The Power of Sound
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir

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November 30, 2012

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Rong Yan continues his airbending training, and meets someone new.

Chapter 17: The Power of Sound

Book 1: Air

Chapter 17: The Power of Sound

A new day has arrived for the Avatar, the bright sun's rays lighting each room within the temple. Making them full of life, the morning has finally arrived and Rong Yan, Senge, and Jampo had awakened to a knock on the door. The boys changed into their everyday monk attires, and Senge opened the door. There stood the instructor named Chuandan. Senge bowed to his elder, and gestured for him to walk in.

"Good morning, Avatar. Its bright and early, we need to start on your training as soon as possible." Chuandan began.

"Grab your staff, we will need it for these next few lessons. Let us go, Avatar. We mustn't waste time." Chuandan finished.

Rong Yan walked over to the back of the room, and grabbed the middle staff, in engraved in the wood was his name. Holding it by his side, Chuandan led the way out the door, and Rong Yan followed right after him. Walking down the hallways, different monks of all shapes and sizes began to greet Rong Yan and Instructor Chuandan. Finally, they reached the Eastern courtyard of the temple, where Rong Yan will train.

Standing on opposite directions of each other, Chuandan began the lesson.

"Today, you will learn how to properly use the staff as a defensive and sometimes, offensive weapon. Not only for your survival but as well as your safety." Chuandan began.

"The sixth level of airbending deals with, the air swipe which is a dual defensive and offensive technique in which an airbender conjures a crescent-shaped construct of solidified air capable of deflecting colossal projectiles, such as boulders that are bigger than you and I." Chuandan explained.

Air swipe

The air swipe demonstrated by Chuandan.

"We do not have any large projectiles currently, but here's some empty crates. I will air blast them towards you, and with the use of your staff you will swipe them back towards me. Any questions?" Chuandan finished.

"Yes, what are you going to do after I shoot them at you?" Rong Yan asked.

"Dodge of course!" Chuandan replied.

"Right." Rong Yan replied back.

Chuandan stacked three crates on top of each other, taking his stance he takes a step forward and with both hands he blasts the crates toward Rong Yan. The crates began flying toward Rong Yan, reacting quickly he swiped them with his staff. The crates flew back towards Chuandan. Placing both of his hands on each side of his body, he used small air jets to blast him into the air to dodge the flying crates.

The crates flew right under Chuandan and crashed onto the floor, making a breaking sound. One of the crates broke, and Chuandan finally landed safely on the ground.

"Woah, you gotta teach me that move!" Rong Yan said excitedly, as he reacted to Chuandan's defensive move.

"I will later on today." Chuandan replied.

"For now, we continue to progress with the staff moves." Chuandan said.

"Give it another go!" Chuandan said once more, as he stacked the only two crates onto the ground and on top of each other. Again blasting the crates towards Rong Yan, Rong Yan took a swipe with his staff, and sent the swipe of air towards the crates. The air hit the crates and flew towards Chuandan again, Chuandan dodges the crates as he flies into the air again, and safely levitates to the ground. Seeing as another crate breaks.

"Nicely done, Avatar. Let us continue on." Chuandan said.

"This next lesson, we will again be using the staff, this move is called, Air Dome." Chuandan began.

"The air dome, can be created with the use of your staff, or with your arms. First we'll do it with our staves. I'll demostrate this ability right now." Chuandan explained.

Chuandan began to spin his staff with his hands and at the same time he circled the staff around his body, and then a dome of air began to form. Still focused on the dome, he looked over at Rong Yan and shouted, "See those small rocks there?"

"Yeah!" Rong Yan replied.

"Throw them into the dome." Chuandan shouted back.

Rong Yan grabbed two small rocks beside a tree, throwing them into the dome, he quickly reacted and dodged them as they shot back at him. Chuandan stopped twirling his staff, and the air dome dispersed.

"Now you give it a go!" Chuandan said.

Rong Yan grabbed his staff and began to twirl the staff around himself, a dome of air began to form around Rong Yan, the dome looked alike as Chuandan's dome, yet it seemed weak. Chuandan did not care he picked up some rocks, and flung them at Rong Yan's air dome. The air dome, though weak, the rocks were still deflected by it, and they flew towards Chuandan, quickly he caught them in a small air sphere, and then dropped them to the ground.

"Good try, Avatar. The air dome arm version cuts you some slack, it is a lot easier than the staff version of it. All you have to do is twirl your arms around your body in a circular motion like so." Chuandan said, beginning to demonstrate he spun his arms around his body relatively fast, the dome again appeared, and Rong Yan grabbed the rocks and threw them back at Chuandan.

This time his dome's air was really fast, the rocks were carried within the dome and shot in another direction. The rocks shot like bullets off the courtyard and down from the temple floor.

Air sphere

Chuandan performing the air dome.

"The arm version of the dome is a lot better because, without restrictions of the staff, you can twirl your arms around your body faster, making the dome stronger." Chuandan explained.

"Go for it!" Chuandan finished.

Rong Yan began to twirl his arms around his body, and the dome began to form around him. He twirled then faster an faster, the dome also has light winds hit the grass.

Chuandan grabbed a rock and chucked it at Rong Yan's dome, the rock span around the dome quickly and shot up towards the sky and arced over the courtyard, and down towards the ground that the mountain's temple sits on.

"You're a real natural at this, Avatar. Let us move on now." Chuandan said.

"We're going to put down our staves for now. This next lesson will be the levitation dodge." Chuandan began. Chuandan and Rong Yan both down their respective staves onto the stone pavement ground.

"Now you will place each hand by each side and your palms will be facing towards the ground. It is quite simple. I will give a demonstration and you will drill it ten times." Chuandan explained.

Placing his hands by each side, he positions his palms downwards, and Chuandan blasts air out of both palms and is lightly levitated off the ground, two seconds later he lands back on both feet.

"Simple as is, now its your turn, drill it!" Chuandan ordered Rong Yan.

