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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 18, 2013

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Chapter 15 - The Nightmare

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Sokka holds a private meeting with Aang, Katara and the kids to discuss Aang's wishes after death. During the meeting, Aang makes a decision for Air Temple Island to benefit Tenzin

It's been a few days since Katara presented the breakfast of traditional Air Nomad food for Aang. It's a rather busy morning in Republic City. Aang, Katara, and the children are flying on Appa towards City Hall. Sokka and Toph are waiting for them outside the hall. Appa lands next to them.

Sokka: *slightly sarcastic* Took you guys long enough.

Katara: Easy for you to say.

Katara slides off of Appa

Katara: you don't have three kids to take care of.

Kya slides off of Appa

Kya: I am not a kid, I am a young adult, and I know exactly what I want to do with my life.

Katara: What?

Kya: I'm going to travel the world and help waterbenders learn every kinds a fighting techniques you taught me!

Aang: She's a nomad just like her father.

Katara: But she's a waterbending master like her mother.

Aang: I'm a waterbending master too.

Katara: *smug smile* Yeah, but I was a waterbending master first.

Sokka: Anyway, what kind of nomad do you want to be Kya?

Kya: I'm not sure, between my veggie meals I have to live off of, my future nomad travels, and love for music, I'm thinking about becoming a hippie!

Sokka has a mortified facial expression

Sokka: Aang. Katara. Give this *points at Kya* girl some meat immediately.

Katara: Come on Sokka, you can't hate hippies that much, can you?

Sokka: I don't hate hippies, I just hate singing, dancing, 24/7, meatless hippies. 

Kya: But you wouldn't hate me, would you Uncle Sokka? I could make the next generation of hippies less annoying to you.

Sokka: I'd never hate you Kya. Besides you don't want to be singing and dancing all day. It's all about the journey.

Kya: I'll remember that. 

Aang: So anyway, what's this secret council meeting supposed to be about?

Sokka: We need to discuss your every plan after you die. It's important that we have your dying wishes under a secret file considering you're the most important person in the world.

Aang: I appreciate this top secret meeting, but really, I probably won't be dead for another few decades, what's the rush?

Toph: The rush is to have your dying wishes told now, so when you get close to death, you won't have to waste your energy telling us what you want.

Aang: I suppose it's better now then never. Lets go inside.

Toph: You guys go, my officers and I will guard the doors and windows.

Aang, Katara, Sokka, and the kids walk inside City Hall. They walk over and sit at the main desk. Sokka pulls out a writing utensil and a piece of paper. Before Sokka has a chance to ask Aang a question, Aang begins to speak

Aang: I want the next Avatar to be safe while she masters the four elements. The last thing I want is for her to be in any kind of danger while mastering the elements.

Sokka: Is there a person or group of people you had in mind to watch over her?

Aang: I was thinking about putting The Order of the White Lotus in charge of keeping the next Avatar safe.

Sokka starts the write down what Aang is saying. 

Sokka: Is there a certain place you want the next Avatar to be in for safety?

Aang: My vision seemed to look like it was in the South Pole, so what I want is for her to be in compound, obviously she can leave the compound to run around the South Pole, but not too far. The Order of the White Lotus should be keeping an eye on her every move.

Sokka: Don't you think that's a little--pushy? I mean every Avatar, well person deserves privacy.

Aang: I mean when she's outside the compound or when she's training, I know she might not like my ideas, but overtime, she'll appreciate what I'm doing for her.

Katara: As the wife of the current Avatar, if I'm still in any shape to train, I promise to teach the next Avatar waterbending. 

Aang: And I approve of your promise.

Aang gives Katara a huge smile

Sokka: Is there anything you want us to do to you after your death?

Aang: I would like my body to be buried at the Southern Air Temple. It was where I was born, and I'd like there to be a piece of me at the temple forever. Well I guess a huge part of me, but you get it. That's also where I want my funeral to be held. 

Katara has tear of joy in her eyes

Katara: That's beautiful Aang.

A tear rolls down her face

Katara: The Southern Air Temple will always be a part of you then. 

Aang wraps his arms around Katara and hugs her tightly. After a couple seconds, he lets go

Aang: Thank you for respecting my wishes. 

Katara: Anything for you sweetie.

Sokka: Enough with this oogie business.

Katara: Enough with the word 'oogie', the sound of the word is so weird.

Tenzin: I kinda like that word. One day when I can have my own sky bison, I'll name it Oogi because of you Uncle Sokka.

Sokka looks at Tenzin proudly

Sokka: *slightly arrogant* Well it's nice to know someone appreciates my words.

Katara: R-right, anyway, is there anything else you'd like after death?

Aang: I want to be buried next to the Air Ball game. It was my favorite game ever, and the game marks my personality.

Tenzin: What's the air ball game daddy?

Aang lifts Tenzin from his chair and sets him on his lap

Aang: Well Tenzin, the air ball game was when you take a ball and you air ball it-- you know what, why am I explaining it, when we should have a version of the game on the island

Katara: Aang, I'm not letting you put an ancient Air Ball game on the temple. Besides it won't even fit with everything else you already put.

Aang: You're right. We should go down to the Southern Air Temple as a visit of my culture.

Katara: Are you sure you want to go on another vacation already?

Aang: Yeah! Besides, we can take a visit to the Southern Tribe on our way back.

Katara: Aang, it will take weeks to get from Republic City to the Southern Air Temple, there's no way we can let Appa fly this far to and from.

Sokka: Yeah, no offense to Appa, but he's not the bison he used to be.

Aang looks outside towards the temple

Aang: Well I guess there is enough on the island already. But I still want to put one thing on the island for any basic airbenders.

Katara: What?

Aang: When I first started to learn airbending, we spun through this time honored tool where you had to move through the gates without touching them. I think it would be a great tool for Tenzin to use for airbending training. And for his future kids. 

Tenzin: I like the idea.

Aang: I mean, you're already going to be the owner of the house one day, so why not?

Sokka: Where do we get this time honored tool? 

Aang: There's one on every Air Temple. We live closest to the Northern Air Temple, so sometime soon, we should go there and get the temple. It's settled, the time honored tool is going on Air Temple Island!


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