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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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February 16, 2014

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The gang finally arrive in the Northern Water Tribe. Along with Senlin and his cronies.

Chapter 17: The Northern Water Tribe

Book 2: Water

Chapter 17: The Northern Water Tribe

The gang has finally arrived at the Northern Water Tribe, they were just above the skies of the large city. The chief had just arrived to the front gates of his city, along with several of his royal guards. The chief was rather short and stocky he styled long black hair with braids at the end, he wore a heavy fur coat because it was in the middle of winter in the North Pole, and even the weather and temperature would drastically change. Along with fur trousers, and fine leathered boots, he sported a thick black mustache along with thick black sideburns.

He ordered the gate guards, "The Avatar has arrived open the gates!!"

Shen had roared, and landed safely in the water floating, he swam into large four-walled room, the waterbenders above began to waterbend the water upwards. As they began to ascend they looked around at the idea of what the Northern Water Tribe had in mind for their visitors. They had admired their idea of it, it was genius. As they arose to the very top, there stood Chief Cupun along with various royal guards. They jumped off of Shen, and onto the snowy ground of the grand wall. There all four of them fell to their knees and bowed to the Northern chief.

"How did you know we were coming?" Rong Yan asked.

"Chief Unirak, had sent me a letter that his children would arrive in my city. I thought why not welcome the Avatar and our sister and brother from the South Pole in open arms. There are more pressing matters to attend to, Avatar Rong Yan." Cupun said.

"My guards will escort us to the palace. Where we must talk." Cupun added.

The carriage ride to the palace was very long, but after a while they had finally arrived to the palace. Walking up the large set of stairs they had walked into the throne halls where the throne was at. Chief Cupun, had walked and sat down on his throne, Rong Yan, Unaraq, Tanaraq and Aloi behind the chief. The royal guards spears had crossed one another before Aloi had entered.

"Hey! Let me in! I'm with the Avatar!" Aloi shouted.

"Please wait outside, only the Avatar and the children of Unirak may listen to this. They may fill you in later." Chief Cupun said politely.

She pouted at the guards who stood there silently, and emotionless, she crossed her arms and walked out of the palace. Back in the throne room, the discussion between Chief Cupun and Chief Unirak's children along with Rong Yan had begun.

Cupun had glanced over at Avatar Rong Yan and began with their small meeting, by asking, "I sure do hope your trip here to the North Pole went quite well, yes?"

All three of them responded with a nod, now looking at all three of them before them, thinking of the events that has happened in the past year then he asks, "On to pressing matters. Avatar Rong Yan, I am well aware of what occurred at the Southern Air Temple. General Senlin of Ba Sing Se, had invaded the air temple, what has happened to him?"

"After the defeat of the rebels from the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, many were killed and the army disbanded. Survivors I've heard some were arrested by the Chief Unirak, the others of the Northern Tribe I assumed are here." Rong Yan explained.

"Hmm yes, that is quite correct. I arrested any survivors, and those involved were relieved of their duties. There was at least thirty that I have arrested, there were Earth Kingdom troops that had been called to arrest the men on the temple grounds. They turned over the survivors from the Northern Water Tribe to my men and we arrested them." Chief Cupun responded.

"As for General Senlin, and the Water Tribe man that was with him, are dead. I remember blowing them off the mountain." Rong Yan finished.

Chief Cupun, would believe that Rong Yan, would know more about the Water Tribe man that was with General Senlin. Although, he knows that his admiral had gone missing right after the war. He knows not if the man is alive, the Water Tribe man could be someone from the Southern Water Tribe, but he wanted to make sure. He asks, "Do you remember the name of the man that was accompanying General Senlin?"

"No. I never learned his name, nor what his intentions are along with Senlin." Rong Yan replied.

Chief Cupun, had a slight expression of wrong on his face, he knew something but Rong Yan, Unaraq, and Tanaraq had no idea what the northern chief was thinking. Chief Cupun, knew that he had to break the bad news to Rong Yan. "Sorry to break this to you, Avatar Rong Yan, months ago I've received a scroll from the Earth King in Ba Sing Se. Stating that General Senlin had survived the battle of the Southern Air Temple." Chief Cupun had informed the Avatar.

"WHAT?! This can't be! He should've died from the fall!" Rong Yan shockingly reacted to the news.

Tanaraq and Unaraq were also both shocked at the news that was just thrown at them from the northern chief. Although, they never faced General Senlin, Rong Yan, had explained to them his raw power. It was like fighting two hungry lions, however, he did have a weakness. But the weakness was not known by the Avatar, in fact Rong Yan, doubts that General Senlin even has a weakness.

