kingdom in two months." Cupun planned.

The royal captain, had arrived with the Northern Water Tribe ambassador, the ambassador was a short, jolly middle-aged man in light blue robes, with a large satchel on his left side. He was balding but styled a ponytail, he also wore a light blue cap to cover his balding area. He walked towards the chief, with a serious face as he had been told it was a very serious matter. Oftentimes he is a very over joyous and kind person, but now wasn't a time to goof around.

"Ambassador Naartok, you are to be sent by one of Oomailiq's crew of soldiers and head to the Earth Kingdom capital city of Ba Sing Se. You must discuss things with the Earth King, and inform him that the Northern Water Tribe, holds them responsible for the death of a relative of the chief. And that I wish to declare war on them. Although, they may redeem themselves if they bring forth my nephew's killer, I will return the favor and find the man who killed his relative." Chief Cupun ordered Naartok.

"Yes, chief Cupun. I will return shortly." Naartok answered, he bowed to Cupun and walked out of the war room. Then he thought they could be doomed if the King of Omashu joins forces with the Earth King.

"If Qiang Zhen, joins forces with the King of Omashu, there is only one thing we may able to do, but only if he accepts it." Cupun mentioned.

"And who is that, chief?" asked Issumatar.

"We may ask for aid from Fire Lord Yeh Lu, with the Fire Nation on our side we may even the odds with the two grand armies of the Earth Kingdom." Cupun replied.

"Or we can ask the Avatar, chief." Oomailiq suggested.

"No, the Avatar although he would make a great asset, he will never and shall never side with anyone nation. I respect the Avatar and the one before him. It must've been difficult for his past life to not choose any of the two nations during the war." Cupun explained.

"As you wish, chief." Oomailiq agreed.

"Is that all?" Oomailiq and Issumatar asked at the same time.

"Yes, please go. I wish to visit the spirit temple and pray to the spirits to aid us in this time." Cupun said dismissing his men.

Meanwhile, back inside the palace Tanaraq lead Tulok to his chambers and told him to rest, he needed it. She promised she would see him in the morning. She walked out of the chambers and into hers where her friends and brother were awaiting her return to have her spill out any events that occurred before all of this.

She walked into the chambers, and had seen Rong Yan, Unaraq, and Aloi stare at her. She eyed all three of them, and then said, "What?"

Unaraq then noticed something, he walked up to her and held her new betrothal necklace that was around her neck. In shock he shouted, "YOU'RE ENGAGED?!"

"Yes." Tanaraq answered happily.

"Congratulations!" Aloi replied.

"Yeah, congratulations." Rong Yan added.

"No! No, no, no, you just met the prince yesterday! How could you be engaged to a stranger? Let alone someone from the Northern tribe? Dad, will be disappointed in you, Tanaraq. As your older brother, I want you to return the betrothal necklace back to Tulok." Unaraq shouted.

"No! You know what?! I'm twenty years old, I am able to get married, I'm in love with Tulok and he feels the same way about me! Dad, would be happy that I married into royalty." Tanaraq retorted.

"Tanaraq, you can't just fall in love with someone when you first meet them! That's impossible!" Unaraq argued on.

"STOP! Unaraq, you can't tell your sister what to do anymore, she's a grown woman." Aloi shouted.

"I'm..I'm disappointed in you, Tanaraq." Unaraq said, he walked out of the room and left the palace.

"Unaraq!" she shouted, seconds had passed and Unaraq, did not return she slumped into a near corner and began to cry. Aloi, sat by her and began to comfort her. Rong Yan, as well sat right next to Tanaraq, and began to calm her down.

Unaraq, stormed out of the palace and headed for an evening walk in the city. He ran into a group of guards, and volunteered to help search for an Earth Kingdom man. The night went on, as chief Cupun, rode in a carriage to the spirit temple which was located just outside of the city, where the spirit oasis was located.

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