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The Airbending Master
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir

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November 7, 2012

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Rong Yan starts airbending training today.

Chapter 16: The Airbending Master

Book 1: Air

Chapter 16: The Airbending Master

The sun's rays light the boys' room, sun rays immediately are directed at Rong Yan's eyes, then he begins to wake up. Sitting on his bed, he rubs his eyes, and gets up.

He opens the drawers to get new clothing, he begins to take off his shirt, his bare feet are shown, as he begins to put on his yellow trousers for the day and his brown boots.

Walking out the door without waking up Jampo and Senge, he walks through the hall and down the stairs. Walking through the temple halls, Yong Ten walks up to him. Rong Yan then follows Yong Ten outside, onto the courtyard. There on stoned pavement of the courtyard, there stood a wooden contraption with several wooden revolving like doors or walls.

"Good morning Rong Yan." Yong Ten greeted, the Fire Nation boy.

"Morning Monk Yong Ten." Rong Yan replied, stretching his body and yawning at the same exact time.

"Let us begin your airbending training then." Yong Ten said.

Airbending gates

The spinning gates are known as the first level of airbending.

"Airbending is a highly defensive discipline, it is essential to build up the instinct to avoid and evade conflict, as well as to follow the path with least resistance." Yong Ten said.

Pointing at the wooden contraption right in front of Rong Yan, Yong Ten then says, "To do this, we use the airbending gates."

"The goal of this exercise is to weave your way through the gates without touching them." Yong Ten explained. A leaf drops from a tree, Yong Ten quickly catches it before it hits the ground.

He then bends a soft breeze, and directs the leaf towards the gates, blasting air at the gates they begin to move rapidly then to normal speed. Rong Yan watches as the leaf swerves and curves around and along the wooden gates.

A leaf in the wind

Yong Ten catching the leaf into his hand and bending it towards the gates.

"You must learn to switch directions at a moment's notice in order to get to the other side." Yong Ten finished.

"This should be easy!" Rong Yan said, going towards the gates.

"Wait! I must warn you forcing one's way through the panels will result in them hitting the pupil while they attempt to traverse it!" Yong Ten replied.

Rong Yan giving Yong Ten a slight nod. Yong Ten blows air with both hands and out comes a strong wind, blowing at the wooden gates, they spin rapidly but then go at a normal pace.

Rong Yan takes a deep breath and begins to follow the way of the wooden gates, getting through the first one he messes up, Yong Ten watches as the gates smash into Rong Yan and out he comes flying.

Rubbing his face, Rong Yan yells, "Again!"

Yong Ten again does the same strong air blast at the wooden gates, this time Rong Yan runs into the gates, and again flies out. Yong Ten again blasts at the gates, and Rong Yan jumps in, but is sent out flying. Yong Ten shakes his head, then places his hand over his face.

"Look at the way each one of the wooden gates is going, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Then concentrate and go in smoothly, quick but not to quick or you'll end up in the same spot you were thrown to the last three times." Yong Ten said.

Air blasting the gates again, Yong Ten sits down to watch Rong Yan. Rong Yan approaches the spinning gates, now he gets the hang of it, going half way he screws up and is sent flying in another direction.

Yong Ten, blasts the wooden gates again, and Rong Yan approaches it the same way. Taking a deeper breath he places his hands in an airbending defensive stance and walks in. Rong Yan, begins to twist and turn in the opposite directions of the spinning wooden gates and makes it to the other side.

"I did it!" Rong Yan excitedly shouted.

Yong Ten claps, then shouts, "Again."

Blasting the gates again, Rong Yan moves through the gates once more and gets to the other side. He continues to do this three or four times, by his fifth time he had already mastered the exercise.

Yong Ten leads Rong Yan to the grassy area of the southern courtyard of the air temple, Yong Ten plops down to the ground, and Rong Yan slowly sits down.

"Air is the element of freedom, and as such, it is necessary to learn how to get into this mindset." Yong Ten said.

"Meditation is meant to help the pupil allow his or her spirit to wander, like the air. Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself like the leaf that was used on the first level of airbending." Yong Ten explained.