Remembering as how Chuandan had done it, Rong Yan had places both hands by his sides, and his palms facing downwards. Blasting air out of both palms he shoots up into the sky, and then lands back down two seconds later. He continues to do the successful levitation dodge nine more times.

After the drill was completed, Chuandan and Rong Yan continued onto another lesson.

"Grab your staff again." Chuandan said.

Rong Yan grabbed his staff again, and held it by him. Chuandan picked his staff right after Rong Yan grabbed his off the ground. Looking at the Avatar he then says, "The final lesson for today, is the staff hover or what I like to call the helicopter."

"Position the staff above your head and spin it quick, use your feet to give you a boost into the air. Once you do that, you should still continue spinning the staff at a moderate speed you will hover above the ground. You may use it for various reasons, like danger or crossing a higher ledge to a lower one or vice versa. I will demostrate this technique and then you will try." Chuandan explained.

Chuandan places his staff above his head, then begins to spin his staff quickly, with his feet he shoots himself into the air, and continues to spin his staff. Just twenty feet above the ground he looked down at Rong Yan, who looked up at Chuandan shocked at the demonstration of the move. Chuandan begins to slowly spin the staff, now lowering himself to the ground. Landing on both of his feet, he points at Rong Yan.

Rong Yan, takes a deep breath before beginning the move, he positions the staff flat but vertical above him, then begins to spin the staff as quickly as possible. Using his feet he shoots himself into the air. Not as high as Chuandan, but still manages to hover at ten feet. He begins to move while hovering instead of stay in one spot, Rong Yan loses control of it and crashes into the tree.

Rubbing his head, he repeats the steps and stays in one spot, making a strange focus face, he then begins to spin it slowly and lands perfectly on his feet. Chuandan comes from behind clapping, and placing his hand on Rong Yan's shoulder in a congratulative gesture.

"The Council of Elders, have requested an audience with you once we have finished the sixth through tenth levels of airbending." Chuandan said.

"We shouldn't keep them waiting." Chuandan said with a smile.

Rong Yan and Chuandan, had walked back towards the temple hallways, and through they continued. Small monk children were running around shouting and running towards the eastern courtyard. An older monk was leading the children towards the courtyard, and was trying to calm them down.

Chuandan and Rong Yan, had crossed the bridge between the main temple and the right temple. Walking up a set of spiral stairs they came up to the top of the right side temple and there was the room where the Council of Elders had stayed in during most of their day before leaving and doing other errands.

Opening the orange drape curtain Rong Yan walked in, then Chuandan walked in right behind him.

Air Nomads

The council of elders await Rong Yan's arrival for his assessments.

"Is the master of four here for another assessment?" Shang Xi asked, as Rong Yan walked in.

"Has he completed the next five levels, Chuandan?" Geetsan asked.

"Yes, High Monk Geetsan." Chuandan replied.

Before Rong Yan sat down, he bowed to the elders, each closing their eyes and giving a slight nod, they were pleased with the respect he had for them. Chuandan had done so as they entered the room.

"May I test you, Rong Yan?" asked Ji.

"Yes, High Monk Ji I am ready for the tests." Rong Yan replied.

"That is what I like to hear, young Avatar." Ji replied.

"Let us begin then." Ji added.

Rong Yan readied his staff, waiting for the high monk to make a move. High Monk Ji, air blasted the large crate he sat upon towards Rong Yan, who with a swipe of his staff pushed it back towards the high monk. Ji gave him a nod, and both of them bowed down to each other.

Ji sat down on his crate, and Li Shen stood up. Li Shen, had hand sized rocks in his hands, Rong Yan used his staff to form an air dome as he twirled it around his body. Li Shen threw the rocks, the rocks deflected off the dome and shot back towards Li Shen, who bent back and dodged the rocks. The rocks hit the wall, and fell to the ground.

Li Shen creates an air dome around himself with the use of his arms, Rong Yan quickly grabs the rocks and flings them at Li Shen's dome of air, as they spun around the dome and shot back at the Avatar, he quickly placed his hands side by side, and shot air out of his palms and was lifted into the air a second before the rocks could hit him.

The Council of Elders, had clapped to the Avatar's progress in his airbending training. Li Shen, sat down, and up came Shaohao.

"Please perform the hovering move." Shaohao said.

Rong Yan placed the staff flat above his head, and began to spin the staff quickly, using his feet to shoot him into the air, still twirling the staff he hovered over the air for ten seconds, and safely landed onto the ground. The Council of Elders, again clapped to Rong Yan's hovering skill.

"It seems like the Avatar is recognizing the levels of airbending, they are finally coming naturally to him." Geetsan said.

"He's done it hundreds of times. They click in quick." Shang Xi said.

"You've passed the test, Rong Yan. There will be no tests the next two days, so count yourself lucky. Chuandan will escort you back to your guardian." Geetsan finished.

"Thank you, Council of Elders." Rong Yan replied, bowing to them, Chuandan bows as well, and the Council of Elders bow back to the instructor and the Avatar.

Walking back towards the dining area, the line was miraculously small, as Chuandan and Rong Yan stepped in line for their food. Going through the line they each went their separate ways and Rong Yan sat with Senge, Jampo, and Monk Yong Ten.

"How did the tests go?" Senge asked.

"I passed all of them!" Rong Yan replied excitedly.

"Well tomorrow we begin to prepare ourselves for the coming holiday." Yong Ten stated.

"Air Nomads, have holidays?" Rong Yan asked.

"Certainly, just like every other nation does. This one is essential to us." Yong Ten replied.

"How do you celebrate it?" Rong Yan asked.

"It is mainly for the younger Air Nomads, between the ages of seventeen to forty-six. All monks and sisters ranging between those ages can participate. Though the younger ones may still come." Yong Ten began.

Air Acolytes on Air Temple Island

Rong Yan, Yong Ten, Senge, and Jampo were eating at the far side of the dining area.