"King Qiang Zhen, does not know what we are dealing with here, Senlin happens to be a master earthbender. There are always ways for a master to get themselves out of a bad situation." Cupun proclaimed.

"Do not worry Avatar Rong Yan, the Northern Water Tribe army along with the eastern Earth Kingdom army is at your disposal. I do not know if Chief Unirak is on our side, but your past life Avatar Ku Tei had ended the Thirty Year War, and we are in your debt." Cupun reassured Rong Yan.

"But we don't need an army to face two men, Chief Cupun." Rong Yan said.

"You're right, but for all we know General Senlin might have assembled an army by now to assault Ba Sing Se, or even one of the Water Tribes." Cupun replied.

Rong Yan, had began to think he needed more answers to his questions, and the only person being able to provide those answers was Chief Cupun. Rong Yan asked, "Has there been any recent sightings of General Senlin?"

"It has been reported that General Senlin travels with two Northern Water Tribe men, one who has been identified as Kimaru a wanted murderer in the Fire Nation. He escaped the Northern Water Tribe a few years back. The other is unknown. A bounty hunter, and the Earth King's royal captain of the guard have captured General Senlin, but were attacked at their camp." Cupun began.

"This Kimaru, why has he escaped the city?" Unaraq asked curiously.

"He was awaiting trial, for the murder of his ex-wife, and that of a man, who lived two blocks from where Kimaru had previously resided. He escaped the prison and boarded a ship to the Fire Nation." Cupun answered.

"I also might add, that Kimaru, murdered the entire caravan of men who were to escort him and two other prisoners to the Fire Nation's most infamous prison, the Boiling Rock." Cupun claimed.

"So he is dangerous?" Unaraq asked.

"From evidence, yes..Kimaru is tough and quite dangerous man to deal with." Cupun replied.

"My sources claim that the bounty hunter that was with the Royal Captain of the Guard, had fled the fight injured. It is unknown if whether the man had made it to Ba Sing Se alive, or hunted down by these men, or even died somewhere around the wilderness of the Earth Kingdom." Cupun said.

"It has also been noted that they had captured Senlin, at one point but when they stopped for camp, the two Water Tribe men had freed the general and killed everyone in the camp. Other than that, there have been no other sightings." Cupun explained.

Unaraq, Rong Yan and Tanaraq were shocked to know how bad these guys really are, they now know to be a little more careful when dealing with Senlin and his cronies. Unaraq being more serious and interested on these men asked, "Where did this happen if I may ask?"

"Ask away. It had happened down the road from Zhuyin village and a lake. Zhuyin is just fifty-two miles from the dock town of Lu'an. If there is one thing for sure, they may be at Lu'an. Although, we've heard rumors that they might have gone to Nuo Ju, a town just fifteen miles south of Ba Sing Se. The death of the Royal Captain, had gotten an old general by the name of General "Lucky" Laobing out of retirement...Laobing seeks revenge on the killers of his grandson." Cupun finished.

Tanaraq turns to look at Rong Yan and says, "Didn't you tell us that Captain Wei, had a grandfather in the Earth Kingdom army?"

"You're right, I did. Senlin, has a lot of people ticked off at him, the more the merrier we need more help than we can get against the general." Rong Yan answered.

"That monster, has to be stopped before he continues to kill more people..." Rong Yan added.

"I am truly lost for words, I am sorry for your loss, Avatar. I hope he is being honored in Ba Sing Se as we speak, he served our cause quite well I assumed." Cupun apologized.

"Yeah, we'll knock him down, Rong Yan!" Unaraq cheered.

A little saddened to hear the death of Wei, Rong Yan looks back up at Chief Cupun who asks, "Is there anything else you might have encountered while traveling here to the North Pole?"

All three looked at each other, and then back at the chief, Tanaraq walked forward and said, "We killed a bloodbender.."

"What?! A bloodbender? We've haven't heard of a bloodbender for the past two hundred years." Cupun replied stunned. "How did you encounter a bloodbender?" Cupun asked curiously.

"One of my fishing crew members, named Sakana was a bloodbender. He led my crew to the Yantai River where there happens to be a shrine where they offer their own blood to a spirit." Unaraq answered.

"Did he carry any tomes?" Cupun asked.

"Yes, I assure you, I burned the large tome he carried with him, and we destroyed the shrine." Rong Yan assured the chief.

"...creepy." a voice said from one of the hallways that led to the other parts of the palace.

"I apologize Avatar, prince and princess, my son has decided to show up late to this meeting." Cupun mentioned.