"If you cannot let your spirit be free, you cannot bend air." Yong Ten finished.

"It is supposed to be simple, with no chance of doing anything wrong. Just keep in mind about letting your spirit be free, Rong Yan." Yong Ten reminded him.

Zuko meditating

Rong Yan meditating, and trying to imagine himself as the leaf.

With that Rong Yan, took a deep breath and closed his eyes, and began to imagine himself as the leaf. The leaf was seen flowing through the currents of the air, moving in all directions.

After thirty minutes, Yong Ten stood up as well as Rong Yan, then Yong Ten blasted air out of his palm. Rong Yan, just watched as Yong Ten did the same thing three times.

Rong Yan copied Yong Ten's form, and with his left palm shot out a small puff of air. Excited Rong Yan began to dance around.

"Did you see that?!" Rong Yan shouted excitedly.

"Air!" Rong Yan shouted.

"Yes, there you go. Now try to concentrate and make the blast a little bigger." Yong Ten replied.

Rong Yan, then forced his right palm out, and out came swish of air, which was better than the puff he had produced from his left palm.

"The key to airbending is flexibility and finding and following the path of least resistance." Yong Ten said.

"Airbending is notable for being almost purely defensive, as well as the most dynamic of the four bending arts. Airbenders can overwhelm many opponents at once with large and powerful attacks that could prove fatal; however, due to our pacifist nature, such attacks are rarely used." Yong Ten said.

"Now drill the air punches, do ten of them." Yong Ten said.

Rong Yan, making sure no one was in the line of sight, he took a deep breath and imagined himself as the leaf. With that, he punched air with each fist ten times.

"Again, and repeat forty more times, five seconds of break between ten punches of each arm. Go!" Yong Ten shouted.

Punching air ten times with his right, then ten times with his left, Rong Yan took a five-second break then continued three more times.

"Drill air kicks, alike the air punches ten times each leg. Go!" Yong Ten shouted.

Kicking air with each leg ten times, Rong Yan took five second breaks each ten kicks on both his right and left leg. Placing his hands on his knees, panting Rong Yan was tired.

"Drill those again, and we'll move on!" Yong Ten shouted.

Taking a deep breath Rong Yan air punches and then air kicks fifty times with each limb, taking breaks in between them all. Scrambling on his rear he pulls his knees up to his chest, and rests his head on top of his arms.

Yong Ten then looks at the airbending gates then back at Rong Yan, pointing to the gates and stretching out his arm, so that Rong Yan can grab onto so Yong Ten may pull him up. Yong Ten pulls Rong Yan up to his feet, then says, "We're almost done for the day, now's the test."

Yong Ten blasts a strong current at the gates, as they rapidly spin and then slow to a more moderate speed. Rong Yan takes another deep breath and slowly moves in, twisting and turning in the opposite direction of the spinning gates and walking out of the other side.

"Combo the moves you learned today!" Yong Ten said.

Rong Yan punched out twice, then kicked, and repeated that after a while he just spin kicked air and flew into the air five centimeters each time he kicked.

Yong Ten claps at Rong Yan as he continues to add kicks and punches to the combo he continuously did. Yong Ten then walks in front of Rong Yan and blocks his kick, signaling him to stop.

"Well done, Rong Yan you've passed the test." Yong Ten said.

Yong Ten led Rong Yan to the mess hall where all the Air Nomads ate breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. They both walked into the line, luckily it was short at the moment.

Air Acolytes on Air Temple Island

The mess hall at the Southern Air Temple.

Finally, getting to the food selection, Rong Yan passed through some of the vegetables, then says, "Where's the meat?!"

All of a sudden, everyone in the mess hall stopped what they were doing and looked at the Avatar.

"What? What did I say?" Rong Yan frighteningly asked.

Yong Ten whispers into Rong Yan's ear, "We Air Nomads believe all life is sacred. That is why we refrain ourselves from eating animals of any sort. Even the tiniest firefly is important to this world like you and I are."

The monks still staring at Rong Yan, Yong Ten peeps up on the crowd then shouts, "He was just kidding, he's a comedian everyone. The Avatar is a hilarious person."