"Well, we all meet up at one temple each year be it the Northern, Eastern, Southern or Western Air Temple, and this year it is here in the Southern Air Temple. We throw a large party for all the virgin monks and sisters, and those who have done it before. Then after the party is over, the monks take the sisters they have chosen with them to their rooms for the night and-" Yong Ten explained.

Jampo and Senge, were talking louder as they knew what the holiday was about, as Yong Ten began to say it softly, Rong Yan was drinking a cup of water, as Yong Ten laid down the explanation of the holiday, Rong Yan spat out his water. Every monk had their eyes set on the Avatar, they stared in silence.

"WHAT?!" Rong Yan shouted in shock.

"Nothing folks, the Avatar didn't get my joke." Yong Ten said.

"What was it?" shouted one of the older monks.

"Seven eight nine." Yong Ten shouted back.

There was silence within the dining hall, crickets were heard chirping. Literally. Then after a few seconds, laughter had sprung out of nowhere, as every monk had finally got the joke and laugh hysterically. Yong Ten, sat down and sighed. Rong Yan, wiped the water from his mouth.

"Next time, I encourage you to not react like that. These monks are very judgemental on outsiders." Yong Ten told Rong Yan.

They continued eating their food, and after an hour of lounging in the dining area everyone left to their rooms for the night. The boys were exhausted as they each slumped into bed, and fell asleep a short while after.

The next day arrives, and the elder monks are decorating the temple. Monks of all ages begin to wake up, dress up and do their hygiene and help out. Though Monk Yong Ten and Rong Yan are excused from decoration. Since training the Avatar everyday is their main plan, he must muster the elements as quick as possible.

"I'm curious Yong Ten." Rong Yan said.

"Why?" Yong Ten asked.

"Since I am celebrating the holiday as well, do I get know..uhm do those things?" Rong Yan asked Yong Ten, who gave him a strange look.

"Well I wouldn't say you couldn't. But I doubt any sisters would want a Fire Nation man." Yong Ten replied.

"I suppose you're right, Yong Ten." Rong Yan said, looking down.

They reach the eastern courtyard where Chuandan was training Rong Yan at yesterday. They are getting prepared for the lessons, in the background there are monks decorating the walls and the temple, and courtyards themselves.

"Wow such tireless workers!" Rong Yan said.

"They conserve their energy and take breaks in between. I think we should start the lesson. We may want to finish before everyone arrives." Yong Ten added.

"Today you get to learn how to do the air funnel, the air funnel is used to shoot projectiles at high speeds, we usually call those small projectiles 'bullets'. The air funnel is rarely used by the Air Nomads but when we're in danger we use it for offense." Yong Ten began.

Airbending funnel

A small boy was seen performing the ability.

"Now, to create an air funnel, you will spin your hands close to you and continue to spin them, like so." Yong Ten finished, as he demonstrated the move, he began to twirl his hands close to him, forming a small funnel with the air.

"See how simple it is?" Yong Ten said, looking over at Rong Yan, he stopped spinning his hands, and the funnel disappeared. Tapping Rong Yan, on the shoulder Yong Ten signaled Rong Yan to try it. Spinning his hands he forms the funnel, looking over at Yong Ten with a big smile on his face. Rong Yan quickly loses control of the funnel and it goes over his head and messes up his hair. Yong Ten tries to hide a small chuckle, Rong Yan looks over at his airbending teacher with a face of annoyance.

"Give it another go. This time focus on the funnel." Yong Ten said.

Rong Yan, again spins his hands close to his body and forms another funnel, making his focusing face he made when he was training yesterday with Chuandan. Yong Ten claps, and then says, "Good job, let's move on."

"Now this next lesson is a defensive tactic, it is called the air shield. The most common defensive tactic, though less powerful than the air barrier, it involves circling enemies, suddenly changing direction when attacked and evading by physical movement rather than bending. However, an airbender can still deflect as needed by throwing up gusts of air close to their bodies as a shield. This is rarely to stop attacks directly, and more often pushes the attack aside and away, conserving energy and allowing them to turn the movement into an attack at the same moment. Since air can affect almost all physical objects, it can also be used to enforce the momentum of thrown objects or manipulate other objects though requiring a higher degree of precision." Yong Ten explained.

Air shield

Yong Ten performing the air shield.

"The use of the air shield is very important, Rong Yan. You will drill the shield ten times, I will create a funnel and I will shoot these pebbles here at you. Use the air shield to redirect the bullets away into another direction. Any questions?" Yong Ten finished.

"Nope." Rong Yan replied.

Yong Ten gave him a slight nod, Yong Ten picked up five pebbles in his hand, and with the air created the funnel. Rong Yan was in his airbending stance awaiting for Yong Ten to drop the pebbles. Yong Ten drops the pebbles and they circle within the funnel and shoot out quickly towards Rong Yan.

Rong Yan, swishes his arms to the left, and the pebbles are caught into the air current and fly to the left. Rong Yan claps, does a little dance, and cheers. Yong Ten claps at his accomplishment.

"Again." Yong Ten said.

Again Yong Ten created another air funnel, and shot pebbles at Rong Yan. He continued to swish his arms in the air to control the air currents so that they may carry the rocks in a different direction.

"Yong Ten watch this!" Rong Yan said.

Yong Ten shot another five pebbles at Rong Yan, then he bends the air currents around the rocks and twirled them around him, like he was waterbending, and shot them back at Yong Ten, who used his air shield to deflect the bullets.

"Very impressive, yet dangerous. Next time, do that on a bad guy and not your teacher." Yong Ten replied.

"Sorry." Rong Yan apologized.

"Apology accepted, my boy!" Yong Ten said, putting his shoulder on Rong Yan, then directed him towards the western courtyard, they went down a set of stairs. And to Rong Yan's surprise the Air Nomads had fields full of crops. He thought that the other nations exported their goods to the temples.

Air Nomad Farm

A monk child trying to get back the pumpkin that a lemur took.

