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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 19, 2013

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Chapter 16 - Wishes

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Chapter 18 - Mini Vacation

It's been a couple days since the meeting. Aang is starting to look around the temple. Katara starts walking up behind Aang.

Katara: Aang, when we were at City Hall, I was thrilled to hear you wanted to get the time honored tool for Tenzin, but I wasn't thrilled to hear that you'd be putting it all together.

Aang: Katara, I'm the only person that knows anything about traditional airbending, I have to do this. It's not just for my son, it's a reminder of my people. 

Katara: Do you even know how to put the time honored tool into the ground?

Aang: Oh course I do, it's easy. I watched the monks build the tool from scratch at the Southern Air Temple! 

Katara: Sweetie, you know I'm getting worried about you. Your energy is going to drain one day and even though I'm proud of you doing this, I just don't want you to waste energy on extra work.

Aang smiles at Katara

Aang: I appreciate your concerns Katara, but I'll be fine. This is something monks do, and I had to do it eventually. Tell you what, I will let you help me with this project.

Katara: How? I don't know everything about airbending traditions like you.

Aang: I want this island to have a part of you. You see that area over there?

Aang points to the area he wants Katara to look at

Katara: Yeah.

Aang: I want to put the symbols of the water and ocean spirits over there along with a few stairs. It will be a small reminder of the best waterbender ever when you die.

Tears of joy form in Katara's eyes run down her face.

Katara: Oh Aang.

Katara wraps her arms around Aang. She leans in and they both close their eyes and share a long, passionate kiss. Sokka starts walking up towards them

Sokka: *sarcastically* Hate to interrupt on the romantic moment, but you have to figure out where this contraption is gonna go on the island.

Aang: It's a time honored tool that's almost 2,000 years old! Can you hand me that measuring stick?

Sokka looks down at the ground and picks up the measuring stick. He hands it to Aang and Aang takes it from him

Katara: Aang, I have an idea for the island.

Aang: What is it?

Katara: I've talked to a few people in Republic City in the past and they're so clueless about the airbenders and how they lived. I was thinking maybe if people were so curious, they could live on the island and learn how airbenders lived. You know, become Air Acolytes...

Aang: That's a great idea!

He wraps his arms around Katara and hugs him tightly

Aang: Thanks Katara.

Toph walks up next to Aang

Toph: Hey twinkletoes.

Toph earthbends a rock over Aang's feet and it causes him to fly in the air

Aang: AHH!

Aang airbends himself back down lightly

Toph: I know you want this temple to be perfect, but how about you make the time honored tool out of earthbending instead of having to go get one

Aang: That's not how the monks built tools, I want this to be done the airbending way. If I make it the earthbending way, it's technically an earthbending tool then.

Aang turns around, his back facing everyone, and he walks away 

Sokka: Wow, he seems really critical about the temple.

Katara: That's because he wants it to be a reminder of his people. The best thing we can do for Aang while he's building the temple is to be supportive of everything he wants. If he wants our help we should do everything he says and not question it. 

Meanwhile the kids are near the edge of the island looking at Yue Bay

Tenzin: I can't believe daddy is getting a time honored tool for me and my future family! 

Lin: Yeah, your daddy is pretty amazing.

Bumi: So what, you're just getting a spinning life size toy.

Tenzin: It's not a toy, it's an ancient artifact used by airbenders, and it's going to be used traditionally.

Kya: Bumi can you stop being jealous of our little brother? Dad is doing something nice for Tenzin so he can be better at airbending and for his kids to use one day. He just wants the future airbending kids to be in a safe environment. Right now there is only two living airbenders, dad and Tenzin. 

Tenzin: Your point?

Kya: I'm just saying that dad is smart. He wants his future legacies to grow up in a temple of their traditional culture with some modern surrounding it. The whole point of this extra work is making sure that it gets passed down one legacy after another. 

Tenzin: Yeah, but I don't know who I'm going to marry yet! What if something happens and for some reason we can't repopulate the airbenders?

Bumi: Come on Tenzin, the universe doesn't hate you that much.

Lin: I think you'll do a great job with repopulating the airbenders Tenzin. Your dad is a great father, maybe it runs in the airbending family tree. 

Tenzin smiles at Lin and slightly blushes

Tenzin: Thank you, Lin.

Bumi starts walking over and is signaling Kya to go with him. Kya walks with Bumi a few yards away from Tenzin and Lin.

Kya: What is it?

Bumi: I think I know who Tenzin's future wife might be.

Kya: Who?

Bumi: Lin! Look at them, they've been friends since they've been babies and I think Tenzin is starting to like Lin a little bit.

Kya: You are so paranoid Bumi, there is no way our little brother likes Lin. I can't even picture them going out, I mean look at how aggressive Lin is and how....sensitive Tenzin is.

While watching Tenzin and Lin, Lin slaps Tenzin on his shoulder, and he starts rubbing his shoulder.

Bumi: You're right. They wouldn't last an hour together.

Kya and Bumi share a laugh and walk back over to Tenzin and Lin. Meanwhile, Aang is measuring some areas around the temple. A few hours go by and it's evening. Tenzin walks up to Aang

Tenzin: Hi Daddy.

Aang: Hi Tenzin.

Aang picks Tenzin up and sits him down next to him

Aang: How do you like the idea so far?

Tenzin: It's amazing! I hope my future family will like it. Anyway about this future family, I've been thinking that it can't perfect. What if something happens? What if it's impossible for me to repopulate the airbenders?

Aang: Tenzin, you're only a little boy, you shouldn't be worried about this. Just remember that if you can, I won't care how many kids you have that are airbenders, I'll be proud of you for trying. 

Tenzin: Thanks daddy.

Tenzin wraps his arms around his father's neck. Katara starts walking towards them

Katara: There's my airbenders.

Katara picks up Tenzin and sits down next to Aang. She sets Tenzin on her lap and kisses Aang on his cheek

Katara: You're doing a great job so far, Aang. 

Aang: All I've done was measure...but thank you.

Katara: The island is going to be so wonderful when it has the time honored tool.

Tenzin: Mommy, what if I can't repopulate the airbenders?

Katara: Sweetie don't say that. You'll repopulate the airbenders no matter how many airbending children you have.

Tenzin: I know. Daddy, I just want to say thank you for everything. Obviously a temple and an ancient tool isn't something a kid my age would like, but one day I'll appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

Aang: Thank you, son. That means a lot to me.

Aang picks up Tenzin from Katara's lap and hugs him

Aang: I love you.

Tenzin: I love you too.


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