With that, everyone began to laugh and some of the monks slapped their knees as they laughed. In a matter of seconds the mess hall grew silent, and they all returned to their meals. Rong Yan grabbed some tomato carrots, then says, "Where are the ash bananas?"

The cook confused then asked, "Uhm..what exactly are ash bananas? Oh wait, you mean banana-bananas? Outside of the Fire Nation we just call them bananas."

"This place is weird..." Rong Yan murmured to himself.

"What was that?" the cook asked.

"Nothing, I'm just confused." The Avatar replied.

"Well enjoy your bananas!" The cook said.

"Thanks, I will." Rong Yan thanked him, he then grabbed sliced mangos, and some rice and ran off to a table. Yong Ten quickly followed behind him and they sat at a small table. Beginning to eat, Senge joined them, and so did Jampo.

"So Rong Yan, how did your airbending training go?" asked Senge.

"Well at first the whole first level of airbending..most painful experience in my entire life!" Rong Yan replied.

"How many times did he fail master Yong Ten?" Senge asked.

"Well a few times actually. Then he got the hang of it, he mastered the evasive movements." Yong Ten replied.

"Wait master?" Rong Yan asked Senge.

"Yes, master. Yong Ten is my airbending teacher!" Senge replied.

"Then why are you teaching me, Yong Ten?" Rong Yan asked Yong Ten.

"Fire Lord Yeh Lu and Fire Sage Xiao, tasked me to teach you airbending. I even personally wanted to teach you airbending, your past life was a friend of mine when he visited the Southern Air Temple years ago. I had to teach my friend airbending again." Yong Ten replied.

"Why is it that Senge isn't training along with me?" Rong Yan asked.

"Monk Senge, is on level 19 of the airbending training. You will quickly reach his level soon. And you will train along with Monk Senge." Yong Ten replied.

"What about Jampo?" asked Rong Yan.

"Jampo, is not my student. But I know that Monk Jampo, is currently on level 21 of the airbending training. I've also heard you failed the level twice, Jampo. Didn't we have a talk about this?" Yong Ten replied to Rong Yan's question, and asked Jampo.

"Yes, Monk Yong Ten. I will try harder." Jampo sadly replied.

"Well Jampo, I suggest you finish your meal and train right away." Yong Ten said.

Rong Yan finishes his meal then looks at Yong Ten who had already finished his meal awhile ago and asks, "Say, shouldn't we continue onto level three and four of my training."

"You look a bit tired, Rong Yan maybe tomorrow!" Yong Ten replied. "Go get some rest." he then added.

Rong Yan grabbed his plate, and dumped off any left overs into the garbage, and placed the plate into a small secondary pile of plates. The cook comes by and uses his airbending to lift the first large stack of plates and continues to walk off back into the kitchen.

Rong Yan walks off and crosses the bridge into the right temple and up the spiral of stairs. Eventually reaching the floor where him and his roommates sleep he jumps into the bed, pulls the cover over, and quickly falls asleep.

Rong Yan, awoke the next day early, looking out the window he saw the sun barely rising on the horizon. Getting up from his bed, after doing some hygiene he headed for the training grounds back where the wooden gates were at. Yong Ten was patiently standing there waiting for his pupil so that they can start class.

Yong Ten pointed directly at the wooden gates as he blasted air at them, spinning rapidly they immediately began to spin at a moderate speed. Rong Yan walked in and began to spin and twirl in the opposite directions of the gates, emerging from the other side, Yong Ten then says, "Outstanding Rong Yan, today is level three of your training today's lesson is the air suction."

"Air Suction?" Rong Yan curiously asked.

"That is correct, a technique used to bring people or things toward the airbender." Yong Ten replied. Yong Ten pointed at a wooden crate, and began to bend the air around it and form like a sort of lasso like air current to pull the crate towards him.

It quickly slid towards him, Yong Ten stopped the crate with his foot, then looked at Rong Yan. Yong Ten, pushed the crate back to its place with a light air blast.

"Now you try." Yong Ten said.

Rong Yan takes an airbender pose, takes a deep breath and bends the air around the crate and begins to pull it towards him. The crate slowly began to slide towards him, then he couldn't pull it anymore.

