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The Smell of War
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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November 30, 2012

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Chapter 17: The Power of Sound

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Chapter 19: Invasion of the Southern Air Temple Part 1: The Courier


Rong Yan seeks answers to his many questions, on the lore of the Air Nomads.

Chapter 18: The Smell of War

Book 1: Air

Chapter 18: The Smell of War

"So my past lives are always available to me, and I can visit the Air Temple sanctuary whenever I'm ready correct, Yong Ten?" Rong Yan asked.

"That is correct, Rong Yan. If you feel the need that something you want to be answered. Or you need advice on something your past lives are available to you to do so." Yong Ten replied.

"What seems to be the problem?" Yong Ten asked. Rong Yan, Yong Ten, Aloi, Senge and Jampo were sitting down on their table eating their meals.

"I was just thinking about, the escaped general from Ba Sing Se, and the invasions that the Water Tribe rebels have done. It makes me wonder if they will invade the temple since I'm here. He is after me. I need some answers from someone who's had experienced war, even if its happened on the temples." Rong Yan explained.

"Hmm, you might want to ask one of your past lives for answers, maybe he or she will give you the answers you are looking for." Yong Ten replied.

"I should go to the temple sanctuary tonight then. Alone." Rong Yan said.

"I also need to learn more about the Air Nomads, and why your culture has refrained themselves from war." Rong Yan added.

They have finished eating, then Jampo randomly says, "I miss my Mi Soo."

"Yeah, I miss Yeoja too." Senge said. They get off the table, Senge and Jampo walk into the room, and Aloi follows them. Yong Ten walks over into the kitchen and begins to help the cook clean the dishes.

"Thanks Monk Yong Ten, I could use the help." the cook said.

Rong Yan walks towards the left temple, walking into one of the hallways he stopped by a large wooden door, with a strange contraption on it.

"Hmm...maybe it opens with airbending," Rong Yan said to himself.

He shoots air out of both palms and into the tubes of the door, the blue wooden swirl locks trembled as the air passed through them, they then flipped over making a sound, each one then flips and the wooden door opens. The room was dark, though there was torches on each side of the temple's walls.

With two fingers from both hands Rong Yan shot small embers off his fingertips and onto the torches. Each torch quickly lit up, and the room was lit, he saw wooden statues of people, they went in a spiral, on the floor and then elevated along the walls, there was a staircase that led up and up and up to the very top of the temple, there was more wooden statues, he could not see the others that were at the very very top. The light did not reach that high up.

There stood a statue of an Earth Kingdom general.

"Who's this?" Rong Yan said to himself.

He then saw the statue of a woman in Water Tribe robes, with a cool ornament on her head, he then looked over at an Air Nomad, who was taller than Rong Yan. Next to him was a Fire Nation woman, and right next to her was another Earth Kingdom general, though he wore clothing that the Earth King would wear. Then there was two other statues, one of a tall Water Tribe man, and another of a tall, muscular Air Nomad man. Then more statues were seen, then it hit him.

Pointing at the tall Water Tribe man, it struck him that these were Avatar statues.

Southern Air Temple Avatar statues

The statues within the sanctuary. Carved to look exactly like the past Avatars.

"Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Wait these are Avatar statues!" he said to himself excited.

"Oh there's Avatar Ku Tei, and Avatar Xi Tong, both Earth Kingdom generals, one was an Earth King though. Can't remember which was the Earth King though. I don't recognize her, or him. But he must be the one who can give me the answers that I need. Hopefully." Rong Yan said to himself.

He sat down in front of the statue, and began to meditate, after a while he had entered the Avatar State. As he entered, the eyes on every statue from Avatar Ku Tei, all the way to the top floor of the sanctuary where the statue at the top had began to glow. High Monk Geetsan, was walking with a torch towards the sanctuary.

He blasted air into the airways of the great gate but the doors did not budge open. He then looked down and saw that from the bottom crack of the wooden door there was a glowing light escaping. He then gasped and walked away. He knew the Avatar had entered the Avatar State, meaning he was talking to one of his past lives. He walked away to go back to bed.

Though sitting down in physical form, Rong Yan found himself standing up in spirit form, then appeared a tall Air Nomad in a yellow shirt, yellow trousers, brown boots, an orange cape, an average build, arrow tattoos marked his body, he had a long black goatee and a black mustache.

Rong Yan stared at him, the tall airbender then introduced himself, "I am Avatar Kwan Chun, young firebender. I know what you're here for."