Tanaraq thought to herself, "The chief has a son? A prince?" She kept wondering what the prince looked like, and her thoughts were more on the thought of how old was the prince.

A tall, toned brown skinned man walks into the throne room where his father and his guests where in. He wore upper-class man clothing for Water Tribe nobility and royalty, he had short black hair, with short bangs in the front, he had great hygiene his skin and teeth could show it, and he had beautiful blue eyes that would melt any woman.

"Avatar Rong Yan, Prince Unaraq, and Princess Tanaraq, this is my son Prince Tulok." Cupun introduces his son Tulok.

"Tulok, this is Avatar Rong Yan, and the children of Chief Unirak, please bring them into open arms, and treat them like our most esteemed guests." Cupun tells Tulok.

Tulok stares at Tanaraq smiling, she looks up at him and sees Tulok staring at her with a large smile on his face, he slowly let out the words, "Will do, father." After following with the word father, he winked at Tanaraq, bowed at all three of them and slumped on a chair next to his father's throne.

Cupun, a little bothered at Tulok's behavior says, "You know, son. If you want to someday be chief of the Northern Water Tribe, you should start acting like it. Maybe I'll give it to your cousin, Amak. He seems more prepared for it than you do, son."

"Father please, you're embarrassing me in front of the Avatar...and his friends!" Tulok whined.

"I'm only scolding you, to behave more like a prince and not like some wild child." Cupun scolded Tulok.

Tulok and Tanaraq continued to stare at each other from time to time, throughout the whole meeting they payed no attention to Rong Yan, Unaraq nor the chief. She knew it was rude but she just couldn't get her eyes off Tulok. It was like love at first sight for her, however, she did not know if whether he might have felt the same way. He smiled at her and gave her another wink, and she blushed.

Unaraq poked his sister on the shoulder to get her attention, the chief was trying to tell her something. "Tanaraq!"

"What?" Tanaraq asked, turning to Unaraq.

"The chief just asked you a question." Unaraq replied.

"I'm sorry, chief Cupun..I spaced out." Tanaraq used an excuse.

"Have you taught the Avatar waterbending, and what is his progress?" Cupun inquired.

"Yes, I taught him waterbending, I can say he has mastered waterbending. As of right now, I believe he is training in Soundbending with his airbending teacher." Tanaraq replied.

"Soundbending? Odd, that is a rare bending art, I've never met a Soundbender before." the chief said.

Cupun signaled one of his guards who was standing at the doorway to the throne room, the guard walked over to the chief, Cupun ordered the guard to bring in Aloi, "Call in the airbender."

The guard nodded at the chief's request, and walked out to find Aloi, she was standing just outside leaning against the snowy walls of the palace, waiting for her friends to come out of the palace. The guard notifies her, "Miss, the chief would like to see you."

She nodded, and followed the guard to the throne room, when she arrived she bowed to the chief, and he asked her, "You are a soundbender correct?" Cupun asked Aloi.

"Yes, Chief Cupun. I'm teaching the Avatar soundbending from the scrolls that were given to me by a Vibrant One." Aloi replied.

"A Vibrant One eh? I don't know what that is, but I'll assume he is an important person. You are free to use my training grounds to help the Avatar master Soundbending." Cupun granted Aloi the permission to the access of the training grounds. Aloi bowed to the chief for this privilege, she walked beside Rong Yan. The chief also forgot to ask her another question.

"What is your name, airbender?" Cupun asked.

"I am Aloi, of the Eastern Air Temple." Aloi introduced herself.

"Where are you heading after this place? So that I may send a scroll over to that city, and have them prepare a teacher for you, in the Earth Kingdom." Cupun asked Rong Yan.

Rong Yan, stepped forward and then replied, "I do not know yet. That was unplanned, we plan to stay here a few more days before heading off back to the Earth Kingdom. I'll let you know a day before our departure."

"That is fine, Avatar." Cupun said.

With that the meeting was over everyone bowed to each other, after the meeting the gang had begun to leave after reaching the stairs. Tulok, ran right behind Tanaraq and poked her on the shoulder. Tanaraq turned to looked who it was, and it was Tulok, the man with the beautiful ocean blue eyes.

He looked at her and she looked back at him, then Tulok had the courage to ask her, " like to...I don't know..uhm.." Tulok was shy and he also blushed before continuing to finish his sentence, Rong Yan, Unaraq, and Aloi continued to walk down the stairs of the palace to the city.

"Hang out?" Tanaraq guessed.

