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The Nightmare
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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 17, 2013

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Chapter 14 - Secret Hideout

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Katara has a horrible nightmare about Aang

It's the middle of the night. Aang and Katara are sleeping. Suddenly, Aang sits up quickly, with a painful expression on his face and he puts his hands on his side

Aang: AHH! OWW!

Katara wakes up at the sounds of Aang's voice and looks over at him while he's in pain. She sits up quickly and has a concerned facial expression. She puts her hand on Aang's shoulder

Katara: Aang! Are you alright?

Aang: Ahh! My side. It's hurting really bad!

Katara: I'll get some water to heal you!

Katara practically jumps out of bed and rushes to the bathroom. She takes a nearby bucket and fills it with water. She rushes back into the bedroom

Katara:I'm back.

She looks at Aang, who is now lying on the ground unconscious. Katara, with fear in her eyes, drops the bucket of water and runs to Aang. She kneels down to Aang and shakes him

Katara: AANG!

Katara lifts Aang up, getting his unconscious body to sit up


Tears start to form in Katara's eyes

Katara: Please Aang.

Tears fall from Katara's eyes and run down her face

Katara: Please.

Katara wakes up and sits up quickly while breathing heavily. She looks at Aang and realizes it was just a bad dream. She slowly lays back down and tears fall from her eyes as she cries herself to sleep. A few hours pass and it's morning. Aang and Katara wake up and smile at each other

Aang: Good morning sweetie.

Aang leans in and gives Katara a quick kiss on her forehead

Katara: How's your head? 

Katara: It's fine, I still can't believe you healed it.

Aang: Anything for you Katara.

Aang gets out of bed, and starts walking towards the bedroom door

Katara: So how did you sleep?

Aang: Great. Going around town all day can really make a person sleepy. How about you?

Katara: Great. No problems at all

Katara nervously laughs to herself

Aang: Well I have to get going in a while. I have to help the shopkeepers get their stuff back from those rotten crooks.

Katara gets out of bed and quickly rushes up to Aang. She holds onto him refusing to let him take a step further. She has a worried facial expression

Katara: Are you sure you want to do that today?

Aang: Well I kinda have to. I'm the Avatar and I need to help this city be peaceful again. Well actually the whole world, but lets just focus on the city right now. 

Katara: I'll take care of it for you. 

Aang: Katara, I think it's best for you to stay home, you were out cold for some time and at least when you're here I know you're safe.

Aang opens the bedroom door and leaves the room. Katara's head goes down slightly and she looks down at the floor sadly. A few hours go by and Katara is cleaning up the house. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. Katara walks up to the front door and opens it. Sokka walk into the temple with a smile on his face

Sokka: Hey little sister.

Katara: Sokka!

Katara wraps her arms around Sokka's neck hugging him tightly. She lets go after a few seconds

Katara: I thought you'd be helping Aang and Toph with the belongings of the shopkeepers.

Sokka: Well I was, but I decided to take a break. Besides, I kinda knocked over half the stuff and I'm no longer allowed to help.

Katara: Well you've always been kind of a clutz

Sokka: I have not!

Katara looks at her brother with the 'yeah, you are face'

Sokka: Okay I am!

Katara walks over into the kitchen and starts washing dishes. Sokka follows Katara into the kitchen looking concerned 

Sokka: Are you okay?

Katara stops washing dishes and turns around facing Sokka

Katara: Yeah, I'm fine.

Sokka: Come on Katara, I'm your brother and I know something isn't right with you. Talk.

Katara and Sokka walk into the dining room

Katara: *sigh* I had a dream last night. It was actually more of a nightmare.

Sokka: Was it about food eating people? I told you that dream is scary!

Katara: NO! Aang was in pain and I rushed to get water to heal him, but he was dead when I got back. I was relieved when I woke up, but now, I'm just so scared.

Sokka: Why?

Katara: Because one day my nightmare is going to happen. I'm going to lose Aang because of his life energy draining one day!

Katara sits down 

Katara: I keep telling myself not to worry about it, but I love Aang too much not too!

Tears start to form in Katara's eyes and her voice starts to crack

Katara: I'm going to be so lost without him.

Tears go down Katara's face. Sokka walks over to Katara and sits down next to her. He wraps his arms around Katara comforting her

Sokka: Katara, we're all going to miss Aang when he dies, and you have every right to worry about him, but you don't have to miss him by yourself. I'll help you get through it. Toph, Zuko, the kids, everyone will be there for you. And when the new Avatar is around, you can tell them stories that no one else would know. 

Katara: I want to train the new Avatar waterbending, but it won't be the same. All it will do is bring back memories of when I trained Aang.

More tears fall from Katara's eyes. Suddenly, the door opens. Aang and Toph walk inside the dining room

Aang: Katara, you want to come see--

Aang notices Katara crying in Sokka's arms

Aang: What's wrong Katara?

Sokka: I'll let you two talk.

Sokka hugs Katara tightly

Sokka: Love you Katara.

Katara: I love you too Sokka.

Sokka lets go of Katara, gets up, and starts walking out of the room. Toph follows him out of the room, and out of the temple. After the door to the temple closes, Aang, concerned, walks over to Katara

Aang: What's wrong Katara? 

Katara: Oh Aang. I had a horrible dream that you were in pain and when I came back with water to heal you, you were dead.

More tears fall from Katara's eyes. Aang sits down next to Katara and puts his arm around Katara's shoulder

Aang: It's okay Katara, see I'm here, alive.

Katara: I know, but one day, you won't be. I'll have to witness you die again, and then I'll have to train the next Avatar waterbending, it just won't be the same as when I trained you.

More tears fall from Katara's eyes

Aang: It's alright sweetie, the nightmare is over.


Aang: I may not be able to, but the new Avatar will. The Avatar Spirit lives on, and if you spend life with them, you'll be spending a spiritual life with me.

Katara's frown turns into a smile and she wraps her arms around Aang hugging him tightly

Katara: Thank you Aang, I feel so much better now.

Aang: Besides, I probably won't be dead for another few decades. Also when the time comes, it will be for a reason. The new Avatar must have some person to deal with that I wouldn't be able to take on. I was born the Avatar because Roku couldn't take on the volcano. 

Katara: That wasn't all his fault. Sozin left him there to die, what a betrayer.

Aang: True, but everything happens for a reason. If I have to die sooner then I planned, I will. The new Avatar has duties to learn what it's like to be human. All I can do is be their mentor, like Avatar Roku is to me.

Katara stands up proudly

Katara: And I'll be there to teach her waterbending! 

Aang stand up proudly

Aang: That's the spirit Katara! But just because the new Avatar deserves a chance to live doesn't mean I won't miss you. Believe me, I'll miss you more than you'll know. You'll be the hardest person to leave behind. 

Aang and Katara share a long, passionate hug. Another night goes by and it's morning again. Aang walks down the hall into the kitchen and sees Katara making breakfast

Aang: Sweetie, you're up early.

Katara: I wanted to make an early breakfast this morning. How does this look

Katara holds a rectangular plate with an Airbending cultural product on it. Aang is in shock

Aang: A fruit pie? I used to eat these with Gyatso! Thank you Katara,

Tears of joy start to form in Aang's eyes

but you didn't have--

Katara: I wanted to. 

Katara sets the tray down. Aang and Katara lean in and share a long kiss. Aang's tears of joy fall from his eyes and down his face


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