He attempts do it again this time, it pulls a little faster, jerking his hands back, the air suction pulls the crate too fast, the crate hits Rong Yan in the stomach and pulls him back with it.

Throwing the box off of him, Rong Yan coughs for air, and kicks it in frustration. Hitting his toe on the hard part of it, he jolts in pain grabbing on to his foot, and hopping on the other foot.

Rong Yan, again tries to pull the box towards him, again he does what happened the second time, but this time he dodges the box. The box then smashes into the stoned walls of the temple.

Yong Ten, walks into another room and brings out another box, and places it on the ground, before Yong Ten walks away, Rong Yan pulls Yong Ten using the air suction and successfully pulls his airbending teacher towards him without harm.

"Woah! Nicely done. Next time wait until I'm out of the way." Yong Ten said.

Rong Yan laughs, then tries to pull the new crate, successfully he pulls it towards him and like Yong Ten demonstrated he put his right foot on the crate to stop it.

Yong Ten claps and they walk towards the western courtyard of the air temple. Outside on a couple of balconies were stone ovens, Yong Ten walked inside to get some flour and other materials to for this level.

"What are we doing now?" Rong Yan asked.

"Well now is the fourth level of airbending. Learning to use the air suction for various things, especially cooking. We're going to learn how to make fruit pies." Yong Ten replied.

"Mmm, they sure sound good." Rong Yan said, as his mouth began to water.

"First off, you'll place this much amount of flour on the wooden palette." Yong Ten said, opening the sack of flour and pouring flour out onto the wooden palette and making it into a large pile, passing the flour to Rong Yan who does the same. Pouring water onto the pile of flour, Yong Ten passes the bucket of water to Rong Yan.

"Pour the water onto your pile of flour, and form it in the shape of wheel." Yong Ten said, Rong Yan begins to pat down the flour, and begins to shape it into a wheel.

"Now pour in the flavor jelly you want in your pie. I'm going to use grape." Yong Ten said. Pouring the grape jelly into his fruit pie, he uses air suction to pull the jelly up into a swirl.

Gyatso baking

Yong Ten using the ability air suction to pull the jelly of the pie outward.

Rong Yan grabs the lime flavored pouch and begins to pour the lime jelly into his fruit pie, with one hand, he hovers his palm over the pie and uses the air suction technique to pull the lime jelly out of the fruit pie in the shape of swirl. The air begins to pull the jelly, and successfully he pulls it into the shape of a swirl.

"Woot! I did it!" Rong Yan excitedly said.

"Good job, my young pupil!" Yong Ten replied.

"Now Rong Yan, I can't find my spark rocks do us a favor and start the oven." Yong Ten said.

Rong Yan placed his pie on a wooden spatula and placed it into the stone oven, Yong Ten does the same thing, as Rong Yan blasts fire with both arms into both of the stone ovens. The pies begin to cook in the stone oven, while the pies cook, Yong Ten begins to give Rong Yan a history lesson.

"As we shall await for our pies to cook, I want to give you a little brief history lesson." Yong Ten said.

"It is traditional that once an airbender passes thirty-six different tiers or passes sufficient tiers and creates their own airbending "move", they are considered a master, allowing them to be tattooed with five light blue arrows: one extending from the base of the spine to the forehead, one for each arm pointing to the hands, and similarly for the legs. This design emulates the markings of the sky bison, who were the original airbenders." Yong Ten said.

"Wait, so you're saying that when I master airbending, I will receive permanent airbending tattoos?" Rong Yan asked.

"These tattoos are sacred to my people, and as such, only we bear them. Even though an Avatar native to one of the other nations will also have mastered airbending, they do not receive the markings, that we earn." Yong Ten replied.

"Do you know of Kwan Chun?" Yong Ten asked Rong Yan.

"Nope. Who's that?" Rong Yan asked.

"How many past lives do you know of?" Yong Ten asked.

Drawn Portrait of Ku Tei

Avatar Ku Tei, was one of the two past lives Rong Yan knew about.