"Well yeah..along those lines...more of..may I take you out to lunch, and then give you a tour of the city?" Tulok shyly asked.

Just the thought that the prince of the Northern Water Tribe was into her, she totally knew that she could definitely make a move if she chose to do so. However, now would be a little too early and she didn't want to scare Tulok away. She giggled, and answered, "Yes, it would be an honor, prince."

"Please just call me, Tulok." Tulok replied. Tulok snapped his fingers and a man with a polar leopard pulled up with a royal carriage, after walking a few feet away from the stairs Unaraq looked around for his sister.

"Where's Tanaraq?" Unaraq asked. Aloi and Rong Yan, looked around as well until Aloi pointed to the left, where just a couple of feet away from them Tulok reached out his hand for Tanaraq who grabbed it, they just looked with their jaws dropped.

"Thank you." Tanaraq said to Tulok. She lifted her up onto the carriage, and he climbed in right after, closing the door. The driver snapped the reins on the polar leopard, and it rolled on down the streets of the grand city of the Northern Water Tribe.

"Yeah..well..if the chief had a daughter my age, I would be showing her off too!" Unaraq jealously said.

"Well if you're that jealous you should let Tulok know how you feel." Aloi advised him.

"THAT'S NOT FUNNY! Everywhere we go, my sister gets gawked at! Am I not that good looking?! Tell me!" Unaraq shouted.

Rong Yan, put his hands in front of him to push Unaraq back, "Woah, personal boundaries, man."

"Well yeah you're pretty good looking actually." Aloi said.

"Thank you. didn't really mean that!" Unaraq shouted.

"I did." Aloi honestly replied.

Unaraq made a shrew face, and he continued walking east into the city, Aloi and Rong Yan behind him. After a few minutes of talking they heard shouting, following the cries of someone who is need of aid, they run to see an old man with his foot trapped under a boulder of snow.

The old man, had wrinkles on his face, basically everywhere so to speak. One of the old man's legs was being crushed by the snow boulder and he couldn't get free because he felt pain.

The old man heard footsteps of people approaching, he tried to turn his head as much as possible without having to turn his body. He saw Unaraq, Aloi, and Rong Yan approaching him.

"Please you, waterbender. Lift this boulder up, I can't feel my right leg I think its broken!" the old man cried out.

"I'm not a waterbender. I'm a warrior." Unaraq replied.

"Here I got this, guys." Aloi said. She used airbending to lift the boulder, and drop it a few feet from the old man. Rong Yan knelt over, as well as Unaraq, Unaraq had examined the old man's leg, the old man had winced in pain a bit as Unaraq carefully examined the leg.

"Yeah his leg is broken. Rong Yan, he's a little too cold he might die out here, I'm going to need you to heat him up a bit." Unaraq requested.

"Will do." Rong Yan replied.

"How did this happen?" Aloi asked.

"See that cliff right there?" the old man asked as he pointed.

Aloi looked up to the cliff just above them, it was at least twenty feet tall, then old man continued his answer, "Well my house is right there, I was cleaning my yard from the excess snow, I heard a loud noise coming from the northeastern side of my house, it must've been those rowdy neighbors. They were loud enough to cause this here snow boulder to fall on my leg and crush it. I have work next week, and this leg won't heal up in five days. I have a friend who lives outside of the city, just a few miles westward, she heal my leg up real good. I was hoping you could take me to her?"

He explained, that he had a friend who lived a few miles from the city westwards, his friend who happens to be a woman is a fantastic healer, and only goes to her because she does an outstanding job at healing. Nothing like the healers within the city.

"You two stay here, I'll get the chief to lend us a carriage to take him to his healer." Aloi told them. She opened her glider and jumped into the air and flew back to the palace, upon arrival she landed on the end of the stairs that lead to the doorway of it. She entered the palace and the royal guards closed their weapons to prevent her from entering.

"State your business, airbender." one of the guards said.

"I need a carriage from the chief, the Avatar demands one we found an injured man and we need to take him to his healer." Aloi informed the guards.

Chief Cupun walked passed towards the throne room and noticed Aloi, he approached her and the guards let her in. "Yes, Aloi? Is there anything I can help you with?" Chief Cupun asked.

"We found an injured man with a broken leg not to far from here, and Rong Yan wants a carriage to take the man to his healer. The old man cannot walk." Aloi requested.

"Yes, right away. You! Get her a carriage and a driver," he said pointing at another guard.

The guard ran outside and down the stairs, running to left after ten minutes he returned and looked at Aloi and then said, "The carriage is awaiting you, miss."