The farm fields had stretched out pretty far, there must've been at least four fields. Air Nomad boys were picking small fruits, and small vegetables from the fields, and placing the foods into a large wooden cart. There stood an older monk, who signaled the boys to stop. Each of the monks working had their very own straw hats. The teenage monks were shirtless yet wore varying colors of trousers, and their trademark brown boots.

The teenage monk did not have tattoos but he pulled the cart towards another direction, at a line of monks who were grabbing several fruits and vegetables and taking them up the stairs and towards the dining area.

A bison had been seen flying towards the temple, it was not the ones from the Southern Air Temple, since all the monks were decorating and working for tonight's event. There was small stoned house on the fields.

Working outside was a monk, he had a heavy build for an Air Nomad. Bald like the others, had a small brown mustache, was shirtless like the other men, and wore orange trousers and brown boots. Yong Ten and Rong Yan walked up to the man.

"Hello Jangju, is there anything we can do to help?" Yong Ten asked.

"Yes, there's plenty of work Yong Ten." Jangju replied.

"We need able bodies to help pull the carts towards the other end of the fields, where those nomads over there are at, so they can carry the groceries towards the dining area." Jangju added, pointing over yonder, at the hardworking nomads carrying the food towards the dining area and those that are pulling the carts.

"Monk Yong Ten, if you want you may lay seeds into the new holes that one of the children has already made. Rong Yan, you can pulls the carts towards the nomads over there." Jangju said.

"Wait? How do you know my name?" Rong Yan asked the farmer.

"You're the Avatar, you've been staying at this temple for the past two weeks, almost everyone has learned your name." Janju replied.

"My name is Nonjangju, but just call me Jangju for short." Janju added.

"A pleasure to meet you Jangju." Rong Yan said, bowing to his elder. Walking away from Jangju and Yong Ten he stood right next to a group of kids who began picking the groceries and loading them into the wooden cart.

Yong Ten, kneels down with a linen cloth sack and begins to reach into the pouch and drop the seeds into the little holes, he then begins to work quicker. A young boy, was padding the down the holes where Yong Ten had put the seeds in and began to water them.

Rong Yan, was looking at Yong Ten work, and realized he got the easiest job of them all. Yong Ten's job seem difficult though with age and experience, he seemed to know exactly how to do it, and all the tricks that came with it.

Leaning against the cart he was watching the other monks working, then he felt a small tug on his trousers and saw a little monk child looking up at him.

"Why aren't you a sweet little monk child." Rong Yan said.

"Da cart is weady to be pulled." the little boy said.

Rong Yan's relaxation time was over, and he began trying to pull the cart full of fruits and vegetables. Another monk saw him struggle and ran over to help Rong Yan out.

"Thanks." Rong Yan said.

"No problem." the adult monk replied.

They pulled the cart to the other end, and they both helped the monks unload the cart of the groceries. Beginning to sweat, he then realized it might've looked easy but it was hard and tiring. Yong Ten had sat down on a small wooden bench and began to drink water from a pouch that he had around his waist.

Rong Yan solely pulled the cart alone, back to the other side, so that the children may reload it again. By the time Rong Yan reached back towards the children, Yong Ten had once again gotten up from his break and continued to plant seeds into the next set of crops.

The adult monk, signaled Rong Yan to come. Rong Yan followed the monk and they walked farther into the fields. There, they saw older monks using airbending to slice the wheat crops and load them into a cart.

"We should help these guys harvest the wheat, then we can call it day." the monk said.

Rong Yan nodded and walked towards the crops and looked to both sides and saw that the monks used an air slice to cut the wheat crops before loading them into the cart. With a swish of his right arm, he sliced the wheat crops, and bundled them.

He picked the wheat crops up and over his shoulder and carried the crops towards the cart. Two of the carts were full and they were carried by other men towards the middle.

For another hour, Rong Yan had rinsed and repeated the same thing over and over again. Wiping his forehead of sweat, he panted and gasped. The adult monk had been drinking from a bucket of water and had given it to Rong Yan. Rong Yan had gulped down the water within the bucket and tossed the bucket aside. The monk just looked at him, signaled him again, and they walked up the steps and walked towards the dining area.

There he was approached by another monk, who then says, "Avatar, the Council of Elders would like to see you at once."

"Alright." Rong Yan replied.

The monk had escorted the Avatar to the right temple, and up the spiral stairs they went. Once he reached the room where the Council of Elders were in, he heard talking within. He heard different voices, both men and women. The monk who had escorted him had left, and Rong Yan walked in.

"Welcome Avatar Rong Yan." Geetsan greeted the young Avatar.

"Good afternoon, High Monk Geetsan." Rong Yan replied, bowing to the Council of Elders. Rong Yan looked around to see fifteen other strangers. Five men, and ten women.

"These are the Council of Elders of the Northern, Eastern, and Western air temples." Ji said. Rong Yan bowed to all of the elders, and they bowed back.

"It is truly an honor to be in your presence again, Avatar." replied High Sister Halmeoni.

"Again?" Rong Yan replied.

"Well sure, I've met your past life when I was just young woman many years ago. It is nice to see you again." Halmeoni added.

"High Sister Halmeoni, was very fond of the Earth Kingdom general." High Sister Vakta replied with a smirk on her face.

"I was not." replied Halmeoni.

Both sisters began bickering and they left the room to continue outside. Another woman approached the Avatar. A younger high sister, she looked like she was in her mid forties. Sighing to the bickering between the two elder sisters she then apologized to the Avatar, "I am truly sorry, Avatar. They bicker almost every day."

"It is alright, what temple do you hail from?" Rong Yan asked.

"We hail from the Eastern Air Temple. You may call me High Sister Yuva." Yuva replied.

Yang chen the avatar by pharoahess-d2v7woy

High Sister Yuva.