"Ku Tei, the guy before me and the guy before him who was named Xi Tong. Remember when the mayor guy said that his village was built by one of my past lives?" Rong Yan replied but then asked Yong Ten another question.

"Yes, Xi Tong Village." Yong Ten replied.

"So, Kwan Chun is one of my past lives?" Rong Yan asked.

Portrait of Kwan Chun

Avatar Kwan Chun, prevented the war against the Air Nomads.

"Yes, his tale is one of the greatest ones of all time besides some other Air Nomad Avatars.." Yong Ten replied.

"Kwan Chun, freed our nation from war during his time. He gave it his all to free us, from the evil clutches of Earth King Yao." Yong Ten said.

"Air Nomads is a collective term for a nation of people who practice the discipline of airbending. We're one of the four major nations, we Air Nomads were wanderers by definition, but had four air temples, one at each corner of the globe, hidden away atop mountain ranges in the northern Earth Kingdom and on three remote islands." Yong Ten said.

"The theocratic Air Nomads were home to a monastic order of men and women who practiced airbending. Unlike the other nations, the people of the Air Nomads were, without any seen exception, all benders due to the high level of spirituality of our people." Yong Ten said.

"So, if the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation were all in the same level of spirituality as the Air Nomads, there would be no such thing as non-benders? We'd all be benders?" Rong Yan asked.

"That is exactly correct. But non-benders like us benders are not much different. They just don't carry the gift of bending like you and I do." Yong Ten replied.

"You should still, make non-benders feel equal to benders." Yong Ten said.

"We Air Nomads live in large temples and travel the world on flying bison. We are the most spiritual of all the cultures and live in harmony with nature. We also are fun-loving and have a strong sense of humor." Yong Ten said.

The pies were done, Yong Ten uses air suction to carefully pull out the pies, using a wooden paddle he lightly places the fruit pies onto a ledge. Yong Ten looks down at the Council of Elders, High Monk Shaohao and High Monk Ji were passing by on a bridge just below Rong Yan and Yong Ten.

"Ready?" Yong Ten asked.

Rong Yan gives Yong Ten a slight nod, Yong Ten looking at Rong Yan, in silence Yong Ten with his fingers counts down 3....2.....1.... when he made his hand into a fist, Rong Yan and Yong Ten both used airbending to flip the fruit pies off the ledge.

"Monk Yong Ten, is teaching the Fire Avatar..very well." Ji said to Shaohao.

"So I've heard. I've been told by one of the younger monks that the Avatar is going to be on the fif-" Shaohao was cut off, as the pies flew downward and hit both High Monk Ji and Shaohao.

"-th...level..." Shaohao said in annoyance.

Looking upwards, he sees nothing they both use airbending to knock off the pie off their heads. And with that they continue walking on. Rong Yan and Yong Ten peek up from the balcony and begin to laugh. Yong Ten then begins to walk towards the stairs.

"That's it?" Rong Yan asked.

"Go get some rest. Tomorrow you need to wake up earlier and walk to the eastern courtyard of the temple, and begin the class with Instructor Chuandan." Yong Ten replied.

Rong Yan, walks back to his dormitory, looking into the room Senge and Jampo were sitting down in the middle with their legs crossed, as they were laughing as they shouted at each other, while they were playing Pai Sho.

"Senge, you're cheating!!" Jampo shouted.

Pai Sho

Senge showing Jampo that his move was legal.

"I am not, this is a legal move." Senge replied.

Senge moved an air tile from the southern corner of the board over two of Jampo's tiles taking them out. Senge and Jampo look up at Rong Yan as they see him enter the room.

"Would you like to play Pai Sho with us?" Jampo asked.

"No thanks guys, I'm beat." Rong Yan replied.

"Oh well, then maybe tomorrow then?" Jampo asked.

"Not tomorrow Jampo, we have training tomorrow!" Senge said.

"Oh right." Jampo replied.

Jampo and Senge continued to play Pai Sho, but kept it down, so that Rong Yan can rest. Immediately Rong Yan went to sleep.

Morning came, as Senge, tapped Rong Yan to awaken, but he did not move.