She ran down the stairs and walked towards the carriage, just like the last one that carried Tulok and Tanaraq it was made entirely out of wood and it was painted blue. The driver was sitting on the top of it, and a polar leopard would be the animal pulling the carriage.

She climbed the carriage, and directed the driver where to go, going eastwards of the city, eventually after fifteen minutes they reached the old man's home, where she had seen Rong Yan still hovering his hands above the old man's body heating him up. With some cloth Unaraq had made a make shift cast for the old man. They both lifted the old man putting each one of his arms, around their shoulders, they lifted the old man and carried him to the carriage.

After getting him inside they gently laid him down, Aloi had used airbending to gently lift the old man's broken leg, she then slid folded cloth onto it. Unaraq wearing his heavy coat, walked off the carriage and climbed on the spot where the driver is sitting at and sat there giving the driver directions and accompanying him as well. "We go through the west gate of the city, and continue westwards, eventually we should come across a large rock, by that rock there will be a house several yards away from it. That is where the healer lives." Unaraq instructed the driver.

The driver nodded to Unaraq's directions, and he snapped on the reins of the polar leopard, the animal began to move forward. They began to move quickly towards the west gate of the Northern Water Tribe capital city. Meanwhile, in a restaurant somewhere within the city Tulok and Tanaraq had finished their meals. Tulok, left some money behind for the workers to pick up, he bent his arm in front of him, and Tanaraq locked arms with him, and they walked out smiling.

He lifted her onto the carriage, Tulok got in as well and they headed off for a tour of the city. He sat there, with both arms resting on the top of long chair, Tanaraq sat close right next him. She felt a little cold within the carriage and she cuddled real close with Tulok, he held her and they cuddled during the tour. He began to speak and tell her about the surroundings outside, and she looked at him with amazement, as his lips moves, and his gestures for every little thing outside their window.

Back in Ba Sing Se, it was a cold evening Earth King Qiang Zhen, sat on his throne with royal guards strewn around the throne room, guarding the premises. A courier ran in, although it was not his royal courier, his royal courier happened to be his nephew. He knelt before the Earth King and held a scroll in his hand.

With quite concern he grabbed the scroll from the courier, and looked at the seal, the seal belonged to the mayor of Lu'an. He thought to himself, "This must be urgent news about something."

"Captain." Qiang Zhen called.

"Yes, your highness?" the captain of the royal guard asked.

"Where did you send, Baotong?" Qiang Zhen asked.

"We sent him to Lu'an, sir." the captain replied.

"Ahh yes, I remember I had my nephew deliver some scrolls to a soldier who lives out there. Has he yet returned?" Qiang Zhen remembered.

"No not yet, sir. There is no word on his return." the captain told the Earth King.

"Qiang Zhen, opened the sealed scroll from the mayor and began to read: Dear Earth King Qiang Zhen,
I have very grim news for you, I hate to be the one who tells you this but your royal courier was killed last night. The killer has not been identified but the murderer left his mark.
A dagger was lodged into your courier's back, from what the local soldier of your army tells me the weapon belongs to a soldier of the Northern Water Tribe. The letters that your courier was going to be delivered were sent to their respective owners I am truly sorry, your highness.
The Mayor of Lu'an"

Qiang Zhen's adviser stood looking at his king, the young Earth King who only ruled the Earth Kingdom for at least a year, fell off his throne feeling weak to his knees. Qiang Zhen began to cry very loud, his adviser and the royal captain of the guard ran over to help their king up to his feet. But, he just smacked the adviser's hand and continued to cry, the royal captain picked up the document and began to read, he covered his mouth when he read that the courier was killed.

After he was able to regain himself, he stood up and ordered his captain, "Captain! Blow the Horn of War! Gather the Council of Five, and bring them back here for a meeting! Immediately!"

The guards ran to a room, one of them bringing a large horn to the royal captain, the royal captain picked it up and carried it outside. He inhaled a good amount of air and blew extremely hard into the horn, letting loose a really loud sound. It was sunrise just outside and one of the generals had heard the sound of the horn of war. He quickly had gotten out of bed, and had dressed into his general uniform, and he grabbed his weapons and rushed out to the palace. Other guards had run to the Lower-Upper ring, and some to the Upper-Middle ring and began to find the homes of the other four active generals.

Snow began to fall in the wilderness of the North Pole, in the distance Unaraq could see what looked to be a large rock, but he could not see a house just yet. He knocked on the wood of the carriage, and Rong Yan put his ear to the wall of the carriage.

"What is it?" he shouted.

"We're almost to the healer's house!" Unaraq shouted back.