The same monk that escorted Rong Yan to the room where the Council of Elders were in, had returned. He bows to all of the elders, and tells Geetsan, "High Monk Geetsan, all the monks and sisters from the other three air temples have arrived. And we're done with the decorations. The food is prepared and so are the drinks, we're awaiting your arrival and that of the Avatar." the monk said.

"Very well then, Rong Yan we will introduce you to all of the Air Nomads, at the celebration. Let us go now and not let our brothers and sisters waiting." Geetsan ordered.

Everyone had walked out of the room, and the elder sisters were laughing about who knows what. They looked at Geetsan and both nodded. They all walked down the spiral stairs that were built along the outside of the temple and continued down towards the middle temple.

Upon reaching the dining area, there were a vast number of Air Nomads sitting down, as other monks and sisters were giving them food. The little boys and girls were running around playing and were blasting small puffs of air around. Some children were playing with marbles on the stone floors, others were beginning to sit down to be ready to eat.

All the Council of Elders had sat down on a long table, with Rong Yan in the middle in between High Monk Geetsan and High Sister Halmeoni. Geetsan had stood up, and began to say his speech.

"I am greatful that once again we're able to celebrate the Festival of Four Winds, like we do every year. I am also greatful that we have so many young faces and older faces that have participated last year as well as this year." Geetsan began.

"Everyone from the ages of seventeen to forty six, regardless of gender, may do the following practices to reproduce. The monk will take the sister to a room later throughout the night where they can do their business. The rest of us under seventeen and over forty six will enjoy this holiday throughout the night. Let us begin!" Geetsan explained.

"I would also like to announce that there is someone very special here, he is staying here for the rest of the month. Please welcome Avatar Rong Yan of the Fire Nation!" Geetsan finished.

Rong Yan stood up as Geetsan sat down, all the Air Nomads were cheering as he was announced the Avatar to all of them. He bowed to them all and said, "It is truly an honor to serve you all as your Avatar. That includes the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, and the Fire Nation. But they're not present here today. Thank you for bowing, you may rise." Rong Yan said.

With that a group of Air Nomad men, who were sitting alongside all of the Council of Elders, grabbed their instruments and began to play music. Everyone began to eat, as well as Rong Yan, Senge, and Jampo. A few nomads began to dance.

There was so many beautiful Air Nomad women around, Senge's and Jampo's eyes glistened and their mouths were dropped wide open drooling, as they saw a couple teenage girls walking by with their meals, giggling.

Rong Yan paid no attention to Senge and Jampo and continued to eat his food. After they were done eating. The musicians take a break and eat, laugh and talk with their friends. Chuandan was seen leaning against a wall talking to an older Air Nomad woman, they were both carrying wooden cups of some drinks. They were both laughing, Jangju was also seen hanging out by the balcony with woman, they were looking at the beautiful view.

Then suddenly there was an Air Nomad girl about a year younger than Rong Yan, that caught his eye. Though she was surrounded by Air Nomad males, that he never seen before. They must've been monks from the Northern Air Temple.

She was extremely beautiful to begin with. Her long dark brown hair was shiny, her gray eyes sparkled under the moonlit sky, she was tall yet shorter than Rong Yan, she wore a red vest that had cover her breasts but was cut off at the midriff area, a yellow undershirt that was cut off at the midriff area, yellow trousers, a red skirt over the trousers, white boots with the Air Nomad insignia engraved on the top of the boots with a red exterior on the boots. She also was a master airbender as she was marked with the tattoos, though her head wasn't shaved from the hairline part, Rong Yan assumed that she refused to follow the traditions like the rest of the master airbending women on shaving her head from the top. She also wore wooden beads around her waist like if it was a belt, the beads were painted a light blue color.

As the teenage monks were talking with her, it looked like she kept shaking her head. One by one they were rejected and they walked off, there was times where she even noticed Rong Yan staring at her. She sometimes caught him staring at her, and she smiled, Rong Yan was shy and every time he would turn away, and look back at the mountains.

A group of girls ran up to Rong Yan and one of them said, "Is it true you're the Avatar?"

"Yes, yes I am." Rong Yan replied.

The group of girls squealed when he answered one their questions. He shooed them away, and saw that the girl he was staring at was all alone, and a group of guys were staring at her and pointing as well. The girls were soon rejected by Rong Yan, and saddened they walked off.

One of the guys from the group finally had the courage to finally walk up to her, as he began to walk towards her, the girl walked towards Rong Yan. The monk was seen in the background sighing, and slouching and walking back to the group of guys. She approached Rong Yan and leaned against the balcony. Looking over at him with her beautiful eyes she says, "Hey."

"Um..h-hi.." Rong Yan said shyly.

"You're not from around here, are you?" she asked.

"Wh-why do you say th-that?" Rong Yan responded.

"Well you have hair on top of your head, so it made me guess you're not from here." the girl said.

"Where are you from?" the girl added.

"F-from the Fire Nation." Rong Yan still shy answered her question.

"From the Earth Kingdom." she said.

"Really?" Rong Yan asked.

She laughed and replied, "Just kidding, I'm from the Eastern Air Temple. You don't have to be shy. Its okay." she smiled.

She reached out her hand, for a hand shake Rong Yan looked down and shook her hand. The girl then said, "My name is Aloi. What's yours?"

"I'm Avatar Rong Yan." Rong Yan replied.

"The Avatar...hmm..that's nice." she complimented.

"Thanks, to be honest you really caught my eye." Rong Yan said.

The Northern Air Temple guys overheard what he last said, and began to laugh, one of them shouted, "What a loser! Who says that? Hahaha don't waste your time on him!"

Rong Yan looked back at them and then back at Aloi, she then says, "Ignore them, they're just jealous that I'm talking to you and not them. Thanks, that's sweet of you. You caught my eye too."

For once Rong Yan was glad that she had thought the same about him. She grabbed his hand and he walked off along with her to one of the courtyards on the other side of temple. There was a large pai sho table there, Jampo and Senge were with some girls there laughing and playing with them.