"..Rong Yan..!!" Senge whispered.

"WAKE UP!!!" Jampo shouted into Rong Yan's ear.

Rong Yan sprang up from his bed, screaming, as he punched fire towards Jampo, who ducked. The fire hit the stone wall, and made a black smudge on the wall. Senge looks over Jampo with annoyance.

Jampo, hides in his collar then whispers, "Note to self, next time do NOT scream in a firebender's ear. Or you could be burned, badly."

Rong Yan, rubs his ear, then looks at Jampo upset. Jampo's head rises from within his collar, then he softly says, "Sorry."

Rong Yan, shakes his head at Jampo, who then responses by slouching, and frowning.

"Senge, where's Instructor Chuandan?" Rong Yan asked.

"Oh he's on the eastern courtyard today, Jampo and I are heading that direction as well. We still haven't learned how glide yet." Senge replied.

"Yay, we finally get to do something together!" Jampo shouted, clapping his hands.

With that Jampo, pulls both Rong Yan and Senge closer to him as in a group hug, as they get as close as cheek to cheek, Senge and Rong Yan look at Jampo, Jampo exchanges looks at them too, as all three put on a big smile.

"The three master airbenders.." All three of them say together.

"Yeah.." Rong Yan says, smiling at his friends.

All three of them, put there arms around each other's shoulders and walk out the door, with Jampo in the middle. Walking out of the hallway, they walk towards the eastern courtyard.

At the eastern courtyard stood a middle aged man with arrow tattoos and a brown goatee, there he was holding what looked like a piece of wood, they call a clip board. On the clip board he had names of all the airbenders in his class for the day, and began to mark off names.

Next to the man, were a line of Air Nomad monks with gliders, standing on a grass area, at the end of the grass area was a ledge, where the monks would run off and jump into the air and begin to glide. On the stone pavement of the courtyard there was at least ten racks with five staves on each one. Four racks had the staves removed.

As they got closer, the man shouted, "Monk Jampo!"

Jampo, screamed like a little girl, and shouted back, "Present!!"

The man looked over at where the voice came from and saw Jampo, Senge, and a tall guy.

"You three are late!" the man shouted.

"We apologize, Instructor Chuandan." Senge and Jampo said.

As they walked towards the staff racks and grabbed their own staves. Jampo and Senge pressed the button on the middle of the staff which opened the staff open, and it then became a glider. Jampo and Senge, lined up next to another Air Nomad monk.

"Who are you?" Chuandan asked.

"I am Avatar Rong Yan." Rong Yan replied.

Chuandan, went to his knees and bowed to Rong Yan. Standing back up he then says, "It is an honor to have you in my gliding class today, Avatar."

"Grab one of the staves from the racks, grab any one of them that you like." Chuandan said.

"Then get in line after Monk Senge." Chuandan said.

Rong Yan, grabs a staff from one of the wooden racks and begins to walk toward the line. Standing next Senge, Rong Yan moves his head slightly past Senge, and looks at the large line of airbenders standing straight.

Jampo began slouching a little, Chuandan passes by the entire line of monks and taps Jampo's shoulder with his own staff. Jampo, stood up straight prouder than ever.

"It is an utter importance, to stand straight as we line up to get ready and glide, if we practice to stand up straight, as we will be positioned like this as we glide. Now can anyone tell me what happens if we DON'T lay with our back straight as we glide?" Chuandan shouted.

The short monk next to Jampo rose his hand into the air. Chuandan points at the monk with his staff.

"You." Chuandan said.

"Because, if we do not have the correct stature and/or position as we glide we will fail to control the currents in the air, and will fall to our deaths." the monk replied.

"That is correct." Chuandan shouted.

"It is also important to remember, that while you glide you must also close your mouth at all times, you might swallow a bug." Chuandan shouted.

Walking left to right carrying the staff, he then shouts to the class.

"It is also more important to control the air currents around yourself and the glider at all times, to continue to glide in the air. Or you will plummet to the ground, and most likely die. Reason I am, saying death is the consequence because many of you probably do not know how to use the ability we call the air cushion." Chuandan shouted.