"We're almost there, sir." Rong Yan told the old man.

"Thank the spirits I thought we were never going to make it, thank you Avatar." the old man appreciated Rong Yan. Fifteen minutes passed, and they reach the home of the healer, Unaraq had gotten off the carriage top where the driver was on, and landed in the snow. He looked to his right and saw a strange small statue of a wolfbat along with rotten food, and some burnt out candles. He couldn't remember where he had seen that statue before but he didn't care he was focused on getting the old man inside the healer's house.

Unaraq knocked on the door, and from within he heard the voice of a sweet old woman, she was walking closer to the door and opened it, "Yes?"

"Hi, we brought an old man that knows you. We rescued him, but his leg was crushed by a snow boulder. He told us to bring him to you because you're better than any healer within the city." Unaraq explained. The driver and Rong Yan began to carry the old man into the old woman's home, she ran into a room to gather her materials, she brought out some herbs, and a large tome and she placed it down on a table.

"Please have a seat, I'll be able to prepare him and get him on his feet in no time." the old woman assured them. The driver, Unaraq, Rong Yan, and Aloi, had all sat down supporting the old man, she came back out some leather straps, and placed them on the table.

The old man looks over to the woman and thanks her, "Thank you, Aumanil." Aumanil, had opened her tome then Aloi began to think about the name, then it came to her Aumanil was the woman who saved and adopted Sakana from his abusive father. She's a bloodbender.

"You're a bloodbender!" Aloi shouted.

"WHAT?!" Rong Yan yelled, as he stood up he took a defensive stance, as well as Aloi the driver cowered as he was frightened, Unaraq pulled out his new sword. The old man shouted to them, "Please! Don't hurt her she's a good person!"

"No bloodbenders are good, they're all evil!" Rong Yan retorted to the old man.

"Pl-please don't hurt me, I'm only trying to heal a long time friend and patient. Yes I am a bloodbender but I only use my abilities to heal people." Aumanil cried out.

"Why should we trust you?!" Aloi asked.

"Because, I am only here to be a healer why do you think only a few people visit me to cure them? My bloodbending does miracles!" Aumanil replied.

"We killed a bloodbender by the Yantai River two months back! If you try anything on us, we will retaliate." Rong Yan shouted.

A tear fell from her left eye but then she wiped it she knew who was going to that shrine this year. And it was her adopted son Sakana, he wanted his adopted mother to come with him but she couldn't anymore she was too old. She did what she was supposed to do, and that was cure the old man, Rong Yan, Unaraq and Aloi held their defensive stances, and she nodded to the old man and he nodded back. She began to move her arms bringing them to sudden stops. The old man levitated off the floor and he began move strangely.

Aumanil was beginning to bloodbend the old man, a few cracks were heard as he winced in pain a few times, after she was done, she brought him gently down to the ground, and she walked over to the old man. She reached out her arm to the old man and he pulled himself up. He was able to stand on both feet but he was limping, he limped over to Rong Yan and shook his hand.

"Thank you, Avatar." the old man said.

"Now you will be able to walk on your leg but I don't want you to lift anything heavier than twenty pounds. For the next two weeks you will be drinking this chamomile tea every night before bed. I added some exotic spices to it, these spices have special properties that will help you heal faster. You should be able to return to your regular routine by next week but remember nothing to much or lift anything above twenty pounds." Aumanil explained to the old man.

She walks on over to Aloi and Rong Yan, she lightly smacks them on one of their hands and smiles at them. "That's for saying all bloodbenders are evil." She smiled.

"B-but why aren't you insane?" Unaraq asked.

"I'm sure you've seen my shrine of Atshen outside?" Aumanil replied.

"Of course no wonder I've seen that somewhere before!" Unaraq said.

"You killed my adopted son Sakana, all is forgiven. I told Sakana, that if his behavior got the best of him, it would make him more deranged and he would loose his sanity. If you are to come across another bloodbender and his/her attitude is awful, you will know those are the evil ones. But don't let the nice ones fool you, some of the ones with a benign attitude could also be evil." Aumanil explained.

"How did you know it was Sakana?" Rong Yan asked.

"Because my son, goes to the Yantai River to bring offerings to Atshen there. I can no longer do so, so now I have my own shrine here." Aumanil answered smiling.

"Thank you for enlightening us, that not all bloodbenders are evil. We can keep an open mind on bloodbenders now." Aloi said.

"Aww, you're welcome, sweetheart." Aumanil welcomed her. The old man limped to the door carrying his tea bags, the driver opened the door for him, and as everyone walked out to the carriage, Aumanil was on her door waving good bye to them.