"How do you know?" Rong Yan asked.

"When our future lives need assistance in something that they are facing in life, we past Avatars know. You tell us what is going on in your dreams." Kwan Chun said.

"You do?" Rong Yan asked.

"I do, I am here to show you my life. In hopes that your questions will be answered." Kwan Chun replied.

"I was announced Avatar, at our annual holiday, the Festival of Four Winds. The Council of Elders had announced me as the new Avatar." Kwan Chun began.

There was a large crowd of Air Nomads in the Southern Air Temple dining area, nothing had changed, except the faces of the people there. There was a group of elders sitting at a table, and there was a tall boy who was announced the Avatar. Everyone had bowed down to the boy, while he was still in shock.

"The day after the holiday, they had told me that I had to my leave my home and travel the world to master the four elements. Everything I knew I had to leave behind. It did not matter anymore." Kwan Chun explained.

The head monk gives Kwan Chun a scroll, Kwan Chun climbs on top of his bison and snaps the reigns.

"I had taken my sky bison and the head monk of the Council of Elders, had given me a scroll to hand to the leader of the Southern Water Tribe. I had departed my home and headed for the Tribe city." Kwan Chun finished. Kwan Chun, then flies off.

"Upon arriving at the city, I went straight forward to the palace there, and gave the letter to the chieftess of the city. She suggested I looked for a man named Injuquaq, he had recently become a master." Kwan Chun began.

Arriving at the city, Kwan Chun had walked into the palace and handed the chieftess the scroll.

Northern Water Tribe Royal Palace

Northern Water Tribe palace

"There is a man named Injuquaq, he is the new master waterbending instructor here. You may train with him." the chieftess suggested.

"Thank you, chieftess." Kwan Chun thanked her. He walked out of the palace.

"Since the old master of the Tribe had retired. I searched for the man, and he was glad that I came to him, he was honored that I asked him to teach me waterbending. Injuquaq, and I became great friends. I had spent two years in the Southern Water Tribe, mastering the element of water, and becoming a closer friend to Injuquaq." Kwan Chun said.

Kwan Chun, and Injuquaq, were dueling as Kwan Chun bends a large wave that crashes on Injuquaq. Injuquaq swims to the top and onto an ice sheet, looking at Kwan Chun they both laugh. Kwan Chun and Injuquaq, were then seen surfing on a large wave.

"In fact I was his best man during his wedding. After I mastered waterbending I had moved on to earthbending." Kwan Chun explained.

Kwan Chun, walked with Injuquaq's finacée, as Injuquaq stood their waiting for her to stand next to him. Injuquaq kissed his wife, after the chieftess had said a few things. Their wedding party, was that night, and Kwan Chun had done a toast for Injuquaq and his wife.

"I traveled to city of commerce, the city of Taku, to master earthbending. Earthbending was the hardest element for me to master, but in time I soon mastered it. It took me four years to do so." Kwan Chun said.

Temple ruin

Town hall in the city of Taku.

Kwan Chun was having a conversation with the mayor of Taku, who suggested a young woman for Kwan Chun's earthbending teacher.

"I am Avatar Kwan Chun, I came to Taku to find a earthbending teacher." Kwan Chun told the mayor.

"An earthbending teacher, I know who's just right for the job. There's a woman who lives two blocks from this hall. Her name Jaya, she will be able to train you earthbending." the mayor replied.

Kwan Chun bowed to the mayor, and left the town hall. He then walked two blocks and came upon her house and knocked on her door. She had opened the door. Jaya was a beautiful young woman, with long brown hair, and light brown bangs, fit build, she wore a light green vest that covered her breasts but was cut off right after. Must've been a sports bra. She wore tight light green trousers, and long light green boots. She also had a pendant with the Earth Kingdom insignia on it.

Kwan Chun, is then seen punching the ground, as a tremor forms and goes towards Jaya, who sinks into the earth dodging the tremor, she pops up behind him but Kwan Chun was quick enough to encase her in earth up into her chin.

Earth fissure

The earth tremor Kwan Chun had sent to Jaya.

"I think you're ready, Kwan Chun. You should travel to the Si Wong Desert, and meet my brother. He should help you master sandbending." Jaya suggested.

Kwan Chun is then seen flying on his sky bison, and landing at the Hammi Tribe village. There was a man there wearing withering cloth around himself, and some of the clothing was wrapped around him. He wore a head wrap on his head, and wore small wooden spectacles to keep the sand out of his eyes.