Pressing the button on his staff, Chuandan's staff opens up into a glider.

"Any questions?" Chuandan shouted.

"No? Okay, let us begin." Chuandan shouted.

Chuandan grabs his glider, and begins to run towards the ledge jumping off he quickly gets onto the glider, and plummets down, using airbending he flies up into the air and begins to glide. Rong Yan gulps, as one of the guys in the back yells, "Hey quit, holding up the line!!"

Rong Yan places the staff on his back, and with both hands holds onto the staff's handles, and sprints towards the ledge and jumps off. Going down all they hear is screaming, Jampo runs toward the ledge after Senge as they go to save Rong Yan from plummeting to his death. As Jampo and Senge jump off the ledge yelling, "HOLD ON RONG YAN!! WE'RE COMING FOR YOU BUDDY!!!"

When they fly downwards to control the air currents around themselves, they see Rong Yan coming out from one of the clouds below them flying up really high up to where Instructor Chuandan is at. Jampo and Senge reach the same level as Rong Yan, and begin to glide next him. They look at the grass area where the line of airbenders are still on as most of them run and jump down and begin to glide.

After about five minutes the sky is filled with Air Nomads flying about, the sky.

"WHOOO!!!" Rong Yan yells.

Gyatso and Roku glide

Senge and Rong Yan gliding.


Twirling in the air, and making glider flips. One of the advanced monks in the back twirls towards Rong Yan, and continues to fly on, almost hitting him, he yells, "Sorry!!!"

"That's it guys, come on keep on glidi-" Chuandan began choking and coughing.

"BUG..bug.." Chuandan shouted.

Everyone who was, in earshot of Instructor Chuandan began to laugh hard. Staying in the air for half an hour, Chuandan and several others began to land onto the grassy area.

Rong Yan, Jampo and Senge, still doing tricks in the air, flew towards the grass area, Rong Yan, did another twirl and twirled at a faster speed, then he clashed with Jampo and Senge, as all three screamed, the monks looking at them coming, began to run as fast as possible, to no avail all of them became a large pile of airbenders in pain.

Young Roku and Gyatso

Senge and Rong Yan again, after recovering from the crash. Jampo's shirt is visible.

Some rubbing their heads, and others massaging their lower backs began to walk onto the stone courtyard. Jampo, Rong Yan, and Senge looked at each other and laughed. Chuandan received a scroll from another monk, he untied the string that held it together, and opened the scroll.

The scroll said: "Send Avatar Rong Yan, to our meeting room, we need to test him on the five levels of airbending, we also need your review on his gliding skills. Bring the Avatar with you Instructor Chuandan.

- The Council of Elders"

"Rong Yan, we must go to the Council of Elders. They need to speak to you." Chuandan said.

"Class is dismissed, everyone passed." Chuandan shouted.

Rong Yan and Chuandan walked out of the eastern courtyard and walked towards the meeting room of the Council of Elders. As Chuandan and Rong Yan arrive, standing outside was Yong Ten, patiently waiting for his arrival.

Yong Ten opening the curtains to the meeting room, Rong Yan, Chuandan, followed by Yong Ten, all walked in.

Air Nomads

The Southern Council of Elders.

They sat down next to each other with Rong Yan in the middle of his airbending teacher and the gliding instructor. Geetsan greeted all three and said, "Welcome."

"Monk Yong Ten, what can you say about the boy?" High Monk Ji asked.

"Well I trained the boy in the first four levels of airbending, he had trouble on the first level, but he soon got the hang of the evasive movements." Yong Ten replied.

"Rong Yan, will you please demonstrate us the evasive movements you had learned? I will throw air punches at you, while you do the technique." Ji asked.

"Yes, High Monk Ji." Rong Yan replied.

Standing on opposite sides, Rong Yan began to imagine the leaf flying through the wooden gates, then he took a deep breath, and looked at High Monk Ji taking a defensive stance.

Ji began to punch air at Rong Yan who began to twist and twirl in different directions, Ji then stopped, and quickly kicked air at Rong Yan, who dodged it by spinning in the air.

"Well done, Avatar you passed the first test." High Monk Ji said pleased.