Upon getting back into the carriage they rode off back towards the city. Meanwhile, back within the city Tanaraq and Tulok were sitting atop a bridge staring at the stars and the moon and enjoying their night together. Tulok looked over at Tanaraq's eyes who also shined in the moonlight, they looked at each other, staring into each other's eyes. Slowly getting closer to each other, until their lips meet. Tanaraq and Tulok, gave one another a kiss, and afterwards an eskimo kiss, by rubbing their noses together. They both had blushed, as Tanaraq rested her head on his shoulder as they continued to look at the star lit sky.

Back in Ba Sing Se, five generals stood next to each other awaiting for the meeting with their king. Qiang Zhen's aunt and uncle were heard crying, the woman was screaming over the death of her son, and her husband trying to calm her down.

"Don't worry, uncle. I will take action for this!" Qiang Zhen promised his uncle.

Qiang Zhen, walked in front of them, and a guard led all of them to the war room where they discuss campaigns of the Earth Kingdom army. The Council of Five holds its meetings in a large, open room which allows for a panoramic view of the Upper Ring it is located within the palace of Ba Sing Se. Various Earth Kingdom insignias decorate the room in all forms and shapes, ranging from banners to statues, and the grandeur of the room is aimed at reflecting the Council's high position.

An enormous map of the world sits in the center of the chamber, with a curved conference table at the top where the five Council members convene to discuss war strategies. Small, clay figurines that represent Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation and Water Tribe forces are positioned on the map to keep track of ongoing operations or to plan future campaigns. By using earthbending, the members of the Council can shift and relocate the pieces on the map.

One of the generals, who was short and stocky, and had short grey hair, and had no facial hair, the general was tan and wore the traditional general rank attire for someone within the Earth Kingdom army. He had earthbended the clay figures of the Fire Nation off the large world map, and placed them off to the side. He bended the Water Tribe pieces, he shifted five on the South Pole and five on the North Pole.

The Earth King sat right next to the leader of the Council of Five, his name was Qingbao, the generals to his left were Ren and Rongyu, to his right were the last two generals who were Sudu and Tsuyo-sa. They sat in alphabetical order, the Earth King stood up and began the meeting.

"My nephew Baotong, was killed by a soldier of the Northern Water Tribe in cold blood in the port town of Lu'an." Qiang Zhen began.

General Tsuyo-sa, the one who moved the figures around when they had walked in, the older man had shifted one piece towards the southeastern coast of the Earth Kingdom where the port town of Lu'an is.

Qingbao crossed his arms behind his back and said, "The Northern Water Tribe troop had killed Baotong in Lu'an. We do not know the purpose of this, although he left his weapon lodged in the body of the young man. The guards within the town have identified the weapon to be that of a captain of the Northern Water Tribe army. Which by the way is marked a certain way than those under his rank."

"We have a treaty with the Northern Water Tribe, why would they attack? Let alone deploy troops in our nation without our approval?" General Ren asked.

"I have sent two scouts out to the surrounding areas of Lu'an and the village of Zhuyin, when they return I hope they find something. Maybe a camp of Water Tribe troops." Qiang Zhen said.

"Good work, your heiness." General Ren responded.

"If what worries me is when we have men fighting on the front lines, Ba Sing Se will be vulnerable to be attacked by Senlin." General Rongyu spoke.

"He's right, Senlin is claimed to be a metalbender he might have a slight advantage over some men. But we should place elite guards on patrol in the city. Doing so, should also prevent crime rates from rising. This should balance out crime rates and peace within our glorious city." General Sudu agreed.

"We need not to worry about the crime rates, there has not been any crime from any of the known gangs that operate here in the city for the past six months. Ever since Qiang Zhen had taken the crown." General Tsuyo-sa mentioned. "Yes, but we shouldn't ignore the threats within the city." General Ren said.

Qingbao gave a slight cough, and cleared his throat, he began nodding to what the other generals were saying. Even disagreeing with some, but that is why they had meetings to discuss such things.

Then General Ren, began to think of another cause of Baotong's death, it is a possible thing but who knows if they would agree. He finally spoke, "What if it was General Senlin? I mean he might have known who Baotong was."

"No, my extended family has never met any of my grandfather's generals, that is impossible. But I do know that Senlin had been seen traveling with two Water Tribe men. Identities are unknown of both men." Qiang Zhen replied.

"Your heiness, there is available identification of the two men, one is wanted in the Fire Nation for murders, he is also wanted in the Northern Water Tribe for murdering a man, and his ex-wife. His name is Kimaru, he was captured but had escaped the caravan that was escorting him to a prison but had murdered his captors." Ren added.