Jampo looked over at Rong Yan, and the girl he was following, "Rong Yan, come on over, and bring your 'friend', we're playing Pai Sho." shouted Jampo, with the word friend he had said it dramatically.

Aloi then pulled Rong Yan over to the giant Pai Sho table, and she sat down, he did as well after her. Senge brought out more tiles from a large box, then placed them all on the table.

"Okay, okay hold on. Everyone gets at least twenty tiles." Senge said. He gave Rong Yan a pile of tiles and he began to place them in a small box, he grabbed a tile, and was ready to play. Senge and everyone else grabbed a tile, as they were ready to play.

"Does everyone know how to play?" Senge asked. Everyone nodded.

"The Av-" Senge was cut off by Rong Yan.

"No thanks, Senge. I say the ladies go first." Rong Yan said.

"Okay, you go first then." Senge said pointing at Aloi.

Aloi placed a tile of the shape of a the Fire Nation symbol on her side of the board. The girl next Jampo placed a tile with the picture of a gopher bear on it. The girl next to Senge placed her tile down, the tile had a picture of a sword on it.

"Nice tile choice, Yeoja." Senge said.

"Thanks, Sengeboo." Yeoja replied.

"Sengeboo? Really?" Rong Yan asked.

"Yes." Yeoja responded, giving Senge a kiss on the cheek, everyone laughed to Senge's new nickname, as Senge smiled and blushed.

"Yeoja, not in front of the guys!" Senge said.

"Well its too late, Sengeboo." Yeoja replied.

Senge placed a heart tile down, two spots to the left of Yeoja's sword tile. Jampo reached into the small box and pulled out a Water Tribe tile. He then shouted,

"Woot! I control the eastern side of this board!"

The girl next to Jampo, raised her hand, and Jampo gave her a high five. Jampo and the girl had controlled the eastern side of the Pai Sho board. Looks like they had an advantage at winning.

Rong Yan pulled out the tile he was going to use for his first move. He placed the tile close by, the tile was white lotus tile. Senge placed his hands on his head, stood up, and dropped his jaw.

"WHITE LOTUS TILE?!" Senge yelled.

White lotus tile icon

Rong Yan places the white lotus tile on the board.

Monks and sisters all looked to where the yelling came from and a few ran over to look at them play the Pai Sho game.

"You have to move the white lotus tile to the middle." added the girl next to Jampo.

"Good eye, Mi Soo." replied Jampo.

"Thanks Tum-Tum." Mi Soo said.

"Tum-Tum isn't as bad as SengeBOO!" shouted Rong Yan. The group laughed again, and Senge blushed once more.

"Oh YEAH?! What's your nickname then Rong Yan?!" shouted Senge.

Aloi responsed, "He doesn't have one. Well at least not yet." Rong Yan, looked over at Aloi and agreed with her.

"I see." Senge softly replied.

They continued to play the game, now that Rong Yan and Aloi were winning since he placed the white lotus tile down in the middle. Half an hour passed by, and there was a crowd around them, as they all watched them play.

Mi Soo placed down an Earth Kingdom insignia tile, and jumped over the last two of Senge's tiles. The crowd cheered, at Mi Soo's move, and Senge reacted by bringing his arms out in front of him in exaggeration.

"Ahh!!" Senge shouted.

Placing his hands over his face he began to sob for losing, it was up to Yeoja to win for them, though Yeoja only had four tiles, Jampo and Mi Soo, Aloi and Rong Yan looked like they had most of the board. Senge stopped sobbing and looked at them play.

Yeoja's sword tile jumped over three of Mi Soo's tiles. The crowd cheered, and she as well cheered for herself.

"Yes!!" she shouted.

Senge saw her move, and embraced her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"IN YOUR FACE!! PAYBACK!!" Senge yelled.

Aloi, moved her Air Nomad insignia tile upwards and jumped over one of Jampo's tiles. Jampo, then jumped Aloi's tile with another tile. Rong Yan moved his arrow tile over two of Yeoja's tiles. Yeoja was disappointed. The crowd cheered Rong Yan on.

Yeoja moved her sword tile and took Rong Yan's tile he had recently moved. Rong Yan, dropped his jaw. Mi Soo, took one of Aloi's tiles, and Jampo took another one of Aloi's tiles. Rong Yan pulled out another tile and this tile had all four element insignias on it.

"Rong Yan, you got a Four Nations tile!! We can win!!" Aloi shouted.

The crowd cheered because the tile he had pulled out, he moved diagonally upwards, and removed four of Mi Soo's tiles. Yeoja, only had one tile and it was the sword tile, there was no tiles around it, and she moved hers towards the southern side of the board. Mi Soo jumped over Rong Yan's Four Nations tile, and gave Jampo a high five.

The half of the crowd cheered on Mi Soo, and the other half booed her, some were angry that she made the move and removed Rong Yan's tile. Jampo, had the most tiles. He removed one Aloi's tiles. Aloi jumped over the tile that Jampo had recently moved.

Jampo shaked his head to the stupid move he had made. Yeoja, moved her tile closer to the southern side, it was on the main line. Mi Soo, moved to the right side of the board towards Yeoja's last tile. Jampo removed another of Aloi's tiles. Aloi whispered in Rong Yan's ear.

"Use your white lotus tile and move it towards Yeoja's tile and jump it." Aloi whispered.

Rong Yan nodded to what she said, and moved the white lotus tile from the middle and towards and over Yeoja's sword tile. Yeoja was eliminated from the game, and again Senge sobbed some more.

Yeoja held Senge close and began to whisper something in his ear that calmed him down. High Monk Ji had approached the large crowd and wondered what was all the cheering, screaming, shouting, and yelling about. He walked through the small crowd and saw the group playing Pai Sho.

Chuandan, and the woman he was with was on Jampo's side cheering him on, he then bent over and whispered into his ear. He nodded. Mi Soo's turn came and she moved right again towards the white lotus tile.

