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This is the fifteenth chapter of my fanon, Fanon: Adventures of Li Hua. The main page for the fanon is here.

~What Happened Last Time~

Last time on Adventures of Li Hua: Jiha and Cheung make a deal that will involve Li Hua. Li Hua is stuck in detention.

~First Day of School cont.~

This is really boring... all I've been hearing the entire time I've been here is Mrs. Mao stapling papers nonstop. The teacher was being really unnecessary. I don't deserve this. I've been sitting in this same spot, unmoved for almost an hour. My butt hurts even though this chair has a lot of cushion in it.

I peeked over at Mrs. Mao's desk to see if the tapping would stop anytime soon.

Wow, she's not even half done. She's been stapling for hours on end. Well.. maybe not hours but it feels like it. I've been here for at least 45 minutes. I'm so ready to leave it's ridiculous.

I stared at the clock ticking away on the wall. It's been my only entertainment for this dreaded time.

Mrs. Mao stopped stapling and smiled at me saying, "Miss Chae, could you please run... well walk, to Mr. Pho room to get some important papers. They're due to today but I haven't received anything from him. He's down the hall on the right."

"Uh.. sure Mrs. Mao. I'll be right back."

I mumbled under my breath, "Finally, some freedom."

I got up from my seat and looked at the imprint I've made from sitting in the same spot for all this time. I think it's most likely permanent but I refuse to pay for it since it's not really my fault that Mrs. Lee sent me here to rot away.

I walked down the deserted hallway to Mr. Pho's room. I twisted the door knob to let myself in. As soon as I stepped foot in the classroom I saw Mr. Pho sitting on top of his desk. He looked at me for a moment then back at the wall.

With his head down he mumbled, "I guess the students are not suppose to knock before entering a classroom anymore."

"I'm sorry, but I was sent from the office to ask you for some papers."

"Papers?" He looked at me with confusion in his eyes.

"Yes sir."

While lifting one eyebrow he said, "What papers?"

The one eyebrow lift? Hm... that reminds me of someone that I once knew.

"Mrs. Mao just told me that it's some important papers and that they're due today."

"Important papers? I really don't know what your talking about?"

"Oh.. well... that's all the information she sent me with."

"She should have given you more."

"Yea, probably."

"I'll look around to see if I find any 'important papers'."

"Okay sir."

I took a seat at a desk in the front while I waited for him to find the important papers. I began to look around the class room and noticed a painting on the wall that caught my eye. It was really beautiful, the landscape was a scene of a crisp fall sunset, with shades of purples, oranges, and yellows substituting the ordinary blue sky. The tress were simply black silhouettes making the painting truly unique. But for some reason it was also somewhat familiar.

"Really is Mr. Pho."

"It's the best artwork I've ever brought. Nothing seems to ever compare to it. Trust me, I've looked. I've been collecting art for 10 years and still have yet to found an painting or any artwork for that matter, that could compare to this. Hence the reason I keep it in my room for everyone to experience."

"It's really nice sure. I wish I had it in my home... Where did you get it?"

"I don't really remember. I did get it from a convention some years ago. I think the one that they hold in Equal City every year."

"Oh... I see."

"I kinda know the artist. My brother was best friends with him. His name is Cheung Shiga. He always paints locations. He's one of favorite artists partially because of that."

Cheung? The one I know? Painted that? Wow.

"Really? I kinda knew him myself. He didn't seem like the type to paint something like this."

"Yea... he's changed a lot ever since his mom died."

"His mom died?"

"Yea, she and Cheung used to always paint together. Cheung and his mom painted everyday at 1:00. Mrs. Shiga thought that it was the best time to paint because the world seemed to be at it's prettiest during the time. The sun shining and people moving about. It was perfect to her."

"Wow.. really?"

"Yea, once his mother died, he painted even more. I think to him, it was a means of being closer to his mom. It was something only him and his mother did. It was special to him. It was a really hard time of his life, even for his father. The whole family changed after her death. Mrs. Shiga held the family together. With her, it was bound to fall apart."

"How did she die?"

"No one really knows, well at least I don't. My brother told me that Cheung's dad told him to not talk about it to anyone. To keep it a secret because it was personal."

"So is that why him and his dad seemed so close?"

"I think they are close because they were all each other had left."

Oh my gosh... I hadn't even known about this... I can't believe this."

"How old was he?"

"I think he was 9 at the least or 12 at the most."

"Wow.. that's pretty young. I couldn't even imagine that happening to me."

A tear started to stream down my face reaching my lip.

"I'm surprised you hadn't known... it was in the papers for months."

"I was too young, I don't remember sir."

I started to ball my eyes out and I didn't even know why. I was crying so uncontrollably, that I started hyperventilating. Am I losing it? Why am I crying for someone who lied to me, someone that pretended to be someone else? Why?

Mr. Pho patted my back trying to comfort me. "It's okay. He's fine these days."

"No he's not, he's becoming cold hearted." I mumbled.

"That'll pass. It's part of the grieving process."


"Take your time and recover from the news."

I laid my head on the desk and closed my eyes. Maybe a good rest is needed.

~Break Time (Jiha's POV)~

"So... what's the plan?"

"I don' know yet... give me a minute, Cheung." I thought for a moment letting all the ideas run through my mind. None of them see me to work. I tried to think of the outcome of falling through with each plan but none ended in happiness.

"Come on class is about to start, lets go back in."

"We'll talk about this later okay?"


We both walked back to our class room in silence. When I stepped in I noticed that Li Hua still hasn't came back yet. I went to my seat and waited for the teacher to come in.

"Sorry about coming back late everyone. I had to hand something to the Mrs. Mao."

I raised my hand and waved it a little.

"Yes Jiha?"

"Can I go get Li Hua from the office."

"Of course. Go right ahead."

I got walked into the hallway and caught a glance of Cheung as I walked past his classroom. He didn't see me since he appeared to be asleep with his head on his desk.

I continued down the hallway till I saw the office. I stopped and tapped on the window to signal that I was there.

"Mrs. Mao?"

"Yes Jiha? You came for Li Hua?"

"Yes ma'am."

"She hasn't came back from Mr. Pho's class. I had sent her earlier."

"Oh okay. Can you tell me where Mr. Pho class is?"

"Down the hall on the right. He has a statue outside."

"Okay, thank you."

"Mhm, no problem."

I strutted toward his room since I seen some cute boys walking by. I smiled at them and they smiled back. Then after we passed I heard one of them say 'She's cute, go talk to her." Then I suddenly heard "Excuse me."

I turned around with a smile still on my face. He was the cutest of the guys to me. He had ice blue eyes and a really nice white smile. His clothes were also of the rich sort. Really nicely put together. The deep blue really brought out his eyes.


"What's your name new girl?"

"Jiha, and yours handsome?"

He blushed a little and replied, "Kwan."

"I really like that name. It fits you so well."

"Thanks." He smiled even harder and I saw that he had dimples. My secret obsession I smiled back and twirled my hair a little out of habit. I looked over his shoulder to see his friends standing a few feet down the hall talking and smiling.

"I kinda got to go... but if you want to talk... well find a way." I laughed a little and walked off. I looked over my shoulder to see if he was still looking and of course he was.

I walked into Mr. Pho's class and asked where Li Hua was.

"She left a little bit before you came."

"Oh okay..."

I walked back down the hall way and saw Kwan walking with his friends.

"Following me huh?" He smiled and projected his voice so I could hear.

I smirked a little, "I don't follow people. You're the one following me. You should be further down the hall than you are. Keeping watch on me huh?"

I turned the corner and strutted to my classroom.

I can't wait to tell Li Hua about Kwan.

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