"I traveled to the Si Wong Desert, my earthbending teacher Jaya had a brother in the desert. I was to find her brother Nidhi. Nidhi and Jaya, were from the Hammi Tribe but Jaya left to make a life of her own outside of the desert. Nidhi was a treasure hunter, he used the sub-bending ability called sandbending." Kwan Chun said.


Nidhi, Jaya's big brother.

The man was by a sandsail, Kwan Chun asked him, "I'm looking for Jaya's brother Nidhi, do you where he is?"

"That be me, how do you know my sister?" Nidhi asked.

"She is my earthbending teacher, she told me to find you. She said you can teach me sandbending." Kwan Chun replied.

"Help me find a valuable treasure within this desert and I will teach you in return." Nidhi said.

They took Nidhi's sandsail to find the treasure, they spent weeks venturing out in the desert. And they soon came upon the treasure.

"I helped him find this treasure, and in return Nidhi taught me sandbending. I mastered sandbending no longer than a year or two." Kwan Chun finished.

Nidhi is seen instructing Kwan Chun on something, Kwan Chun slightly nods, uses his air jets to fly into the air, and then bends the sand around him, and smashes down back onto the sandy ground, making a large dirt cloud, the sand flew in all directions.

Aang's anger

Kwan Chun performs a sand bomb.

Nidhi was nowhere to be seen, then the large sand pile soon exploded in all directions, and out walked Nidhi from it. He shook himself from all the sand, and placed his hand on Kwan Chun's right shoulder.

"Sandbending?" Rong Yan asked.

"Yes, the natives of the Si Wong Desert did not have earth to bend, so they bended the sand that was available to them in the desert." Kwan Chun replied.

Kwan Chun is seen flying on his sky bison, towards the Fire Nation capital city. He sat down eating at a restaurant. There he saw a woman who kept eyeing him. They became friends and she mentioned herself being a firebending master. Kwan Chun asked her and she gladly accepted the offer.

"After that I continued to the Fire Nation, to master the element of fire, and my final element. I traveled to Yin La city. I met a woman there who was willing to teach me firebending, her name was Aki." Kwan Chun said.


Aki, Kwan Chun's firebending teacher.

"I mastered firebending in two years, I would've left the Fire Nation but, there was a conspiracy plan, someone wanted to overthrow the Fire Lord. I stayed one more year until I found out who was the culprit." Kwan Chun finished.

"Did you ever find out who it was?" Rong Yan asked. Rong Yan looked over Kwan Chun as he asked him the question.

"I did. Though my people had taught me that all life is sacred even a moose-lion, no matter how dangerous and deadly it was. The assassin was the first person I had killed. I had a swift hand of justice, that is why everyone feared me as an Avatar. I was not evil, I only did what was best for the world. Yet there were few who were against my reign as Avatar. Those few did not last long, though there was one that did." Kwan Chun replied.

Kwan Chun was seen using earthbending when he killed the assassin. Impaling him with a large rocksicle. Kwan Chun was then seen flying on his sky bison back home. Arriving on the temple grounds.

"I then mastered the Avatar State, from the head monk of the Council of Elders. He was my spiritual mentor, and after six months I mastered it." Kwan Chun said.

"I was a fully-realized Avatar. I then asked for my guardian monk. I wanted to catch up with him on all the things I've done over the past couple of years." Kwan Chun began.

"Over the next two months, I had spoken with one my past lives, and he passed on the knowledge that he knew of a rare sub-bending for airbenders, and Avatars. He told me to look for a book on it. I found the book in the library within the temple. It was about an ancient art called soundbending. That was the knowledge that he had past onto me. I copied the movements in the book, and I mastered the ability to bend sound in two months." Kwan Chun said.

"Your guardian monk, had been sent to Ba Sing Se for peace meetings with Earth King Yao. Yao has an issue with Air Nomads, and had imprisoned him. We have no way of getting into the Earth Kingdom. He has banned all Air Nomads from setting foot into Earth Kingdom territory. Any who disobey his law will be either captured or extorted." the head monk explained to Kwan Chun.

"This had happened during the time that you were gone. Earth King Avanindra had died of old age and his son was heir to the throne." the head monk said.

"I thought you knew?" the head monk asked.

"I had no idea, that this was happening until now." Kwan Chun replied.

"I had grew furious of Yao's heinous acts against my people." Kwan Chun told Rong Yan.

"Kwan Chun, you must end this war before it begins. Yao has made a decree to invade the Northern Air Temple, and eliminate all the monks there. He says that, the territory there belongs to the Earth Kingdom. You must stop him!" the head monk ordered.