Aloi, jumped Jampo's tile, then Jampo used the tea tile and jumped over five of Aloi's tile in a zig-zag. Looked behind him, Chuandan took a sip of the liquid within the wooden cup, Jampo and Chuandan did a high five. Chuandan cheered him on.

Rong Yan's turn, he moved his white lotus tile, and took Mi Soo's tile. She was down to one tile. She wasn't very happy, she pouted. Mi Soo moved down a tile diagonally. Aloi jumped over the tile.

Jampo, used his tile that he used on Aloi before again, and jumped over Aloi's last three tiles. Eliminating her out of the game, along with Mi Soo. The game got intense, the crowd cheered them on, High Monk Ji whispered into Rong Yan's ear.

Since Chuandan did the same to Jampo, it was considered cheating. It was a legal rule within the game that only players can tell each other what to move.

"You're winning, kid. Look Jampo might've taken out the girl's tiles, but he made a risky move, he's on the base line. Move your lotus tile and jump over his tea tile." High Monk Ji whispered.

Pai Sho

Rong Yan moving the lotus tile.

Rong Yan looked at Jampo and grinned, putting his finger down the lotus tile he slid it to the left and over Jampo's tea tile. Taking the tile from Jampo, the crowded roared. Chuandan facepalmed at Jampo, then whispered in his ear again.

Jampo moved his twin serpent tile over to Rong Yan's lotus tile. He was one space off though. Rong Yan moved the lotus tile over Jampo's last tile and won.

Jampo slammed his fists on the table, and walked off with Mi Soo right behind him. And hid in the corner of a wall. The crowd roared at Rong Yan, as he had won the Pai Sho game. Everyone gave him a high five and congratulated him, Aloi grabbed him and hugged him tight giving him a light kiss on the cheek.

"You won!" Aloi shouted excitedly.

"I did? I DID!" Rong Yan asked in confusion then realized he had won. Aloi had pulled him towards the courtyard balcony, and they looked at the moon. There was a new game going on but they ignored it.

High Monk Ji, and another elder from the Northern Air Temple sitting where Rong Yan and Aloi were at. Chuandan and his woman sat were Jampo and Mi Soo were at, and teenage monk from the Northern Air Temple along with another monk from the Northern Temple sat down and began to play.

"You did great Tum-Tum, it was just a game, you don't have to be upset." Mi Soo said.

"I know, I know it's just that my tea tile was on the baseline." Jampo replied with a sigh.

"You're still my winner!" Mi Soo said.

"You're right, Mi Soo." Jampo replied, he then hugged Mi Soo, she went on her toes and reached up to kiss Jampo on the lips. They began walking towards Rong Yan.

Senge and Yeoja, were laughing while sitting on a stone bench. Rong Yan and Aloi again were hanging out on the balcony.

"I'm proud of you, you did good!" Aloi said.

"Thanks, I wouldn't have done well if it weren't for your help, and High Monk Ji's help." Rong Yan replied.

She laughed and then said, "An elder knows how to play?"

"Hey, it surprised me too!" Rong Yan replied.

"Look he's over there with someone else playing against Chuandan and that woman he's with, and two Northern monks." Rong Yan added.

"Haha I know." Aloi said.

"You're my champion, Foo Foo Cuddly Poops." Aloi said

"Can we keep this between us, and not tell the guys?" Rong Yan asked blushing.

"You bet." Aloi replied.

They both looked into each other's eyes, and slowly leaned towards each other and kissed. They stopped kissing and they both smiled. Jampo and Mi Soo approached Aloi and Rong Yan.

"Congratulations, buddy." Jampo said.

"You alright, Jampo? You looked upset. And thanks." Rong Yan asked with concern.

"Thanks for your concern. It was just that I didn't realize my tile was on the baseline. But hey, it's a game." Jampo replied.

"You did great, Jampo. It was fun playing with you. You have great skill." Aloi said.

"Thanks." replied Jampo.

They all walked up to Senge and Yeoja, who were laughing, they rubbed their noses against each other, or what people call it Water Tribe kisses. They both giggled, Senge and Yeoja look up at their friends.

"You did good, Rong Yan. A real natural." Senge said.

"Thanks, Senge. You weren't so bad yourself." Rong Yan replied.

Senge and Yeoja, continued their affection, Jampo and Mi Soo walked off. Now Rong Yan and Aloi were alone, they walked out to the southern courtyard, as cheering was heard.

They walked to the northern courtyard, there were children playing airball there and other kids cheering them on. Some teens and adults were playing bison polo as well.

"Hey I want to show you something." Aloi said.

"What is it?" Rong Yan asked.

"Well I possess a rare ability, only airbenders and Avatars can ever possess this abilty, but like I said its a rare sight." Aloi replied.

"It's called soundbending." she added.

"Soundbending?" Rong Yan asked

"Yeah, you control the sound in the air currents and bend it using it for offensive and defensive ways. You can create sonic booms and eerie noises that can disorientate someone from the ears, disabling their hearing for a short amount of time. You can basically do many things with it." Aloi explained.

"Can you teach me?" Rong Yan curiously asked.

"I will but you need to be an airbending master first, or you wouldn't get it." Aloi replied.

"What level of airbending are you in right now?" Aloi asked.

"Right now? Well I just completed the fifteenth level today. I believe I start on the sixteenth tomorrow." Rong Yan replied.

Aloi smiles, then looks up at the sky, then back at Rong Yan. She grabs his hand and takes him to the dormitories. Yeoja opens the door to Senge, Jampo, and Rong Yan's room and pushes Senge in it, a crashing sound is heard. Yeoja looks over at Rong Yan and Aloi, she winks and smiles, then walks in and locks the door.

Jampo and Mi Soo walk into the room next door. Aloi and Rong Yan into the room on the right side of the one Senge is in.

"Now what?" Rong Yan asked.