"My goodness, where was he being escorted to?" Qiang Zhen asked.

"The Boiling Rock, your heiness. The other man is known as the former admiral of the Northern Water Tribe. Again for all we know Chief Cupun and Admiral Palartok with General Senlin and Kimaru could be plotting against the Earth Kingdom." Ren informed the Earth King.

"What do you think we should do?" Qiang Zhen asked.

"What we need to do is send a document to Chief Cupun about the accusation, and the declaration of war, IF the Earth King seems fit to do so." General Qingbao commented.

"Yes, I am well aware of the results of war. I cannot declare war without evidence of deployment of Water Tribe troops." Qiang Zhen exclaimed.

"Your heiness." called out the Royal Captain.

"Yes?" asked Qiang Zhen.

"The scouts have returned from Lu'an." the Royal Captain announced.

"Bring them in." Qiang Zhen ordered.

The Royal Captain, bowed and nodded, he gestured for the two scouts to come in, both men were dressed in green leather kilts, with long green socks, they wore green leather cuirasses, green leather boots, and they also wore green hoods and bandanas to cover their faces and identities. Both men stood on the opposite end of the large world map table from the Council of Five and the Earth King.

"We have returned from Lu'an, your heiness. There is no sightings of any squadron of Northern Water Tribe troops. Although we did find rotten corpses of four men scattered around a camp, and three corpses of men by a tree across the road from the camp itself." one of the scouts reported.

"We were informed that those men were merchants, and the men by the trees were guards. It looked like the guards had starved to death, and the merchants were drowned. The merchants were taking a caravan towards Zhuyin but it never made the trip. It was stolen and found northwest of Lu'an abandoned." explained the second scout.

"Drowned you say? ...waterbenders! Waterbenders killed those merchants." Qiang Zhen hissed.

"Your heiness, if I may..the men traveling with General Senlin are waterbenders. We should accuse them of this crime." Rongyu claimed.

"All in favor?" Sudu inquired.

"Agreed." all five generals and the Earth King agreed.

"General Tsuyo-sa I want the local printers to make wanted posters and post them around the city, and around the Earth Kingdom. These waterbenders if found are to be executed." commanded Qiang Zhen.

"Affirmative." Tsuyo-sa answered.

"I almost forgot to mention, your heiness..the mayor of Lu'an had informed us that there have been four men from the Northern Water Tribe running around, the mayor does not know the purpose of why those men were here. But it is also a possible chance that those men may have killed Baotong and those merchants." the second scout informed the Earth King.

"General Qingbao, have the accusation document sent along with a scroll containing the announcement that I wish to declare war on the Northern Water Tribe." Qiang Zhen ordered.

"As you wish, Earth King." General Qingbao responded.

Meanwhile, back at the Northern Water Tribe, four men walk into the palace of Chief Cupun, walking in front of the chief's throne, they see him lounging in his throne, when they arrive he sits properly. The four men kneel before their leader, Cupun asks the four men, "Anything?"

"No sir, Admiral Palartok was nowhere in the designated area that he was reported in. We only went as far as twenty-five miles past Zhuyin village. Nothing. I am sorry, chief." the leader bounty hunter said.

"I want Palartok in prison where he belongs, better yet dead." Chief Cupun announced.

Rong Yan, Aloi, Unaraq and the old man had already arrived at the old man's home, Unaraq had helped the old man off the carriage and helped him get inside his house. The old man sat on his bed, and gently turned his body to lay on his bed. He shook Unaraq's hand to show graditude.

The bounty hunters left, the palace and in comes Prince Tulok and Tanaraq, Tanaraq gave a slight yawn as she seemed tired, she began to rub her eyes. However, Cupun had not seen Tulok, Tulok led Tanaraq to her very own private chambers, where Unaraq, as well as Rong Yan and Aloi will be using to rest for the next few days.

Rong Yan, Unaraq and Aloi finally get off the carriage tired more than ever since they embarked on a journey to help an injured old man out. They slowly walk up the stairs as they run out of energy every step of the way. They drag themselves to their beds in the guest chamber and fall asleep.

Back in Ba Sing Se, in the war room General Qingbao, had just been handed the documents that are to be sent to Chief Cupun. Qingbao, whistles and out appears a falcon, with a pouch strapped to its back, the pouch had an Earth Kingdom symbol on it, General Qingbao, had stuffed the documents into the falcon's pouch and sent it off to the Northern Water Tribe.

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