"What he doesn't know is that an old Earth King has given our people that land hundreds of years ago!" the head monk said.

"I traveled to Ba Sing Se, the Earth King's forces had attacked me as they defended the palace, but they were no match. There was very little of them. I barged into the palace, and demanded the Earth King to release my friend, and end the war here." Kwan Chun explained.

Earth King Kuei

Earth King Yao.

"Earth King Yao, you need to end the war now! And release my friend!" Kwan Chun yelled at Yao.

"Hah! Your people are cowards! They do not belong in my kingdom. It is already too late Avatar. I have sent troops to the Northern Air Temple to eliminate all the Air Nomads there. And after all of those have been dispatched my troops will move onwards to the remaining three temples." Yao yelled back at Kwan Chun.

Aang in the Avatar State

Kwan Chun had entered the Avatar State.

Avatar Kwan Chun, had entered the Avatar State in rage to what Yao had said. The guards there had gotten ready to attack Kwan Chun. He killed all of the palace guards.

"This is your final warning Yao, call off the attack." Kwan Chun yelled, as he walked out of the palace.

"Kwan Chun, kill me now but that WILL NOT end this war. My troops will continue press onwards as planned!" Yao yelled back.

"Why did the Air Nomads not declare war on the Earth Kingdom?" Rong Yan asked.

"Our people have refrained themselves from the political issues of the rest of the world. So that we may live in peace and harmony. That is why we have a pacifist lifestyle." Kwan Chun replied.

Kwan Chun is seen flying on his bison towards the Fire Nation. Entering the Fire Nation palace, he bows to the Fire Lord.

"Fire Lord Osamu, the Earth Kingdom has declared war on the Air Nomads. You know the lifestyle of my people." Kwan Chun said.

"What is it that you're requesting Avatar Kwan Chun?" Osamu asked.

"I am in the need of aid, please send your troops to each of the four temples to secure them." Kwan Chun replied.

"Very well then, Avatar Kwan Chun. You have saved my life, now it is my turn to do something in return; You have my word. I will send troops immediately" Osamu said.

Fire Nation troops are seen on a sky bisons flying towards air temples. There they are keeping watch and ready for battle for when the Earth Kingdom troops come. But what Kwan Chun doesn't know is that the Earth King had lied to him.

As Kwan Chun was traveling back to the Southern Air Temple he saw troops marching towards the Southern Air Temple. Yao was not sending troops to invade the Northern Air Temple, he was sending troops to Kwan Chun's home, the Southern Air Temple.

There was bare land, and a destroyed village named Hunan, Kwan Chun had landed at. There was a vast number of men marching toward the south. Kwan Chun stood ready to fight. As the men had seen him they began to attack him.

"Earth King Yao had lied to me. I was glad that I made action and found out before it was too late. He sent troops to the Southern Air Temple. I was again furious, I fought the various hordes of them. I then entered the Avatar State to enhance my bending abilities. I killed so many, but more and more kept coming." Kwan Chun explained.

Angry Aang in Avatar State

Avatar Kwan Chun, entered the Avatar State to kill off the various hordes of the Earth Kingdom army.

"I remember what one of my past lives had told me, he told me that he would do all in his ultimate power to end the war and bring balance to the world. Or he would've sacrificed himself to see that the war would end." Kwan Chun said.

Putting into thought what his past life said, Kwan Chun exited the Avatar State went onto his knees and hands. Looking at the ground, an Earth Kingdom soldier walked up to Kwan Chun, put up his large axe, and then swung it down. He had decapitated Kwan Chun. The war went silent for a short while. The Earth Kingdom armies withdrew themselves from Air Nomad lands. Though Yao was still in rule. He still did not allow Air Nomads on Earth Kingdom soil. Kwan Chun's guardian had died in prison.

"I did my best to end the war, Rong Yan. To protect my people, I sacrificed myself." Kwan Chun finished.

Avatar Kwan Chun, was gone but in the distance Rong Yan heard the cry of a baby girl. He was in a Water Tribe hut, there a woman lifted a baby. It was the Avatar after Kwan Chun.

Baby Yue

Avatar Anana, in her crib.

Everything faded, and Rong Yan exited the Avatar State. He opened the door to get out of the sanctuary. He walked back to the room, and there he saw Senge, and Jampo sleeping in their respective beds. Aloi was asleep as well, Rong Yan pushed her over as he crawled into bed and went to sleep.

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