"Nothing, its pretty late and I'm tired. Maybe we should hit the hay." Aloi replied.

"Oh right, right." Rong Yan said, as he returned to the real world.

Aloi got in the covers of the bed, and Rong Yan jumped onto it. Aloi turned over to face the wall and grabbed Rong Yan's arm and pulled it over her. They instantly fell asleep cuddling. Rong Yan awoke to Senge screaming, and Yeoja shouting at him, though he thought nothing of it and returned to his sleep.

The morning came and Rong Yan awoke still cuddling with Aloi, he got off the bed and began to do his hygiene. Changing in the room's closet, he walked out. Aloi awoke then whispered, "Where are you going, Foo Foo Cuddly Poops?"

"Training." Rong Yan replied.

"Okay." Aloi said. She sat up on the bed yawned, and stretched out. Rong Yan walked out the door, and saw Senge walking down the hallway.

"Good morning Senge, how'd it go?" Rong Yan greeted and asked him.

" went gre-" Senge stopped as he thought of last night.

"-at, we had..a great time.." Senge finished as he cringed about the evening.

Jampo walked out of the room, stretched and yawned, he then scratched his rear, and walked out the hallway. Back outside on the northern courtyard, stood Monk Yong Ten waiting patiently for Rong Yan to come. Rong Yan ran towards Yong Ten.

"How was last night, Rong Yan? Did you enjoy yourself?" Yong Ten asked.

"Great, it was great. Yes, I did. Especially me winning the Pai Sho game." Rong Yan replied.

"So I've heard." Yong Ten said.

"Who won last night between Chuandan, his woman, and the others?" Rong Yan asked.

"I've heard it was between Chuandan and High Monk Ji. But Ji beat Chuandan." Yong Ten replied, laughing.

"Let's get started on the lesson. Today you will be learning the breath of wind." Yong Ten began.

"Very similar to the air jet, but created from the mouth and lungs. It requires extremely good breath control to employ effectively. Size and focus is more easily controlled, from narrow jets that can strike targets as small as insects, to large gale force gusts capable of cooling magma into solidified rock." Yong Ten explained.

"I will demostrate, and you will try it. I've stacked up three boxes on top of each other to do so." Yong Ten finished.

With that Yong Ten, inhaled air through his nose as much as he could, then blew it out with his mouth, the boxes flew and crashed into the wall. Instantly breaking all three within impact. Grabbing three more boxes from the ground he stacked them on top of each other.

Rong Yan stepped up to the boxes, he inhaled the air through his nose, he knew he had great breath control anyways. Sifu Takumi made sure that he had proper breath control when mastering firebending. He then blew it all out, the crates traveled at a high speed and smashed into the wall. Yong Ten clapped to Rong Yan's success on the breath of wind.

"Next lesson, this next one is agility. Enhanced agility. Air movements can also be used as a levitation aid. Airbenders can jump high and far by riding on strong gusts of wind, and can slow or deflect falls by creating cushions of air. The constant movement required by this art, makes airbender's naturally flexible and agile." Yong Ten explained.

"I will demostrate, and you will attempt it. Remember the first level of airbending as well, this is needed to do it a lot quicker than usual. When you try I will shoot blasts and punches of air at you and you will dodge them." Yong Ten finished.

Yong Ten began to side step left and right, then he went a lot more quicker, he circled around Rong Yan once and then stopped. Then he took an airbending stance, and began to shoot air at Rong Yan, who began to side step and dodge everything Yong Ten threw at him. Continuing to do so for another three minutes.

"Great, great. You've handled this easily. I'm proud of you, Rong Yan." Yong Ten said.

"Next is enhanced speed, airbenders can enhance their movement in battle; they can run swiftly by decreasing air resistance around them and even sprint across or run up vertical surfaces by generating a wind current behind themselves to propel them forward." Yong Ten explained.

"I will demostrate and you will try it, by running around this courtyard ten times, at the speed of an airbender." Yong Ten finished.

Yong Ten stretched out his legs, and then sped around the courtyard once. Rong Yan, stretches out, then begins to run on the courtyard. Meanwhile, the Air Nomads from the Northern, Western, and Eastern Air Temples are beginning to leave. Aloi runs up to High Sister Halmeoni, then says, "Morning High Sister Halmeoni, I have a question to ask you."

"Yes, what is it Aloi?" Halmeoni asks.

"May I stay here in Southern Air Temple?" Aloi asked.

"Absolutely not, Aloi. This is a male temple you must depart along with your sisters back to the Eastern Air Temple." Halmeoni replied.

"Please, I met this guy, and he's the Avatar. I want to teach him soundbending." Aloi explained.

"Hmm.." Halmeoni replied thinking about what Aloi had just asked her. Halmeoni has a flashback, of herself when she was in her twenties, and meeting the Earth Kingdom general that had visited the temple. Looking at his handsome face made her smile.


Ku Tei at the age 42, as Halmeoni remembered him in the flashback.

"Please, please, I want to travel with the Avatar." Aloi pleaded.

"Well alright, Aloi. You may stay and travel with the Avatar. You know you remind me of myself and the general that I had met when I was a young woman." Halmeoni said.

"Thank you, thank you, High Sister Halmeoni." Aloi replied, embracing the high sister. The high sister then said, "Aww well, you're welcome Aloi. You can let me go now."

Aloi squealed, and giggled and walked off. The high sister of the Eastern Air Temple had climbed onto the sky bison she had arrived on and flew off. Rong Yan, had finished his ten laps around the courtyard, he was exhausted.

He panted, and saw Aloi in the distance, she ran up and jumped at him. He caught her in a hug wondering what was going on.

"I thought you had left?" Rong Yan asked.

"Nope, I asked High Sister Halmeoni if I can stay and she agreed!!" Aloi replied excitedly.

"I can teach you as we travel." Aloi added.

"Wait? You're coming along?" Rong Yan asked.

"Mhm." Aloi replied.

"That's great news!" Rong Yan said.

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