"Please drill ten air punches and ten air kicks in a combination." High Monk Li Shen said.

Taking another deep breath Rong Yan, began with three punches followed by a kick, another three punches, then two kicks, followed by one punch, three kicks, two punches, three kicks, a punch, and finally the last kick. All of five the elders began to clap as he completed the test.

"Congratulations, you passed the second test." High Monk Li Shen replied.

"Tis' seat that rest upon, should be pulled towards you with air." High Monk Shang Xi said.

Thinking for a slight moment what the riddle that Shang Xi said meant. Rong Yan then bending air around the box that Shang Xi stood on, and began to pull the box towards him, Shang Xi jumped, as the box slid towards Rong Yan.

Rong Yan stops pulling the box with his air suction. The Council of Elders clap, then Shang Xi stands in front of Rong Yan.

"Pull me, like you did to the box." Shang Xi said.

Shang Xi, blasted air at the box Rong Yan pulled, it slid back next to High Monk Li Shen.

Using the air suction once more, Rong Yan began to use the air currents to pull Shang Xi towards Rong Yan, after a few seconds Shang Xi, was in front of Rong Yan, who chuckled at the Avatar, did a backflip in the air and landed seated on the box. They all clapped.

"You taught the boy well, Monk Yong Ten. I am thankful that you did so." Geetsan said.

"Now Instructor Chuandan, your review on the Avatar." Geetsan said looking at Chuandan.

"Well though he arrived late with two other monks. His gliding abilities came naturally to him, he was doing flips and twirls and other tricks while in the air on his glider. Technically, speaking he is the Avatar, bending and the skills tying down to the element do come naturally to him." Chuandan explained.

"Landing was his downfall. The other two students crashed into the Avatar, making him lose balance that made him crash. Though, he has a great skill like I said before." Chuandan finished.

"Very well then, Avatar Rong Yan you have passed the tests." Geetsan replied.

"Now, I have a test for you, Rong Yan." Shaohao said.

"Who were the original airbenders?" Shaohao asked.

"The original airbenders before people bent the elements were the sky bison." Rong Yan replied.

"When an Air Nomad masters the element of air, what does he receive? And when an Avatar who is not Air Nomad, does he receive the reward as an Avatar who is an Air Nomad?" Shaohao asked.

"A master airbender, after completing the 36 tiers of airbending, is rewarded with the arrow tattoos. No, only an Air Nomad either just a regular monk or nun, or an Air Nomad Avatar may only receive the arrow tattoos. The tattoos are sacred to the Air Nomad society and only they can bear arrow tattoos." Rong Yan replied.

"Where did the first masters of airbending get the idea to tattoo themselves with arrows around their bodies?" Shaohao asked.

"They have taken the idea from the sky bison, who naturally have the arrows around their bodies." Rong Yan replied.

"Who was the airbender who sacrificed himself to save our nation from war against the Earth Kingdom?" Shaohao asked.

"Avatar Mun Jin correct?" Rong Yan replied.

"Wrong, it was Avatar Kwan Chun." Shaohao said.

"You correctly answered all the questions but one, I suggest you go to the study room and study on that question Avatar. You still have passed my history test. Congratulations!" High Monk Shaohao said.


The hawk that the scholar at Southern Air Temple sends, to Fire Lord Yeh Lu in the Fire Nation.

"Thank you, Council of Elders. I will study tonight High Monk Shaohao." Rong Yan replied.

Rong Yan bowed to the elders, and walked out. Yong Ten and Chuandan also bowed to the elders and left. Geetsan looks at Li Shen, then says, "Get a Fire Nation messager hawk, and send a report to Fire Lord Yeh Lu. He must know of the progress on the Avatar."

As they all walk out of the meeting room, Li Shen speaks with a scholar of the temple and orders him to send a hawk.

The scholar nods and bows, and walks away. The scholar in the study room, finishes writing the scroll and opens the cage of the hawk, placing the scroll into the hawk's pouch he has it perched onto his arm, lifting his arm up, the hawk flies out the window, towards the Fire Nation. Into the dark night sky the hawk screeches and flies off into the distant and disappears.

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